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AgeMaiden NameSpouse or DecedentLocaleLocation
Place of Death or
Last Known Residence/Notes
07/08/1863222GABLE, John*81PAPA: York Co. (d May 31, 1863 age 81y, 26d); converted 40 yrs ago; lost eye-sight 6-7 yrs ago, palsied 2 yrs ago; res w/ son, Jacob, whose fam cared for him without a murmur
07/08/1863223BURK, Juliana*21MIMI: Branch Co. (d Jun 13, 1863 age 21y, 2m, 28d); converted age 14 yrs in Seneca Co., OH, under J. KANAGY; husb, 1 child remain; diptheria [sic]; husb has same disease
07/08/1863223LIKE, Amanda*22IBGENFRITZLIKE, Chr.PAPA: York Co. (d the 28th ult. age 22y, 6m, 10d); dau of Peter & Susan; husb is with 1st York Co. in Suffolk; husb, 2 sm chren remain. "The bereaved husband could not pay his last respects to her remains." [Maiden name may be ILGENFRITZ]
07/08/1863223IBGENFRITZ, Amanda*22LIKE, Chr.
07/08/1863223LIKE, Chr.IBGENFRITZ, Amanda*
07/08/1863223ILGENFRITZ, Amanda*[see LIKE, Amanda IBGENFRITZ* Jul 8, 1863 p 223]
07/08/1863223SHELLY, Daniel*37----: Minister: HUNTER, G.; d Jun 14, 1863 age 37y, 8m, 15d; wife, 5 chren remain
07/08/1863223KLINE, Rachel*64----: Minister: HUNTER, G.; d May 18, 1863 age 64y, 7m, 20d); converted 20 yrs ago; husb, 3 chren remain
07/08/1863223BURKERT, Barbara Ann*6PAPA: Jefferson Co.: Oliver Tp. (d Jun 13, 1863 age 6y, 10m, 16d); dau of Abraham & Lovinia
07/08/1863223STINE, Catharine Elizabeth*4OHOH: Wayne Co.: Bristol (d May 6, 1863 age 4y, 14d); dau of John F.; diptheria [sic]
07/08/1863223WHITMIRE, Eve Ann*5PAPA: Sullivan Co.: Dushore area (d May 24, 1863 age 5y, 1m, 11d); dau of Henry & Rebecca; diptheria [sic]
07/08/1863223WHITMIRE, Henry M.*8PAPA: Sullivan Co.; Dushore area (d Jun 8, 1863 age 11y, 8m, 11d); son of Henry & Rebecca; diptheria [sic]; "remarkably bright children"
07/08/1863223PAUL, Jacob J.*8PAPA: Cambria Co.: Richland Tp. (d Jun 21, 1863 age 8y, 7m, 19d); son of John R. & Barbara; diptheria [sic]. "This family lost two children in 2 weeks…."
07/08/1863223SHANK, Rachel*12----: Minister: BERNHART, J. J.; d Jun 19, 1863 age 12y, 11m, 19d; dau of Widow SHANK; aged mother, bros, sisters remain
07/08/1863223KLINEKNECHT, C. J.*27MSGERMANY (res prev)MS: wounded Battle of Champion Hill, d next day, May 17, 1863 age 27y, 2m; w/ pars to AMER ca 18 yrs ago; memb Co. F, 24th IA Inf; wife, 4 infant chren remain; "a brother" by him when died [blood bro or bro-in-arms?]
07/08/1863223HUFFMASTER, Joseph*35VAVA: fell at Battle of Chancellorsville, May 3, 1863 age 35y, 1d; res Cherry Tp., Sullivan Co., PA; memb 141st Regt. PA Vol; bur on battlefield; widow, 3 sm chren pars remain
07/08/1863223MORGAN, Alex. S. B.*--KYKY: Hosp. at Frankfort (d Mar 19, 1863); of Henry Co., OH; enlisted in 100th Regt., OVI
07/15/1863230KEMMERER, Mary*74KEMMERER, ConradPAPA: Carbon Co. (d Jun 30, 1863 age 74y, 11m, 10d); converted 30+ yrs ago; rheumatism nearly 4 yrs
07/15/1863230KEMMERER, Conrad-----, Mary*
07/15/1863230ELGIES, Catharine*ca25ILIL: Stephenson Co. (d Jul 2, 1863 at res of Henry LEIBHART where she lived); inflammation of lungs
07/15/1863230LEIBHART, Henry[not an obit, but mentioned in obit of Catharine ELGIES, Jul 15, 1863 p 230]
07/15/1863230RIEMAN, Jacob*67IAPA: York Co. (b)IA: Jasper Co.: Greencastle (d Apr 29, 1863); to Wayne Co., IN, from PA; converted Dec 4, 1847; res IA 7 yrs; faithful husb, affectionate father. "Two of his sons are in the army." Pneumonia
07/22/1863239BURGERT, Abraham*42PAPA: Jefferson Co. (d Jul 2, 1863 age 42y, 8m, 20d); converted 14 yrs ago; wife, 3 chren remain; lung fever
07/22/1863239TEATS, Magdalene*7PAPA: Columbia Co.: Center Tp. (d Jun 12, 1863 age 7y, 10m, 8d); dau of Rev. A. R. & Magdalene; scarlet-fever / whooping cough
07/22/1863239REMLY, Hannah*66PAPA: Columbia Co.: Center Tp. (d Jun 24, 1863 age 66y, 5m, 29d); converted 5 yrs ago
07/22/1863239ROSSWEILER, Henry*23MSPRUSSIA (b)MS: Battle of Champion Hill nr Vicksburg (d May 16, 1863 age 23y, 2d); at age one w/ pars to AMER to Allentown, PA; w/ pars to IL 1850; enlisted Aug 13, 1862; has pars, bros, sisters
07/22/1863239HUMBERT, Manias*26MSMS: Vicksburg (d May 22, 1863); son of Widow HUMBERT; memb 72nd IL Regt.; funeral at Greensburg Church. Minister: P. W. HAHN. [This would be Greensburg, Summit Co., OH--ABudd]
