DatePageDecedent or
AgeMaiden NameSpouse or DecedentLocaleLocation
Place of Death or
Last Known Residence/Notes
01/03/18667EVERSOLE, Elizabeth*35PAPA: Perry Co.: Duncannon area (d Dec 11, 1865 age 35y, 10m, 7d); converted ca 15 yrs ago, joined Evan. Assn.; husb, 7 chren, 2 step-chren remain
01/03/18667KURZ, Judah*61KURZ, PeterPAPA: Alleghany [sic] City (d Dec 11, 1866 age 61y, 7m, 10d) memb Evan. Assn. many yrs; husb, 6 chren remain
01/03/18667KURZ, Peter-----, Judah*
01/03/18667WAYN, Henrietta M.*35WAYN, Wm.PAPA: Berks Co.: --rnville (d Dec 3, 1865 age 35y, 1m, 18d); md ca 18 yrs; husb, 4 chren remain; 6 chren dead; typhoid fever. Minister: B. F. BOHNER
01/03/18667WAYN, Wm.-----, Henrietta M.*
01/03/18667WOLF, Jan [?], Jr.* [male]25PAPA: Butler Co.: Harmony (d Dec 11, 1865 age 25y, 1m, 24d); pars, sisters, bros remain; typhoid fever a few days
01/03/18667FYE, Sarah A.*12ILIL: Woodford Co.: El Passo [sic] area (d Dec 9, 1865 age 12y, 7m, 5d); dau of David & Mary; dysentery
01/03/18667STANTZ, David*10OHOH: Williams Co. (d Sep 26, 1865 age 10y, 4m, 14d); son of Henry & Susanna
01/03/18667RIFE, Clarinda*39RIFE, Wm.OHOH: Fairfield Co. (d Dec 19, 1865 age 39y, 3m, 18d); husb, 2 little daus remain; died unexpectedly after a few hrs from effects of cramp colic
01/03/18667RIFE, Wm.-----, Clarinda*
01/03/18667GREEN, Thomas W.*52PAPA: Union Co.: New Columbia (d Dec 3, 1865 age 52y, 1m, 23d)
01/03/18667MOYER, Harriet*7mosPAPA: Union Co. (d Dec 19, 1865 age 7m, 22d); dau of Daniel & Catharine
01/03/18667WIEST, Sarah Ellen1----: Minister: FELGER, J.; d Nov 17, 1865 age 1y, 17d); child of Jonas & Catharine; croup / lung fever. Minister: J. FELGER of OH Conf. at this time
01/03/18667FELGER, J. (Rev.)officiated at funeral of Sarah Ellen WIEST, Jan 3, 1866 p 7
01/10/186614BLESH, Elizabeth*62PASWITZERLAND (b)PA: Clinton Co.: German Settlement (d Dec 18, 1865 age 62y, 5m, 14d); to AMER ca 30 yrs ago; 7 chren remain; husb, 6 chren dead; palsy a few days
01/10/186614WILSON, Lucius Asbury*19OHOH: Coshocton Co.: Spring Mountain area (d Nov 27, 1865 age 19y, 9m); son of John T. & Mariah; memb Evan. Assn. 2 yrs; 18 mos prev enlisted in 51st O.V.I.; mustered out several wks before he died; pars, bros, sisters remain; intermittent fever
01/10/186614SHAFER, Mary*32SHAFER, BenjaminPAPA: Perry Co.: Montgomery Ferry (d Dec 11, 1865 age 32y, 8m, 6d); chronic diarrhea
01/10/186614SHAFER, Benjamin-----, Mary*
01/10/186614SHUPP, Maria*28SHUPP, SamuelPAPA: Juniata Co.: Turkey Valley (d Dec 16, 1865 age 28y, 1m, 10d); an infant son a few hrs old remains
01/10/186614SHUPP, Samuel-----, Maria*
01/10/186614OCHS, Henry*24PAPA: Venango Co.: Cranberry Pt. (enlisted Oct 8, 1861); d Jul 13, 1865 age 24y, 3m, 24d; son of Jacob & Judith; prisoner ca 13m at Andersonville Prison; ret home last winter, broken by exposure / hardships; chronic diarrhea
01/10/186614MACKLIN, Susanna*51MACKLIN, DavidOHOH: Fairfield Co. (res prev)OH: Henry Co. (d Dec 24, 1865 age 51y, 9m, 6d); memb U. B. Ch.; 4 chren, aged pars remain; husb dead; lung fever 6 days
01/10/186614MACKLIN, David-----, Susanna*
01/10/186614HARMAN, Jacob*68OHOH: Fulton Co.: Delta (d Dec 25, 1865 age 68y, 9m, 16d); converted 1828, joined Evan. Assn.; had attended quarterly meeting day before, & again the next day, being Christmas; ate dinner, d an hr later
01/10/186614RATHVON, John (Dr.)*65PAPA: Millersburg (d Dec 25, 1865 age 65y, 2m, 5d); widow, chren remain; intending to take gifts to grchren, went to railroad water house; in fog, stepped toward platform, fell as train was passing; killed instantly
01/24/186630RUNDIO, Mary M.*78PAPA: Lycoming Co. (d Jan 1, 1866 age 78y, 3m, 11d); w/ husb converted ca 30 yrs ago; her house a regular preaching place some yrs ago & held protracted mtgs there; att church on Christmas; several chren remain; husb dead
01/24/186630SAYLER, George W.*21ILIL: Lee Co. (d Nov 27, 1865 age 21y, 7m, 22d); pars, bros, sisters remain; typhoid fever
01/24/186630EMERT, Elizabeth*1ILIL: Lee Co.: (d Dec 6, 1865 age 1y, 11m, 23d); dau of Michael & Rosana; croup
01/24/186630DRAKE, Elizabeth Esther*1OHOH: Dayton (d Jan 3, 1866 age 1y, 10m, 7d); dau of Frederick & Sarah
01/24/186630KAMP, Cassamaria*1ILIL: Woodford Co. (d Oct 19, 1865 age 1y, 5d); dau of G. L. & S.
