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Last Known Residence/Notes
07/08/1858112SCHOCH, Benjamin*58OHOH: Circleville (res 5 mi east); he professed religion 30+ yrs; w/ wife was returning home from town, horses frightened by train, threw themselves back on the track, train upset wagon; he killed instantly; wife foot partly cut off, bruised, but survived
07/08/1858112VOSLER, -----*74NJNJ: Hunterdon Co. (d Jun 9, 1858); joined Evan. Assn. 1851 under Rev. F. KRECKER & H. C. MAJOR; aged husb, several chren remain
07/08/1858112WEIS, Mary Jane*18ININ: Elkhart Co. (d Jun 9, 1858 age 18y, 9m, 14d); consumption; mentions her pars, but not by name
07/08/1858112GREENHOE, Adilia*84OHOH: Medina Co. (d [no date] age 84y, 5m, 13d); converted ca 50 yrs ago; joined Evan. Assn. ca 30 yrs ago; 10 chren, 90 grchren, 61 gt-grchren remain
07/08/1858112FREEHAEFER, Phebe*10PAPA: Schuylkill Haven (bur Jun 20th); dau of Michael & Sarah; typhoid fever
07/08/1858112GEIGER, Rebecca*30GEIGER, Jacob A.----: Minister: LEIB, John P.; d Jun 22, 1858; husb, 2 sm chren remain; in delicate health, bed-fast since Dec; consumption
07/08/1858112GEIGER, Jacob A.-----, Rebecca A.*
07/22/1858120KRAUSE, George D.*18PAPA: Philadelphia Co. (d Jun 22, 1858 age 18y, 3m, 20d); pars remain; on the 7th was accidentally caught by a wheel in the factory, severely wounded causing death
07/22/1858120BILLMAN, Lucinda*17OHOH: Seneca Co.: Thompson Tp. (d Jun 2, 1858 age 17y, 28d). Minister: Wm. FAUS
08/05/1858128YOUNG, G. W. F. (Rev.)*33MDMD: Baltimore (d the 12th inst., aged 33y, 9m, 12d); minister 7+ yrs in W. PA Conf., last spring appointed to Baltimore; church membs & friends collected $90.00 for widow; widow, 2 sm chren remain; dysentery 6 days
08/05/1858128STEINER, Helen Otilia*16MIMI: Berian [sic] Co. (d Jul 13, 1858 age 16y, 10m, 16d); dau of Francis B. & Mary; memb Evan. Assn. since age 9; nervous disease for ca a yr
08/05/1858128FRITSCH, Catharine*83FRITSCH, ChristianNYNY: Livingstone [sic] Co.: Dansville area (d Jul 14, 1858); memb Evan. Assn. many yrs; weak in her mind several yrs, yet always something to say of Jesus; severe fall in her house was immediate cause of death
08/05/1858128FRITSCH, Christian-----, Catharine*
09/02/1858144NONNEMACHER, George*13OHOH: Fairfield Co. (d the 6th inst at res of David DINKLE); he the orphaned son of Jacob & Catharine NONNEMACHER who drowned in Walnut Creek several yrs ago; bros, sisters remain; inflammation of bowels
09/02/1858144DINKLE, David[not an obit, but mentioned in obit of George NONNEMACHER, Sep 2, 1858 p 144]
09/02/1858144CROASMAN, Lovina*35BRICKLEYCROASMAN, James (Rev.)OHOH: Trumbull Co.: Fowler (d Jul 10, 1858); dau of Rev. John & Margaretta; converted age 12 yrs; husb, 1 child remain
09/02/1858144BRICKLEY, Lovina*35CROASMAN, James (Rev.)OHOH: Trumbull Co.: Fowler (d Jul 10, 1858); dau of Rev. John & Margaretta; converted age 12 yrs; husb, 1 child remain
09/02/1858144CROASMAN, James (Rev.)BRICKLEY, Lovina*
09/02/1858144PETERS, Samuel (Rev.)*67PAPA: York Co.: Manchester Tp. (d Jul 8, 1858); many yrs served as local preacher; widow, 10 chren remain; gravel
09/02/1858144THOMAS, Sophia Catharine*26NUMSENTHOMAS, John F.MDMD: Baltimore (d the 15th ins. [sic] age 26y, 15d); dau of William & Mary; converted age 10; husb, 3 chren, pars, 5 bros remain; typhoid fever 2 wks
09/02/1858144NUMSEN, Sophia Catharine*26THOMAS, John F.MDMD: Baltimore (d the 15th ins. [sic] age 26y, 15d); dau of William & Mary; converted age 10; husb, 3 chren, pars, 5 bros remain; typhoid fever 2 wks
09/02/1858144THOMAS, John F.NUMSEN, Sophia Catharine*
09/02/1858144KOCH, Jacob*66OHOH: Ross Co.: Adelphia (d Aug 7, 1858); entertained itinerant preachers in his home for 30 yrs
09/02/1858144RADER, -----*10----: d Jul 10, 1858; dau of David. The submitter did not state her given name nor location.
09/02/1858144LERCH, -----*13NYNY: Seneca Co. (d Jun 8, 1858); son of Abraham; typhoid fever. The submitter did not state his given name.