07/22/1863239SHANBACHER, Charles F.*22DCDC: U.S. Hosp., Washington (d Jun 24, 1863 age 22y, 5m, 1d); son of Leonhard of Liberty, Tioga Co., PA; memb Co. D, 100th Regt. PA V.; lists 5 battles he was in; sunstroke / consumption; bro w/ him; remains bur at his home; father, bros, sisters remain
07/29/1863246WOLF, Sarah Ann*26ZIMMERMANPAPA: Dauphin Co.: Wiconisco (d Jun 19, 1863 age 26y, 1m, 24d)
07/29/1863246ZIMMERMAN, Sarah Ann*26WOLF, -----PAPA: Dauphin Co.: Wiconisco (d Jun 19, 1863 age 26y, 1m, 24d)
07/29/1863246FASSETT, Hiram (Rev.)*50OHNY: Livingston Co. (b)OH: Cedar [sic: there is no Cedar Co. in OH] Co.: Oregon Tp. (d Jun 26, 1863 age 50y, 8m); to OH 1846; apparently ministered in NY; widow, 6 sm chren remain. Minister: Jos. C. PRENTISE
07/29/1863246RIEMAN, Jacob*65IAPA: York Co. (b)IA: Jasper Co.: Greencastle (d Apr 29, 1863 age 65y, 11m, 8d); converted 1848 under Rev. A.B. SHAEFER; wife, number of chren remain
07/29/1863246MARTZ, David*55PAPA: Northumberland Co. (b Nov 14, 1807)PA: Venango Co.: to Emlinton area ca 25 yrs ago; d Jul 5, 1863 age 55y, 7m, 21d; widow, 8 chren remain; palsy 4+ yrs
07/29/1863246STULL, Sarah Jane*14PAPA: Cambria Co.: Richland Tp. (d Jul 1, 1863 age 14y, 5m, 10d); dau of Rev. Wm. H. & Margaret A.; diptheria [sic]
07/29/1863246MAUS, Jerome W.*26MSMS: wounded Battle of Champion Hill, d next day, May 17, 1863 age 26y, 2m, 6d; of Greencastle, Jasper Co., IA; memb 10th IA Regt.; wife remains
07/29/1863247BRICKLEY, John*--PAPA: Indiana Co.: Marion (d Jun 12, 1863); son of Rev. John & Margaret; memb Co. D, 135th Regt., P.V.; ret home May 27, supposedly recovering from chronic diarrhea, d the 12th
08/05/1863254DAUBERMAN, Catharine*33PAPA: Center Co. (d Jul 15, 1863 age 33y, 3m, 23d); youngest dau of John & Catharine DAUBERMAN; pars remain; consumption several yrs
08/05/1863254MACQUIRE, Kate*26ILIL: Whiteside Co.: Sterling City (d Jul 8, 1863 age 26y, 3m, 6d); dau of Noah & Elizabeth MACQUIRE; pars remain, they membs of M. E. Church; consumption 18 mos
08/05/1863254HAMILTON, James Monroe*10 mo----: Minister: MORSE, L. C.; d Jul 22, 1863 age 10m, 12d; son of A. & C.; dysentery
08/05/1863254GRAEFF, Maria Alverda*5PAPA: Lebanon Co.: Lebanon (d Jun 14, 1863 age 5y, 8m, 19d); only dau of Daniel & Louisa; scarlet fever
08/05/1863254ROBISH, Erhart*21MSGERMANY (b)MS: Battle of Port Gibson (d May 1, 1863 age 21y, 8m, 24d); son of George & Eliz.; as child w/ pars to AMER; memb 29th WI Vol.; converted 5 yrs ago at camp-meeting. Minister: Jos. HARLACHER
08/05/1863254JONES, Charles*22LALA: Hosp. at Young's Point (d Jun 28, 1863 age 22y, 3m, 24d); son of Daniel & Eliz.; memb 47th IL Regt.; malignant billious fever 2 wks
08/05/1863255HELLER, Charles*41TNTN: Hosp. at Murfreesboro (d May 25, 1863 age 41y, 1m, 1d); memb Co. I, 90th Regt., OVI; memb Evan. Assn. 2+ yrs; wife, 7 chren remain; funeral nr his home in Fairfield Co., OH
08/12/1863263KNOPF, Adam*68ILBAVARIA (b)IL: Dupage Co.: Naperville area (d Jun 24, 1863 age 68y, 7m, 13d); w/ fam to AMER 1830 to Warren area, PA; converted there 1833, joined Evan. Assn.; to Naperville area 1837; widow, 7 chren remain; 2 chren dead; bur Naperville Cem.
08/12/1863263WONDER, Mary Catharine*70WONDER, Daniel (Rev.)OHOH: Wyandotte Co.: Carey (d Jul 25, 1863 age 70y, 7m); converted 60 yrs ago; one of 1st membs Evan. Assn. in Mifflin Co., PA; husb, 9 chren remain; dropsy
08/12/1863263WONDER, Daniel (Rev.)-----, Mary Catharine*
08/12/1863263WORRICK, Benjamin Jones*20ILIL: Stephenson Co. (d Jul 26, 1863 age 20y, 2m, 28d); son of John & Elizabeth; 2 bros are in the army; typhoid fever
08/12/1863263WALKER, Sarah*58WALKER, JacobPAPA: Northampton Co. (d Jul 27, 1863 age 58y, 10m, 14d); found dead in bed in the morning
08/12/1863263WALKER, Jacob-----, Sarah*
08/12/1863263BARE, Emeline*1PAPA: Perry Co. (d Jun 27, 1863 age 1y, 25d); dau of Jacob & Sarah
08/12/1863263BITTNER, Michael J. W.*36----: US Hosp. (d Mar 5, 1863 age 36y, 2m, 3d); res Ashland Co., OH; memb of "Church of God" last 16 yrs; memb [Co. I or C--ABudd] 120th Regt., OVI; wife, 4 chren remain; funeral Jul 26 by J. W. WALKEY
08/19/1863271WELDY, Paul*68ILIL: Bureau Co. (d Aug 1, 1863 age 68y, 4m, 4d); converted in the Blockhouse Settlement, PA; to IL 8 yrs ago; widow, 11 chren remain; 3 chren dead; unable to lie down last 3 mos
08/19/1863271TAYLOR, Elizabeth*17IAIA: Jasper Co. (d Jul 2, 1863 age 17y, 1m, 17d); little sister d preceding winter; pneumonia
