DatePageDecedent or
AgeMaiden NameSpouse or DecedentLocaleLocation
Place of Death or
Last Known Residence/Notes
07/04/1866214CABLE, Sarah*56ILPA: Somerset Co. (b)IL: Livingston Co. (d [no date] age 56y, 2m); 5 chren remain; husb dead; heart disease
07/04/1866214THOMPSON, Nancy J.*43IAIA: Benton Co.: Blairstown area (d Jun 8, 1866 age 43y, 9d); memb prev Lutheran Ch., now Evan. Assn.; husb, 7 chren remain; consumption 15 yrs
07/04/1866214FILSINGER, Christina*21MOOKOHOH (d Jun 23, 1866 age 21y, 10m, 16d); dau of Henry & Catharine; memb Evan. Assn. ca 3 yrs; husb, pars, 1 bro, 2 sis remain; bur Jun 24 at Free Chapel grave-yard. Minister: D. H. WONDER, of Hancock Co., OH, at this time
07/04/1866214MOOK, Christina*21FILSINGER, -----
07/11/1866222ZEIGLER, Daniel*43PAPA: Halifax (d Apr 2, 1866 age 43y, 8m, 8d)
07/11/1866222ENGLE, Simon P.*37OHOH (d Jun 22, 1866 age 37y, 7m, 22d at res of bro Henry); bro, sis remain; suffered number of yrs from impaired mind; pulmonary disease caused death. Minister: D. H. WONDER, of Hancock Co., OH, at this time
07/11/1866222LEAPER, Clara*29ININ: Steuben Co.: Salem Tp. (d Jun 13, 1866); husb, 1 child remain
07/11/1866222LEAPER, Elmy* [twin]--ININ: Steuben Co.: Salem Tp. (d Mar 31, 1866); child of Clara & husb
07/11/1866222LEAPER, Elmyra* [twin]--ININ: Steuben Co.: Salem Tp. (d Apr 3, 1866); child of Clara & husb
07/11/1866222DRORBACH, Abraham*64PAPA: York Co.: Newberry Tp. (d Jun 19, 1866 age 64y, 3m, 19d); wife, 7 chren remain; dropsy of heart 1 yr
07/11/1866222BOYER, Catharine*61BOYER, JohnPAPA: Sandusky [sic] Co.: Washington Tp. (d Jul 1, 1866 age 61y, 1m, 29d); aged husb, 8 chren remain; yellow jaundice ca 10 wks [NOTE: There is no Sandusky Co. in PA]
07/11/1866222BOYER, John-----, Catharine*
07/18/1866230BOWER, Sarah M.*2PAPA: Columbia Co.: Centre Tp. (d Jun 26, 1866 age 2y, 1m, 23d); dau of William & Sarah; pars, bros, sisters remain; congestion of brain
07/18/1866230HOLDAMAN, Adam*71PAPA: Centre Co.: Harris Tp. (d [no date] age 71y, 7m, 10d); converted ca 40 yrs ago, joined United Brethren Ch., later Evan. Assn.; bur Houser's grave yard
07/18/1866230NUESSEL, Dorethea*72NUESSEL, GeorgeMDMD: Baltimore area (d Jul 2, 1866 age 72y, 2m, 29d); husb, 8 chren remain; gravel 10-12 yrs, last 4 wks indescribable sufferings
07/18/1866230NUESSEL, George-----, Dorethea*
07/18/1866230WEIST, John Henry*25ININ: Jay Co.: New Corydon area (d May 30, 1866 age 25y, 9m, 5d); son of John & Mary; pars, 4 bros, 7 sis remain; inflammation of bowels 60 hrs
07/18/1866230GILES, Eliza*24GILES, GeorgePAPA: Mercer Co.: Mercer area (d May 11, 1866); memb Evan. Assn. ca 8 yrs; husb, 5 sm chren remain; dropsy; confined to room 18 mos, greater part of time compelled to sit on a chair day and night
07/18/1866230GILES, George-----, Eliza*
07/18/1866230ROLAND, David*71PAPA: Clearfield Co.: Burnside Tp. (d Jun 26, 1866 age 71y, 10m, 20d); converted ca 44 yrs ago; joined Evan. Assn. 12-14 yrs later; wife, 9 chren remain; 6 chren dead; stroke of palsy
07/18/1866230LOSCH, Elizabeth*54GATESOHOH: Darke Co. (d May 18, 1866 age 54y, 9m, 2d at house of bro); she a sis of Rev. P. GATES [unclear if she d at Gates' house, or another bro]; mentions 2 bros; cancer
07/18/1866230GATES, Elizabeth*54LOSCH, -----
07/25/1866238DETWILER, John Edwin*1PAPA: Schuylkill Haven (d Jul 11 [11th inst], 1866 age 1y, 6m, 24d); son of Peter C. & Rebecca A.
