A Humble Beginning

In 1945, Ellison Bakery started as a one-man operation in the family garage in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Donald Ellis produced, sold, and delivered high-quality baked goods to restaurants and groceries throughout the area. As Ellison Bakery's reputation for excellent products spread, the business outgrew the small garage.

In 1948, with the rapid growth, Ellison Bakery moved to the Ellisville truck stop on US 24 in Fort Wayne. With the new facility, the founders were able to increase output and began producing Swanson Homemade Cookies, which are now known as Archway cookies. Donald Ellis became one of the earliest pioneers of Archway, producing a high-quality product made from only the finest ingredients. This partnership with Archway allowed Ellison to be the exclusive producer of Archway cookies for Indiana, Kentucky, and Wisconsin. This license was held until 1997, at which time Ellison Bakery became a supplier to Archway Cookies with products sold throughout the United States.

Growth and Expansion

In 1965, the Ellis family commitment to quality and innovative products helped initiate a move to a new larger facility on Ferguson Road in Fort Wayne. After this move, Ellison Bakery also branched out and began producing cookies as well as crunch toppings and inclusion items for the ice-cream industry. This expansion beyond the Archway cookie business enabled the company to enjoy its largest growth period ever. Ellison Bakery plans to continue expanding its business by providing customized products that specifically meet its customers' requirements.

Only the Best Can Bake the Best

Ellison Bakery credits ongoing growth to the commitment of its employees to excellence in all phases of the operation. With humble family beginnings, Ellison Bakery continues today to be run and owned by family. It is Ellison Bakery's belief that the only way to make the very best cookies is to hire the very best employees. It is their strategy to do just that and to let the employees apply the very best baking processes to the very best ingredients. Since only the best can make the best, Ellison Bakery prides itself on its most important asset, the employees.

Mission and Commitment

It is the mission of the executive team and every employee at Ellison Bakery to do whatever it takes to deliver innovative bakery products that exceed the customers' standards and expectations.

Ellison Bakery remains totally committed to operating the business in keeping with its values and with an eye towards finding even more and better ways to serve the customers that make it successful.