08/19/1863271HOCH, Mary*28WEIRICHOHOH: Summit Co.: New Portage (d Jul 21, 1863 age 28y, 11m, 16d); converted 8 yrs ago w/ family; husb, pars, bros, sisters remain; cramp in the head
08/19/1863271WEIRICH, Mary*28HOCH, -----OHOH: Summit Co.: New Portage (d Jul 21, 1863 age 28y, 11m, 16d); converted 8 yrs ago w/ family; husb, pars, bros, sisters remain; cramp in the head
08/19/1863271MEESE, Albert*25OHOH: Stark Co. (d Aug 2, 1863 age 25y, 6m, 8d at res of father); son of Jacob & Mary; bur Salem graveyard on the 3d; typhoid fever
08/19/1863271ANDERSON, Brigette*18LESHERANDERSON, JohnPAPA: Berks Co. (d Jul 26, 1863 age 18y, 5m, 26d); converted ca 4 yrs ago; mentions bros Levi & Augustus [describes what she saw at death]; confinement
08/19/1863271LESHER, Brigette*18ANDERSON, JohnPAPA: Berks Co. (d Jul 26, 1863 age 18y, 5m, 26d); converted ca 4 yrs ago; mentions bros Levi & Augustus [describes what she saw at death]; confinement
08/19/1863271ANDERSON, JohnLESHER, Brigette*
08/19/1863272POWELL, John*33MOMO: Hosp. at Benton Barracks (d Jun 25, 1863 age 33y, 3m, 22d) res Bristol, OH; memb 16th Regt. OVI; was at Vicksburg; bur soldiers' cemetery @ Cairo, IL
08/19/1863272HAGER, Henry*--MSMS Vicksburg area (d middle of Jul last [no date]); of Jefferson, WI; memb 29th Regt., WI Vol; became ill on march from Vicksburg to Jackson; dropsy. "On Thanksgiving day I preached a funeral sermon for him." Minister: Joseph HARLACHER
08/19/1863272LIEDMAN, William*--LA [?]--: d from wounds recd at one of battles of Port Hudson [LA]; memb Evan. Assn.; memb 4th Regt., WI Vol; pars, bros, sisters remain. Minister: Jos. HARLACHER
08/26/1863278OLWILER, John Henry*4----: Minister: SUMMERS, H. B.; d Jul 11, 1863 age 4y, 4m, 25d; son of Emanuel & Catherine; diptheria [sic]
08/26/1863278OLWILER, Wm.*9----: Minister: SUMMERS, H. B.; d Jul 26, 1863 age 9y, 4m, 26d; son of Emanuel & Catherine; diptheria [sic]
08/26/1863278KENTNER, Sarah E.*12PAPA: Sullivan Co.: Dushore (d Aug 10, 1863 age 12y, 9m, 3d); dau of Wm. & Sarah L.; a child of more than ordinary promise; diptheria [sic]
08/26/1863278TRAUB, Christiana Celina*10OHOH: Wayne Co.: Congress Tp. (d Aug 14, 1863 age 10y, 11m, 7d); step-dau of Godlieb & dau of Catherine TRAUB; flux; d a few hrs apart from sis Melisa Sarah; bur in one grave
08/26/1863278TRAUB, Melisa Sarah*1OHOH: Wayne Co.: Congress Tp. (d Aug 14, 1863 age 1y, 2m, 11d); dau of Godlieb & Catherine TRAUB; flux; d a few hrs apart from sis Christiana Celina; bur in one grave
08/26/1863278EXAMPLE, step-sisters, diff fatherssee TRAUB, Christiana & Melisa, Aug 19, 1863 p 278
08/26/1863279MILLER, Hannah*18ILPA (b)IL: Lockport (d 5th inst. age 18y, 1m, 5d) at res of father; dau of S. G. & Mary; dropsy
08/26/1863279RUPP, Solomon*67PAPA: Tioga Co.: Liberty (d Aug 13, 1863 age 67y, 10m, 26d); one of 1st of Evan. Assn. in "Blockhouse Settlement"; widow, 7 chren remain; 2 chren dead; inflammatory rheumatism / consumption
08/26/1863279ALBERT, Andrew J.*34PAPA: Gettysburg battlefield (d Jul 2, 1863 age 34y, 7m, 2d); son of Frederic & Mary; memb 153d Regt. PA Vol; funeral preached Aug 16 in New Village Ch., Northampton Co., PA; wife, 5 chren remain
09/09/1863295HOFFMAN, Barbra [sic]*78HOFFMAN, Chr.OHPA: Lancaster Co. (b Dec 20, 1784)OH: d Aug 13, 1863 age 78y, 7m, 24d while visiting friends in OH; converted age 16; w/ 2 of her chren to Crawford Co., PA from Dauphin Co., PA, 1851; bur at home. Minister: G. W. CUPP
09/09/1863295HOFFMAN, Chr.-----, Barbra [sic]*
09/09/1863296M'CALLISTER, Samuel*41PAPA: Lancaster Co.: Rabbit Hill (d Aug 22d, age 41y, 22d); widow, mother, bros, sisters remain; hypochondriacal attack
09/09/1863296BERGMAN, Eliz.*65OHOH: Hancock Co. (d Aug 29, age 65y, 2m, 20d); memb Evan. Assn. nearly 30 yrs; 10 chren remain; 3 chren dead; bed-ridden last 2 yrs
09/09/1863296HUSTON, Wm.*27OHOH: Ashland Co. (d Aug 21, age 27y, 4m, 6d); converted Oct 1861; wife, 2 chren remain; inflamation [sic] in head. Minister: J. W. WALKEY
09/09/1863296FRANK, Martin Luther*15----: Minister: HEISS, Sam'l; d [no date] age 15y, 6m, 22d; son of Jacob & Elizabeth; d in barnyard, seen falling by his bro; diptheria [sic]
09/09/1863296FRANK, Benjamin*21MSMS: Corinth area (d Aug 19, 1863 age 21y, 10m, 26d); son of Jacob & Elizabeth; res Elkhart Co., IN; memb Co. F, 48th IN Regt.; pars, 2 bros, 2 sis remain. Minister: Sam'l HEISS
09/09/1863296LOWREY, Daniel*35VAVA: Barnsville area (d Jul 8, age 35y, 19d); of Center Tp., Columbia Co., PA; memb 178th PA Regt.; wife remains
