DatePageDecedent or
AgeMaiden NameSpouse or DecedentLocaleLocation
Place of Death or
Last Known Residence/Notes
07/21/1859120FISHER, Rachel*48FISHER, Jacob (Rev.)MIMI: Cross* Co. (d Jul 8, 1859 age 48y, 4m, 15d); res prev Likens [sic] Valley, Dauphin Co., PA; converted ca 16 yrs ago, joined Evan. Assn.; husb, 7 chren remain; dropsy [*CORR to Cass Co., MI, Aug 18, 1859 p 136]
07/21/1859120FISHER, Jacob (Rev.)-----, Rachel*
07/21/1859120WILLIAMS, Phebe Ann*21WILLIAMS, J. B. (Dr.)PAPA: Clarion Co.: Fryburg (d May 29, 1859); memb Evan. Assn. 7+ yrs; consumption. Minister: G. S. DOMER
07/21/1859120WILLIAMS, J. B. (Dr.)-----, Phebe Ann*
07/21/1859120TRESSLER, Mary*41TRESSLER, JohnPAPA: Perry Co. (d the 13th inst., age 41y, 1m, 11d); converted ca 15 yrs ago, joined Evan. Assn.; husb, 10 chren remain; an unseasonable cold terminated in her death
07/21/1859120TRESSLER, John-----, Mary*
07/21/1859120HIRSCH, Conrad*51MDMD: Howard Co.: Old Ridge Landing area (d May 19th last, age 51y, 3m, 17d); converted ca 20 yrs ago, joined the Evan. Assn., a classleader the last 9 yrs; wife, 7 chren, mother, bros, sisters remain
07/21/1859120STONG, George*62CWCW: York Co.: York Tp. (d Jun 8, 1859); widow remains; heart disease some wks, sometimes slightly deranged during illness
07/21/1859120HOLLINGER, Barbara*38HOLLINGER, JacobOHOH: Summit Co.: Manchester area (d Jun 8, 1859 age 38y, 2m, 13d); husb, 8 chren remain, the youngest being nearly 2 mos in age; 1 child dead. J. STULL preached in German, E. B. CROUSE in English
07/21/1859120HOLLINGER, Jacob-----, Barbara*
07/21/1859120BERSHINGER, Elizabeth*47ILIL: Stephenson Co.: Freeport (d Jun 12, 1859 age 47y, 10m, 3d); converted ca 13 yrs ago; mentions her friends in PA; husb, 1 dau, 1 son remain; liver affection [obit quite lengthy for this time period]
08/04/1859128SCHMUCK, Sarah*31WELTMERSCHMUCK, EmanuelOHOH: Wayne Co.: Chester Tp. (d Jun 17, 1859 age 31y, 10m, 12d); dau of Jacob & Hannah converted age 13; husb, 1 child remain; dropsy in head + typhoid fever
08/04/1859128WELTMER, Sarah*31SCHMUCK, EmanuelOHOH: Wayne Co.: Chester Tp. (d Jun 17, 1859 age 31y, 10m, 12d); dau of Jacob & Hannah converted age 13; husb, 1 child remain; dropsy in head + typhoid fever
08/04/1859128SCHMUCK, EmanuelWELTMER, Sarah*
08/04/1859128TRUMBAUER, Lewis Jacob*--PAPA: Lehigh Co. (res prev); d Jul 7th last; son of Rev. Jacob; embraced religion last winter; pars, 2 bros, 3 sis remain; typhoid fever ca 6 wks. Minister: Christian HUMMEL
08/18/1859136VREELAND, Julianna*46VREELAND, J. B. C.NYNY: Seneca Co.: Fayette Tp. (d Jul 7, 1859 age 46y, 7m, 3d); converted ca 25 yrs ago, joined the Evan. Assn. husb, 2 chren remain; consumption
08/18/1859136VREELAND, J. B. C.-----, Julianna*
08/18/1859136RITCHEY, Thomas H.*28PAPA: Venango Co.: Oakland Tp. (d Jul 28, 1859); joined Evan. Assn. last fall; wife, 4 chren, mother, 3 bros, 3 sis remain; consumption 1+ yr
08/18/1859136FRITTS, Louisa*--NJNJ (d Jun 1, 1859); memb Bethel class when 1st organized; aged pars remain. Minister: Jacob A. APGER