07/25/1866238NISWENDER, Elmor*23ILIL: Will Co.: Plainfield area (d [no date] age 23y, 4m, 8d); son of Joseph & Elizabeth; consumption
07/25/1866238HANNY, Philip*66OHOH: Huron Co. (d Jul 13, 1866 age 66y, 13d); converted ca 35 yrs ago; wife, 9 chren remain; ailing ca 3 yrs; dropsy of liver 8 wks. Minister: D. H. WONDER
08/01/1866246RINKER, Jairus*10 mo----: Minister: GINGRICH, C.; d Jul 13, 1866 age 10m, 26d); son of John W. & Lucinda; scarlet fever
08/01/1866246WAGNER, Mary Ann*11----: Minister: KIPLINGER, S.; d Jul 8, 1866 age 11y, 10m, 21d); dau of John & Mary
08/01/1866246BAKER, Harriet*28BAKER, P. J.ININ: Whitly [sic] Co. (d May 19, 1866 age 28y, 4m, 27d); converted ca 16 yrs ago, joined United Berthren Ch., later Evan. Assn.; husb, 1 child remain; 2 chren dead; consumption
08/01/1866246BAKER, P. J.-----, Harriet*
08/01/1866246WALTER, H. M.*23ININ: Marshall Co.: Bremen area (d [no date] age 23y, 1m, 12d); md 4 mos; killed by accidental firing of shot gun [detailed account]
08/01/1866246NICELY, Catharine*31PAPA: Westmoreland Co.: Ligonier Valley (d May 23, 1866 age 31y, 4m, 18d); converted 16 yrs ago; fever + diphtheria
08/01/1866246NICELY, Philip*25-----, CatharinePAPA: Westmoreland Co.: Ligonier Valley (d May 29, 1866 age 25y, 11m, 17d); husb of Catharine; memb Evan. Assn. ca 14 yrs; husb & wife died, leaving 5 little orphans; fever + diphtheria
08/08/1866254STROME, Samuel (Rev.)*62OHOH: Richland Co.: Bellville area (d Jul 19, 1866 age 62y, 5m, 24d); local preacher for a number of yrs; heart disease, d w/in 5 minutes of becoming sick
08/08/1866254HUNT, Roxana Matilda*38HUNT, ThomasOHOH: Wood Co. (d Mar 11, 1866 age 38y, 11m, 7d); house always open for the weary itinerant; husb, 4 chren remain; typhoid fever + nervous rheumatism
08/08/1866254HUNT, Thomas-----, Rosana Matilda*
08/08/1866254DOUP, Elizabeth*68DOUP, HenryOHOH: Sandusky Co. (d Jun 27, 1866 age 68y, 3m, 21d); converted ca 22 yrs ago; husb, 5 chren remain; hemorrage [sic]
08/08/1866254DOUP, Henry-----, Elizabeth*
08/08/1866254M'LANE, Enos*49ILPA: Dauphin Co.: Millersburg area (b)IL: Kankakee City (d Jul 23, 1866 age 49y, 4m, 13d); converted age 15; last Apr moved w/ fam to IL; widow, 7 chren, 4 bros, 2 sis remain; drowned while crossing the Kankakee River on horseback instead of taking the bridge
08/08/1866254STRUEBEL, Louisa*--ILIL: Napierville [sic] area (d Jul 15, 1866); remaining are husb, 3 chren, the youngest being 10 ds old; confinement aggravated by fever
08/08/1866254FRITZ, J.* [male]69----: Rocktown nr Williamsport (d Jul 22, 1866 age 69y, 6m, 5d); converted ca 30 yrs ago; one of first fruits of Evan. Assn. in this place; bed-ridden 8 wks: cut in knee + typhoid pneumonia. Minister: J. YOUNG