09/09/1863296BERLIN, Elias*35PAPA: killed in Battle of Gettysburg Jul 2, age 35y, 8m; memb 83rd PA Regt.; wife, 5 chren remain. Minister: R. MOTT
09/09/1863296ROPERSON, Andrew*22MSOH (b)MS: Hosp nr Vicksburg (d Jun 28, age 22y, 8m, 20d); converted Waupecong, Miami Co., IN ; memb 16th IN Vol. Regt.; funeral at Waupecong; widow, 1 child remain; typhoid fever
09/16/1863303WALLTON, John Wesley*38OHOH: Wyandot Co. (d Aug 22); church exhorter / class-leader; wife #2 + 3 little chren remain; wife #1 + 2 chren dead; intestinal disease [md twice, wives not named here]
09/16/1863303BENDER, Henry*77PAPA: Adams Co.: Menalen Tp. (d Aug 10, 1863); converted 45 yrs ago; 10 chren remain; cholera morbus 3 days
09/16/1863303DEAR, Michael*75PAPA: Tioga Co.: Liberty (d Sep 5, age 75y, 10m, 29d); converted under Bishop SEYBERT; widow, 5 chren remain; dropsy ca 6 mos
09/16/1863303ESSICK, Lovina Catharine*7PAPA: Tioga Co.: Liberty (d Sep [no date] age 7y, 10m, 14d); oldest dau of J.; dyptheria [sic]
09/16/1863303STRAW, Susan Ellen*13----: Minister: LEHR, F. P.; d Aug 30 age 13y, 9m, 17d; dau of Jeremiah & Mary; croup
09/16/1863303OVERHOLT, Philip Titus*1IAIA: Polk Co.: Bloomington (d Aug 12, age 1y, 4m); son of J. T. & Martha; whooping cough
09/16/1863303BYERS, John J.*12IAIA: Polk Co.: Corey Grove (d Aug 19, age 12y, 5m, 5d); son of Abraham & Lucretia; bone erysipelas / fever for 22 days
09/16/1863304WITMER, Samuel B.*66OHOH: Miami Co. (d Jul 24, 1863 age 66y, 9m, 24d); a gathering in his stomach ca 9 days
09/16/1863304OBEKMYER, -----*6mosOHOH: Minister: WONDER, D. H.; d Aug 19, 1863 age 6m, 20d; son of Solomon & Mary; scalded from hot coffee [OBERMYER in body of obit]
09/16/1863304OBERMYER, -----*6mosOHOH: Minister: WONDER, D. H.; d Aug 19, 1863 age 6m, 20d; son of Solomon & Mary; scalded from hot coffee [obit heading is OBEKMYER]
09/16/1863304McMICHAEL, Ann*30PAPA: Columbiana Co.: Foundryville (d Aug 8, age 30y, 2m, 28d); memb of M. E. Ch.; husb, 6 chren remain; one child died a few days after her [NOTE: Foundryville is in Columbia Co., PA; there is no Columbiana Co. in PA]
09/23/1863311POWELL, Peter*86OHPA: Berks Co. (b Mar 24, 1777)OH: Hancock Co. (d Sep 13, 1863 age 86y, 5m, 19d at res of son Jacob); md 1799; to Fairfield Co., OH, 1814; memb prev German Ref. Ch.; md 66 [sic] yrs; 11 chren remain; 2 chren dead. Minister: John POWELL
09/23/1863311LOUDER, John*70PAPA: Perry Co: Carroll Tp. (d Jul 28, age 70y, 5m, 5d); dropsy a number of yrs; deprived of use of limbs; bur Pisga Cem. [SOUDER in body of obit]
09/23/1863311SOUDER, John*70PAPA: Perry Co: Carroll Tp. (d Jul 28, age 70y, 5m, 5d); dropsy a number of yrs; deprived of use of limbs; bur Pisga Cem. [obit heading is LOUDER]
09/23/1863311THOMPSON, Sarah E.*18----: Carroll Tp. (d Sep 6, age 18y, 3m, 16d); only dau of S. W. & Emma C.; diptheria [sic] for 3 days
09/23/1863311BEIGH, John*63PAPA: Perry Co. (d Sep 10, age 63y, 5m, 25d); wife, 5 chren remain; bilious remitting fever; palsy
09/23/1863311GILHOUSEN, Frederick*42PAPA: wounded at Battle of Gettysburg (d 2 wks later on Jul 15, 1863 age 42y, 2m, 27d); res Knoxville, Jefferson Co., PA; memb Evan. Assn. 21 yrs; wife, 4 chren remain
09/23/1863311MILLER, Elizabeth*36PAPA: Jefferson Co.: Oliver Tp. (d Jul 21, 1863 age 36y, 2m, 10d); memb Evan. Assn. 18 yrs; husb, 5 chren remain. Minister: Jacob WEIKAL
09/30/1863319ZIEBELL, Ernst*62WIEUROPE: PRUSSIA (b)WI: Jefferson Co.: town of Millford (d Sep 12, 1863 age 62y, 8m, 7d); md nearly 40 yrs; to AMER 8 yrs ago to Millford; bur in same grave w/ wife; 3 daus, 3 sons remain; all 3 sons in army, unable to attend funeral; Frederick WINKENWERTER bur same time
09/30/1863319ZIEBELL, Hannah*59WIEUROPE: PRUSSIA (b)WI: Jefferson Co.: town of Millford (d Sep 13, 1863 age 59y, 4m, 9d); md nearly 40 yrs; to AMER 8 yrs ago to Millford; bur in same grave w/ husb; 3 daus, 3 sons remain; all 3 sons in army, unable to attend funeral; Frederick WINKENWERTER bur same time
09/30/1863319WINKENWERTER, Frederick*63WIEUROPE: Mecklenburg (b)WI: Jefferson Co.: town of Millford (d Sep 12, 1863 ); to AMER ca 11 yrs ago; a Lutheran, att Evan. Assn.; mentions his having chren; funeral at same time w/ Ernst & Hannah ZIEBELL
09/30/1863319WELLER, Elizabeth*71WELLER, LudwigPAPA: Somerset Co. (d Sep 4, 1863 age 71y, 7m, 9d); mother-in-law to [Revs.] M.J. CAROTHERS & J.L.W. SEIBERT; husb, 7 chren remain; palsy / dropsy ca 3 yrs
