DatePageDecedent or
AgeMaiden NameSpouse or DecedentLocaleLocation
Place of Death or
Last Known Residence/Notes
01/02/18676FREDERICK, Charlotte*68FREDERICK, JohnOHOH: Stark Co.: Freeburg area (d Nov 23, 1866 age 68y, 5m, 14d); joined Evn. Assn. nearly 50 yrs ago; 5 chren remain; 2 chren dead; dropsy of the chest
01/02/18676FREDERICK, John-----, Charlotte*
01/02/18676CHENOT, Leah*23RINGERCHENOT, Geo. A.OHOH: Stark Co.: New Harrisburg area (d Dec 19, 1866 age 23y, 1m, 23d); dau of Geo. & Mary; husb, 2 sm chren, aged pars remain; consumption 2 yrs
01/02/18676RINGER, Leah*23CHENOT, Geo. A.OHOH: Stark Co.: New Harrisburg area (d Dec 19, 1866 age 23y, 1m, 23d); dau of Geo. & Mary; husb, 2 sm chren, aged pars remain; consumption 2 yrs
01/02/18676CHENOT, Geo. A.RINGER, Leah*
01/02/18676MOATS, Christina*92MOATS, SimonOHOH: Ashland Co.: Lake Tp. (d Dec 14, 1866 age 92y, 6m); md 70 yrs; 14 chren, 84 grchren, 103 gt-grchren, 1 gt-gt-grchild. Minister: F. R. TOTHEROH
01/02/18676MOATS, Simon-----, Christina*
01/02/18676EIMEN, Susanna*42MOATSIAIA: Lake-range [sic] Co.: Lake-range-center [sic] (d Nov 25, 1866 age 42y, 8d); dau of John & Elizabeth MOATS; memb Ev. Assn. 19 yrs; typhoid fever. Minister: F. R. TOTHEROH
01/02/18676MOATS, Susanna*42EIMEN, -----
01/09/186714BOYER, Christina*75OHPA: Union Co. (b)OH: Sandusky Co. (d [no date] age 75y, 5m, 3d); 2 sons, 4 daus remain; husb dead; quick consumption. Minister: D. H. WONDER
01/09/186714WENDEL, Philip (Mrs.)*28ININ: Elkhart Co. (d Dec 7, 1866 age 28y, 11m, 7d); husb, 3 chren, pars, 1 bros, 1 sis remain; quick consumption
01/09/186714BARLEY, Sarah Ann*26BARLEY, JacobPAPA: Cumberland Co.: South Middle Tp. (d Dec 10, 1866 age 26y, 9m, 13d). Minister: I. Y. REED
01/09/186714BARLEY, Jacob-----, Sarah Ann*
01/09/186714NELSON, William*65PAPA: Lancaster Co.: Fairville area (d [no date] age 65y, 6m, 17d); widow, 7 sons, 1 dau remain; cancer 3y, 3mos
01/09/186714GOSHEN, Casandana*38GOSHEN, A.PAPA: Lancaster Co.: Fairville area (d Dec 23, 1866 age 38y, 11m, 20d); joined Ev. Assn. 1852; husb, 6 chren remain; dropsy
01/09/186714GOSHEN, A.-----, Casandana*
01/09/186714OBERHOLTZER, Lot*18PAPA: Lancaster Co.: Waubank (d [no date] age 18y, 1m, 15d); son of Daniel; pars, numerous relatives remain; pneumonia
01/09/186714PISEL, Jacob*81PAPA: Bedford Co. (d Dec 18, 1866 age 81y, 10m, 21d); memb Ev. Assn. 31 yrs; widow, 9 chren remain; dropsy
01/09/186714OVERDORFF, Mary*71OVERDORFF, JohnPAPA: York Co. (res prev)PA: Indiana Co.: Mechanicsburg (d Dec 11, 1866 age 71y, 6m, 15d); converted ca 44 yrs ago; husb, 1 child, 3 grchren remain; derangement of the organic action of the heart
01/09/186714OVERDORFF, John-----, Mary*
01/09/186714ALBERT, J. F.*53PAPA: Northamption [sic] Co.: New Village area (d Nov 16, 1866 age 53y, 27d); experienced religion ca 20 yrs ago
01/16/186722STROCK, Barbara*81----: Minister: DAVIS, W. H.; d Dec 19, 1866 age 81y, 6m, 15d); husb, son dead; leaves large circle of friends; for weeks slept sitting up, unable to breathe in prone position
01/16/186722GIBONY, Elizabeth*76PAPA: Union Co.: Lewisburg (d Nov 28, 1866); embraced religion ca 56 yrs ago; w/ husb & fam to Lewisburg a few yrs ago; att meeting wk before she died; husb, chren remain
01/16/186722HAKE, Johanna Elizabeth*44HAKE, Im. (Rev.)WIWI: Jefferson Co. (d Nov 10, 1866 age 44y, 2m, 2d); converted ca 17 yrs ago; husb, several chren remain; nervous fever
01/16/186722HAKE, Im. (Rev.)-----, Johanna Elizabeth*
01/16/186723REED, Catharine*44REED, JacobPAPA: Dauphin Co.: Susquehanna Tp.: Rockville area (d Dec 23, 1866 age 44y, 7m, 20d); husb, chren remain; consumption ca 4 yrs
01/16/186723REED, Jacob-----, Catharine*
01/16/186723STRAW, Catharine*13PAPA: Dauphin Co.: Fishing Creek Valley (d Dec 1, 1866 age 13y, 1m; typhoid fever. "She was the last one of the family."
