DatePageDecedent or
AgeMaiden NameSpouse or DecedentLocaleLocation
Place of Death or
Last Known Residence/Notes
01/05/18716BARBER, Mary*65BARBER, James (Rev.)PAPA: Union Co.: New Berlin (d Dec 19, 1870 age 65y, 8m, 3d); md 1823; 7 chren remain; 3 chren dead; husb d 1867; typhoid pneumonia
01/05/18716BARBER, James (Rev.)-----, Mary*
01/05/18716KRAMER, Susannah*64KRAMER, ErasmusILIL: Stephenson Co. (d Dec 6, 1870 age 64y, 5m, 15d); converted Northampton Co., PA, 11 yrs ago; typhoid fever
01/05/18716KRAMER, Erasmus-----, Susannah*
01/05/18716KLINE, Annetta C.*27PAPA: Centre Co.: Zion area (d Dec 12, 1870 age 27y, 1m, 21d); converted at camp meeting last Sept.; husb, a number of sm chren remain
01/05/18716SCHOLLENBERGER, Hannah V. R.*29PAPA: Reading (d Nov 16, 1870)
01/05/18716KOCH, Caroline*6PAPA: Schuylkill Co.: Losberry [sic] (d Dec 5, 1870 age 6y, 4m, 8d); dau of Henry & Caroline
01/05/18716REAMES, Martha Aramintha*1IAIA: Storey [sic] Co.: Cambridge (d [no date] age 1y, 9m, 13d); dau of Elijah & Julia
01/05/18716MILLER, Harvey Leffler*1PAPA: Philadelphia (d Dec 21, 1870 age 1y, 3m, 4d); son of Christian & Catharine
01/12/187114CLICK, Esther*28CLICK, DavidOHOH: Marion Co. (d Dec 24, 1870 age 28y, 8m, 23d); husb, 2 sm chren remain; consumption
01/12/187114CLICK, David-----, Esther*
01/12/187114ARNOLD, George*82NYFRANCE: Alsace (b 1787)NY: Oneida Co.: Verona (d Dec 30, 1870 at res of son Martin); to AMER 1831 to Verona; md 55 yrs; 2 sons, 2 daus remain; wife dead; hearing impaired 12 yrs, effects of old age affected his reason
01/12/187114BROWN, Nancy*80BROWN, WilliamPAIRELAND: Donegal (b)PA: Clarion Co. (d Nov 9, 1870); md age 19; res IRELAND 21 yrs [from birth or from time of mge?]; to AMER to Clarion Co. for ca 10 yrs; then to Lake Co., OH, for 11 mos; ret to Clarion Co. until death; husb, large circle of friends remain
01/12/187114BROWN, William-----, Nancy*
01/12/187114BARROW, Rosanna*27BARROW, GeorgePAPA: Somerset Co. (d Dec 1, 1870 age 27y, 2m, 18d); funeral in Samuel's Church
01/12/187114BARROW, George-----, Rosanna*
01/12/187114PEIFER, Michael*73PAPA: Northumberland Co.: Herndon area (d Dec 23, 1870 age 73y, 2m, 7d); wife, 8 chren remain
01/12/187114DUNDORE, William*37ILIL: Chicago (d Jan 3, 1871 age 37y, 7m, 20d); widow, 7 chren remain; throat consumption
01/12/187114COLLINS, Herman Goodridge*5ILIL: Carroll Co.: Shannon (d Dec 25, 1870 age 5y, 1d); son of Charles & Cornelia
01/12/187114CRUM, Mary Elizabeth*4PAPA: Dauphin Co.: Lower Paxton Tp. (d Dec 31, 1870 age 4y, 7m, 25d); dau of Samuel & Susan; diphtheria
01/12/187114CHAMBERLIN, Willie C.*2IAIA: Benton Co.: Blairstown (d Dec 28, 1870 age 2y, 4m, 6d); typhoid fever
01/12/187114RORABACH, James W.*7PAPA: Lewisburg area (d Dec 13, 1870 age 7y, 10m, 21d); son of Samuel & Leah. Minister: I. M. PINES
01/12/187114NAGLE, Hannah C.*4PAPA: Lewisburg area (d Dec 12, 1870 age 4y, 9m); dau of Andrew K. & Rosetta
01/12/187114DUNKLE, Leah M.*3PAPA: Union Co.: Buffalo Valley (d Dec 30, 1879 age 3y, 2m, 16d); dau of Rev. John C.
01/12/187114FUSON, E. F.*3mosOHOH: Logan Co.: Mount Tabor area (d Dec 27, 1870 age 3m, 11d)
01/19/187122WARD, James*61OHENGLAND: Essex (b)OH: Cleveland (d Dec 16, 1870); to AMER 1851; widow, chren remain
01/19/187122MILLER, George*33IAIA: Johnson Co.: Windham area (d Jan 7, 1871 age 33y, 10m, 27d); wife, 3 chren, pars, siblings remain; on way to Windham felt ill, stopped team, walked home, d next day
01/19/187122LANGENSTEIN, John*61PAPA: Philadelphia (d Dec 30, 1870 age 61y, 11m); among first membs of Emanuel Evan. Assn., Philadelphia; 8 chren remain; asthma / palsy
01/19/187122PFAAD, Margaret*60PFAAD, PeterILALSACE [LOWER]: Gliembach (b 1810)IL: Ford Co.: Beesetts Grove (d Jan 4, 1871 age 60y, 8d); to AMER 1828 to NY state; md 23 yrs to husb #2; husb #2 & 3 chren remain; husb #1 & 3 chren dead [md twice, husbs not named here]
01/19/187122PFAAD, Peter-----, Margaret*
01/19/187122NEITZ, Mary*77NEITZ, PhilipOHOH: Summit Co. (d Jan 4, 1871 age 77y, 9m, 26d); converted ca 40 yrs ago; 8 chren, 58 grchren, 45 gt-grchren remain; husb dead
01/19/187122NEITZ, Philip-----, Mary*
01/19/187122WITT, Catherine*82OHOH: Circleville (d [no date] at home of dau); 6 daus, 3 sons remain; husb was preacher for 22 yrs; he dead 29 yrs; she memb Evan. Assn. 55 yrs. Minister: Wm. WHITTINGTON [addns/corrs Feb 16, p 51]
01/19/187122FALK, Simon*34----: Greenville circuit, Pittsburg Conf. (d Jan 4, 1871 age 34y, 9d); [NOTE: Pittsburg Conf. inc. portions of eastern OH]; wife, many relatives remain; bur Jerusalem Cem. Minister: J. J. BERNHART
01/19/187122RITTER, John*44MDMD: Balto [sic] Co.: Whiteground (d Dec 20, 1870); fell from load of hay a few mi west of Baltimore, hit mostly forehead, broke skull, died a few days later
01/19/187122BULLOCK, William*64MDMD: Balt. Co. (d Jan 5, 1871 age 64y, 27d); a first-class drunkard, said no need for salvation: "' … can't live long anymore, and there is enough here to keep the old woman as long as she lives, so I a'int agoing to bother the Lord any more….'" Recanted.
01/19/187122CRUM, David L.*9PAPA: Dauphin Co.: Lower Paxton (d Jan 8, 1871 age 9y, 16d); son of Samuel & Sarah; asked a few questions about his little sis who was bur a week before, d shortly after; diphtheria
01/19/187122STRASER, John*20----: Clinton Co.: Eureka Tp. (d Dec 15, 1870 age 20y, 7m, 15d); son of G.; pars, brothers, sisters remain; bilious colic 4 days
01/26/187130BRENEISER, Magdalena*--BRENEISER, Isaac (Dr.)PAPA: Lancaster Co.: Adamstown (d Dec 25, 1870); memb Evan. Assn. 28 yrs; husb, 2 chren remain; dropsy for yrs
01/26/187130BRENEISER, Isaac (Dr.)-----, Magdalena
01/26/187130MICHAEL, Christine*14ININ: Cass Co.: Royal Center area (d Nov 5, 1870 age 14y, 9m, 22d); dau of Chas. & Mary M.; pars, bro [singular], 2 sis remain; exhorted bros [plural] & sisters to repent, they also sick; typhoid fever 7 wks
01/26/187130GUGEL, Anna Mary*45HESSICKGUGEL, JacobININ: Cass Co. (d Nov 17, 1870 age 45y, 10m, 18d); dau of Andrew & Mary C.; husb, 6 chren remain; 4 chren dead
01/26/187130HESSICK, Anna Mary*45GUGEL, JacobININ: Cass Co. (d Nov 17, 1870 age 45y, 10m, 18d); dau of Andrew & Mary C.; husb, 6 chren remain; 4 chren dead
01/26/187130GUGEL, JacobHESSICK, Anna Mary*
01/26/187130TOMBLER, Agnes Jane*11PAPA: Northampton Co.: Berlinsville (d Jan 12, 1871 age 11y, 5m, 6d); dau of John H. & Mary; she an only child
01/26/187130LERCH, Magdalene*23THOMASLERCH, SamuelPAPA: Jefferson Co.: Pleasantville area (d Jan 5, 1871 age 23y, 7m, 16d); dau of Benjamin & Lydia; husb, 3 chren remain; consumption
01/26/187130THOMAS, Magdalene*23LERCH, SamuelPAPA: Jefferson Co.: Pleasantville area (d Jan 5, 1871 age 23y, 7m, 16d); dau of Benjamin & Lydia; husb, 3 chren remain; consumption
01/26/187130LERCH, SamuelTHOMAS, Magdalene*
01/26/187130METESGER, Barbara*61METESGER, JacobPAPA: Lycoming Co. (d Dec 9, 1870 age 61y, 3d); church memb 35 yrs; husb, 6 sons, 4 daus remain; 2 sons killed in the Union Army; inflammation of lungs for 5 days
01/26/187130METESGER, Jacob-----, Barbara*
01/26/187130HOFFMAN, Catharine C.*19IAIA: Linn Co.: Long Grove (d Jan 6, 1871 age 19y, 3m, 16d); pars, siblings remain; typhoid fever
01/26/187130WOLF, Eliza*58WOLF, GeorgePAPA: York Co.: Wrightsville area (d Jan 10, 1871 age 58y, 7m, 28d); husb, 13 chren remain
01/26/187130WOLF, George-----, Eliza*
01/26/187130ROHRABACH, Calvin*10PAPA: Lewisburg area (d Jan 7, 1871 age 10y, 7m, 9d); son of Samuel & Leah; the 3d in this family to die within ca 6 wks time
01/26/187130LEABHART, Elizabeth*89LEABHART, HenryPAPA: York Co.: Prospect (d Dec 31, 1870 age 89y, 11m, 6d); husb dead
01/26/187130LEABHART, Henry-----, Elizabeth*
01/26/187130KELCHNER, Calvin*3PAPA: Berks Co.: Fleetwood area (d Jan 4, 1871 age 3y, 5m, 14d); son of Joel & Catharine; inflammation of bowels
01/26/187130SHOERER, James*4PAPA: Berks Co.: Freedensburg area (d Jan 9, 1871 age 4y, 7m, 22d); son of George & Mary Ann; scrofula
01/26/187130GABLE, Willis Wesley*6mosOHOH: Marion Co. (d Jan 11, 1871 age 6m, 14d); congestion of brain
02/02/187138WOLF, Andrew*86DREISBACH, Anna E. [sis of Rev. John]PAPA: Union Co.: Buffaloe [sic] Tp. (d Jan 21, 1871); md 1809; wife, 4 sons, 4 daus remain; 2 sons, 3 daus dead
02/02/187138DREISBACH, Anna E.WOLF, Andrew*[sis of Rev. John]
02/02/187138WOLF, Anna E.WOLF, Andrew*
02/02/187138OBERHOLSER, Jacob*68PAPA: Lancaster Co.: Fairville area (d Jan 11, 1871 age 68y, 7m, 7d); converted Nov 20, 1836; 4 chren remain; though not brilliant in talent, he was nevertheless an earnest work in every good cause
02/02/187138LUTZ, Abraham*80PAPA: Philadelphia: Germantown (d Jan 17, 1871); converted when res Montgomery Co., PA; bur beside wife Jan 20 in cem. at Zion Evan. Ch., Rittenhouse St.
