SurnameFirst NameDate of BirthDate of DeathNotes
ConwayCatherine8/17/17968/23/1889w/o Miles
ConwayJames N3/3/18309/30/1843s/o Richard & Cynthia
ConwayJohn10/6/18404/13/1841s/o Richard & Cynthia
ConwayLucinda8/5/1843d/o Richard & Cynthia
ConwayMary (Wilson)17981866w/o Michael
ConwayMiles7/15/18417/19/1841s/o Richard & Cynthia
ConwayMiles Sr3/4/17949/22/1883War of 1812 Veteran
ConwayPolly (Watson)17651835w/o Richard
ConwayRichard17625/15/1855VA Militia, Revolutionary War
ConwaySamuel2/18/18423/24/1843s/o Richard & Cynthia
DykesRachael (Moore)2/5/18285/9/1847w/o James P
KoonsNancy Ellend/o Joseph & Lucinda
KoonsSamuels/o Joseph & Lucinda
KoonsSarahd/o Joseph & Lucinda
KoonsThomass/o Joseph & Lucinda
MooreAlice (Seybold)10/31/17911/5/1864w/o Thompson - 10/10/1813
MooreJulia Ann (Wilson)5/22/18151838w/o Phillip
MooreLydia3/12/18714/3/1871d/o Baldwin & Catherine
WaltzInfant18561856s/o Daniel & Mary

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