09/30/1863319WELLER, Ludwig-----, Elizabeth*
09/30/1863319WOODSIDE, Maria*73ILIL: Ogle Co.: Brookville (d Sep 7, 1863 age 73y, 4m, 28d); memb Evan. Assn. ca 5 yrs; consumption
09/30/1863319ROADS, John*19OHOH: Wayne Co.: Clinton Tp. (d Sep 13, 1863 age 19y, 5m, 26d); spinal difficulty / inflammation of bowels. Funeral by H. LONGBRAKE in English & G. F. SPRENG in German
09/30/1863319BALMER, Daniel*31----: Minister: SUTTON, D.; d Jul 27, 1863 age 31y, 6m, 1d; memb Evan. Assn. ca 6 yrs
09/30/1863319ALBERT, Jerome*20ININ: Indianapolis (d [no date] age 20y, 9m, 5d); son of Emanuel & Catharine; remains taken to East Germantown, the res of his pars, bur in burying-ground of Ev. Assn. Minister: E. EVANS
09/30/1863319LYONS, Vandillia*14ININ: East Germantown (d Jul 25, age 14y, 10m, 1d). Minister: E. ENANS [sic]
09/30/1863319STEATTE, Andrew*76PAGERMANY (res prev)PA: Indiana Co.: Brushvalley Tp. (d Sep 28, 1863); to AMER "at an early day"; memb prev of Lutheran Ch., later the Evan. Assn.; wife, several chren remain
09/30/1863319HESS, Henry*2PAPA: Brushvalley (d Mar 19, 1863 age 2y, 1m, 23d); son of John & Polly; diptheria [sic]
09/30/1863319STILES, Eve*82STILES, JosephPAPA: York Co.: Loganville (d Sep 10, 1863 age 82y, 11m, 20d); fell 3 yrs ago, confined to bed since; husb dead
09/30/1863319STILES, Joseph-----, Eve*
09/30/1863320SNYDER, William*23TNTN: Memphis (d Jun 13, 1863 age 23y, 2m, 23d); of Franklin Tp., Wayne Co., OH; memb 16th OH Regt.; widow remains; chronic diarrhea since Feb. Minister: H. LONGBRAKE
10/07/1863327FRIED, Mary Ann*20PAPA: Schuylkill Co.: Orwigsburg area (d Sep 18, age 20y, 4m, 27d); converted ca 2 yrs ago; pars, bros, sisters remain; typhoid fever 5 days
10/07/1863327MYERLY, Elizabeth*51MYERLY, Jno.PAPA: Orwigsburg area (d Sep 21, age 51y, 5m, 18d); converted ca 7 yrs ago; husb, son, dau remain; consumption 6 mos
10/07/1863327MYERLY, Jno.-----, Elizabeth*
10/07/1863327ETTINGER, Jonas*71KSPA: York Co. (b)KS: Leavenworth area (d Sep 13, 1863 age 71y, 11m, 11d); widow, 3 grown sons remain; liver complaint ca 3 mos
10/07/1863327STRICKLER, Melvina*41STRICKLER, John F.PAPA: York Co.: Wrightsville (d Jul 7, age 41y, 5m, 2d); husb, 7 chren remain, one of whom is in army; rheumatism for yrs + dropsy
10/07/1863327STRICKLER, John F.-----, Melvina*
10/07/1863327TOBIAS, Lydia*53TOBIAS, PeterOHOH: Pickaway Co. (d [no date] age 53y, 9d); memb Evan. Assn. 28 yrs; husb remains; consumption, confined to bed last 13 wks. Minister: Jos. FELGER
10/07/1863327TOBIAS, Peter-----, Lydia*
10/07/1863327FERTNEY, Ann Mary*32PAPA: Perry Co.: Liverpool (d Sep 15, age 32y, 9m, 27d); a meek, mild woman who nobly bore her cross; husb, 5 little chren remain
10/07/1863327WEILAND, Catharine*29OHOH: Mahoning Co.: North Lima (d Sep 6, age 30y less 10d); dau of Adam & Margaret WEILAND; malignant diptheria [sic]. Funeral by Bishop J. LONG; minister: G. S. DOMER
10/07/1863328CROOP, Jacob*54ININ: Elkhart Co. (d Jul 21, 1863 age 54y, 2m, 15d); widow, one poor afflicted son remain; bodily infirmities many yrs, finally typhoid fever
10/07/1863328CROOP, David*23ININ: Elkhart Co. (d Sep 12, age 23y, 9m, 11d); son of the above Jac. CROOP; typhoid fever
10/14/1863335UHLER, Geo.*37MDMD: Washington Co.: Zion's Ch area (d Aug 14, 1863 age 37y, 11m, 20d); converted ca 4 yrs ago; wife, 6 sm chren remain; 1 child dead; bilious diarrhea 1 wk
10/14/1863335SPANGLER, Maria*42PAPA: Adams Co.: Tyrone Tp. (d Sep 24, age 42y, 6d); husb, 2 chren remain; disease deprived her to some extent of mind & speech
10/14/1863335CUNNINGHAM, Mary Jane*18ILIL: Bloomington area (d Sep 23, age 18y, 11m, 1d); dau of John & Elizabeth; converted ca 7 yrs ago, joined Evan. Assn.; bilious fever
10/14/1863335BROWN, Elisabeth*32BROWN, SolomonPAPA: Lancaster Co.: Brownstown (d [no date] age 32y, 5m, 26d); husb, 4 chren remain
10/14/1863335BROWN, Solomon-----, Elisabeth*
10/14/1863335BOWER, Frank Amos*3PAPA: Columbia Co.: Berwick (d Aug 26, 1863 age 3y, 7m, 3d); son of Hiram R. & Rebecca
10/14/1863335MILLER, Mary Ellen*4PAPA: Columbia Co. (d Sep 24, aged 4y, 4m, 22d); oldest dau of Rev. D. W. & Moriah; diptheria [sic]
10/21/1863343OBERMILLER, Mary*63PAPA: York Co.: Loganville (d [no date] age 63y, 7m); converted ca 42 yrs ago, joined Evan. Assn.; husb, 9 chren remain; afflicted ca 23 wks
10/21/1863343FORREY, Eliza*35FORREY, JohnPAPA: York Co.: Lower Windsor Tp. (d Sep 25, age 35y, 10m, 1d); husb, 6 chren remain