02/02/187139DUNN, Margaret*43DUNN, Isaac S.PAPA: Juniata Co.: McAlisterville area (d Oct 29, 1870 age 43y, 6m); husb, 10 chren remain; cancer on the head
02/02/187139DUNN, Isaac S.-----, Margaret*
02/02/187139YOUNT, Hannah*56WINTERSYOUNT, SilasILIL: Stephenson Co.: Spring Creek (d Jan 14, 1871 age 56y, 4m, 6d); converted Mar 1843; w/ husb from PA to IL 1848
02/02/187139WINTERS, Hannah*56YOUNT, SilasILIL: Stephenson Co.: Spring Creek (d Jan 14, 1871 age 56y, 4m, 6d); converted Mar 1843; w/ husb from PA to IL 1848
02/02/187139YOUNT, SilasWINTERS, Hannah*
02/02/187139McGUIRE, Anna*56PAPA: Lebanon Co.: Steelstown class, Annville circuit (d Jan 13, 1871 age 56y, 4m, 2d); memb prev M. E. Church, now the Evan. Assn.
02/02/187139KEMERLY, Samantha*37KEMERLY, JoshuaOHOH: Carey area (d Jan 15, 1871 age 37y, 9m, 12d); husb, 5 chren remain; consumption
02/02/187139KEMERLY, Joshua-----, Samantha*
02/02/187139BOLICH, Michael*73PAPA: Schuylkill Co.: Berry Tp. (d Jan 17, 1871 age 73y, 11m, 22d); widow, 9 chren remain; 4 chren dead; liver-complaint
02/02/187139GRAMLY, -----* [male]85PAPA: Center Co.: Rebersburg area (d Jan 12, 1871 age 85y, 12d); converted ca 38 yrs ago at a time when few in Brush Valley were praying, & they being viewed as deluded
02/02/187139BOWERSOCK, Jacob*79OHOH: Richland Co. (d Jan 13, 1871 age 79y, 11m, 12d); converted age 17; widow, friends remain; lung fever a few days
02/02/187139BROWN, Leah*51BROWN, HenryPAPA: Cumberland Co.: Cleversburg (d Dec 15, 1870 age 51y, 9m, 27d); husb, 2 daus remain
02/02/187139BROWN, Henry-----, Leah*
02/02/187139WINTERMANTLE, Caroline*36IAIA: Madison Co. (d Jan 19, 1871 age 36y, 4m, 10d); converted age 12; husb, 7 chren, mother, 2 bros remain
02/02/187139DINGIS, John*ca74PAPA: Millheim area (d Dec 27, 1870); his house was a home for the preachers
02/02/187139GEISSINGER, Philip*45PAPA: Tamaqua (d Jan 20, 1871 age 45y, 8m, 13d); wife, 4 chren, aged mother, siblings remain; dropsy
02/02/187139LITTLE, Minerva R.*11 mo----: Minister: WELLER, J. Q. A.; d Jan 18, 1871 age 11m, 20d
02/02/187139BURGET, Jacob Theodore*11PAPA: Cumberland Co.: Alexander Springs (d Dec 12, 1870 age 11y, 6m); son of Martin & Rosana; scarlet fever
02/02/187139BURGET, David McClellan*6PAPA: Cumberland Co.: Alexander Springs (d Dec 14, 1870 age 6y, 8m, 4d); son of Martin & Rosana; scarlet fever
02/02/187139BURGET, Isaac Henry*16PAPA: Cumberland Co.: Alexander Springs (d Dec 22, 1870 age 16y, 9m, 26d); son of Martin & Rosana; scarlet fever
02/02/187139GROSS, Edward Franklin*5mosIAIA: Benton Co.: Shellsburg [12 mi south] (d Jan 10, 1871 age 5m, 25d); son of Harmon & Elizabeth
02/09/187143HAND, Elizabeth*68HAND, JacobPAPA: Dauphin Co.: Williamstown area (d Nov 17, 1870 age 68y, 2m); husb, chren remain; typhoid fever 5+ wks
02/09/187143HAND, Jacob-----, Elizabeth*
02/09/187143PRESTER, V.* [male]58IAIA: Wayne Co.: Walnut Tp. (d Jan 29, 1871 age 58y, 4m); went 12 mi to town of Corydon to ask minister to go to his neighborhood, been 15 yrs since had meetings in their mother tongue
02/09/187143TITTLE, Lorenzo*25PAPA: Monroe Co.: res nr Hamilton Co. (d Jan 22, 1871 age 25y, 10m, 27d); son of Henry & Ellen; mentions his bro Henry
02/09/187143MILLER, Nancy*24MILLER, GeorgeOHOH: Fairfield Co.: Lancaster area (d Jan 14, 1871 age 24y, 4m, 10d); husb, 2 chren remain; 1 child dead; consumption
02/09/187143MILLER, George-----, Nancy*
02/09/187143OSMAN, -----* [female]69PAPA: Dauphin Co.: Leyken's [sic] Valley (d Jan 22, 1871 age 69y, 10m, 5d); husb, chren remain
02/09/187143GREENEWALT, Mary*ca18----: Minister: STOKE, H. A.; d Dec 24, 1870); consumption
02/09/187143WALBARN, -----* [male]71PAPA: Schuylkill Co.: Mahanoy City area (d Jan 24, 1871 age 71y, 9m, 19d); bur Coleman's Ch., Lykens Valley, Dauphin Co., PA
02/09/187143MYERS, John*75----: Minister: WHITMORE, Samuel; d Jan 26, 1871 age 75y, 3m, 19d); wife #2 & 5 chren remain; wife #1 & 10 chren dead; memb Evan. Assn. 30 yrs; memb United Brethren Ch. last 10 yrs [md twice, wives not named here]
02/09/187143AURAND, Mary Catherine*36HIMEBACHAURAND, S. S.ININ: Elkhart (d Jan 23, 1871 age 36y, 8m, 12d); embraced religion in PA; 7 chren remain; typhoid fever; husb d 7 wks earlier from same disease
02/09/187143HIMEBACH, Mary Catherine*36AURAND, S. S.ININ: Elkhart (d Jan 23, 1871 age 36y, 8m, 12d); embraced religion in PA; 7 chren remain; typhoid fever; husb d 7 wks earlier from same disease
02/09/187143AURAND, S. S.HIMEBACH, Mary Catherine*
02/09/187143FAHNESTOCK, Christianna*61PAPA: Cumberland Co.: Mifflin Tp. (d Jan 22, 1871 age 61y, 8m, 22d); consumption / dropsy [NOTE: the "22d ult." may refer to Dec 1870 or Jan 1871, depending on when obit was written / submitted]
02/09/187143ALTEMOS, Edward F.*22PAPA: Monroe Co.: Roos [sic] Tp.: "near the Windgap" (d Jan 21, 1871 age 22y, 3m, 19d); son of Charles & Sarah A.; cold in lungs developed into pneumonia
02/09/187143BADDORF, Robert Milton*5PAPA: Wiconisco (d Nov 17, 1870 age 5y, 9m, 17d); son of Henry & Lucinda; pars remain; 3 chren in family now dead
02/09/187143ESCH, Francis*1PAPA: Indiana Co.: East Mahoning Tp. (d Jan 11, 1871 age 1y, 10m, 16d); son of Edward & Angeline; brain fever
02/09/187143PLOTTS, Alfred Oliver*5mosPAPA: Clarion Co. (d Jan 4, 1871 age 5m, 2d); son of Rev. P. W. & Margaret
02/09/187143GROFF, Mary C.*4PAPA: Lancaster Co.: Manheim (d Jan 72 [sic], 1871 age 4y, 6m, 20d); dau of William L. & Catherine; scarlet fever
02/09/187143SNYDER, Harry*3----: Minister: SWENGLE, J. G. M.; d Jan 16, 1871 age 3y, 5m, 24d); son of John & Mary; croup
02/16/187151BOBST, Jacob P.*21PAPA: Reading (d Jan 25, 1871 age 21y, 8m, 24d); son of Charles
02/16/187151CHRIST, Benjamin F.*20PAPA: Lancaster Co.: Millersville (d Feb 5, 1871 age 20y, 4m, 26d); father, mother, bro remain; heart-disease
02/16/187151ABERT, Angeline C.*35OHOH: Circleville area (d Jan 14, 1871 age 35y, 2m, 19d); memb M. E. Ch., though att Ebenezer Evan. Ch., Circleville; lung fever / heart-disease. "She only survived her parents a few weeks." Minister: Wm. WHITTINGTON
02/16/187151SNAVELY, Barbara*18PAPA: Lancaster Co.: Highville (d Feb 1, 1871 age 18y, 1m, 8d); pars, a bro, 2 sis remain; typhoid fever
02/16/187151HOY, Daniel*91OHPA: Buffalo Valley (b 1779)OH: Fairfield Co.: Lithopolis area (d Jan 24, 1871 age 91y, 6m, 18d at res of son Isaac); to this co. 1806, 4 chren remain; 5 chren dead; wife d ca 7 yrs ago; bro-in-law to Rev. John DRIESBACH [sic], fa-in-law to Bishop LONG, grfa to Rev. S. HOY
02/16/187151CATAERMAN, Netta Ann*2MIMI: Cass Co.: Marcellus (d Aug 23, 1870 age 2y, 9m); dau of Timothy & Susan [notice delay in reporting]
02/16/187151WALTER, Albert Ambrose*4mosPAPA: Union Co.: Buffalo Valley (d Feb 7, 1871 age 4m, 10d); son of Thomas & Mary A.