08/08/1866254KRIEGER, W. H.*23PAPA: Northumberland Co.: Shamokin (d Jul 26, 1866 age 23y, 7m, 23d); served 4 yrs in 9th PA Cavalry, Civil War; mother, 5 bros, 1 sis remain; struck by rock in the mine, killed instantly
08/08/1866254MATTER, Isaac*71ILIL: Stephenson Co. (d Jul 23, 1866 age 71, 10m, 4d); converted 38 yrs ago, joined United Brethren Ch.; moved w/ his fam to Jefferson Co., PA, 1833; moved fam to this place 1845; widow, 11 chren remain; 4 chren dead; gravel
08/08/1866254SMITH, Wm. Clewell*--PAPA: Somerset Co.: Salisbury (d Jul 22, 1866); son of William & Caroline; dysentery
08/08/1866254SNIDER, Rachel*8----: Minister: WALKER, J. W.; d Jul 3, 1866 age 8y, 3m, 15d; dau of Rudolph & Elizabeth
08/08/1866254SNIDER, Joseph Elmer*2----: Minister: J. W. W. [WALKEY?, see above]; d May 4, 1866 age 2y, 10m, 18d; son of Noah & Rosina
08/08/1866254FISHER, William Wesley*6mosPAPA: Shamokin (d Jul 26, 1866 age 6m, 3d); son of David & Maria
08/15/1866262DETTERMAN, Catherine M.*60OHPRUSSIA: West Coblentz (b)OH: Seneca Co. (d Aug 1, 1866 age 60y, 5m, 29d); converted ca 26 yrs ago; husb, 3 sons remain; 3 chren dead; consumption + dropsy
08/15/1866262ROSIER, Amelia*22FOCHTOHOH: Seneca Co.: Seneca Tp. (d Jul 13, 1866 age 22y, 3m, 20d); dau of David & Frances; husb, pars remain; consumption 2 yrs. Minister: Jacob FRANKHOUSER
08/15/1866262FOCHT, Amelia*22ROSIER, -----
08/15/1866262BERNHART, Harriet A.*31BERNHART, J. J. (Rev.)OHOH: Summit Co.: Greensburg (d Jul 28, 1866 age 31y, 7m, 3d); husb a minister nearly 6 yrs; bur Jul 30 Greensburg graveyard
08/15/1866262BERNHART, J. J. (Rev.)-----, Harriet A.*
08/15/1866262GANGWARE, Barbara E.*90OHOH: Stark Co.: Milton area (d Jul 15, 1866 age 90y, 4m, 10d); converted 30 yrs ago, joined New Lutheran Ch.; mother of 9 chren, 70 grchren, 92 gt-grchren
08/15/1866262WALES, -----* [female]9mosININ: Fulton Co.: Rochester area (d Aug 4, 1866 age 9m, 23d); dau of William & Matilda; dysentery
08/15/1866262PINES, Morris J.*--PAPA: Montour Co. (d Aug 2, 1866 at home of grpars); infant son of Rev. Isaiah M. & Susan M.; his mother, Susan M., d 4 mos ago; cholera infantum
08/22/1866270ROETHER, William*73OHPA: Berks Co. (b)OH: Mercer Co.: Mendon area (d Aug 8, 1866 age 73y, 4m, 27d); converted ca 20 yrs of age; ill one yr; old age
08/22/1866270CULP, Maria*--CULP, NicholasPAPA: Dauphin Co.: Linglestown (d Jul 9, 1866); converted 32 yrs ago; husb dead; consumption; "a pattern of piety"
08/22/1866270CULP, Nicholas-----, Maria*
08/22/1866270KELLY, Lovina*29PAPA: Lebanon (d Aug 7, 1866 age 29y, 8m, 25d); converted ca 15 yrs ago; consumption 1 yr