01/16/186723FICKES, John S.*2mosPAPA: Dauphin Co.: Rockville (d Dec 28, 1866 age 2m, 28d); son of John
01/16/186723ERNEST, Maria S.*67ERNEST, ConradILIL: Winnebago Co. (d Nov 6, 1866); converted ca 40 yrs ago; united w/ the church in Perry Co., PA; affection of lungs / general debility of age
01/16/186723ERNEST, Conrad-----, Maria S.*
01/16/186723BENNAGE, David*75PAPA: New Columbia area (d [no date] age 75y, 2m, 21d); 6 chren remain; wife, 1 son dead
01/16/186723MEYER, Hannah*--KSKS: Riley Co.: Sweden Settlement at the Big Blue River (d Dec 2, 1866); husb, 2 little chren remain
01/23/186730SCHOCK, Margaret*75OHPA: Lebanon Co. (d Sep 20, 1791)OH: Seneca Co.: Flat Rock (d Dec 31, 1866 age 75y, 3m, 2d); converted ca 23 yrs ago; had 9 chren, 3 of whom died; 75 grchren, 15 of whom died; 30 gt-grchren, 3 of whom died
01/23/186730MORRISON, Mary Ann*15IAIA: Benton Co.: Shellsburg area (d Jan 7, 1867 age 15y, 6m, 12d); 3 in family have died in a few mos time; mother, bro, sisters remain
01/23/186730MARTIN, Catharine*82MARTIN, HenryPAPA: Lebanon Co.: Meyerstown (d Jan 7, 1867 age 82y, 1m, 9d); converted ca 19 yrs ago; 8 chren, "a brother and sister, both blind" remain; husb dead
01/23/186730MARTIN, Henry-----, Catharine*
01/23/186730SMITH, George*68OHFRANCE: Elsass: Hofelden: Melshaeim (b)OH: Williams Co. (d Dec 26, 1866 age 68y, 8m, 6d); to AMER 1840; converted ca 12 yrs ago, joined M. E. Ch.; ca 6 yrs ago joined Evan. Assn.
01/23/186730KREISHER, Catharine*33KREISHER, Chas.OHOH: Ashland (d Jan 6, 1867 age 33y, 8m, some days); memb Evan. Assn. ca 18 yrs; husb, 5 chren remain; lung fever ca 2 wks. Minister: J. DICK
01/23/186730KREISHER, Chas.-----, Catharine*
01/23/186730ALLEN, Josiah M.*4mosPAPA: Greason (d Feb 18, 1866 [sic] age 4m, 23d); son of Rev. J. Minister: I. Y. REED of Cumberland Co., PA, at this time
01/23/186730MANBECK, George*3ILIL: Naperville area (d [no date] age 3y, 3m, 8d); son of Henry & Rachel; convulsions
01/30/186738BUSHEY, Eliza*53BUSHEY, Wm.PAPA: York Co.: Warrington (d Dec 10, 1866 age 53y, 3m, 10d); prev memb Lutheran Ch.; recently joined Evan. Assn.; husb, 7 chren remain; typhoid fever
01/30/186738BUSHEY, Wm.-----, Eliza*
01/30/186738KUDER, Polly Anna*23KUDER, WilliamOHOH: Tiffin (d Jan 7, 1867 age 23y, 11m, 14d); embraced religion 3 yrs ago; husb, infant child, large number of relatives remain; lung-fever / rheumatism
01/30/186738KUDER, William-----, Polly Anna*
01/30/186738BARBER, Susannah*34PAPA: New Berlin area (d [no date]); dau of Rev. James BARBER; her life was consistent & useful. Minister: M. J. CAROTHERS
01/30/186738HILGERT, Francis L.*26PAPA: Monroe Co.: Paradise Valley (d Jan 2, 1867 age 26y, 11m, 9d); son of Jacob & Annie; wife is mentioned; consumption
01/30/186738BUSH, Sarah*20PAPA: Monroe Co.: Pocono Tp. (d Jan 9, 1867 age 20y, 7m, 6d); paralysis
01/30/186738BUCKS, Jacob*78ILIL: Naperville (d [no date] age 78y, 10m, 26d); served God 43 yrs; widow, 10 chren remain; old age