08/18/1859136MOCK, Lydia S.*37PAPA: Union Co.: White Deer Tp. (d Aug 23, 1859)
09/01/1859144TOOMEY, Isaac*20PAPA: Perry Co. (d Jul 23, 1859 age 20y, 10m, 23d); memb Evan. Assn. 1+ yrs; bur Jul 24th
09/01/1859144BROWN, Jeremiah C.*22PAPA: Union Co.: Lewisburg (d [no date] age 22y, 5d); son of Cyrus & Elizabeth; liver complaint + typhoid fever
09/15/1859152WORICK, Mary*43BROWNWORICK, CharlesILIL: Stephenson Co. (d Aug 14, 1859 age 43y, 10m, 10d); dau of Jacob & Elizabeth; husb, 11 chren remain
09/15/1859152BROWN, Mary*43WORICK, CharlesILIL: Stephenson Co. (d Aug 14, 1859 age 43y, 10m, 10d); dau of Jacob & Elizabeth; husb, 11 chren remain
09/15/1859152WORICK, CharlesBROWN, Mary*
09/15/1859152LEAS, John*71PAPA: Perry Co.: Juniata Tp. (d Aug 9, 1859 age 71y, 6m, 14d); memb Evan. Assn. 20+ yrs; mentions wife & chren
09/15/1859152MUSSELMAN, Henry*--PAPA: New Kingston area (no date or age stated); son of John; riding on turnpike Sat. evening, horse threw him forward on head, dragging him ca 1 mile; died in one hr [MUSSLEMAN in body of obit]
09/29/1859160MUSSELMAN, Henry*22----: Minister: YOUNG, J. M.; an active teacher in Sunday School; d Aug 20, 1859 age 22y, 2m, 5d
09/29/1859160BOYER, Susannah*69PAPA: Northampton Co.: Easton (d Sep 10, 1859 age 69y, 10m, 5d); converted ca 36 yrs ago, joined M. E. Ch.; memb Reading Evan. Assn ca 23 yrs, preferring it for the German language used; an only dau remains, she the wife of Rev.W. L. REBER; bur Reading, PA
09/29/1859160WALKER, Reuben Ira*18PAPA: Clinton Co.: Clintonville area (d Aug 1 last, age 18y, 11m); converted ca 3 yrs ago; pars, bros, sisters remain
10/13/1859168MILLER, Lydia*17ININ: Huntington Co. (d Jun 26th last, age 17y, 11m); converted 1 yr ago; typhoid fever 9 days
10/13/1859168BENDER, Eve Catharine*68BENDER, JacobPAPA: Bendersville (d the 26th ult. age 68y, 7m, 2d); memb Evan. Assn. 39+ yrs; husb, 8 chren remain; paralysis 7+ yrs
10/13/1859168BENDER, Jacob-----, Eve Catharine*
10/27/1859176WALN, George*47PAPA: York Co.: Lewisberry area (d Sep 23d last, age 47y, 10m, 11d); converted ca 20 yrs ago, was class-leader / exhorter in Evan. Assn.; wife, an only son remain; dropsy + pulmonary consumption
11/10/1859184FLEISHMAN, George*47OHOH: Marion Co.: Decatur area (d Oct 7th last, age 47y, 25d); memb Evan. Assn. ca 8 yrs; apoplexy
11/10/1859184BOWMAN, Louisa Ann*16OHOH: Trumbull Co.: Southington (d Oct 3, 1856 [sic] age 16y, 4m, 12d); dau of John C. & Sophia; typhoid fever 12 days; funeral by Rev. Wm. Kincaid of M. E. Ch. [CORR: death date should be Oct 3, 1859, see Dec 8, 1859 issue, p 200]
11/10/1859184BOCH, Sarah*5----: Minister: SWARTZ, Andrew; d Sep 29, 1859 age 5y, 9m, 9d; dau of John & Mary Ann
11/10/1859184DOWNEY, S.*57PAPA: Westmoreland Co.: Ligonier Valley (d Aug 19, 1859 age 57y, 3m, 22d); wife, chren remain; piles [mentions his "wild career"]
11/10/1859184WANBAUGH, John Ambrose*9PAPA: Cumberland Co.: New Kingston (d Oct 20th age 9y, 29d); son of W. W.; riding w/ bro David, both thrown from horse; brain concussions to both brought on fevers, John did not survive. "David is in a fair way of recovering."