08/22/1866270SNIDER, Noah*33OHOH: Fairfield Co. (d Jul 30, 1866 age 33y, 6m, 29d); joined church ca 3 mos ago; wife, 1 child, pars, 7 bros remain; 2 chren dead; consumption
08/22/1866270FREDERICK, Jacob*13ILIL: Wabash Co.: Mount Carmel (d Jul 26, 1866 age 13y, 13d); stepson of Henry POOLE; pars, bros, sister remain; at sawmill was standing on track, wagon of timber came down from the mill, dragged him; d 2 days later
08/22/1866270COLER, Samuel S.*2OHOH: Mahoning Co.: North Lima area (d Aug 6, 1866 age 2y, 13d); son of Solomon & Sarah; grch of Gabriel & Mary ERB; dysentery; 2 siblings remain; 3 siblings dead
08/22/1866270COLER, Mary M.*8mosOHOH: Mahoning Co.: North Lima area (d Aug 7, 1866 age 8m, 26d); dau of Solomon & Sarah; grch of Gabriel & Mary ERB; dysentery; 2 siblings remain; 3 siblings dead
08/22/1866270ERB, Gabriel & Mary[not an obit], grpars of COLER chren, see Aug 22, 1866 p 270
08/22/1866270YUTTER, Jane*22YUTTER, Nathan----: Minister: SHANNON, M. H.; d Apr 15, 1866 age 22y, 7m, 15d); puerperal fever 8 days
08/22/1866270YUTTER, Nathan-----, Jane*
08/22/1866270MOHNEY, Mary Elizabeth*21----: Minister: SHANNON, M. W.; d Feb 25, 1866 age 21y, 4m, 1d; converted 9 yrs ago; husb, 1 child remain; typhoid fever [see also Polly DOVENSPIKE, same issue]
08/22/1866270DOVENSPIKE, Polly*9mos----: Minister: Shannon, M. H.; d Mar 24, 1866 age 9m, 10d; dau of William & Lydia; sis to Mary Elizabeth MOHNEY [obit same issue]
08/22/1866270BOWMAN, Mary Louisa*3mosPAPA: Dauphin Co.: Dauphin (d Aug 3, 1866 age 3m, 14d); dau of William
09/05/1866NO OBITUARIES THIS ISSUE, [report of Gen. Conf.]
09/12/1866294GENGHER, Elizabeth*43GENGHER, SolomonPAPA: Mercer Co.: Hickory Tp. (d Aug 16, 1866 age 43y, 11m); memb Evan. Assn. 25 yrs; husb, 7 chren remain; 6 chren dead; out in secret prayer until midnight, pleading in behalf of her chren
09/12/1866294GENGHER, Solomon-----, Elizabeth*
09/12/1866294HARROFF, Samuel*48OHOH: Mahoning Co.: Ostentown [sic] (d Feb 11, 1866 age 48y, 11m, 5d); memb Evan. Assn. ca 23 yrs; wife, 4 chren remain; lung cancer / decay of blood [note delay in reporting this death]
09/12/1866294MILLER, Susannah*72MILLER, JohnOHOH: Mahoning Co.: Ellsworth (d Aug 23, 1866 age 72y, 8m); md 55 yrs; memb Evan. Assn. ca 35 yrs; husb remains; had 7 sons, 4 daus, one of each is dead; palsy
09/12/1866294MILLER, John-----, Susannah*
09/12/1866294HOWENSTINE, Malinda*22OHOH: Stark Co.: Lawrence Tp. (d Jul 8, 1866); dau of John & Lydia; pars, bros, sisters remain; bronchitis 6 mos
09/12/1866294BULL, Jemima*68PAPA: Perry Co.: Elliottsburg area (d Aug 8, [8th ult.], 1866 age 68y, 9m, 17d). "Books and papers were her delight."