01/30/186738EISENHEART, Catharine*63PAPA: Lehigh Co. (b)PA: Montgomery Co.: Hatfield (d [no date] age 63y, 24d); converted ca 25 yrs ago; 1 son, 3 daus remain; husb, 2 chren dead; palsy / dropsy
01/30/186738LANDIS, Henry*72IAIA: Waterloo (d Jan 3, 1867 age 72y, 9m, 18d); res prev Somerset Co., PA; memb Evan. Assn. 30+ yrs; in spring sent for by son Alexander, taken care of, respectfully buried; paralyzed ca last 6 wks
02/06/186747POWELL, Matilda*20OHOH: Stark Co.: Freeburg area (d Jan 19, 1867 age 20y, 8m, 27d); dau of Eli & Mary; joined Evan. Assn. ca 5 yrs ago; pars, bros, sisters remain; typhoid fever
02/06/186747PARKER, Elizabeth*67OHPA: Union Co. (b Jul 5, 1799)OH: Sandusky Co. (d Jan 15, 1767 [sic] age 67y, 4m, 10d); converted age 12 yrs; Bishop SEYBERT died at their house; husb, 7 chren remain; 3 chren dead; inflammation of lungs
02/06/186747LENHART, -----* [male]70PAPA: Somerset Co. (b Dec 11, 1796)PA: Somerset Co. (d Jan 21, 1867 age 70y, 1m, 1d); converted by Rev. Adam KLINEFELTER May 1820; licensed to exhort, 1836; was poor & blind for ca 62 yrs, mostly supported by Somerset / Westmoreland circuits; bur cem at Rhoads' School house
02/06/186747SWARTZ, Lucinda*52SWARTZ, Philip (Rev.)ININ: Elkhart Co. (d Jan 15, 1867 age 52y, 7m, 2d); converted ca 27 yrs ago; 5 chren remain; husb dead; bur half mile east of New Paris, IN; congestion of brain
02/06/186747SWARTZ, Philip (Rev.)*-----, Lucinda*
02/06/186747PLUCK, Catharine*83PLUCK, JacobOHOH: Ashland Co.: Green Tp. (d Jan 9, 1867 age 83y, 5m); worthy memb U. B. Ch. 20 yrs; 8 chren remain; husb dead; bedridden nearly 14 yrs. Minister: F. R. TOTHEROH [this may be PLANK]
02/06/186747PLUCK, Jacob-----, Catharine*
02/06/186747PLANK, Catharine*PLANK, JacobOHOH: Ashland Co.: Green Tp. (d Jan 9, 1867 age 83y, 5m); worthy memb U. B. Ch. 20 yrs; 8 chren remain; husb dead; bedridden nearly 14 yrs. Minister: F. R. TOTHEROH [obit heading is PLUCK, but perhaps is in error]
02/13/186754ECKHARD, Barbara*55ECKHARD, HenryINHESSENDARMSTADT: Hohenzimmern (res prev)IN: Dekalb Co.: Buttler [sic] Id Jan 26, 1867 age 55y, 9m, 22d); w/ husb & fam to AMER 1846. "She leaves five children, one son blowing the Gospel trumpet." Husb dead; she d from lung fever
02/13/186754ECKHARD, Henry-----, Barbara*
02/13/186754DIETERLINE, Mary Ann*70DIETERLINE, Wm.PAPA: Carbon Co.: Weisport (d Jan 24, 1867 age 70y, 1m, 21d); husb, 9 chren remain
02/13/186754DIETERLINE, Wm.-----, Mary Ann*
02/13/186754GROSS, Charles A.*68PAPA: Northampton Co.: Freemansburg (d Jan 28, 1867 age 68y, 11m, 12d); converted 12+ yrs ago; wife, 5 chren remain
02/13/186754SNYDER, Emma Savilla*8ILIL: Dekalb Co.: Pierceville (d Jan 1, 1867 age 8y, 5m, 11d); dau of David & Mary Ann; diabetes
02/13/186754SMITH, Jane Elizabeth*4.5 mPAPA: Erie Co.: Fairview Tp. (d Jan 26, 1867 age 4 1/2 mos); dau of Rev. Wm.