02/16/187151BRENEMAN, Frank W.*8mosININ: Wayne Co.: East Germantown (d Feb 8, 1871 age 8m, 21d); son of Henry & Sarah; lung fever
02/23/187159WYANT, Susannah*23WYANT, SamuelOHOH: Seneca Co.: Flat Rock (d Feb 9, 1871 age 23y, 9m, 23d); husb, 2 lovely chren, pars, siblings remain
02/23/187159WYANT, Samuel-----, Susannah*
02/23/187159MARTIN, Adam (Mrs.)*52MIMI: Hillsdale Co.: Woodbridge (d Jan 15, 1871 age 52y, 9m, 26d); converted in PA ca 30 yrs ago; joined United Brethren & moved to OH, then MI; husb, 3 chren remain; 2 chren dead; consumption / heart-disease
02/23/187159MUNK, David*51INGERMANY: Wuertemburg (b Jun 9, 1819)IN: Kendallville area (d Jan 27, 1871 age 51y, 7m, 18d); to AMER 1854 to OH; to Noble Co. 1856; widow, 5 chren remain; killed by log falling on his head, after vehicle hit by railroad hand-car
02/23/187159DARON, Henry*24PAPA: York Co.: Wrightsville (d Feb 4, 1871 ge 24y, 4m, 26d); wife, aged mother, siblings remain
02/23/187159FELLER, Isaiah*16OHOH: Napoleon area (d Nov 28, 1870 age 16y, 9m, 14d); son of Moses & harrietta; typhoid fever
02/23/187159FELLER, Margaret Jane*9OHOH: Napoleon area (d Dec 7, 1870 age 9y, 14d); dau of Moses & Harrietta; typhoid fever
02/23/187159BALDWIN, Elizabeth*58BALDWIN, IsaacPAPA: Somerset Co. (d Jan 25, 1871 age 58y, 15d); only complaining a few days, found dead in bed ca 3:00 A.M., Jan. 25th
02/23/187159BALDWIN, Isaac-----, Elizabeth*PA
02/23/187159KLEINKNECHT, Oscar*1ILIL: Ogle Co.: Brookville (d [no date] age 1y, 2m, 12d); son of Rev. J. G. & Mary; lung-fever
02/23/187159DONAUGH, Lucetta*1OHOH: Richland Co.: Belleville [sic] area (d Jan 22, 1871 age 1y, 4m, 3d); dau of Amos & Lovina
02/23/187159GUNDY, Lydia Emeline*4PAPA: Shoemakersville (d Feb 2, 1871 age 4y, 8m, 13d); dau of Benjamin F. & Isabella
02/23/187159SEAGER, Elmira*3PAPA: Shoemakersville (d Feb 5, 1871 age 3y, 4m, 10d); dau of John & Anna; scarlet fever
02/23/187159WISE, Leander*3----: Minister: RUBLE, A.; d Jan 8, 1871 age 3y, 11m, 26d); son of John & Lucy
02/23/187159KNIGHT, Perley R.*2----: Logansville (d [no date] age 2y, 3m, 11d). Minister: A. RUBLE
02/23/187159SHOTT, Easter Rosa*2----: Mount Tabor area (d [no date] age 2y, 11m, 22d)
02/23/187159MORR, Sarah Celia*2OHOH: Ashland area (d Jan 26, 1871 age 2y, 11m, 19d); dau of George & Mary; scarlet fever
02/23/187159MORR, Ellen*5OHOH: Ashland area (d Jan 31, 1871 age 5y, 8m, 29d); scarlet fever
02/23/187159WESTHOEFER, -----* [male]8OHOH: Ashland Co.: (d Jan 25, 1871 age 8y, 6m, 27d); son of Charles & Anna; scarlet fever
02/23/187159MYERS, -----* [male]3OHOH: Ashland Co. (d Feb 2, 1871 age 3y, 4m, 16d); son of William & Mary; scarlet fever
02/23/187159RICKEL, Celia Alice*1OHOH: Ashland Co. (d Feb 7, 1871 age 1y, 7m, 7d); dau of Mathias & Julian; scarlet fever
03/02/187167KERNS, Isabella R.*25FOXKERNS, JessePAPA: Center Co.: Bellefonte area (d Feb 10-11, 1871 age 25y, 8m, 29d); dau of William * Hannah; husb, 1 child, pars, 1 sis, 2 bros remain; consumption
03/02/187167FOX, Isabella R.*25KERNS, JessePAPA: Center Co.: Bellefonte area (d Feb 10-11, 1871 age 25y, 8m, 29d); dau of William & Hannah; husb, 1 child, pars, 1 sis, 2 bros remain; consumption
03/02/187167KERNS, JesseFOX, Isabella R.*
03/02/187167DELLINGER, Elizabeth*--STAEHLEYDELLINGER, G. (Rev.)ILIL: Forreston [sic] (d Feb 14, 1871); from PA to Foreston 4 yrs ago; converted 1831 under W. W. ORWIG; 23 yrs an itinerant's wife; husb, 3 chren remain; unwell for 2 yrs
03/02/187167STAEHLEY, Elizabeth*--DELLINGER, G. (Rev.)ILIL: Forreston [sic] (d Feb 14, 1871); from PA to Foreston 4 yrs ago; converted 1831 under W. W. ORWIG; 23 yrs an itinerant's wife; husb, 3 chren remain; unwell for 2 yrs
03/02/187167DELLINGER, G. (Rev.)STAEHLEY, Elizabeth*
03/02/187167MILLER, Robert*56MIMI: Cass Co. (d Jan 19, 1871 age 57 yrs lacking a few days); widow, 3 chren remain. " … in the decline of life he was permitted to enjoy the fruits of his labor."