10/21/1863343FORREY, John-----, Eliza*
10/21/1863343GINTER, Ann (Mrs.)*67PAPA: Union Co.: New Columbia (d Sep 24); chren remain; dropsy + typhoid fever [detailed description of her death]
10/21/1863343FLIGHT, Mary*72PAPA: Monroe Co.: Ross Tp. (d Sep 18); 3 chren remain; consumption a short time
10/21/1863343HOUBLELL, Francis*30PAPA: Monroe Co. (d [no date] age 30y, 8m, 19d); wife, 3 chren remain; typhoid fever
10/21/1863343RUTH, George*14PAPA: Monroe Co.: Hamilton Tp. (d Sep 24, age 14y, 9d); son of Charles & Hannah; father, several sisters remain; diptheria [sic]
10/21/1863343ROSS, James*7PAPA: Ind. Co.: Smithport area (d Sep 18, age 7y, 7m, 7d); son of James & Susan; membranous croup
10/21/1863343NOLL, David George McClellan*1PAPA: Jefferson Co.: Polk Tp. (d Sep 11, age 1y, 5m, 2d); only ch of David P. & Lusetta; erysipelas + diptheria [sic]
10/21/1863343GEHR, Harrison*23PAPA: Crawford Co.: Summit Tp. (d Sep 29, 1863 at res of father, Daniel); memb Co. E, 111th Regt. PA Vol; father brought him home Feb 9, 1863; insensible last 13 days; father, bros, sisters remain; chronic diarrhoea
10/28/1863351DAVIS, Abraham*82PAPA: Fayette Co. (d Aug 28, age 82y, 3m, 3d); converted ca 50 yrs ago, memb Evan. Assn.; wife, 13 chren remain
10/28/1863351TOBIAS, Elijah*33OHOH: Pickaway Co.: Walnut Tp. (d Oct 11, age 33y, 10m, 20d); memb Evan. Assn. ca 16 yrs; wife, 3 chren remain; consumption 1 yr
10/28/1863351TOBIAS, Wilson*1OHOH: Pickaway Co.: Walnut Tp. (d Oct 8, age 1y, 4m, 13d); son of Elijah [above]
10/28/1863351HARPSTER, Susanna*--HARPSTER, DavidOHOH: Wyandot Co.: Carey (d Sep 25); converted ca 12 yrs ago; husb, 2 sm chren remain
10/28/1863351HARPSTER, David-----, Susanna*
10/28/1863351KRECKER, Celestia*6PAPA: Montgomery Co.: Hatfield (d Sep 16, age 6y, 8m, 11d); youngest dau of Rev. Frederick & Isabella; inflammatory croup
11/04/1863359MILLER, Aaron*25OHOH: Marion Co. (d Oct 11, 1863); converted ca 10 yrs ago; md 6 wks to the day of his death; wife remains; typhoid fever
11/04/1863359ETTINGER, John*77OHPA (res prev)OH: Morrow Co. (d [no date]); memb of United Brethren in Christ a number of yrs; flux ca 2 wks; a bro to Rev. Adam of PA & Daniel of Richland Co., OH
11/04/1863359WOLF, John F. (Rev.)*55ININ: Elkhart Co. (d Oct 9, 1863 age 55y, 6m, 6d); local preacher; widow, 8 chren remain; typhoid fever
11/04/1863359MYERS, Sarah*25OHOH: Wayne Co.: West Union (d Oct 18, 1863 age 25y, 2m, 11d); dau of Daniel & Marthy [sic] MYERS; flux
11/04/1863359STROCK, Yost*75MDMD: Washington Co.: Zion Ch area (d Oct 3, 1863 age 75y, 5m, 4d); house many yrs the home of the weary itinerant of Central PA Conf., delighted in making the preacher comfortable; wife remains; paralysis for 3 days
11/04/1863359HORNER, Jeremiah C.*30OHPA: Center Co. (b Apr 26, 1833)OH: Seneca Co.: Flat Rock (d Sep 29, 1863 age 30y, 5w, 3d); class-leader at church; wife, 3 chren remain; 2 chren dead; bur nr remains of Bishop SEYBERT [Flat Rock]
11/04/1863359WERKEISER, Peter James*12PAPA: Monroe Co.: Hamilton Tp. (d Oct 12, age 12y, 10m, 19d); son of Henry A. & Catherine; pars, bro, sisters remain; dyptheria [sic]
11/04/1863359BOOK, Benjamin F.*19----: Columbus (d Aug 28, age 19y, 10m, 4d); son of John & Mary; memb Evan. Assn. 4 yrs. Minister: JOSEPH DICK [he minister in OH]
11/04/1863359VREELAND, John*--NYNY: Seneca Co. (d Oct 10th); early settler of Seneca Co.; memb Evan. Assn.; wife, several chren remain; consumption
11/04/1863359SCOTT, Pharez*24NYNY: Seneca Co. (d Oct 5, 1863); memb 148th Regt., NY Vol.; young widow remains; contracted quick consumption in camp, returned home to die
11/04/1863359EBERSOL, Samuel*25GAGA: Chattamaga (wounded Sep 19, 1863 by musket ball to right breast); taken prisoner, d 10 days later; acting capt of 89th IL regt. [NOTE: the Battle of Chickamauga was fought this date]
11/11/1863367GEORINGER, Mary Magdalena*26RUPPERTOHOH: Fulton Co. (d Oct 13, 1863 age 26y, 2m, 15d); dau of Henry & Magdalena; memb Evan. Assn. ca 12 yrs; husb, 2 chren remain. "Two of her little ones preceded her a few months, having died of diptheria."
11/11/1863367RUPPERT, Mary Magdalena*26GEORINGER, -----OHOH: Fulton Co. (d Oct 13, 1863 age 26y, 2m, 15d); dau of Henry & Magdalena; memb Evan. Assn. ca 12 yrs; husb, 2 chren remain. "Two of her little ones preceded her a few months, having died of diptheria."