09/12/1866294EXAMPLE, Books & papers her delightsee Jemima BULL, Sep 12, 1866 p 294
09/12/1866294SHADE, Anna Mary*55SHADE, JohnPAPA: Fishing Creek Valley (d Sep 1, 1866 age 55y, 4m, 10d); memb Evan. Assn. ca 30 yrs; husb dead; dropsy 1 yr. Minister: S. AURAND, of Perry Co., PA, at this time [per preceding obit]
09/12/1866294SHADE, John-----, Anna Mary*
09/12/1866294SHIRK, Hetzol [?]*71PAPA: Lancaster Co.: Fairville (d Aug 24, 1866 age 71y, 5m, 28d); converted 29 yrs ago; widow, 2 sons, 2 daus remain; heart disease
09/12/1866294MYERS, Elizabeth*57PAPA: York Co. (d Sep 2, 1866 age 57y, 11m, 19d); converted 40 yrs ago; husb, 9 chren remain; mother-in-law of Rev. H. ALTHOUSE of Central PA Conf.; heart / lung disease
09/12/1866294SNYDER, Harriet*52GARMANSNYDER, PhilipOHOH: Mahoning Co.: North Lima area (d Jul 9, 1866 age 52y, 10m, 12d); dau of George; memb Evan. Luth Ch.; husb, 9 chren remain; 1 ch dead
09/12/1866294GARMAN, Harriet*52SNYDER, PhilipOHOH: Mahoning Co.: North Lima area (d Jul 9, 1866 age 52y, 10m, 12d); dau of George; memb Evan. Luth Ch.; husb, 9 chren remain; 1 ch dead
09/12/1866294SNYDER, PhilipGARMAN, Harriet*
09/12/1866294WICKEL, John*66PAPA: Lancaster Co.: New Berlin (d Jul 20, 1866); widow, 7 chren remain; various diseases 3 yrs
09/12/1866294KLEINFELDER, Anna*27PAPA: Lebanon Co.: Kleinfeldersville [sic] (d Aug 21, 1866 age 27y, 1m, 18d); dau of Rev. John & Catharine; memb Evan. Assn. ca 10 yrs; mother, several sis remain
09/12/1866294DAVIS, Hannah Catherine*66DAVIS, EliasILPA: Reading (b)IL: Foreston (d Aug 22, 1866 age 66y, 11m); embraced religion 40 yrs ago; 2 chren remain, one of whom is Rev. A.; husb dead; dropsy 6 mos
09/12/1866294DAVIS, Elias-----, Hannah Catherine*
09/12/1866294LOUMASTER, George (Rev.)*78PAPA: Indiana Co. (d Jul 28, 1866 age 78y, 28d); prev memb U. B. in Christ [perhaps licensed by that denomination]; joined Evan. Assn. 1858; widow, chren remain; funeral at campmeeting on Mahoning circuit by Rev. C. W. DAVIS
09/12/1866294BUCKS, Flora Amanda*2ILIL: Plainfield (d Aug 11, 1866 age 2y, 5m, 20d); dau of Rev. H.; dysentery. Obit submitted by her father.
09/12/1866294MINER, Florence Delight*1ILIL: Franklin Frove [sic] (d Aug 13, 1866 age 1y, 5m, 12d); dau of David & Sina
09/12/1866294ABRAMS, George Benjamin*1ININ: Indianapolis (d Aug 20, 1866 age 1y, 3m, 24d); son of John & Magdalena; dysentery
09/19/1866302BROUSE, Christiana*88PAPA: Perry Co.: Liverpool (d Sep 2, 1866 age 88y, 11m, 17d); converted ca 60 yrs ago, joined Evan. Assn.; she could tell about Revs. Albright, Walter, Miller; could converse ca old veterans of the cross in our church; dau is ----- BAIR; dysentery
09/19/1866302FERNER, Barbara*80OHOH: Seneca Co.: Tiffin area (d Jul 6, 1866); converted in Somerset Co., PA, ca 36 yrs ago; 4 chren remain, one dau is wife of Rev. J. G. ZINSER; 4 chren dead; stroke of palsy
09/19/1866302BRUMM, Willie*8NYNY: Wayne Co.: Galen (d Sep 5, 1866 age 8y, 2m, 21d); oldest son of George & Elizabeth; inflammation of bowels
09/19/1866302WALLHEISER, Albert*5mosNYNY: Wayne Co. (d Sep 6, 1866 age 5m, 16d); son of Peter & Christina