03/02/187167LONG, Anna Maria*63PAPA: Aaronsburg (d Feb 3, 1871 age 63y, 4m, 5d)
03/02/187167POSER, Christian F.*52-----, Louisa (wife #1; w/ husb, 3 chren to AMER 1854; she d Sep 1860)PAPA: Williamsport (d Feb 11, 1871 age 52y, 6m, 3d); w/ wife & 3 chren to AMER 1854; wife #2 & 4 chren remain; cancer
03/02/187167POSER, Christian F.*52LONG, Sarah A. (Mrs.) (wife #2; md 1862)PAPA: Williamsport (d Feb 11, 1871 age 52y, 6m, 3d); w/ wife & 3 chren to AMER 1854; wife #2 & 4 chren remain; cancer
03/02/187167POSER, LouisaPOSER, Christian F.*
03/02/187167LONG, Sarah A. (Mrs.)POSER, Christian F.*
03/02/187167POSER, Sarah A.POSER, Christian F.*
03/02/187167BACHMAN, Jacob*54PAPA: Lehigh Co.: Whitehall Tp. (b)PA: Orwigsburg (d Feb 18, 1871 age 54y, 6m, 12d); 3 chren remain; wife, 1 child dead
03/02/187167MESSNER, Christianna*51MESSNER, GeorgeMDMD: Baltimore (d Feb 14, 1871 age 51y, 10m, 22d); to AMER ca 40 yrs ago; husb, 4 chren, aged mother remain; 4 chren dead
03/02/187167MESSNER, George-----, Christianna*
03/02/187167SHIMP, Jacob (Rev.)*76WVWV: Barkley [sic] Co. (d Aug 29, 1870 age 76y, 10m, 16d); wife, several chren remain. Minister: D. S. POLING [notice delay in reporting]
03/02/187167BENEDICT, Mary*97RAUBBENEDICT, PeterPAPA: Mercer Co.: Orangeville area (d Feb 12, 1871 aged 97y, 1m, 28d at home of nephew, Daniel RAUB where she res after 1854); w/ husb to OH 1802, he d 30 yrs ago; w/ this nephew to Mercer Co. 1854; cancer 20 yrs
03/02/187167RAUB, Mary*97BENEDICT, PeterPAPA: Mercer Co.: Orangeville area (d Feb 12, 1871 aged 97y, 1m, 28d at home of nephew, Daniel RAUB where she res after 1854); w/ husb to OH 1802, he d 30 yrs ago; w/ this nephew to Mercer Co. 1854; cancer 20 yrs
03/02/187167BENEDICT, PeterRAUB, Mary*
03/02/187167EMERY, William*78PAPA: Mercer Co. (d Feb 10, 1871 age 78y, 6m); a tender & watchful father; mind deranged at times in late yrs
03/02/187167VANDERSAL, Mary Jane*25VANDERSAL, IsaiahOHOH: Sandusky Co.: Winter Station area (d Jan 25, 1871 age 25y, 8d); husb, infant dau, pars, 1 sis remain; consumption
03/02/187167VANDERSAL, Isaiah-----, Mary Jane*
03/02/187167GARDNER, Mary Anna*22PAPA: Warren Co.: Glade (d Feb 12, 1871 age 22y, 2m); pars, brothers, 1 sis remain; consumption
03/02/187167ZABST, Alice Jane*12ININ: Fulton Co.: Fulton area (d Feb 10, 1871 age 12y, 9m, 20d); dau of George & Lucinda; apopletic [sic] spasms
03/02/187167TREXLER, Sarah Ameda*10ILIL: Naperville (d Feb 10, 1871); dau of Owen & Mary; diphtheria
03/02/187167KOCH, Jacob E.*1MOMO: Holden area (d Nov 18, 1870 age 1y, 10m); son of Daniel & Sarah
03/02/187167KOCH, Barbara E.*12MOMO: Holden area (d Dec 4, 1870 age 12y, 10m, 21d); dau of Daniel & Sarah; typhoid fever
03/02/187167MOHLER, Jacob R.*3PAPA: Carlisle (d Feb 9, 1871 age 3y, 7m, 18d); son of Samuel & Elizabeth
03/02/187167RISH, Isaac O.*1PAPA: Snyder Co.: Centerville area (d Feb 10, 1871 age 1y, 11m, 15d); son of Joseph & Elizabeth; scarlet fever
03/02/187167STETLER, John O.*7PAPA: Union Co.: Winfield area (d Feb 7, 1871 age 7y, 20d); son of Noah & Elizabeth
03/02/187167RISH, Anna L.*6PAPA: Snyder Co.: Centerville area (d Feb 7, 1871 age 6y, 1m, 5d); dau of Joseph & Elizabeth; scarlet fever
03/02/187167STETLER, Sarah E.*3PAPA: Union Co.: Winfield area (d Feb 9, 1871 age 3y, 7m, 22d); dau of Noah & Elizabeth; scarlet fever
03/02/187167STETLER, Adda J.*1PAPA: Union Co.: Winfield area (d Feb 11, 1871 age 1y, 6m, 20d); dau of Noah & Elizabeth; scarlet fever
03/02/187167MOYER, Carrie Augusta*6PAPA: Schuylkill Co.: Shanadoah [sic] City (d Feb 14, 1871 age 6 yrs less 4d); dau of Francis H. & Emma; bur nr Orwigsburg, where grpars are membs of Evan. Assn.; typhoid fever
03/02/187167HORNBERGER, Eddy*5PAPA: Berks Co.: Mohnsville area (d Jan 24, 1871 age 5y, 2m, 6d); son of Juriah; croup
03/02/187167WEINHOLD, Emma Elizabeth*5PAPA: Lancaster Co.: Reamstown (d Feb 8, 1871 age 5y, 7m, 14d); dau of David & Eliza; scarlet fever
03/02/187167CONFER, Anna M.*2----: Minister: DAVIS, A.; d [no date] age 2y, 10m, 18d; scarlet fever
03/02/187167OVERHOLT, Cora Belle*5PAPA: Germantown (d Feb 14, 1871 age 5y, 2m, 9d); dau of Rev. A. H. & Mary Jane; croup
03/02/187167BETTS, Jennie Lind*3OHOH: Seneca Co.: Bettsville (d Jan 17, 1871 age 3y, 3m, 12d); dau of David & Carolina
03/02/187167HARPER, Charles C.*6mosPAPA: Lebanon Co.: Myerstown (d Feb 5, 1871 age 6m, 20d); son of Benjamin & Christiania
03/02/187167KIME, Murtie*7mosPAPA: Clearfield Co.: Burnside area (d Feb 13, 1871 age 7m, 17d); dau of Bazil & Jane
03/02/187167EASTMAN, Levellen [sic] Wesley*3PAPA: Lehigh Co.: New Texas (d Feb 14, 1871 age 3y, 8d); son of Joseph & Sarah; croup
03/09/187175HARBSTER, Mary L.*28COUSERHARBSTER, DanielNEPA: Clinton Co.: Sugar Creek Valley (b)NE: Gage Co.: Blue Springs area (Feb 5, 1871 age 28y, 6m, 11d); husb, 2 dear chren remain; quick consumption
03/09/187175COUSER, Mary L.*28HARBSTER, DanielNEPANE: Gage Co.: Blue Springs area (Feb 5, 1871 age 28y, 6m, 11d); husb, 2 dear chren remain; quick consumption
03/09/187175HARBSTER, DanielCOUSER, Mary L.*
03/09/187175BARNHART, Samuel*61OHOH: Ross Co.: Chillicothe area (d Feb 7, 1871 age 61y, 11m, 7d); class-leader 44 yrs; consumption
03/09/187175MADISON, John*22IAIA: Adams Co.: Quincy area (d Feb 20, 1871); widow, 1 child, pars, siblings remain; consumption
03/09/187175WISSINGER, Albert Francis*3PAPA: Cambria Co.: Adamsburg (d Feb 2, 1871 age 3y, 3m, 15d). "He was the household pet."
03/09/187175LASH, Mary*1OHOH: Ashland area (d Feb 20, 1871 age 1y, 9m, 1d); dau of Samuel & Eliza; scarlet fever
03/09/187175SCHICK, Freddy M.*5mosILIL: Whiteside Co.: Sterling area (d Feb 12, 1871 age 5m, 12d); only ch of Matthias & Mary; lung fever
03/09/187175KIME, James Clyde*3PAPA: Clearfield Co.: Burnside (d Feb 20, 1871 age 3y, 3m, 16d); son of John & Ann C.
03/09/187175KERNS, Arthur Ellas*2mos----: Minister: TURNER, E. C.; d Feb 6, 1871 age 2m, 14d; son of Martin & Filena
03/16/187183STROHMAN, Christina*76OHOH: Marion Co.: Caledonia area (d Feb 16, 1871 age 76y, 10m, 16d); her house used as church in early yrs; husb, 7 chren remain, one being Evan. Assn. minister 20+ yrs; 2 chren dead
03/16/187183LUTZ, Samuel*53OHOH: Ashland Co.: Perrysville area (d Feb 25, 1871); classleader of little society at No. 3; widow, 4 chren remain; 6 chren dead; bur Bunker Hill Cem.
03/16/187183GEIL, Elizabeth*65GEIL, AbrahamOHOH: Fairfield Co. (d Mar 1, 1871 age 65y, 3m); left $400 to church; husb (confined to his room by consumption, unable to attend burial; husb remains, having no chren; dyspepsia; dr said stomach cancer
03/16/187183GEIL, Abraham-----, Elizabeth*
03/16/187183POWLEN, Margaretta*76INFRANCE: Alsace: Zebersdorf (b Jan 1, 1795)IN: Cass Co.: Royal Center area (d Feb 28, 1871); to AMER 1828 to PA, then OH, then IN where joined Evan. Assn.; prev memb M. E. Ch; 5 chren remain; husb, 2 chren dead; stomach inflammation
03/16/187183SNAVELY, Amos*31PAPA: Lancaster Co.: Highville (d Mar 3, 1871 age 31y, 2m, 22d); pars remain
03/16/187183STAHL, William A.*18PAPA: Union Co.: Winfield area (d Feb 24, 1871 age 18y, 9m, 19d); son of William & Mary; joined Baptist Ch. 2 yrs ago; scarlet fever
03/16/187183HELTMAN, John H.*30PAPA: Clinton Co.: Logansville area (d Feb 28, 1871 age 30y, 9m, 16d); wife, chren remain
03/16/187183KRAMER, Mary Margaret*86OHOH: Marion Co.: Richland Tp. (d Feb 17, 1871 age 86y, 23d); infirmity of old age
03/16/187183PAUL, Ulysses S.*4PAPA: Schuylkill Co.: Port Carbon (d Feb 15, 1871 age 4y, 1m, 8d); son of Daniel & Mary A.; scarlet fever
03/16/187183BROWN, Mary Catharine*4----: Winfield area (d Feb 22, 1871 age 4y, 9m, 28d); dau of Reuben & Minerva; scarlet fever
03/16/187183AMBROSE, Vernon D.*1OHOH: Wayne Co.: West Salem (d Jan 23, 1871 age 1y, 10m, 17d); son of David & Mary
03/16/187183KLEIN, Henry P.*3----: Minister: ALBRIGHT, A.; d Feb 20, 1871 age 3y, 3m, 1d; only son of John & Sarah