09/16/1858152BERNHART, Mary* [& child]22BERNHART, John, Jr.OHOH: Summit Co.: Greensburg (d Aug 9, 1858); husb, 2 chren remain, but one of them (age 2mos) d 6 days after Mary
09/16/1858152BERNHART, John, Jr.-----, Mary* [& child]
09/16/1858152DETWEILER, Maria*58OHOH: Van Wert Co. (d Jun 5, 1858); worthy church memb for 16 yrs; stroke of palsy as was attending church
09/30/1858160NICHOLAS, Joseph*57OHNJ (b Mar 12, 1801)OH: Medina Co. (d Sep 6, 1858 age 57y, 5m, 24d); wife, 11 chren remain. Minister: J. STULL
09/30/1858160MARK, David*53PAPA: Venango Co.: Dempseytown area (d Jul 28th last, age 53y, 3m, 28d); an exemplary memb of Evan. Assn.; res prev Centre Co., PA; widow, 7 chren remain; d suddenly of cholic [sic]
09/30/1858160LEIST, Philip*63OHOH: Circleville (d Aug 28, 1858); consumption. Minister: J. ROSENBERGER
10/14/1858168LOHER, Henry*46----: Minister: WAGGONER, John; d Sep 17, 1858 age 46y, 8m, 19d; typhoid fever
10/14/1858168LOHER, -----*39----: Minister: WAGGONER, John; d Sep 24, 1858; wife of Henry who d Sep 17th; dysentery or bloody flux
10/14/1858168LOHER, -----*3----: Minister: WAGGONER, John; d Sep 25, 1858; dau of Henry who d Sep 17th & his wife who d Sep 24th; dysentery or bloody flux
10/14/1858168OBERHOLTZER, Jacob*57CWCW: Lincoln Co.: Clinton (d Sep 20, 1858 age 57y, 7m); converted 10 yrs ago; wife, 6 chren remain; dyspepsia
10/14/1858168KLINE, Lewis*25PAPA: Wayne Co.: Hope Dale (d); converted last winter
10/14/1858168LICHTY, Elizabeth*--OHOH: Stark Co. (d Sep 10, 1858); converted 1843, joined Evan. Assn., 1845; remembered for her earnest prayers; husb, 5 sons remain; abdominal inflammation 5 days
10/14/1858168YOUNG, Peter*68PAPA: Union Co. (d Aug 4, 1858 age 68y, 1m); memb Evan. Assn. 32 yrs; aged companion, a number of chren remain; consumption
10/14/1858168MEYER, Rebecca*47MEYER, George----: ROSENBERGER, J.; d Sep 11, 1858; consumption. ROSENBERGER of Circleville, OH, at this time
10/14/1858168MEYER, George-----, Rebecca*
10/28/1858176OHL, George*43OHOH: Mahoning Co. (d Aug 26, 1858 age 43y, 7m, 29d); converted ca 22 yrs ago, joined Evan. Assn.; feeble companion, 1 son remain; typhoid fever ca 3 wks [was late in being reported]
11/11/1858184HUNSBERGER, Alice K.*12OHOH: Summit Co.: Greensburg (date of death not stated); dau of J.; att Greensburg Seminary a number of terms; typhoid fever 10 days. Minister: J. KANAGY
11/25/1858192DUM, Sarah* [& son]31DUM, Wm.PAPA: Perry Co.: Centre Tp. (d Oct 7th last); memb Evan. Assn. ca 14 yrs; husb, 6 chren remain; a 7-yr-old son died 3 wks after her; both of typhoid fever
11/25/1858192DUM, Wm.-----, Sarah*
11/25/1858192HENRY, Peter*74VAVA: Morgan Co. (d Sep 2 last); memb Evan. Assn. 41 yrs; wife, 8 chren remain. Minister: D. S. POLING
12/09/1858200HOSTETTER, Daniel*18OHOH: Wayne Co.: Bristol (d Nov 13, 1858 age 18y, 4d); an only child of Jacob & Mary; consumption ca 18 mos. Minister: J. STULL
12/09/1858200MOSKOLTER, John*23IL?IL?: Dixon area (d Nov 21, 1858); son of Jacob; pars, 5 bros & sisters remain; typhoid fever [NOTE: the question marks re the state are in the obit]
12/09/1858200KEMMERLING, William*25ININ: Steuben Co. (d Oct 19th age 25y, 7d); son of Peter & Elizabeth; wife, 1 child [and perhaps pars] remain; typhoid fever 10 days
12/09/1858200EATON, Bird G., Sr.*--PAPA: Blair Co.: Hollidaysburg (d Nov 25th); res prev many yrs at Mount Joy, Lancaster Co., PA; had many amiable qualities, highly respected
12/23/1858207FLEISHMAN, Conrad*70INGERMANY (res prev)IN: Clay Co. (res); d (Sep 12th last); ca 16 yrs ago to AMER, a widower w/ 3 grown chren; joined Evan. Assn. 3 yrs later; had visited a son in Decatur, IL; congestive fever
12/23/1858207REAM, Sarah*--REAM, ConradOHOH: Summit Co.: Greensburg vicinity (d the 27th ult.); consumption. Minister: J. KANAGY
12/23/1858207REAM, Conrad-----, Sarah*

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