02/27/186771MORR, Eve*57MORR, DanielOHOH: Ashland Co. (d Dec 7, 1866 age 57y, 7m, 15d); exemplary memb of our church ca 23 yrs; husb, 13 chren remain; dropsy of heart / rheumatism. Funeral by Rev. G. F. SPRENG
02/27/186771MORR, Daniel-----, Eve*
02/27/186771BISSEY, Margarette E.*25OHOH: Wayne Co.: Marshallville (d Jan 2, 1867 age 25y, 8m, 27d); an orphan, her pars & only bro d when she age 2 1/2 yrs old; gave $50 for benefit of Marshallville Ch.; $50 for new church being built at Akron; consumption. Minister: H. F. S. SICHLEY
02/27/186771FULTON, Sarah Jane*22KINGFULTON, LeviILIL: Carroll Co.: Fair Haven Tp. (d Jan 15, 1867 age 22y, 3m, 21d); memb Evan. Assn. ca 5 yrs; husb, 3 sm chren remain; lung fever
02/27/186771KING, Sarah Jane*22FULTON, LeviILIL: Carroll Co.: Fair Haven Tp. (d Jan 15, 1867 age 22y, 3m, 21d); memb Evan. Assn. ca 5 yrs; husb, 3 sm chren remain; lung fever
02/27/186771FULTON, LeviKING, Sarah Jane*
02/27/186771SHANER, Henry Harrison*26----: Minister: DAVIS, C. W.; d Dec 31, 1866 age 26y, 14d; son of Charles & Mary Ann; Co. A, 121st Regt PA Vol; lost health in war, discharged, lost voice, did speak loud word for 2 yrs; pars, bros, sisters remain
02/27/186771KANEGA, Catharine*81PAPA: Cumberland Co. (d Jan 29, 1867 age 81y, 3d); husb dead
02/27/186771SMITH, Geo.*60ININ: Elkhart Co.: Elkhart [6 mi north] (d Feb 2, 1867 age 60y, 5m, 2d); as youth to AMER; old widow, 6 chren remain; lung fever
02/27/186771GORENFLO, Christian*58PAPA: Erie (d Feb 4, 1867 age 58y, 1d); wife, 9 chren remain; 2 chren dead; dyspepsia / stomach cancer
02/27/186771SAVITZ, Stephen*39PAPA: Northampton Co.: Bushkill (d Jan 18, 1867 age 39y, 4m, 18d); wife, 7 chren remain; consumption
02/27/186771ROTZEL, M.*31SNYDERPAPA: New Village (d Dec 27, 1866 age 31y, 11m, 29d); dau of Charles; husb, 5 sm chren remain; died suddenly
02/27/186771SNYDER, M.* [female]ROTZEL, -----
02/27/186771MEIXELL, William Ulyssis [sic]*10 moPAPA: Luzerne Co.: Wilkesbarre (d Jan 23, 1867 age 10m, 8d); son of John & Amanda; scarlet fever
02/27/186771POWELL, Barbara*19OHOH: Stark Co.: Freebury [sic] area (d Feb 1, 1867 age 19y, 5m, 18d); dau of Eli & Mary Ann; typhoid fever. "On the 21st ult., she attended the funeral of her sisterÉ." Pars, bros, sisters remain
03/06/186778WARNER, Fanny*31WARNER, AbrahamOHOH: Summit Co.: Coventry Tp. (d Feb 7, 1867 age 31y, 1m, 27d); husb, 5 chren remain; bur graveyard at East Liberty. Minister: J. J. BERNHARDT
03/06/186778WARNER, Abraham-----, Fanny*
03/06/186778SHARTZER, Catharine*59PAPA: Dauphin Co.: Fishing Creek Valley (d Feb 5, 1867 age 59y, 7m, 10d); joined Evan. Assn. ca 25 yrs ago
03/06/186778FOX, Louisa Alice*1PAPA: Dauphin Co.: Linglestown area (d Feb 19, 1867 age 1y, 5m, 29d); dau of Jonathan
03/06/186778RISCHEL, Sarah A.*43RISCHEL, EliasILIL: Stephenson Co.: Cedarville (d Feb 11, 1867 age 43y, 10m, 16d); husb, 5 chren remain; d suddenly
03/06/186778RISCHEL, Elias-----, Sarah A.*
03/06/186778RITTER, John*39OHOH: Fairfield Co. (d Feb 6, 1867 age 39y, 5m, 13d); memb Evan. Assn. 6 yrs; pars, 4 bros, 2 sis remain; consumption
03/06/186778FRETZ, Elizabeth*23PAPA: Bucks Co.: Hilltown (d Feb 2, 1867 age 23y, 6m, 18d); dau of John & Elizabeth; typhoid fever
03/06/186778SMITH, Anna*31ININ: Elkhart Co.: Elkhart area (d Feb 16, 1867 age 31y, 7m, 16d); converted ca 16 yrs ago
03/06/186778WESTHEFFER, Mary Magdalene*58WESTHEFFER, Henry (Rev.)OHOH: Ashland Co. (d Feb 11, 1867 age 58y, 3m, 27d); memb Evan. Assn. ca 36 yrs; last sermon she heard was preached by Bishop ESHER; lung fever. Minister: J. DICK
03/06/186778WESTHEFFER, Henry (Rev.)-----, Mary Magdalene*
03/06/186778BROBST, Mary*83PASWITZERLAND (b)PA: Lock Haven: German Settlement (d Feb 13, 1867); soon after coming to AMER joined Evan. Assn. & was memb 31 yrs; 7 chren remain; husb, 1 child dead
03/13/186787REA, Henry (Rev.)*ca31OHOH: Logan Co.: De Graff area (d Jan 9, 1867); throat disease prevented him from preaching to a great extent; fought in Civil War; wife, 4 chren remain; funeral at Logansville, OH
03/13/186787FROST, Johannah*--FROST, JohnKSKS: Swedish settlement on Big Blue River (d Jan 19, 1867); dropsy. "She was once a great star in the church, and her loss is lamented."