03/16/187183HARRIS, Emily Paulina*4ININ: Kendallville area (d Feb 4, 1871 age 4y, 1m, 22d); dau of Lewis & Lydia; dyptheria [sic]; the 2nd child they lost within a few mos
03/16/187183ZIMMERMAN, Carrie Ann*3PAPA: Clinton Co.: Logansville (d Mar 2, 1871 age 3y, 8m, 20d); scarlet fever
03/16/187183BADER, Philip Franklin*2OHOH: Marion Co.: Richmond Tp. (d Feb 28, 1871 age 2y, 4m, 6d); son of Daniel & Mary; lung fever
03/23/187191AUBLE, Chistophel (Rev.)*83OHOH: Medina Co. (d Mar 4, 1871 age 83y, 3m, 20d); from PA to OH 50+ yrs, res ca 15 yrs in Stark Co., then ca 35 in Medina Co.; licensed local preacher 40 yrs; wife, 8 chren remain; palsy
03/23/187191FREE, Catharine*72FREE, John (Dr.)OHPA: Chambersburg area (b Oct 1, 1798)OH: Wyandot Co.: McCutchenville area (d Mar 3, 1871 age 72y, 5m, 2d); from Mansfield to McCutchenville 1841; helpless invalid last 18 yrs; husb age 79, 8 chren remain; 2 chren dead
03/23/187191FREE, John (Dr.)-----, Catharine*
03/23/187191POLEY, Henry*74PAPA: Montgomery Co.: Limerick Station area (d Mar 3, 1871 age 74y, 5m, 26d); prev memb Lutheran Ch.; wife, 5 chren remain; consumption
03/23/187191SHROVE, Daniel*29ILIL: Stephenson Co.: Loran (d Mar 6, 1871 age 29y, 4m, 5d); wife, 5 chren remain; scrofula
03/23/187191BLACK, Lucy*34BLACK, JamesPAPA: Wayne circuit (d Feb 19, 1871 age 34y, 3m, 22d); husb, 2 chren, pars remain; complicated derangements
03/23/187191BLACK, James-----, Lucy*
03/23/187191FOOLMER, Sarah A.*24BENNAGEPAPA: Union Co.: White Deer Tp. (d Mar 5, 1871 at home of father, Daniel BENNAGE); 1 child remains; husb dead; consumption
03/23/187191BENNAGE, Sarah A.*24FOOLMER, -----PAPA: Union Co.: White Deer Tp. (d Mar 5, 1871 at home of father, Daniel BENNAGE); 1 child remains; husb dead; consumption
03/23/187191BURKERT, Sarah Louisa*23OYLERPAPA: Bedford Co. (d Feb 13, 1871 age 23y, 3m, 27d); dau of John OYLER; husb, 1 child, pars, a bro remain; one child 4-wks-old bur with her; 1 child dead
03/23/187191OYLER, Sarah Louisa* [& child age 4 wks]23BURKERT, -----
03/23/187191HUTCHISON, William Henry*12PAPA: Lancaster Co.: Adamstown (d Feb 24, 1871 age 12y, 5m, 11d); son of William; mother, 2 sis remain; breast fever
03/23/187191BLACK, Annie Emma*7PAPA: Wayne circuit near No. 20 (d Jan 31, 1871 age 7y, 4m, 12d); dau of Elias & Mary Jane, sis of Christina
03/23/187191BLACK, Christina*2PAPA: Wayne circuit near No. 20 (d Feb 24, 1871 age 2y, 7d); dau of Elias & Mary Jane; sis of Annie Emma; scarlet fever
03/23/187191BLACK, Harriett*3PAPA: Wayne circuit near No. 20 (d Feb 11, 1871 age 3y, 6m, 27d); dau of Emery & Matilda; scarlet fever
03/23/187191FERRIS, Mary Jane*2PAPA: Wayne circuit near No. 20 (d [no date] age 2y, 3m, 26d); dau of George & Laura; scarlet fever
03/23/187191HOEL, Emily Jane*5PAPA: Wayne circuit No. 20 (d Feb 27, 1871 age 5y, 10m, 20d); dau of Thomas & Maranda; scarlet fever
03/23/187191TRUSLER, Ida Isabella*3PAPA: Wayne circuit: Trusler Town (d Feb 18, 1871 age 3y, 10d); dau of Allen & Mary; scarlet fever
03/23/187191TRESSLER, Abraham Cloid*10 mo----: Minister STOKE, H. A.; d Mar 7, 1871 age 10m, 27d
03/23/187191BICKEL, Edwin Franklin*1----: Minister HIELSCHER, Julius; d Jan 28, 1871 age 1y, 9m
03/30/187199STICKEL, Elizabeth*68STICKEL, DavidPAPA: York Co.: Warrington (d Feb 24, 1871 age 68y, 4m, 13d); converted age 22, joined Evan. Assn., was member when she died
03/30/187199STICKEL, David-----, Elizabeth*
03/30/187199HAMMER, Mary S.*28DREHERHAMMER, WesleyPAPA: Schuylkill Co.: Mahanoy City (d Mar 5, 1871 age 28y, 9m, 23d); only remaining dau of F. B. & Catharine; husb, chren, pars remain; bur Orwigsburg, PA
03/30/187199DREHER, Mary S.*28HAMMER, WesleyPAPA: Schuylkill Co.: Mahanoy City (d Mar 5, 1871 age 28y, 9m, 23d); only remaining dau of F. B. & Catharine; husb, chren, pars remain; bur Orwigsburg, PA
03/30/187199HAMMER, WesleyDREHER, Mary S.*
03/30/187199ASH, Monroe*19OHOH: Wood Co.: Potter area (d Feb 3, age 19y, 3m, 5d); son of Jacob & Sarah; pars, siblings remain
03/30/187199FELLER, Harrietta*37FELLER, MosesOHOH: Napoleon area (d Jan 23, 1871 age 37y, 10m, 15d); husb, 6 chren remain
03/30/187199FELLER, Moses-----, Harrietta*
03/30/187199MIESSE, Theresa*42ININ: Nobleville area (d Mar 4, 1871); memb M. E. Ch. until 1865; memb Evan. Assn. since; husb remains
03/30/187199ADAMS, Catharine*39DUMADAMS, DavidPAPA: Perry Co.: Elliottsburg area (d Mar 13, 1871 age 39y, 7m, 16d); husb, 5 chren remain
03/30/187199DUM, Catharine*39ADAMS, DavidPAPA: Perry Co.: Elliottsburg area (d Mar 13, 1871 age 39y, 7m, 16d); husb, 5 chren remain
03/30/187199ADAMS, DavidDUM, Catharine*
03/30/187199LEAS, Mary*50LEAS, Isaac (Rev.)PAPA: Juniatta [sic] Co.: Thompsontown (d [no date] age 50y, 4m, 2d); came from Clearfield for medical treatment 6 wks earlier; husb, 6 chren remain
03/30/187199LEAS, Isaac (Rev.)-----, Mary*
03/30/187199CANN, John*63PAPA: Montgomery Co.: Lansdale (d Mar 8, 1871 ); class-leader many yrs; widow remains
03/30/187199ROSS, Bethana*--ROSS, Z. G.PAPA: Wyandot Co.: Shultsville (d Mar 7, 1871); husb, 4 chren remain; 2 chren dead [NOTE: there is no Wyandot Co. in PA; there is one in OH]
03/30/187199ROSS, Z. G.-----, Bethana*
03/30/187199RADEBACH, Lucy A.*25RADEBACH, J. A.OHOH: Hancock Co.: Benton (d Mar 10, 1871 age 25y, 2m, 19d); husb, infant child remain; pueperal [sic] fever
03/30/187199RADEBACH, J. A.-----, Lucy A.*
03/30/187199MADISON, -----* [female]52IAIA: Quincy area (d Mar 4, 1871); husb, chren remain; son d Feb 20; consumption [son Feb 20, 1871]
03/30/187199FORTUNE, Harrison*29IAIA: Marion Co.: Dallas Tp. (d Dec 22, 1870 age 29y, 2m, 26d); he 1st memb Evan. Assn. from Coshocton Co., OH, to Dallas, IA; wife, 3 sm chren remain; he killed by accidental discharge of gun [not clear if he or friend owned the gun]
03/30/187199KAUFMAN, Elizabeth*74KAUFMAN, CasparPAGERMANY: Kurhessen: Breitenbach (b)PA: Beaver Co.: Rochester (d Feb 19, 1871 age 74y, 5m, 4d); not long after emig to AMER, joined Evan. Assn. & been memb 39 yrs; husb, 11 chren remain
03/30/187199KAUFMAN, Caspar-----, Elizabeth*
03/30/187199KITTEL, Henry*25ILIL: Lake Co.: Deerfield area (d Feb 5, 1871 age 25y, 1m, 26d); pars, 1 bro, 4 sis remain; inflammation of brain ca 2 wks
03/30/187199RISHEL, Peter Ulysses*3PAPA: Columbia Co.: Evansville (d Mar 10, 1871 age 3y, 9m, 7d); son of P. H. & Abilena
04/06/1871107HOLLAND, William*59OHOH: Richland Co.: Belleville [sic] area (d Mar 21, 1871 age 59y, 2m, 28d); memb Evan. Assn. 30+ yrs; memb of Chestnut Chapel; widow, 8 chren remain; 3 chren dead; 3 chren dead; bur Belleville [sic] Cem.; stroke of palsy
04/06/1871107GRUNDER, Henry D. (Rev.)*75PAPA: Warren (d Mar 21, 1871 age 75y, 1m, 1d); 1st Evan. preacher that ever preached in this place; invited Bishop SEYBERT here, & thru his labor church was established; 4 chren remain
04/06/1871107KACHEL, Jacob*47PAPA: Adamstown (d Mar 2, 1871 age 47y, 3m, 20d); widow, 7 chren remain; typhoid fever
04/06/1871107LUTZ, Susan*36LUTZ, JacobNYNY: Seneca Co.: Fayette (d Feb 19, 1871); husb, 3 chren, aged father, 1 bro remain
04/06/1871107LUTZ, Jacob-----, Susan*
04/06/1871107MELL, Jacob Lawrence* [& sister]12PAPA: Cumberland Co.: Dickinson Tp. (d Mar 25, 1871 age 12y, 2m, 8d); son of Keller & Catharine; pars remain; sis d 6 mos ago; consumption
04/06/1871107KLEIN, Harry P.*3PAPA: Reading (d Feb 20, 1871 age 3y, 3w, 1d); only son of John & Sarah; encephaloid tumor of abdomen
04/06/1871107FERTIG, Sarah Catharine*7PAPA: Snyder Co.: Penn's Tp. (d Mar 10, 1871 age 7y, 2m, 27d); dau of John J. & Catharine; dropsy after scarlet fever
04/06/1871107KOCH, Joseph Clarence*11 moPAPA: Cumberland Co.: Mifflin Tp. (d Mar 16, 1871 age 11m, 3d); son of Samuel & Mary; consumption
04/06/1871107GONTER, Joseph Calvin*7mosOHOH: Tuscarawas Co.: Shainsville [sic] area (d Mar 10, 1871 age 7m, 20d); babe of Franklin & Susan; lung fever. Minister: Joseph FELGER
