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AgeMaiden NameSpouse or DecedentLocaleLocation
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Last Known Residence/Notes
07/09/1856112TRUBY, Joseph (Rev.)*36PAPA: Armstrong Co. (b 1819)PA: Venango Co. (d Apr 25, 1856 age 36y, 8m, 26d); converted Brush Valley, Indiana Co., PA; memb W. PA Conf., + OH & PA Confs.; had arrived ill at res of mother-in-law, Mrs. KING, the prev day by steamboat; wife, 2 little sons remain [very lengthy]
07/23/1856120THURSBY, Mary*30REIFSNYDERTHURSBY, -----OHOH: Summit Co.: Greensburg area (d Jun 13, 1856 age 30y, 8m, 17d); dau of Daniel; converted in her youth; husb, 5 chren, pars remain
07/23/1856120REIFSNYDER, Mary*30THURSBY, -----OHOH: Summit Co.: Greensburg area (d Jun 13, 1856 age 30y, 8m, 17d); dau of Daniel; converted in her youth; husb, 5 chren, pars remain
07/23/1856120THURSBY, -----REIFSNYDER, Mary*
07/23/1856120HORTING, Christian*77PAPA: Berks Co. (d Jul 4th age 77y, 10m, 28d); embraced religion in early life; dropsy
07/23/1856120SEITZ, John (Rev.)*78PAPA: York Co.: Springfield Tp. (d Jul 4, 1856 age 78y, 3m, 12d); active memb Evan. Assn. ca 40 yrs; served "a long time" in capacity as local preacher; widow, 11 chren, 56 grchren, 6 gt-grchren remain
08/06/1856128SHISSLER, Harriet*32SHISSLER, SamuelININ: Wayne Co.: East Germantown (d Jul 9, 1856 age 32y, 20d); converted ca 4 yrs ago; husb, 4 chren, pars, number of bros remain; canker morus [sic] ca 3 wks
08/06/1856128SHISSLER, Samuel-----, Harriet*
08/06/1856128GOODHEART, Matilda*44+GOODHEART, HenryOHOH: Wayne Co.: Bristol area (d Jun 22, 1856); delicate health a number of yrs; husb, several chren remain. Minister: P. W. HAHN [not stated, but Bristol is in Wayne Co., OH, per Hahn's assignment at this time]
08/06/1856128GOODHEART, Henry-----, Matilda*
08/06/1856128STATLER, Anne Catharine*29STATLER, Wm. J. (Rev.)VAPA: Westmoreland Co. (b)VA: Shenandoah Co. (d Mar 14, 1856 age 29y, 26d); w/ husb to Preston Co., VA, ca 3 yrs ago, joined M. E. Ch.; he then sent to Shenandoah Circuit; husb, 4 or 5 chren remain
08/06/1856128STATLER, Wm. J. (Rev.)-----, Anne Catharine*
08/06/1856128LIGHT, David*41OHOH: Richland Co. (d May 27, 1856 age 41y, 6m); son of Felix; converted ca 3 yrs ago, joined Evan. Assn.; widow, 9 chren remain; virulent stomach ulcer. Minister: H. T. STRAUCH
08/20/1856136WATERMAN, Isaac*------: Minister: BECK, Sam'l; d the 18th inst. of a long & painful disease--cancer in the face
09/03/1856144GEBERT, Anna*46OHOH: Fairfield Co.: Liberty Tp. (d [no date] age 46y, 9m, 13d); follower of God ca 20 yrs; husb, 2 chren remain; consumption
09/03/1856144LIGHT, Anna*74LIGHT, JohnOHPA: Dauphin Co. (res prev)OH: Richland Co. (d Aug 11th age 74y, 5m); converted ca 30 yrs ago; not a member of any particular branch of the church, but welcomed Evan. Assn. ministers & let her house for preaching; husb, a number of chren remain; consumption. Minister: C. IDLEMAN
09/03/1856144LIGHT, John-----, Anna*
09/03/1856144RISMAN, David*37PAPA: Clinton Co. (d Mar 2d last, age 37y, 10m, 23d); embraced religion shortly before his departure
09/17/1856152WALTER, Michael (Rev.)*62OHOH: Sandusky Co. (d Aug 29th last, age 62y, 6m, 27d); converted ca age 19, was traveling minister 7 yrs until ill health set in; d the last day of a camp-meeting held in sight of his house; had funeral there; widow, 4 chren remain
10/01/1856160BOAS, Sarah*31BOWMANBOAS, JeremiahPAPA: Lebanon (d Sep 8th age 31y, 11m, 26d); dau of Henry; converted age 4 at an 1828 revival in Lebanon; husb, 4 chren remain, the youngest being age 3 wks [earlier in obit it states she was the mother of 5 chren]