03/13/186787FROST, John-----, Johannah*
03/13/186787COPLY, Magdalena*78OHOH: West Salem area (d Feb 17, 1867 age 78y, 10m, 25d). Minister: G. F. SPRENG
03/27/1867102WELTMER, G. W.*42OHOH: Wayne Co.: Plain Tp. (d Feb 17, 1867 age 42y, 5m, 27d); converted ca 20 yrs ago; friction w/in Peace Ch., but at protracted meeting was reconciled & died that night; widow, 5 chren, aged parent remain. Ministers: F. R. TOTHEROH, G. BLASER
03/27/1867102LEOHNER, Susan E.*28OHOH: Mahoning Co.: North Lima (d Feb 28, 1867 age 28y, 6m, 23d); dau of Rev. A. & Mary; student at Greensburg Seminary many yrs; brought from North Lima to Greensburg for burial where bur beside sis Ellie; pars, 1 sis, 4 bros remain; consumption
03/27/1867103KEYPORT, Mary*89----: Minister: BUCK, H. W.; d Feb 1, 1867 age 89y, 5m; large number of relatives & friends mourn
03/27/1867103RIDER, Jacob*38PAPA: Lycoming Co.: Franklin Tp. (d Feb 17, 1867 age 38y, 8m, 3d); converted ca 12 yrs ago; wife, 5 chren remain
03/27/1867103HUTCHINGS, Susie S. (Miss)*30OHOH: Cleveland (d Mar 3, 1867); consumption [lengthy obit]
04/03/1867110McCLOSKY, Alice*88PAPA: Summit [sic] Co.: Salisbury area (d Mar 2, 1867); converted age 17-18; palsy. Minister: S. BOOKMAN [NOTE: there is no Summit Co. in PA]
04/03/1867110PHISTER, David*67OHPA: Washington Co. (b)OH: Wood Co. (d Feb 24, 1867 age 67y, 6m, 24d); memb Evan. Assn. ca 22 yrs; confined to his room almost consistently 1 yr; widow, 6 chren remain [at least 2 of whom are daus]; 2 chren dead
04/03/1867110ZIEMMER, Saloma*58ZIEMMER, JacobOHOH: Pickaway Co. (d Mar 12, 1867 age 58y, 7m, 17d); memb Evan. Luth Ch. since 1828; husb, 1 son, 4 daus remain; 2 of the daus are membs of Evan. Assn.
04/03/1867110ZIEMMER, Jacob-----, Saloma*
04/03/1867110BEEMAN, Christianna*11IAIA: Polk Co.: Des Moines (d Mar 9, 1867 age 11y, 2m, 9d); dau of J. & Rachel; dress caught fire, burning her severely; lingered 5 days; occurred as mother att church
04/03/1867110ABRAMS, Edward Franklin*4ININ: Indianapolis (d Mar 20, 1867 age 4y, 6m, 11d); son of John & Magdalena; typhoid & brain fever
04/03/1867110SCHOTT, Joseph Albert*5OHOH: Ashland Co.: Jackson Tp. (d Mar 19, 1867 age 5y, 16d); son of George & Susan; inflammation of brain. Minister: G. F. SPRENG
04/10/1867118RICHMAN, Lydia*62WVWV: Hardy Co.: Trout Run Valley (d Mar 10, 1867 age 62y, 7m, 12d); memb Evan. Assn. 16 yrs; mother of Rev. L. D. of Daleville, IA
04/10/1867118CREITS, William Henry*1OHOH: Hancock Co.: Findlay area (d Mar 27, 1867 age 1y, 2m, 7d); son of John & Ellen CREITS [obit heading is WILLIAM HENRY]
04/10/1867118BICKEL, Augustus Marion*1MIMI: St. Joseph Co.: Burroak (d Mar 2, 1867 age 1y, 5m); son of F. & Rebecca
04/10/1867118PFEIFER, Eliza M.*25WEIDEL----: Minister: FRY, Joshua; d Mar 19, 1867 age 25y, 9m, 19d); husb, 1 sm child remain; consumption
04/10/1867118WEIDEL, Eliza M.*25PFEIFER, ---------: Minister: FRY, Joshua; d Mar 19, 1867 age 25y, 9m, 19d); husb, 1 sm child remain; consumption
04/10/1867119LEOHNER, Eli Elmer*1OHOH: Summit Co.: Greensbury [sic] (d Mar 31, 1867 age 1y, 3m); son of John & Annie E.