04/06/1871107EMMERT, Benjamin F.*1ILIL: Lee Co.: Eldena area (d Mar 23, 1871 age 1y, 1m, 4d); son of Michael & Rosanna; scarlet fever
04/06/1871107HUBLER, Samuel Arthur Lycurgus*3PAPA: Schuylkill Co.: Gordon area (d Mar 19, 1871 age 3y, 4m, 21d); son of John & Amelia Jane; scarlet fever
04/06/1871107HOFFMAN, Catharina Jane*6PAPA: Schuylkill Co.: Locust Dale (d Mar 20, 1871 age 6y, 2m, 10d); dau of David & Lusian; typhoid fever
04/06/1871107DEPPEN, Clarence*2mos----: Minister: SWARTZ, S.; d Mar 23, 1871 age 2m; only child of Wm. H. & A.; erysipelas
04/13/1871115MILLER, Peter*74OHOH: Summit Co.: Bath Tp. (d Mar 31, 1871 age 74y, 5m, 26d); age 6 w/ pars from MD to Jackson Tp., Stark Co., OH; to Bath 1838; wife, 3 chren remain; died from injury to his head ca 3 mos prev
04/13/1871115EVANS, Lewis*72MIMI: Berrien Co. (d Mar 18, 1871 age 72y, 12d); 6 chren remain, one being preacher in our Church. "His consort preceded him to the spirit world a few years since." Rush of blood to the heart
04/13/1871115MANSFIELD, John*73PAPA: Monroe Co.: Cherry Valley (d Mar 15, 1871 age 73y, 1m, 13d); class leader in St. Peter's Ch.; wife, 4 sons, 3 daus remain; dry mortification in feet, were hard as wood, feet dead the last 2 mos
04/13/1871115REICHARD, John*43PAPA: Armstrong Co. (d Mar 14, 1871 age 43y, 2m, 23d); wife, 2 daus, 1 son remain; nervous affection which settled on lungs
04/13/1871115PHILLIPPI, Martin S.*39ILIL: Carroll Co.: Fair Haven (d Mar 23, 1871 age 39y, 1m, 23d); memb prev United Brethren Soc.; widow, chren remain; died while taking a walk in the yard; a stroke 16 mos prev
04/13/1871115PARSONS, Mary E.*14PAPA: Lycoming Co.: McIntyre Tp. (d May 13, 1871 age 14y, 3m, 6d); ch of Jerome & Ann; quick consumption; 4 siblings remain
04/13/1871115PARSONS, Franklin E.*10PAPA: Lycoming Co.: McIntyre Tp. (d Mar 4, 1871 age 10y, 8m, 16d); ch of Jerome & Ann; typhoid fever; 7 siblings remain
04/13/1871115PARSONS, Martin J.*8PAPA: Lycoming Co.: McIntyre Tp. (d Mar 6, 1871 age 8y, 11m, 24d); ch of Jerome & Ann; typhoid fever; 6 siblings remain
04/13/1871115PARSONS, William L.*12PAPA: Lycoming Co.: McIntyre Tp. (d Mar 16, 1871 age 12y, 4m, 13d); ch of Jerome & Ann; typhoid fever; 5 siblings remain
04/13/1871115REED, Harry D.*4PAPA: Schuylkill Co.: Lower City (d Mar 24, 1871 age 4y, 6m, 10d); ch of A. H. & Susan
04/13/1871115REED, Willie B.*1PAPA: Schuylkill Co.: Lower City (d Mar 30, 1871 age 1y, 7m, 7d); ch of A. H. & Susan
04/13/1871115WENTZ, Lewis Wesley*2mosPAPA: York Co.: Warrington (d Mar 23, 1871 age 2m, 23d); son of Henry & Elizabeth
04/13/1871115BORING, Matilda*8mosPAPA: York Co.: Warrington (d Mar 25, 1871 age 8m, 6d); dau of Edward & Elizabeth; lung fever
04/13/1871115STUMM, William*8PAPA: Clinton Co.: Loganville (d Mar 21, 1871 age 8y, 9m, 11d); son of David; scarlet fever
04/20/1871123SWANK, Adline*43BAKERSWANK, MarkelILPA: Somerset Co.: Somerset (b)IL: Ogle Co. (d Apr 5, 1871 age 43y, 11m, 8d); to IL 6 yrs ago; md 22 yrs; husb, 1 dau, 3 sons, pars, 6 bros, 2 sis remain; an infant dau dead; heart disease + internal inflammation
04/20/1871123BAKER, Adline*43SWANK, MarkelILPA: Somerset Co.: Somerset (b)IL: Ogle Co. (d Apr 5, 1871 age 43y, 11m, 8d); to IL 6 yrs ago; md 22 yrs; husb, 1 dau, 3 sons, pars, 6 bros, 2 sis remain; an infant dau dead; heart disease + internal inflammation
04/20/1871123SWANK, MarkelBAKER, Adline*
04/20/1871123MUNK, Christopher J.*76OHWUERTEMBURG (b Oct 7, 1794)OH: Stark Co.: Mt. Union area (d [no date]); to AMER 1832; memb prev Lutheran Ch.; joined Evan. Assn. ca 1842; wife, 12 chren remain; stomach cancer
04/20/1871123BEHM, Mary Ann*62HASSANBAHM, RudolphILPA: Dauphin Co. (b)IL: Mt. Carmel (d Apr 2, 1871 age 62y, 8m, 5d); dau of James, who d when she age 5 yrs; md Oct 23, 1828; 4 chren remain; husb, 4 chren dead; asthma / dropsy
04/20/1871123HASSAN, Mary Ann*62BAHM, RudolphIlPA: Dauphin Co. (b)IL: Mt. Carmel (d Apr 2, 1871 age 62y, 8m, 5d); dau of James, who d when she age 5 yrs; md Oct 23, 1828; 4 chren remain; husb, 4 chren dead; asthma / dropsy
04/20/1871123BAHM, RudolphHASSAN, Mary Ann*
04/20/1871123SWARTZ, Daniel M.*39PAPA: Union Co.: Lewisburg (d Apr 14, 1871 age 39y, 9m, 4d); bur Milheim, Central [sic] Co.
04/20/1871123DUBBS, I. F.*22PAPA: Union Co.: New Berlin Union Seminary (d Apr 4, 1871); was preparing for the ministry; mentions his pars
04/20/1871123GROSS, Barbara*39GROSS, Frederick----: Minister: McINTYRE, Jas.; d Apr 5, 1871 age 39y, 4m; husb, 5 little chren remain
04/20/1871123GROSS, Frederick-----, Barbara*
04/20/1871123DULL, Abel*56PAPA: Indiana Co.: Cannew [sic] Tp. (d Apr 3, 1871 age 56y, 8m, 10d); wife, chren remain
04/20/1871123BRILHART, Samuel*65PAPA: Clearfield Co. (d Mar 10, 1871 age 65y, 5m, 6d); one of 1st membs Evan. Assn. in that section of the country; class-leader for some time
04/20/1871123KAHL, Geo. Elmer*4mosILIL: Stephenson Co. (d Apr 5, 1871 age 4m, 14d); son of D. & Hannah
04/20/1871123KREBS, Amanda Catharine*7OHOH: Crawford Co.: Bucyrus (d Mar 25, 1871 age 7y, 11m, 1d); dau of Lewis & Lydia; typhoid fever
04/27/1871131KNERR, Nevin Joseph Davis*8PAPA: Allentown (d Apr 10, 1871 age 8y, 12d); son of Joseph & Fayette; croup
04/27/1871131ALBERT, Clara Ida*1ININ: Tippecanoe Co.: Spring Grove area (d Mar 21, 1871 age 1y, 6m, 4d); daughter of S. S. & M. L.; typhoid pneumonia
04/27/1871131CLICK, Noah Michael*1OHOH: Marion Co.: Pleasant Tp. (d Apr 12, 1871 age 1y, 8m, 9d); son of Michael & Catharine Ann; badly scalded by upsetting wash-boiler of hot water, causing fits, then death
04/27/1871131SWARTZ, Alphe Carothers*1PAPA: Centre Co.: Hublersburg area (d Apr 9, 1871 age 1y, 2m, 16d); son of Jessie & Sarah S.; cholera infantum after scarlet fever & dyptheria
05/04/1871139BARTOLETT, Hannah*20PAPA: Berks Co.: Oly [sic] Tp. (d Apr 9, 1871 age 20y, 2m, 15d); dau of Rev. Jacob & Hannah; father, step-mother, 1 bro, 4 sis remain; consumption
05/04/1871139GEIL, Abraham*69OHOH: Fairfield Co.: Rush Creek Tp. (d Apr 3, 1871); an uncle to Rev. A. SWARTZ; no great earthly possessions, but gave $2,000 to various church-related enterprises; wife d 4 wks ago; consumption
05/04/1871139HOSLER, Rebecca*67OHOH: Morrow Co. (d Apr 10, 1871 age 67y, 10m, 13d); 8 chren remain; 5 chren dead; husb d 17 yrs ago; stomach ulcers
05/04/1871139MIESSE, Barbara*74PAPA: Lebanon (d Apr 11, 1871 age 74y, 4m, 11d); converted 1825 by Bishop SEYBERT, according to her manuscript; memb 1st Evan. Class [ch] in Lebanon; d in her own house where pars, 1 dau had died; pneumonia
05/04/1871139LINDER, Michael*75PAPA: Schuylkill Co.: Orwigsburg (d Apr 16, 1871 age 75y ,8m, 29d); from Maxatawny Tp., Berks Co., to this place 65 yrs ago; widow, 8 chren remain; apoplexy
05/04/1871139ANDERSON, -----* [female]70PAIA: Union Co. (d [no date] age 70y, "some months"); descendant from the Covenanters; 6 chren remain; blind for some yrs, at times her mind seemed chaotic
05/04/1871139WARNER, Lydia*56WARNER, SamuelPAPA: Indiana Co.: Cannew [sic] Tp. (d Apr 16, 1871 age 56y, 9m, 11d); husb, 4 chren remain; 5 chren dead; suffered nearly 2 yrs
05/04/1871139WARNER, Samuel-----, Lydia*
05/04/1871139KASSTEDER, Michael*68PAPA: Clinton Co.: Green Tp. (d Apr 14, 1871 age 68y, 11m, 3d); widow, number of chren remain; dropsy
05/04/1871139OTT, Amelia*69ININ: Elkhart Co.: Benton area (d Apr 21, 1871 age 69y, 5m, 5d); 8 chren remain; husb, 1 child dead
05/04/1871139KOPP, Georgie C.*2ILIL: Livingstone [sic] Co.: Chatsworth area (d Apr 2, 1871 age 2y, 4m, 3d); son of Adam & Henrietta; croup
05/04/1871139LESSER, Orie Pennington*2PAPA: Ridgeway nr Warren (d Apr 11, 1871 age 2y, 4m, 11d); scarlet fever
05/11/1871147BRILHART, Samuel*65PAPA: Clearfield Co. (d [no date] age 65y, 6m, 6d); widow, 8 chren remain. "His house, purse and heart were always open to ministers, and many a weary itinerant welcomely partook of his hospitality."