10/01/1856160BOWMAN, Sarah*31BOAS, JeremiahPAPA: Lebanon (d Sep 8th age 31y, 11m, 26d); dau of Henry; converted age 4 at an 1828 revival in Lebanon; husb, 4 chren remain, the youngest being age 3 wks [earlier in obit it states she was the mother of 5 chren]
10/01/1856160BOAS, JeremiahBOWMAN, Sarah*
10/01/1856160STRICKLER, Henry (Rev.)*28ININ: Marion Co. (d Sep 6th age 28y, 6m, 3d); converted age 11y, 7m & joined Evan. Assn. served last 8 yrs as preacher, the latter 4 yrs as an itinerant; widow, 2 chren remain; cramp-colic
10/15/1856168BARDNER, Leah*39OHOH: Wood Co. (d Aug 27th age 39y, 8m, 26d); husb, 8 chren remain; died of a diseased stomach
10/15/1856168DINGES, Wayne*10OHOH: Seneca Co.: Flat Rock (d the 16th ult., age 10y, 4m, 4d); son of Jacob & Caroline; consumption
10/15/1856168JOHNSON, Susannah*19PAPA: Westmoreland Co.: Ligonier Tp. (d Sep 25th age 19y, 9m, 25d); converted 3 wks earlier at a campmeeting held by United Brethren; a few days later developed dysentery & suffered 2 wks
10/29/1856176BOWMAN, Elizabeth*52BOWMAN, DavidINPA: Lancaster Co. (b)IN: East Germantown (d Oct 9, 1856 age 52y, 1m, 23d); converted ca 25 yrs ago; husb #1 d, leaving her w/ 6 young chren; as widow, to this place ca 18 yrs ago; md 2) after 13 yrs of widowhood; husb, 1 son, 5 daus remain; poorly + typhoid fever [lengthy]
10/29/1856176BOWMAN, David-----, Elizabeth*
10/29/1856176DUSTMAN, Anna Christina*48DUSTMAN, JohnOHOH: Mahoning Co. (d Mar 10th age 48y, 4m, 11d); converted ca 14 yrs ago, joined Evan. Assn.; husb, 2 chren remain; consumption, bedridden 7 mos
10/29/1856176DUSTMAN, John-----, Anna Christina*
10/29/1856176RUSH, Jacob*58CWCW: York Co.: tp. of Vaughn (d Sep 14, 1856 age 58y, 2m, 8d); wife, 6 chren remain
10/29/1856176NIEBEL, Salome*35NIEBEL, Abr. (Rev.)PAPA: Erie Co. (d Sep 24th last, age 35y, 9m, 29d); husb, 2 chren, mother remain; sickly for yrs, then consumption
10/29/1856176NIEBEL, Abr. (Rev.)-----, Salome*
10/29/1856176HARPER, Adam*33PAPA: Dauphin Co. (d Sep 17th last age 33y, 1m, 7d); converted 8 yrs ago, joined Evan. Assn. 3 yrs ago; widow, 1 child remain; bronchitis
11/12/1856184McCAULEY, Maria*14PAPA: Lebanon (d Sept 25th age 14y, 2m, 4d); dau of Solomon & Catharine; converted ca 2 yrs ago; scarlet fever 8 days
11/26/1856192WEINBERG, Susannah*62MIMI: St. Joseph Co.: Three Rivers area (d Oct 2d last); 7 chren remain
11/26/1856192GEISER, Sarah*17IAPA: Allentown (b)IA: Black Hawk Co.: Barclay (d Nov 5, 1856 age 17y, 1m, 6d); dau of Adam & Nancy; pars, 3 sis remain; violent disease [not named] 5 days
11/26/1856192BUZZARD, Samuel*35PAPA: Northampton Co.: Lower Mt. Bethel Tp. (d Nov 5th age 35y, 6m, 5d); converted ca 11 yrs ago, 9 yrs an exhorter in the church; "he led a single life"; exhorted his pars & brethren to meet him in heaven; ill 5 days. Submitted by Joseph BUZZARD
12/10/1856200DECKER, George*62PAPA: York Co. (res); d May 14, 1856 age 62y, 8m, 20d; converted ca 15 yrs ago, became prominent & exemplary memb Evan. Assn.; wife, 10 chren remain
12/10/1856200SEITZ, Eve*71SEITZ, Jno. (Rev.)PAPA: York Co.: Springfield Tp. (d Oct 3, 1856 age 71y, 6m, 15d); converted ca 43 yrs ago; 11 chren, 56 grchren, 6 gt-grchren remain; a "lingering affliction"
12/10/1856200SEITZ, Jno. (Rev.)-----, Eve*
12/10/1856200MILLER, Susannah*70MILLER, ChristianOHOH: Richland Co. (d Nov 12th age 70y, 1m); converted ca 36 yrs ago, joined Evan. Assn.; husb, 1 son remain; consumption ca 9 mos
12/10/1856200MILLER, Christian-----, Susannah*
12/24/1856206HIGH, Nancy*32PAPA: Union Co.: White Deer Tp. (d Dec 1st age 32y, 3m, 17d); converted age 13; an old mother, 1 bro, 2 sis remain; consumption ca 2 yrs

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