04/24/1867134KUTZ, Jesse*56OHOH: Ashland Co. (d Mar 24, 1867 age 56y, 7m, 29d); consumption. Minister: J. DICK
04/24/1867134GERRES, Elizabeth*24GERRES, Peter----: Coxtown (d Mar 3, 1867 age 24y, 11m, 5d); joined Evan. Assn. 1865; husb, mother, bros, sisters remain. Minister: Ed. BUTZ
04/24/1867134GERRES, Peter-----, Elizabeth*
04/24/1867134STAUFFER, Elizabeth*20PAPA: Berks Co.: Claytonville area (d Feb 21, 1867 age 20y, 5m, 3d); dau of Andrew & Sarah; joined Evan. Assn. ca 6 yrs ago; consumption
04/24/1867134BEATY, Sarah Jane*10PAPA: Crawford Co.: Linesville (d Apr 1, 1867 age 10y, 8m, 4d); dau of Rev. Elijah & Elizabeth; mentions her sisters; consumption ca 8 wks
04/24/1867134GILDNER, John William*11PAPA: Lehigh Co. (d Mar 20, 1867 age 11y, 2m, 20d); son of John; dropsy
04/24/1867134GATES, Christina*42SCHMIDTGATES, GodfreyNYNY: Wyoming Co.: Warsaw (d Apr 1, 1867 age 42y, 6m, a few days); dau of Michael & Margaret; md for 20y, 6m, 10d; husb, 6 chren, aged father remain; confinement / stroke of palsey w/ fever caused death
04/24/1867134SCHMIDT, Christina*42GATES, GodfreyNYNY: Wyoming Co.: Warsaw (d Apr 1, 1867 age 42y, 6m, a few days); dau of Michael & Margaret; md for 20y, 6m, 10d; husb, 6 chren, aged father remain; confinement / stroke of palsey w/ fever caused death
04/24/1867134GATES, GodfreySCHMIDT, Christina*
04/24/1867134FALLNAGLE, Mary Magdalena*71PAPA: Pottsville (d Mar 31, 1867); joined Evan. Assn. ca 30 yrs ago; husb, chren remain
05/01/1867142PLOSS, Hester*33WIWI: Menomonee Falls (d Mar 25, 1867 age 33y, 8m, 17d); converted 5 wks before death; husb remains; pneumonia 8 days
05/01/1867142LOOS, Edith*6mosPAPA: Schuylkill Haven (d Apr 14, 1867 age 6m, 27d); dau of Rev. Cornelius & Louisa
05/08/1867150WOODRING, William*62PAPA: Bucks Co.: Springtown area (d Apr 22, 1867 age 62y, 2m, 19d); wife, 3 chren remain; consumption ca 9 yrs
05/08/1867150BURKET, Caroline*34BURKET, SolomonOHOH: Sandusky Co.: Washington Tp. (d Apr 15, 1867 age 34y, 2m, 25d); converted 9 yrs ago & joined Evan. Assn.; husb an exhorter in the Obermeyer class; husb, 7 chren remain; 2 chren dead; confinement. Minister: Daniel KRUS
05/08/1867150BURKET, Solomon-----, Caroline*
05/08/1867150BEEMER, Franklin*23PAPA: Luzerne Co.: Newton Center area (d [no date] age 23y, 6m, 28d); consumption
05/08/1867150HENN, J. Jacob*73PAPA: Northampton Co.: Lower Saucon Tp. (d Apr 26, 1867 age 73y, 15d); aged widow, 9 chren remain; heart disease. Funeral by Rev. Van Vleck, of Moravian Ch., Bethlehem, South.
05/15/1867158XANDER, Mary Ann*20XANDER, Joe.PAPA: Lebanon Co.: Annville (d Apr 22, 1867 age 20y, 8d); consumption
05/15/1867158XANDER, Joe.-----, Mary Ann*
05/15/1867158EMRICH, John*69PAPA: Schuylkill Haven area (d Apr 29, 1867 age 69y, 1m, 17d); converted 30+ yrs ago
05/22/1867166COWLEY, Susan*50PAPA: Bethlehem (d May 9, 1867 age 50y, 10m, 19d); bros, sisters remain; tumor / dropsy ca 8 wks. Minister: I. HESS
05/22/1867166BEAN, Susanna*26BEAN, S. (Dr.)C.W.CANADA WEST: Waterloo Co.: Linwood (d Apr 27, 1867 age 26y, 10m, 15d); converted ca 14 yrs ago, joined W. M. Ch.; husb, pars, a large fam of bros & sisters remain
05/22/1867166BEAN, S. (Dr.)-----, Susanna (wife #2)*C.W.His 1st wife was Henrietta FURRY from PA, md 9m, 21d; she d 19 mos ago. Then this: "The first wife was spared only 7 months and 10 days."