05/11/1871147KEAGLE, George*72PAPA: Tioga Co.: Liberty Tp. (d Apr 17, 1871 age 72y, 4m, 15d); converted 39 yrs ago under Bishop SEYBERT; widow, 9 chren remain, 2 sons being in the ministry; 1 child dead
05/11/1871147DUPER, Rose Catharine*85DUPER, JacobILGERMANY: Wurtemburg (b)IL: Kane Co.: Batavia area (d Apr 23, 1871 age 85y, 21d at res of son-in-law, Rev. C. HUMMEL); w/ husb & 6 chren to AMER 1832; 4 chren are dead: 1 son & 2 daus, & 1 son in Germany; husb d at Philadelphia, PA, in 1835; old age / consumption
05/11/1871147DUPER, Jacob-----, Rose Catharine*
05/11/1871147SILLS, Jacob S.*31PAPA: Cambria Co.: Adams Tp. (d Apr 25, 1871 age 31y, 6m, 29d); last one of his family to die: pars, bros, sisters d in IL; last yr from IL to PA to visit & stay "some time"; phlegmonous erysipelas
05/11/1871147HELFRICH, Margaret S.*20BEARHELFRICH, AlexanderPAPA: Lehigh Co.: Allentown (d Apr 20, 1871 age 20y, 9m, 12d); dau of Henry & Matilda; husb, pars, sisters, a bro remain; consumption
05/11/1871147BEAR, Margaret S.*20HELFRICH, AlexanderPAPA: Lehigh Co.: Allentown (d Apr 20, 1871 age 20y, 9m, 12d); dau of Henry & Matilda; husb, pars, sisters, a bro remain; consumption
05/11/1871147HELFRICH, AlexanderBEAR, Margaret S.*
05/11/1871147KUNSELMAN, John*75PAPA: Schuylkill Co.: Mahontonga [sic] Tp. (b)PA: Armstrong Co.: New Salem area (d Apr 16, 1871 age 75y, 9m, 17d); to this area 30-40 yrs ago; catarrhal fever
05/11/1871147ZUBACH, Simeon*75MDMD: Baltimore Co.: Whiteground (d Apr 22, 1871 age 75y, 8m, 22d); oldest person in this congregation & regular attendant at church; golden wedding a few wks before his death
05/11/1871147WILL, Daniel*25PAPA: Somerset Co.: Stone Creek Tp. (d Apr 25, 1871 age 25y, 4m, 12d); served in Civil War; wife, 3 chren remain. Minister: F. BONE
05/11/1871147BONE, F. (Rev.)officiated at funeral of Daniel WILL, May 11, 1871 p 147
05/11/1871147DUNKELBERGER, Elizabeth*19PAPA: Northumberland Co.: Mahanoy Valley (d Apr 22, 1871 age 19y, 10m, 8d); dau of Samuel DUNKELBERGER; burned when using coal-oil to start a fire which was already burning; oil in can ignited & burst, wrapping her in blaze of fire; live for 4 hrs
05/11/1871147BOWMAN, Christiana Atillia*43BOWMAN, UriahPAPA: Dauphin Co.: Uniontown (d Apr 15, 1871 age 43y, 14d); converted ca 25 yrs ago
05/11/1871147BOWMAN, Uriah-----, Christiana Atillia*
05/11/1871147SCHNEIDER, Maria*28PAPA: Dauphin Co.: Uniontown area (d Apr 11, 1871 age 28y, 11m, 28d)
05/11/1871147BRANT, Sarah*33BRANT, HenryPAPA: Lewisburg (d Apr 30, 1871 age 33y, 22d); 4 little chren remain
05/11/1871147BRANT, Henry-----, Sarah*
05/11/1871147STOUT, William*23PAPA: Luzerne Co.: Dupont Powder Mills (d Mar 19, 1871); consumption
05/11/1871147JACKSON, Alvin G.*1IAIA: Spring Run (d Apr 18, 1871 age 1y, 5m, 15d); son of Samuel & Martha
05/11/1871147DEATZ, Salome*1 moOHOH: Williams Co.: West Buffalo area (d Mar 16, 1871 age 1m, 4d); dau of Jonas & Sarah
05/11/1871147STANTZ, Coza Franklin*1OHOH: Williams Co.: West Buffalo area (d Apr 12, 1871 age 1y, 3m, 12d); son of Mary
05/11/1871147BROWN, Charles Elmer*1PAPA: Luzerne Co.: Dupont Powder Mills (d Mar 31, 1871 age 1y, 11m, 3d)
05/11/1871147MILLER, Susan*5ININ: Allen Co.: East Liberty (d Apr 7, 1871 age 5y, 11m, 2d)
05/11/1871147STEVENS, Laura*3ININ: Allen Co.: East Library (d Dec 10, 1869 [sic] age 3y, 1m, 13d) [Note date of death]
05/11/1871147SHROVE, Edwin Urias*1ILIL: Stephenson Co.: Loran (d Apr 24, 1871 age 1y, 1m, 16d); mother remains; father d several mos ago
05/11/1871147HARTMAN, Daniel F.*15WVWV: Kingswood (d Apr 23, 1871); son of George & Susan; he & bro swinging, was thrown from it against large tree, fell 55 ft to ground
05/18/1871155WAUKMILLER, Jacobena*70+WAUKMILLER, Lewis F.NYWURTEMBURG (b)NY: Oneida Co.: Sauquoit (d May 2, 1871 at home of son Godfrey); she of Deerfield, NY; to AMER ca 1826; 2 sons, 2 daus remain; husb, 3 sons dead
05/18/1871155WAUKMILLER, Lewis F.-----, Jacobena*
05/18/1871155OSSMAN, Mary C.*24HARSCHILIL: Will Co.: Peatone [sic] (d Apr 17, 1871 age 24y, 8m 12d); lung disease 8 mos
05/18/1871155HARSCH, Mary C.*24OSSMAN, -----ILIL: Will Co.: Peatone [sic] (d Apr 17, 1871 age 24y, 8m 12d); lung disease 8 mos
05/18/1871155ROTH, Wm.*23ININ: South Bend (d May 6, 1871 age 23y, 5m, 9d); widow [perhaps Susanna], pars, siblings remain; heterogeneal dropsy 4 mos
05/18/1871155MARZ, Ottmar*46MIMI: Barry Co.: Maple Grove (d Apr 22, 1871 age 46y, 1m, 1d); wife remains; kidney disease [obit heading is MARY]
05/18/1871155MARY, Ottmar*46MIMI: Barry Co.: Maple Grove (d Apr 22, 1871 age 46y, 1m, 1d); wife remains; kidney disease [MARZ is name in body of obit]
05/18/1871155HOKE, Elizabeth*84OHOH: Richland Co. (d Apr 23, 1871 age 84y, 28d); memb prev Disciples Church, later United Brethren, then Evan. Assn.
