In 1925, there were already 27 funeral homes in the Fort Wayne community when D.O. McComb & Sons came to be. These other funeral homes served mainly a particular church and had their own niche in the community.

The founder, D.O. McComb, was well known in the community and held the position of Superintendent of Allen County Schools for 20 years. D.O. McComb & Sons' original and first funeral home was located on East Lewis Street and in their first year of business served 20 families in the community.

In 1928, the Lakeside facility opened, and then later in 1940, sons Walter and David joined the company and expanded the business even further to serve their families not only with funeral needs, but also provided emergency ambulance service at no extra cost. In 1958, the Lakeside facility expanded, to what you now know today, to provide even better service for the increasing amount of families D.O. McComb & Sons served.

Since 1958, D.O. McComb & Sons has added six new locations to serve our families practically anywhere in the Fort Wayne and surrounding communities. In 1975, our Foster Park facility opened and in 1981, D.O. McComb & Sons opened their Auburn facility to serve the Auburn community. The Maplewood facility opened in 1982, and in 1995, both our Pine Valley and Mungovan & Sons facilities were opened. Covington Knolls opened in May 1999 and our Tribute Center opened in October of 2012. In addition to our many convenient locations, in 1985, Estate Security, Inc. was formed for the sole purpose of pre-arranging funerals, which relieves families of unnecessary burden at the time of funeral needs. Estate Security is one of the largest pre-planning firms east of the Mississippi River.

Many funeral homes in our area have sold out to large companies, but you can be assured D.O. McComb & Sons will remain independent and family owned.

D.O. McComb & Sons will continue to grow and provide the best service now and in the future.