05/22/1867166FURRY, Henriettamentioned in obit of BEAN, Susanna* May 22, 1867 p 166
05/22/1867167KENNEL, Jacob*75ININ: Cass Co.: Royal Centre area (d Apr 23, 1867 age 75y, 8m, 23d); to AMER 1847 to Buffalo area, then to IN; memb Evan. Assn. 9 yrs; widow, 5 chren remain; wife, 5 chren dead [md twice, wives not named here]
05/22/1867167WARNER, Maggie Ellen*1ILIL: Franklin Grove (d May 3, 1867 age 1y, 1m, 29d); dau of Elias & Ellenora
05/22/1867167HAAK, Hannah*23PAPA: Bethlehem (d May 5, 1867 age 23y, 3m, 1d); converted ca 2 yrs ago; at Young Ladies' Seminary, carbonic acid gas went to her room through a coal stove flue; another was also suffocated; bur Bushkill Mtg House graveyard
05/29/1867174HOUSER, Sibylla*42NYEHOUSER, PeterPAPA: Lebanon Co.: Annville (d May 16, 1867 age 42y, 4m, 24d); dau of Conrad; husb, pars, bros, sisters remain; suffered mostly in the head for 9 days
05/29/1867174NYE, Sibylla*42HOUSER, PeterPAPA: Lebanon Co.: Annville (d May 16, 1867 age 42y, 4m, 24d); dau of Conrad; husb, pars, bros, sisters remain; suffered mostly in the head for 9 days
05/29/1867174HOUSER, PeterNYE, Sibylla*
05/29/1867174KING, Margaret E.*16PAPA: Williamsport (d May 14, 1867 age 16y, 1m, 17d); lower extremities & 1 arm paralyzed 8 yrs; measles [a sister to Mary]
05/29/1867174KING, Mary*5PAPA: Williamsport (d May 4, 1867 age 5y, 5m, a few days); measles [a sis to Margaret E.]
05/29/1867174HOFFMAN, Henry W.*46PAPA: Schuylkill Co.: Cressona (d May 13, 1867 age 46y, 9m, 24d); converted at great revival in Orwigsburg, 1847; to Cressona w/ family 9 yrs ago; church class-leader, trustee; widow, 2 daus remain; white swelling & liver complaint
05/29/1867174BEST, Hetty*26BEST, CharlesILOH: Darke Co. (b)IL: Stephenson Co. (d May 10, 1867); husb, 2 little chren remain
05/29/1867174BEST, Charles-----, Hetty*
05/29/1867175BEEHLER, Caroline*22OHOH: Stark Co. (d Apr 6, 1867 age 22y, 3m, 1d); consumption 9-10 yrs. Minister: B. L. MILLER
05/29/1867175SCHNEIDER, Anna Maria*73SCHNEIDER, RudolphOHSWITZERLAND: Canton of Bern (b May 7, 1794)OH: Fairfield Co. (res) [no death date stated]; to AMER 1817 to Fairfield Co.; joined Evan. Assn. 1819; husb, 7 chren remain; 2 chren dead; paralysis
05/29/1867175SCHNEIDER, Rudolph-----, Anna Maria*
05/29/1867175OVERHOLSER, Anna Margaretta*4PAPA: Lancaster Co.: Fairville area (d May 5, 1867 age 4y, 5m, 3d); dau of Amos & Mary; pneumonia
05/29/1867175HOLIGEN, John B.*2PAPA: Lancaster Co.: Spring Grove (d May 11, 1867 age 2y, 5m, 8d); son of John & Caroline; croup
06/05/1867182STEELE, Maria A.*24STEELE, GeorgeMIMI: Wayne Co.: Somerville (d Apr 12, 1867 age 24y, 5m, 7d); converted at protracted mtg in 24th St. Ch., New York, 1859; "her absent husband," 2 minor chren remain
06/05/1867182STEELE, George-----, Maria A.*
06/12/1867190SEAL, William J.*--PAPA: Dauphin Co.: Millersburg (d May 15, 1867); consumption
06/12/1867190FLICKINGER, Leah Telilah*30FLICKINGER, JohnPAPA: Carbon Co.: Parryville (d May 27, 1867 age 30y, 4m, 15d); embraced religion 4 yrs ago; husb, 4 chren remain; 1 child dead; typhoid fever
06/12/1867190FLICKINGER, John-----, Leah Telilah*
06/12/1867190SNYDER, Matthew A.*19PAPA: Clinton Co.: Wayne Tp. (d [no date] age 19y, 5m, 23d) son of Samuel; pars, 2 bros, 1 sis remain; fell from a raft below Sunbury, found 15 mi below on May 9, bur May 11, funeral May 12; drowned
06/19/1867198HESS, Charles*51OHOH: Cleveland (d Jun 13, 1867 age 51y, 2m, 7d); converted as youth in Lebanon, PA; a printer, typeset the first issue of the Evan. Messenger; had charge of the German Dept.; wife, 2 bros, 3 sis remain; bur Woodland Cem. beside 3 daus, 1 son
06/19/1867198SHULER, John L.*32----: Minister: HOFFMAN, Elisha A.; d Mar 21, 1867 age 32y, 9m, 21d; only one [female] remains in the family; consumption
06/19/1867198SHULER, Henry W.*19----: Minister: HOFFMAN, Elisha A.; d May 3, 1867 age 19y, 8m, 2d; only one [female] remains in the family; consumption