05/18/1871155LEIK, Andrew*58PAGERMANY: Hesse Darmstadt (b)PA: York Co. (d Apr 30, 1871 age 58y, 2d); to AMER 18-20 yrs ago; widow, 2 sons remain
05/18/1871155ROOF, Catharine*37OHOH: Mahoning Co.: Austintown (d Mar 10, 1871 age 37y, 4m, 17d); memb Evan. Assn. 15 yrs; husb, 6 chren remain; 1 child dead; consumption
05/18/1871155NAUGLE, George*44PAPA: Cumberland Co.: Leesburg area (d Mar 31, 1871 age 44y, 5m, 5d); memb Evan. Assn. 19 yrs; wife, 8 chren remain; pneumonia 1 wk
05/18/1871155MOLL, Frederick*63MIMI: St. Joseph Co. (d [no date]); res prev Union Co., PA. Minister: M. J. MILLER
05/18/1871155DREIBELBIS, Maria*61DREIBELBIS, DanielPAPA: Dauphin Co.: Williams Valley (d Apr 28, 1871 age 61y, 5m, 19d); bronchitis
05/18/1871155DREIBELBIS, Daniel-----, Maria*
05/18/1871155ESHER, J. Jacob*11 moILIL: Des Plaines (d Apr 26, 1871 age 11m, 17d); son of Daniel & Matilda
05/18/1871155LIGHT, Moses Calvin W.*2PAPA: South Lebanon (d Apr 29, 1871 age 2y, 1m, 28d); son of Moses & Minerva
05/18/1871155FLEMMING, Stephen Pussel [sic]*4PAPA: Trevorton (d Mar 22, 1871 age 4y, 8m, 8d); son of John & Harriet; scarlet rash
05/18/1871155FOULDS, Lizzie Jane*3PAPA: Little Mahanoy (d Apr 8, 1871 age 3y, 3m, 5d); dau of Richard & Susan; diphtheria
05/18/1871155MALICK, Wilson*3PAPA: Lower Augusta (d Apr 24, 1871 age 3y, 10m, 27d); son of Daniel & Lovina; diphtheria
05/25/1871163OLIVER, John*46ILPA: Lebanon Co. (b Jan 1, 1824)IL: Effingham Co.: Altamont area (d May 1, 1871 age 46y, 4m); to Center Co., PA, 1842; to Effingham Co. 1868; class-leader 16 yrs; widow, 7 chren, loving mother, 5 bros, 3 sis remain; typhoid fever 18 days
05/25/1871163ASH, Sarah*51OHOH: Wood Co.: Potter area (d Mar 15, 1871 age 51y, 1m, 29d); memb Beaver Creek class [ch]; husb, 7 chren remain; 3 chren dead
05/25/1871163MEEK, Sarah*72MEEK, Samuel----: d [no date] age 72y, 9m, 28d); 1 child remain; husb dead [no name of minister provided]
05/25/1871163MEEK, Samuel-----, Sarah*
05/25/1871163McCOMMET, Eliza Ann*13WIWI: Monroe area (d [no date] age 13y, 7m, 11d); pars, siblings remain
05/25/1871163STAMM, Robert Jacob*1PAPA: Clinton Co.: Pine Station area (d Mar 3, 1871 age 1y, 6m, 29d); son of Jacob & Susannah; croup
05/25/1871163BARNMORE, Willierd [sic] T.*6----: d age 6y, 11m, 19d [nothing further]
06/01/1871171RAU, Ehrhart (Mrs.)*79NYNY: Livingston Co.: Dansville area (d Mar 31, 1871 age 79y, 9m, 27d); from PA to NY ca 48 yrs ago; husb, 8 sons, 5 daus remain; 3 sons dead [interesting obit]
06/01/1871171RISER, George*71WVWV: Morgan Co. (d May 9, 1871 age 71y, 1m, 23d); widow remains; palsy 3+ yrs
06/01/1871171STUEBEL, Christian Hyronimus*71PAGERMANY (res prev)PA: Schuylkill Co.: Ashland area (d May 17, 1871 age 71y, 7m); to AMER May 16 at 3:00 P.M. to res w/ son; was wearied from journey and died next day; 2 daus, 1 son remain; wife, 5 chren dead
06/01/1871171LIGHTE, Catharine*65LIGHTE, Samuel (husb #2)PAPA: Lebanon Co.: Kutztown (d May 13, 1871 age 65y, 1m, 15d); both husbs dead; lung fever
06/01/1871171WOLF, Catharine*65LIGHTE, Samuel (husb #2)PAPA: Lebanon Co.: Kutztown (d May 13, 1871 age 65y, 1m, 15d); both husbs dead; lung fever
06/01/1871171WOLF, John-----, Catharine
06/01/1871171-----, Catharine*65WOLF, John (husb #1)PAPA: Lebanon Co.: Kutztown (d May 13, 1871 age 65y, 1m, 15d); both husbs dead; lung fever
06/01/1871171LIGHTE, SamuelWOLF, Catharine*
06/01/1871171MILLER, Christian (Mrs.)*59----: Annville (d May 13, 1871 age 59y, 4m, 25d); husb dead; consumption
06/01/1871171BECK, Orem*3ININ: East Germantown (d May 18, 1871 age 3y, 6m, 14d); son of Washington & Amanda
06/01/1871171SWARTZ, William S.*3OHOH: Hancock Co.: Union Center (d May 21, 1871 age 3y, 4m, 9d); son of Jacob & Margaret; croup
06/01/1871171HAMMER, Mary*9mosPAPA: Mahonoy [sic] City (d May 19, 1871 age 9m, 1d); dau of Wesley & the late Mary S.; measles
06/08/1871179DIDY, Mary*74DIDY, JohnPAPA: Bedford Co.: Buffalo Mills area (d May 12, 1871 age 74y, 8m, 17d); joined Evan. Assn. ca 30 yrs ago in Somerset Co., PA; husb remains; hemorrhoids 12 yrs
06/08/1871179DIDY, John-----, Mary*
06/08/1871179RISINGER, John*45PAPA: Indiana Co.: Homer area (d Apr 3, 1871 age 45y, 7m, 16d); lived 6 mi from nearest Evan. Assn.; wife, 7 chren, aged mother, 1 bro remain; 1 child dead
06/08/1871179MEHLER, Henry*46BAEHR, MagdalenaWIWI: Vernon Co.: Stark (d May 13, 1871 age 46y, 7m, 27d); as child w/ pars to AMER to PA; to Stark, 1855; md 1856; widow, 3 chren remain; 1 child dead; rheumatism in head; funeral by a United Brethren minister
06/08/1871179BAEHR, MagdalenaMEHLER, Henry*
06/08/1871179MEHLER, MagdalenaMEHLER, Henry*
06/08/1871179HOFF, John*55IAIA: Chickasaw area (d May 10, 1871 age 55y, 2m, 1d); wife, 10 chren remain; killed instantly when trying to stop son's runaway team; heart was struck by the wagon tongue
06/08/1871179STEVICK, Catharine*--STEVICK, JacobININ: Allen Co.: Cedarville (d Mar 23, 1871); res prev Cumberland Co., PA; memb Evan. Ch. 26 yrs; aged husb, chren remain
06/08/1871179STEVICK, Jacob-----, Catharine*
06/08/1871179RAMSTINE, Catharine Malissa*17PAPA: Beavertown (d May 11, 1871 age 17y, 8m, 15d). "Her father was one of the victims of the late war, and she attended the Soldiers' Orphan School at McAlistersville." Minister: S. AURAND
06/08/1871179FISH, Debora*96IAIA: Benton Co.: Fish's Ferry (d May 18, 1871 age 96y, 7m, 5d); blind many yrs; friends remain
06/08/1871179HOMMAN, Andrew Jackson*25OHOH: Wayne Co.: Baughman Tp. (d May 4, 1871); wife, 2 chren remain
06/08/1871179CRATER, Sophia*32CRATER, Henry----: Minister: BLIEM, J. C.; d May 22, 1870 age 32y, 9m, 17d; husb, 3 chren, aged pars remain; lung congestion [Note date of death]
06/08/1871179CRATER, Henry-----, Sophia*
06/15/1871NO OBITUARIES,
06/22/1871195WOLF, Anna Eve*79WOLF, AndrewPAPA: Union Co.: Buffalo Valley (d Jun 3, 1871). Minister: M. J. CAROTHERS
06/22/1871195WOLF, Andrew-----, Anna Eve*
06/22/1871195PATEN, Rebecca*49PATEN, BenjaminININ: East Germantown area (d May 25, 1871 age 49y, 5m, 21d); husb, 8 chren, 1 bro remain; 5 chren dead; she & husb went about their work, he then notified wife had died
06/22/1871195PATEN, Benjamin-----, Rebecca*
06/22/1871195RAKER, Amiah*21RESSLERRAKER, JacobPAPA: Northumberland Co.: Fisher's Ferry (d Jun 4, 1871 age 21y, 9m, 24d); dau of Samuel & Elith [sic]; husb remains
06/22/1871195RESSLER, Amiah*21RAKER, JacobPAPA: Northumberland Co.: Fisher's Ferry (d Jun 4, 1871 age 21y, 9m, 24d); dau of Samuel & Elith [sic]; husb remains
06/22/1871195RAKER, JacobRESSLER, Amiah*
06/22/1871195SIPPEL, Henry*50----: Long Run Valley (d Jun 3, 1871 age 50y, 7d); widow remains; dropsy
06/22/1871195DUNMIRE, Jeremiah S.*19PAPA: Cambria Co. (d [no date] age 19y, 2m, 29d); son of Henry & Catharine; memb of Paint class [church] of Cambria circuit; pars, 4 sis remain; 2 sis, 1 bro died in last 18 mos
06/22/1871195MOYER, Martha Jane*38MOYER, S. N. (Rev.)ONTONT: Waterloo Co.: New Hamburg (d May 29, 1871 age 38y, 6m, 26d); md 1858; husb, aged mother, 3 sis, 9 bros remain; consumption caused by over-exertion caring for their adopted orphan boy in a most melancholy sickness 17 mos ago
06/22/1871195MOYER, S. N. (Rev.)-----, Martha Jane*
06/22/1871195ORTH, Frances Erana*7ILil; Davis (d May 20, 1871 age 7y, 6m less 6d); mentions conversation w/ her mother
06/22/1871195RYAN, Alice*12IAIA: Louisa Co.: Grandview (d May 30, 1871 age 12y, 10m, 12d); dau of Jerry & Emaline; pars, 1 bro remain
06/22/1871195KING, Harry Albert*7----: Lock Haven (d May 1, 1871 age 7y, 9m, 3d); son of James & Harriet; w/ 2 bros was playing on saw-logs in the river, when unperceived by others, fell in & drowned; pars remain also
06/22/1871195HOWARD, Charles W.*11 moPAPA: Somerset Co. (d Jun 2, 1871 age 11m, 18d); son of Abraham & Catharine; inflammation of intestines
06/29/1871203STRAW, Catherine*56STRAW, FrederickININ: Steuben Co.: Fremont (d Jun 17, 1871 age 56y, 11m); converted 1842 in Dauphin Co., PA; to Fremont in the Spring 1856; husb, 8 chren remain; 2 chren dead; typhoid pneumonia
06/29/1871203STRAW, Frederick-----, Catherine*
06/29/1871203FREESE, Elizabeth*65FREESE, PeterMIMI: St. Joseph Co.: Three Rivers (d Jun 3, 1871); husb remains; dropsy
06/29/1871203FREESE, Peter-----, Elizabeth*
06/29/1871203SEIFERT, Oliver*17MIMI: Three Rivers area (d Jun 9, 1871 age 17y, 1m, 27d); died from amputation of leg between ankle & knee; did not recover from chloroform administered; from a sprain ca 1 yr ago, leg had measured 26" in diameter
06/29/1871203WELTZ, Jacob*68PAPA: York Co.: Conawaga Tp. (d Jun 10, 1871 age 68y, 3m, 2d); wife, a number of grown chren remain; cancer
06/29/1871203DAUGHERTY, Elizabeth*--OHOH: Fulton Co.: Waseon [sic] area (d Jun 6, 1871); consumption
06/29/1871203KLINEPOP, Susannah*79PAPA: Luzerne Co.: Dupont Powder Mills (d May 23, 1871 age 79y, 6m, & a few days); confined to bed 7 yrs from stroke of palsy
06/29/1871203GLENN, Joseph*6ILIL: Chicago (d May 26, 1871 age 6y, 2m, 27d); son of Matthew & Mary

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