11/11/1863367KERR, Elizabeth*24PAPA: Snyder Co.: Jackson Tp. (d Oct 23, 1863 age 24y, 1m, 9d); embraced religion some yrs ago; short sickness
11/11/1863367WAGNER, Elizabeth*31WAGNER, G. B. (Rev.)PAPA: Easton (d Oct 25, 1863 age 31y, 1m, 3wks); converted ca 10 yrs ago, joined Evan. Assn.; husb, 3 chren remain; consumption + inflammation of brain
11/11/1863367WAGNER, G. B. (Rev.)-----, Elizabeth*
11/11/1863367HOY, Magdalena*84HOY, DanielOHOH: Fairfield Co.: Lithopolis area (d Oct 29, 1863 age 84y, 8m, 14d); memb Evan. Assn. 50+ yrs; husb, 6 chren, 49 grchren, 64 gt-grchren remain; mother-in-law of Bishop LONG
11/11/1863367HOY, Daniel-----, Magdalena*
11/11/1863367HOWENSTINE, Adam*27----: d Oct 12 age 27y, 1m, 9d; memb Co. G, 16th Regt. OVI; mentions battles fought; camp diarrhea, taken to hosp; by permission, "his father brought him under parental … care" [actual place of death not stated]; bur graveyard at Bristol, OH
11/11/1863367AHOLTY, Frederick*20--PA: York Co. (b)--: exact place of death unclear (d Jul 10, 1863); son of George S. & Sarah; w/ pars to Tippecanoe Co., IN, 1852; memb Harris's Lt. Cav., IN Vols; bur under locust tree, on bank of Antietam Creek [very detailed obit nearly one column in length]
11/18/1863374SPINNER, Emma*5PAPA: Bucks Co.: Spinnertown (d Oct 28, 1863 age 5y, 6m, 18d); dau of Edwin D. & Mary Ann; diptheria [sic]
11/18/1863374BARKMAN, Lydia*38BARKMAN, LeviOHOH: Han. [Hancock] Co. (d Oct 24, 1862 age 38y, 11m, 18d); memb Evan. Assn. ca 8 yrs; husb, 2 chren remain. [NOTE year of death]
11/18/1863374BARKMAN, Levi-----, Lydia*
11/18/1863374WILLGER, Sarah E.*14ILIL: Whiteside Co.: Sterling (address of minister, D. S. BYERS); d Nov 1, 1863 age 14y, 4m, 27d; only child of N. & Ester
11/18/1863374LANG, Henry*18PAPA: Somerset Co.: Wellersburg (d Oct 3, 1863 age 18y, 10m, 24d); son of Michael; converted a yr ago, joined Evan. Assn.; typhoid fever
11/18/1863374FUNK, Elizabeth*30PAPA: Jefferson Co. (d Oct 6, 1863 age 30y, 1m, 4d); husb, sm family of children remain; died very suddenly
11/18/1863374MILLER, Simon Byers*19IAIA: Polk Co.: Corey Grove (d Oct 29, 1863 age 19y, 6m, 23d); a few yrs ago w/ pars from CANADA to Iowa Centre area, Story Co., IA, where they still res; quick consumption
11/18/1863374GLOSS, Catherine*43OHOH: Tuscarora [sic] Co.: Shanesville area (d Nov 4, 1863 age 43y, 2m, 19d); w/ dau (age 12) on way to Shanesville, thrown from wagon; killed instantly; she caught in lines & dragged; dau uninjured; converted ca 19 yrs ago
11/18/1863375KANE, John Albert*1PAPA: Columbia Co.: Centreville (d Oct 16[?], 1863, aged 1y, 16d); son of Thomas & C.
11/18/1863375MILLER, Lizzie Alice*2PAPA: Col. Co.: Briar Creek (d Oct 16, 1863 age 2y, 11m, 10d); dau of Rev. D. W. & Mariah; croup
11/18/1863375KELLER, George Allen*12PAPA: Columbia Co.: Centerville (d Oct 25, 1863 age 12y, 6m, 16d); son of George W. & Caroline M.; lock jaw occasioned by broken leg
11/18/1863375PAINTER, Catherine*29----: Minister: DOMER, G. S.; d Oct 25, 1863 age 29y, 4m, 10d); converted ca 5 yrs ago; 2 chren, pars, bros, sisters remain; husb d ca 2 yrs earlier); typhoid fever 4 wks
11/18/1863375LONG, Mary Ann*71--b Sep 20, 1792--: Minister: DOMER, G. S.; d Nov 5, 1863 age 71y, 1m, 16d; sis to Bishop J. LONG; memb Evan. Assn. ca 45 yrs; one of 1st membs in eastern OH; always weakly; bed-ridden last 4 yrs
11/18/1863375RHODES, Avery H.*21OHOH: Cleveland area (d Oct 3, 1863); memb Co. C, 100th Regt. IL Vols; student Plainfield [IL] College when enlisted; accidental drowning
11/25/1863382WIFFMAN, Elizabeth*93PAPA: Williamsport area (d Aug 19, 1863 age 93y, 11m); memb Evan. Assn. 20 yrs; d suddenly [Corr. to WHITMAN Dec 23, 1863 p 415]
11/25/1863382WHITMAN, Elizabeth*93PAPA: Williamsport area (d Aug 19, 1863 age 93y, 11m); memb Evan. Assn. 20 yrs; d suddenly [Corr. from WIFFMAN Dec 23, 1863 p 415]
11/25/1863382ILGENFRITZ, Jacob*72MIMI: Monroe City (d Oct 25, age 72y, 4m, 5d); widow, 8 chren remain; died as was conversing w/ his family; dropsy of the heart
11/25/1863382CUPP, Hiram*38PAPA: Battle of Gettysburg (d Jul 2, 1863 age 38y, 5m, 11d); memb 142nd Regt. PA Vol; pars, bros, sisters remain; bur in Gettysburg soldiers' cem; funeral Sep 13th at Lexington, Somerset Co., PA
11/25/1863382CROUSE, Samuel C.*22VAWestern VA: Weston (d Sep 16, 1863 age 22y, 4m, 29d); son of Peter & Rebecca of Flat Rock, OH; memb Co. D, 35th Regt. O.V.Z.; letter to fam from John A. Barker of Brown Co., W. VA: "he seemed like a near relative"; bur Nov 1st nr Flat Rock; typhoid fever
12/02/1863391COURTIER, Henry*20PAPA: Somerset Co.: Somerset Tp. (d Sep 20, 1863 age 20y, 4m, 16d); typhoid fever