06/19/1867198SHULER, George L.*21----: Minister: HOFFMAN, Elisha A.; d May 21, 1867 age 21y, 2m, 21d); only one [female] remains in the family; consumption
06/19/1867198GREEN, David*71IAIA: Johnson Co.: Northbend (d May 6, 1867 age 71y, 2m, 6d); converted at camp-meeting in Cumberland Co., PA, ca 30 yrs ago; chren remain; enlarged liver
06/19/1867198STROUSE, Cornelius*26PAPA: Lebanon Co.: Stroustown (d May 28, 1867 age 26y, 1m, 27d); converted ca 11 yrs ago; widow, mother, bro, sisters remain
06/19/1867198MOON, Annie R.*22SHIRKPAPA: Berks Co.: Reamstown (d Jun 4, 1867 age 22y, 2m, 6d); dau of Henry & Hannah A.; converted age 10y; young husband remains
06/19/1867198SHIRK, Annie R.*22MOON, -----PAPA: Berks Co.: Reamstown (d Jun 4, 1867 age 22y, 2m, 6d); dau of Henry & Hannah A.; converted age 10y; young husband remains
06/19/1867198JENNINGS, Sarah*66PAPA: Pottsville (d May 22, 1867 age 66y, 2m, 20d); embraced religion ca 10 yrs ago
06/19/1867198WILDERMUTH, Geo. Henry*7PAPA: Pottsville (d May 27, 1867 age 7y, 11m, 26d); son of John & Susannah; crossing over a creek on a plank after heavy rain, fell in & drowned; bur Evan. Cem., Orwigsburg
06/19/1867198MILLER, John (Rev.)*ca67ININ: Steuben Co.: Salem Centre area (d Apr 25, 1867); converted ca 48 yrs ago; widow, 7 chren remain; palsy / dropsy of chest 3 mos
06/19/1867199SWEGLE, Margaret*30OROH: Morgan Co. (b)OR: Salem (d Mar 26, 1867 age 30y, 8m); noted for piety; husb, 6 chren remain
06/19/1867199KECK, John*48OHPA: Lehigh Co. (b)OH: Summit Co.: Mackdounaldsvill [sic] (d Jun 7, 1867 age 48y, 6m, 22d). Minister: J. Q. A. WELLER [NOTE: McDonaldsville is in Stark Co.]
06/26/1867206ROBBINS, Polly Jane*17ILIL: Black Oak Grove (d May 29, 1867 age 17y, 2m, 2d at res of father, William); mother dead; consumption 1 yr
06/26/1867206KINSLEY, Mary Ann F.*16PAPA: Sul. [sic] Co.: Dushore area (d Jun 9, 1867 age 16y, 2m, 22d); dau of Charles & Mary; converted last winter. Minister: I. M. PINES
06/26/1867206MIESSE, Lucy Catharine*7----: Minister: WALKEY, J. W.; d Jun 7, 1867 age 7y, 6m, 14d); funeral at Mt. Tabor Ch.; acute paretonetia / congestion of lungs
06/26/1867206HANSBARGER, Thomas*63OHOH: Fairfield Co. (d Jun 2, 1867 age 63y, 4m, 3d); memb Evan. Assn. ca 20 yrs; wife, 1 child remain.
06/26/1867206MORELAND, John*75OHOH: Ashland Co.: Pine Run (d Jun 3, 1867 age 75y, 3m); att prayer meeting Sunday preceding death; widow, chren remain. Funeral by John SECRIST; obit submitted by J. FELGER
06/26/1867206FELGER, J. (Rev.)submitted obit for John MORELAND, Jun 26, 1867 p 206
06/26/1867206WEIKAL, Sam'l.*53PAPA: Venango Co.: Dempseytown area (d Jun 12, 1867 age 53y, 6m, 21d); wife, large fam of chren remain; he a bro to Rev. Jacob; bed-ridden 2+ mos
06/26/1867206RIEGEL, Elizabeth*44ALTMANRIEGEL, Reuben (Rev.)MIMI: Marshall (d Jun 2, 1867 age 44y, 7m, 16d; b Oct 17, 1822); md Aug 1842; husb joined OH Conf., 1846; IN Conf., 1859; MI Conf., 1864; bur Smith's Ch. bur ground, St. Joseph Co., IN; husb, only dau, pars, bros, sisters remain [lengthy obit]
06/26/1867206ALTMAN, Elizabeth*44RIEGEL, Reuben (Rev.)MIMI: Marshall (d Jun 2, 1867 age 44y, 7m, 16d; b Oct 17, 1822); md Aug 1842; husb joined OH Conf., 1846; IN Conf., 1859; MI Conf., 1864; bur Smith's Ch. bur ground, St. Joseph Co., IN; husb, only dau, pars, bros, sisters remain [lengthy obit]
06/26/1867206RIEGEL, Reuben (Rev.)ALTMAN, Elizabeth*
06/26/1867207REESER, Henry Elmer*3PAPA: Carlisle (d Jun 5, 1867 age 3y, 7m, 1d); son of Rev. A. L. & Anna; diphtheria
06/26/1867207SMITH, Lillie Lenora*2OHOH: Mahoning Co.: Austintown Tp. (d Jun 7, 1867 age 2y, 6m, 9d); dau of Henry & Elizabeth. Minister: J. J. BERNHART
06/26/1867207BALL, Charles Wesley*4MDMD: Ann Arundel Co. (d Apr 26, 1867 age 4y, 8m, 6d); son of Charles & Elizabeth

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