10/03/1866318KNERR, William H.*19PAPA: Carbon Co.: Parryville (d Sep 2, 1866 age 19y, 8m, 24d); son of Rev. Geo. of East PA Conf.; pars, bros remain; 2 of the 5 bros are itinerant preachers; typhoid fever 2 wks
10/03/1866318GUSSLER, Jennie*24PAPA: Lewisburg (d Aug 30, 1866 age 24y, 11m, 23d); converted ca 18 mos ago; bur Lewisburg Cem.; pars, bros, sisters remain
10/03/1866318HAHN, Catharine*57HAHN, Nathan (Dr.)OHOH: Mahoning Co.: North Lima (d Aug 29, 1866 age 57y, 3m, 27d); memb Ger. Ref. Ch.; cancer of breast and side
10/03/1866318HAHN, Nathan (Dr.)-----, Catharine*
10/03/1866318SCHAFER, Christina*SCHAFER, DavidILIL: Dupage Co.: Downees [sic] Grove area (d Sep 16, 1866 age 52y, 5m, 27d); husb, 4 chren remain; dysentery
10/03/1866318SCHAFER, David-----, Christina*
10/03/1866318SAVIDS, John*1PAPA: Northampton Co.: Bushkill (d Sep 12, [12th ult.], 1866 age 1y, 5m, 22d)
10/03/1866318DARR, Albert Wesley*--OHOH: Wayne Co.: Wooster (d Aug 16, 1866); son of Henry
10/03/1866318HARE, Moses B.*14VAVA: Hampshire Co.: Romney area (d Jun 23, 1866 age 14y, 2m, 11d)
10/03/1866318HARE, Wm. B. P.*9VAVA: Hampshire Co.: Romney area (d Jun 27, 1866 age 9y, 5m, 6d)
10/03/1866318HARE, Geo. L.*7VAVA: Hampshire Co.: Romney area (d Jul 1, 1866 age 7y, 3m, 26d)
10/10/1866326SWARTZ, John*56OHOH: Fairfield Co. (d Sep 10, 1866 age 56y, 9m, 3d); one of most prominent men b on Lancaster circuit; widow, 5 daus, 4 sons, 3 bros, 4 sis remain; 3 chren dead; diarrhea 4 days
10/10/1866326BELL, Mary*52IAIA: Linn Co.: Lisbon area (d [no date] age 52y, 7m, 3d); converted age 10; gave friendly reception & kind entertainment to weary itinerant preachers
10/17/1866334SAYLOR, Mary A.*21SAYLOR, Jacob R.PAPA: Schuylkill Haven (d Oct 6 [6th inst.], 1866 age 21y, 11m, 13d); dau-in-law of Rev. J. M. SAYLOR
10/17/1866334SAYLOR, Jacob R.-----, Mary A.*
10/17/1866334SCHAFFSTALL, Jonas*56ILPA (b)IL: Ogle Co.: West Grove (d Sep 15, 1866 age 56y, 8m, 27d); to IL upwards of 20 yrs ago; classleader / exhorter; widow, 5 chren remain; paralytic stroke caused instantaneous death
10/17/1866334REBER, Eliza A.*--PAPA: Reading (d Sep 4, 1866); dau of Rev. George H. REBER, a former local preacher in the Evan. Assn.
10/17/1866334ENKLER, Henry*19PAPA: Erie Co.: Millcreek Tp. (d Sep 9, 1866 age 19y, 1m, 10d); son of Philip & Catharine; typhoid fever 3 wks
10/24/1866342HESS, Conrad*84MDHESSE DARMSTADT (b)MD: Harford Co.: Jarrettsville area (d Oct 6, 1866); to AMER 1838 to Harford Co.; converted 1860; widow, 3 chren remain; 1 ch dead; dropsy which settled on his heart
10/24/1866342DEIS, John*91PAPA: York Co.: Springfield (d Sep 27, 1866 age 91y, 8m, 7d); converted 1815; had 5 sons, 5 daus, 37 grchren, 64 gt-grchren
10/24/1866342RENNER, Frederick*46PAPA: Union Co.: Buffalo Tp. (d Oct 3, 1866 age 46y, 3m, 13d); no professor of religion but lived peaceably & quietly, a highly-respected citizen; typhoid fever
10/24/1866342MILLER, Susannah*49MILLER, PhilipPAPA: Dauphin Co.: Rockville (d Sep 11, 1866); converted ca 32 yrs ago, joined Evan. Assn.; husb, chren remain; typhoid fever