12/02/1863391STARN, William*48PAPA: Somerset Co.: Somerset Tp. (d Nov 11, 1863 age 48y, 6m, 10d); converted ca 19 yrs ago; class leader ca 12 yrs; widow, 7 chren remain; typhoid fever
12/02/1863391MANNING, Daniel*63PAPA: Lancaster Co.: Millersville (d Nov 12, 1863 age 64y less 1 mo); consistent memb Evan. Assn.; consumption
12/02/1863391KREAMER, Vitora*2ILIL: Kankakee City (d Nov 12, 1863 age 3yrs less 11 days); dau of Aron [sic] D. & Susannah; diptheria [sic]
12/09/1863399WAIDEL, Elizabeth*18PAPA: Erie Co.: McKean Tp. (d Nov 3, 1863 age 18y, 8m, 2d); dau of Jacob & Martha; converted 4 yrs ago; a faithful Sunday school teacher; mother remains; father, sis dead
12/09/1863399HUFFER, Julian*76HUFFER, IsaacOHOH: Pickaway Co.: Ringgold (d Nov 15, 1863 age 76y, 6d); memb Evan. Assn. many yrs; husb dead; cramp colic. Minister: Jos. FELGER
12/09/1863399HUFFER, Isaac-----, Julian*
12/09/1863399HOOF, John*21OHOH: Pickaway Co. (d Nov 19, 1863 age 21y, 6m, 27d); widow remains; consumption. Minister: Jos. FELGER
12/09/1863399HARTWIG, Mary*33HARTWIG, Fred.MDMD: Jarrettsville area (d Nov 1, 1863 age 33y, 11m, 24d); memb Evan. Assn. ca 2 yrs; husb, 5 chren remain; bilious fever
12/09/1863399HARTWIG, Fred-----, Mary*
12/09/1863399WONDERLING, Catharine*35WONDERLING, CharlesPAPA: Jefferson Co. (d Oct 29, 1863); converted 6 yrs ago. "She was a great help to her husband in times of trial." Husb, 5 chren remain; d in childbed
12/09/1863399WONDERLING, Charles-----, Catharine*
12/09/1863399RAYMER, Susannah*49RAYMER, MartinCWCW: York Co.: Tp. of Markham (d Nov 20, 1863 age 49y, 24d); had 11 chren; husb dead; asthma: after breakfast, a slight cough, choked, expired; 500 att funeral [lengthy obit]. Minister: William WHITTINGTON
12/09/1863399RAYMER, Martin-----, Susannah*
12/16/1863407SWARTZ, Philip (Rev.)*49INVA: Rockingham Co. (b)IN: Tippecanoe Co.: Wea Tp. (d Dec 1, 1863 age 49y, 8m, 2d); 10 yrs in OH Conf.; 5 yrs IN Conf.; widow, 5 chren remain; bur Tharp's grave-yard, 3 mi south of Lafayette, IN; rose-cancer on left side of face. Religious Telescope please copy
12/16/1863407POWELL, Mary M.*80POWELL, Thos.OHOH: Stark Co. (d Nov 7, 1863 age 80y, 9m, 21d); 9 chren, 71 grchren remain; husb, 2 chren dead; bur the 8th; dropsy
12/16/1863407POWELL, Thos.-----, Mary M.*
12/16/1863407CUNNINGHAM, Mary Jane*18ILPA: Somerset Co. (b)IL: Bloomington area (d Sep 23, 1863 age 18y, 11m, 1d); dau of Jno. & Elizabeth; w/ pars 9 yrs ago to Bloomington area; bilious fever; pars very sick w/ same; elder bro sick in the army hospital
12/16/1863407HUFFER, Juliana*76HUFFER, IsaacOHOH: Pickaway Co.: East Ringgold (d Nov 15, 1863 age 76y, 6d); memb Evan. Assn. ca 28 yrs; remaining are 10 chren, one of whom is Rev. Isaac, Jr.; husb, 2 chren dead; cramp colic 3 days. Funeral by (Rev.) Joseph FELGER
12/16/1863407HUFFER, Isaac-----, Juliana*
12/16/1863407HAGEL, Isador*38SCSC: Hosp. at Hilton Head (d Oct 22, 1863 age 38y, 6m, 10d); memb Co. C, 67th Regt. OVI; wounded Battle at Winchester, VA, last winter; then to SC; discharged, started home, could not continue; wife, 3 chren remain; chronic diarrhea
12/23/1863415BRUBAKER, Joseph66PAPA: Somerset Co. (d Dec 11, 1862 age 66y, 11m, 26d); memb Evan. Assn. ca 20 yrs; willed $100 to build parsonage on Somerset Circuit; wife, 7 chren remain; 2 chren dead
12/23/1863415HENINGER, George*30OHOH: Stark Co. (d Nov 5, 1863 age 30y, 9m, 18d); widow, 3 chren remain
12/23/1863415STEWARD, Elizabeth*65STEWARD, John B.OHOH: Ashland Co.: Lake Tp. (d Nov 20, 1863 age 65y, 9m, 11d); husb, 9 chren remain; typhoid fever 5+ wks. Minister: H. LONGBRAKE
12/23/1863415STEWARD, John B.-----, Elizabeth*
12/23/1863415IRWIN, James*5OHOH: Wayne Co. (d Nov 30, 1863 age 5y, 11m, 22d at res of Jacob SCHMUCK); son of Rev. D., deceased, & Christina MOON; diptheria [sic]; bur in same grave w/ sis Mary Isabel
12/23/1863415SCHMUCK, Jacob[not an obit; mentioned in obit of James IRWIN, Dec 23, 1863 p 415]
12/23/1863415MOON, Christina[not an obit; mother of James & Mary Isabel IRWIN, mentioned in his obit Dec 23, 1863 p 415]
12/23/1863415IRWIN, Mary Isabel*11?OHOH: Wayne Co.: Reedsburg area (d Dec 2, 1863 age 11[?]y, 7d); dau of Rev. D., deceased, & Christina MOON; diptheria & consumption; bur in same grave w/ bro James
12/23/1863415DRUSCHEL, Amelia*23BASTPAPA: Lawrence Co.: New Castle (d Nov 16 age 23y, 1m, 10d); dau of Jesse & Eliza; converted ca 7 yrs ago, joined Evan. Assn.; husb, pars remain palpitation of heart 1 hr
12/23/1863415BAST, Amelia*23DRUSCHEL, -----PAPA: Lawrence Co.: New Castle (d Nov 16 age 23y, 1m, 10d); dau of Jesse & Eliza; converted ca 7 yrs ago, joined Evan. Assn.; husb, pars remain palpitation of heart 1 hr

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