11/10/1859184IRVIN, Eve*70PAPA: Cumberland Co.: Kingston area (d Oct 28th, age 70y, 24d); one of first converted in this place & joined church ca 16 yrs ago
11/10/1859184HENNEY, Abner*25OHOH: Wayne Co. (d Sep 30, 1859 age 25y, 1m, 14d); son of Rev. A. & Catharine; epilepsy 2 yrs; went squirrel-hunting & while unconscious during a seizure was attacked by old swine who tore flesh from his thigh, supposedly bled to death; aged pars remain
11/22/1859192VAN BUSKIRK, Sarah*64?VAN BUSKIRK, JohnPAPA: Union Co.: Winfield (d Nov 9th, aged 64 [or 61] y, 5m, 7d); converted ca 50 yrs ago; md ca 39y; a kind companion, a true mother
11/22/1859192VAN BUSKIRK, John-----, Sarah*
11/22/1859192LONGSDORF, A. (Mrs.)*45LONGSDORF, A. (Rev.)----: Williamsport (d Aug 7th last, age 45y, 11m, 26d); converted 1836, joined Evan. Assn.; w/ husb served pastorates for 21 yrs; cholera morbus terminating in a gangrene for 7 days; husb, chren remain
11/22/1859192YEAGLE, Franklin*17ILIL: Stephenson Co. (d the 2nd inst., age 17y, 6m, 3d at res of pars); son of Henry & Barbara; bur Zion's Cem.; typhoid fever
11/22/1859192ROCKY, James O.*39ILIL: Pennsylvania settlement (d Aug 16, 1859 age 39y, 5m); converted ca 3 yrs ago; widow, 5 chren remain; consumption 5 yrs
11/22/1859192BAUGHMAN, Francis W.*68OHOH: Morrow Co.: Johnsville area (d Oct 17th last, age 68y, 16d); widow, 3 chren remain; palsy
11/22/1859192WAGNER, Calista Jane*2----: Minister: POWELL, John; d Nov 10th age 2y, 7m, 1d); dau of Adam; croup & quincy [sic]
11/22/1859192KEEFER, Mosses [sic]* [& dau]35PAPA: York (d Nov 3d, age 35y, 1m, 7d); widow, 1 child remain; 4 of their chren now dead, including little girl age ca 5 yrs, who d a few wks before him; he had consumption since last Spring
12/08/1859200WENTZ, Mary*51PAPA: Perry Co. (d Nov 5, 1859 age 51y, 6m, 25d); converted ca 12 yrs ago, joined Evan. Assn.; husb, 7 chren remain; consumption several wks
12/22/1859207PAINTER, Elmira Jane*10OHOH: Morrow Co.: Woodberry [sic] (d Nov 28th last, age 10y, 3m, 8d); dau of Solomon & Catharine; inflammation of bowels
12/22/1859207NORTH, Joseph J.*21----: Minister: EVANS, E.; d Sep 5, 1859 age 21y, 11m, 27d; he & father loading saw-log which fell back, crushing his chest; he survived 2 hrs
12/22/1859207HARNUNG, Richard*70NYNY: Montgomery Co. (d Jul 10th); converted ca 30 yrs ago, joined Evan. Assn., was classleader several yrs; wife, chren remain; consumption ca 2 yrs
12/22/1859207BIRER, -----*5ILIL: Dekalb Co. (d Nov 14, 1859 age 5y, 6m, 4d); son of Gottlieb & Henriette; scarlet fever

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