10/24/1866342MILLER, Philip-----, Susannah*
10/24/1866342POWEL, Philip*57OHOH: Hancock Co. (d Aug 30, 1866 age 57y, 2m); converted ca 30 yrs ago; dropsy / flux. Minister: Wm. WONDER
10/24/1866342BISH, Ella Jane*11 mo----: Minister: W. W. [Wm. WONDER?]; d Sep 2, 1866 age 11m, 8d [WONDER of Hancock Co., OH, at this time]
10/24/1866342EVANANS [sic], Harrison Franklin*1----: Minister: W. W. [Wm. WONDER?]; d Sep 30, 1866 age 1y, 1m, 9d [WONDER of Hancock Co., OH, at this time]
10/24/1866342PORTER, Wm. S.*1----: Minister: W. W. [Wm. WONDER?]; d Sep 14, 1866 age 1y, 7m, 5d [WONDER of Hancock Co., OH, at this time]
10/24/1866342ROW, Catharine Susanna*2+ moPAPA: Dauphin Co.: Wiconisco Tp. (d Oct 13, 1866 age 1 day less than 3 mos); dau of Tobias & Louisa
10/31/1866350BYERS, Elizabeth Jane*21OHOH: Wayne Co.: Bridgeport area (d Oct 3, 1866 age 21y, 7m, 24d); dau of John & Elizabeth; converted 3 yrs ago; consumption
10/31/1866350BRECHT, Godfrey*48PAPA: Clarion Co.: Tylersburg (d Oct 8, 1866 age 48y, 8m, 23d); wife, 8 chren remain; pneumonia
10/31/1866350BIEMER, Delila*54OHOH: Van Wert area (d Sep 28, 1866 age 54y, 9m, 15d); converted ca 7 yrs ago; mentions her husb & chren; suffered ca6 mos
11/07/1866358BRODE, Barbara*26PAPA: Northampton Co.: Mount Bethel (d 18th inst., age 26y, 1m, 12d); converted ca age 14, then gradually lost her religion; details of her seeking pardon [NOTE: month of death determined by when obit was written / published]
11/07/1866358PONTIUS, Samuel*81NYNY: Seneca Co.: Fayette (d Sep 28, 1866 age 81y, 8m, 17d); converted 38 yrs ago, joined Evan. Assn.; mentions chren
11/07/1866358ALTHOF, Catharine*75PAPA: Erie City (d Oct 24, 1866 age 75y, 4m, 19d); ch memb ca 13 yrs. "Five children one great grand child, and 35 grand children--15 having preceeded her-- … mourn…." Husb dead 35 yrs
11/07/1866358GEHR, Maria A.*58PAPA: Crawford Co. (d Sep 23, 1866 age 58y, 9m, 3d); converted ca 4 yrs ago. " … husband and most of her children are professed infidels."
11/07/1866358KRONMILLER, Daniel*15IAIA: Linn Co.: Otter Creek (d Sep 22, 1866 age 15y, 7m, 1d); son of Rev. J.; pars, bros, sisters remain; wound inflicted by a pitch fork, to which convulsive fits united, in short time life ended
11/14/1866366BOCK, Mary Ann*51KOCHOHPA: Schulkill [sic] Co. (b)OH: Pickaway Co.: Bloomfield (d Oct 23, 1866 age 51y, 23d); dau of Rev. Jacob & Anna Maria; w/ pars to Adelphia, Ross Co., OH, 1831; husb, 7 chren, mother remain; confined to bed nearly 8 yrs; consumption
11/14/1866366KOCH, Mary Ann*51BOCK, -----OHPA: Schulkill [sic] Co. (b)OH: Pickaway Co.: Bloomfield (d Oct 23, 1866 age 51y, 23d); dau of Rev. Jacob & Anna Maria; w/ pars to Adelphia, Ross Co., OH, 1831; husb, 7 chren, mother remain; confined to bed nearly 8 yrs; consumption
11/14/1866366KELLY, Rebecca Ann*33KOCHKYKY: Covington (d Sep 3, 1866 age 33y, 8m, 3d); dau of the late Rev. Jacob KOCH; husb, 1 child remain; 2 chren dead; typhoid dysentary [sic]
11/14/1866366KOCH, Rebecca Ann*33KELLY, -----KYKY: Covington (d Sep 3, 1866 age 33y, 8m, 3d); dau of the late Rev. Jacob KOCH; husb, 1 child remain; 2 chren dead; typhoid dysentary [sic]
11/14/1866366MILLIRON, George*--PAPA: Jefferson Co. (d Oct 7, 1866); converted ca 30 yrs ago, joined Evan. Assn.; widow, 8 chren remain; dysentery 6 wks
11/14/1866366CLINE, Susan*40OHOH: Mahoning Co.: Berlin Tp. (d Oct 7, 1866 age 40y, 4d); memb Evan. Assn. ca 15 yrs; 6 bros, 2 sis remain; broken leg
11/14/1866366SMITT, Sallie*57SMITT, PeterPAPA: Carbon Co.: Millport area (d [no date]); husb, 3 chren remain; consumption
11/14/1866366SMITT, Peter-----, Sallie*
11/21/1866374HERKENHINE, Henry E.*54MDMD: Baltimore (d Oct 26, 1866); converted ca 6 yrs ago; widow, 5 chren remain; consumption
11/21/1866374BLEILER, William*30PAPA: Northampton Co.: Hellertown area (d Oct 23, 1866 age 30y, 9m, 10d); son of Peter & Hannah; consumption
11/21/1866374LEIB, Nancy*--LEIB, BenjaminIAIA: Jasper Co.: Vandalia (d Oct 19, 1866)
11/21/1866374LEIB, Benjamin-----, Nancy*
11/28/1866383MAIZE, John Adam*83PAPA: Union Co.: New Berlin (d Oct 21, 1866 age 83y, 7m, 17d); one of 1st membs at New Berlin; assisted forming 1st Evan. Assn. Discipline; chren remain, one of whom is Rev. M. F.
11/28/1866383LEIST, Catharine*83OHOH: Pickaway Co.: Washington Tp. (d Nov 10, 1866 age 83y, 5m, 21d); truly a mother in Israel; remaining are 7 chren, 63 grchren, ca 70 gt-grchren; 5 chren are dead
11/28/1866383BECHTOL, Wm. E.*8WVWV: Morgan Co.: Alipine [sic] area (d Jul 14, 1866 age 8y, 11m, 14d)
12/05/1866390VANNATTAN, Nancy*41----: South Danville (d Sep 24, 1866 age 41y, 6m, 22d); converted age 14; consumption
12/05/1866390ERFURT, Johanna*66NYNY: New York City (d Nov 10, 1866 age 66y, 9m, 8d); converted ca 25 yrs ago; 2 chren remain; 4 chren dead; confined to bed nearly 7 mos
12/05/1866390YOUNG, Zacharia [sic]*42PAPA: York Co.: Shrewsbury Tp. (d Nov 24, 1866); converted 12 yrs ago; widow, 1 child remain; 4 chren dead; lung disease
12/05/1866390WEAVER, Catharine*56WEAVER, JacobPAPA: Lancaster Co.: Fairville (d Nov 23, 1866 age 56y, 10m, 14d); converted 8 yrs ago; husb, 3 sons, 3 daus remain
12/05/1866390WEAVER, Jacob-----, Catharine*
12/05/1866390ROSENBERGER, -----* [male]68PAPA: Montgomery Co.: Hatfield Tp. (d Oct 19, 1866 age 68y, 25d); embraced religion ca 25 yrs ago; widow, 4 chren remain; palsy
12/05/1866390KEMMERER, Wm. H. (Dr.)*22----: Emmaus area (d Oct 7, 1866 age 22y, 8m, 27d); only son of Martin & Sarah; pars, sisters remain; typhoid fever 2 wks
12/05/1866390MORRISON, Sarah Jane*7IAIA: Benton Co.: Shellsburg area (d Oct 12, 1866 age 7y, 4m, 19d); typhoid fever
12/12/1866398GREEN, William Henry*32PAPA: Berks Co.: Reading (d Nov 10, 1866 age 32y, 11m, 9d). "This is the first member that has died since our English work has been organized in this city nearly six years ago." Consumption
12/12/1866398NEWCOMMER [sic], Anna*56PAPA: York Co.: Hall (d Nov 18, 1866 age 56y, 2m, 28d); embraced religion ca 35 yrs ago, joined Evan. Assn.; 2 bros, 2 sisters remain
12/19/1866406ADAMS, Emma*4PAPA: Dauphin Co.: Berrysburg (d Nov 21, 1866 age 4y, 2m, 5d); dau of Rev. J. & Annie

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