01/24/186630WOLFE, Christiann E.*83PAPA: Wayne Co.: South Sterling (d Jan 2, 1866 age 83y, 1m, 9d); converted 26 yrs ago; 8 chren remain; bur Jan 4th at church graveyard in Hopedale; dropsy
01/24/186630SHUPP, Rebecca*25SHUPP, NoahOHOH: Crawford Co. (d Jan 4, 1865 age 25y, 2m, 7d); converted ca 5 yrs ago; husb, 1 child remain; consumption 6 mos
01/24/186630SHUPP, Noah-----, Rebecca*
01/24/186630OVER, Sarah Catharine*22OHOH: Wayne Co.: Brideport (d Dec 16, 1865 age 22y, 1m, 24d); dau of Benjamin & Elizabeth; pars, a bro, sisters remain; consumption ca 3 yrs
01/24/186630WOOLISON, Lizzie*25PAPA: Lebanon Co.: Myerstown (d Dec 21, 1865 age 25y, 6m, 19d); father, sisters, bros remain; consumption 6 mos
01/24/186630SHAFFER, George Ellsworth*1OHOH: Stark Co. (d Sep 2, 1865 age 1y, 10d); son of Samuel & Catharine; cholera infantum
01/31/186638CONDERMAN, Isaac*37NYNY: Steuben Co.: Fremont (d Dec 27, 1865 age 37y, 9m, 6d); converted 8 yrs ago; widow, little son, aged pars remain; consumption
01/31/186638MILLER, Julianna*24PAPA: Pine Grove (d [no date] age 24y, 11m, 15d); dau of William & Elizabeth; father, bros, sisters remain; consumption
01/31/186638BOUDER, Rebecca*71WALTERIAPA: Lancaster Co. (b)IA: Buchanan Co.: Brandon area (d Dec 31, 1865 age 71y, 9m, 15d); converted age 11; consumption
01/31/186638WALTER, Rebecca*71BOUDER, -----
01/31/186638DORN, Andrew*46NYNY: Oneida Co.: Ava (d Dec 28, 1865 age 46y, 3m, 18d); converted 21 yrs ago; church class-leader; wife, 6 chren remain; typhoid fever 12 days
01/31/186638BYERS, E.* [female]66ILPA (b)IL: Will Co.: Plainfield (d Jan 9, 1866 at res son John); a Christian 45 yrs; 4 sons (2 of whom are ministers) & 3 daus remain; husb d 8 yrs ago; bur beside him at Dover, IL
01/31/186638CLASSER, Frederick (Rev.)*66NYNY: Alleghany [sic] Co. (d Dec 30, 1865 age 66y, 5m); was a traveling minister several yrs, then a local preacher; widow, 8 chren remain; palsy 8 yrs, d from heart disease
02/07/186647BAKER, Christian*69OHOH: Richland Co.: Belleville [sic] area (d Jan 7, 1866 age 69y, 8m, 9d); a liberal supporter of the Gospel; widow, a number of chren remain. Minister; E. B. CROUSE
02/07/186647BLEILER, Hannah*61PAPA: Northampton Tp. [no co. stated] (d Dec 21, 1865 age 61y, 5m, 3d); husb, son remain; consumption. Minister: E. BUTZ
02/07/186647CRESSLER, Hannah R.*82CRESSLER, HenryPAPA: Bucks Co.: Springfield (d Dec 2, 1865 age 82y, 4m, 29d); converted ca 7 yrs ago; 5 chren remain; dropsy / apoplexy
02/07/186647CRESSLER, Henry-----, Hannah R.*
02/07/186647STULL, Jacob*68OHOH: Morrow Co. (d [no date] age 68y, 7m, 20d); aged widow, 9 chren remain, one of whom is Rev. John; stomach cancer w/ roots grown into the liver; stomach-liver perfectly matted together; sufferings were inexpressible 2 yrs
02/14/186654MAUCK, Jacob*74PAPA: Jefferson Co. (d Jan 26, 1866 age 74y & some mos); converted ca 12 yrs ago; widow, 13 chren remain; dropsy ca 1 yr
02/14/186654MYERS, Dorothy*80PAGERMANY (b)PA: Bucks Co.: Tyler's Port area (d Jan 21, 1866 age 80y, 3m, 1d). " … judging from what appeared at the funeral, she had but few relatives in this country. I am told that she went down to the grave sorrowing, but died in peace."
02/14/186654DREIBELBIS, Sarah*67DREIBELBIS, SamuelPAPA: Berks Co.: Maidencreek Tp. (b)PA: Venango Co. (res). Died Dec 9. 1865. Born Berks Co., Pa., "was married and removed to Venango Co. in 1836." Aged husb, several chren remain; dropsy. Minister: C. W. DAVIS
02/14/186654DREIBELBIS, Samuel-----, Sarah*
02/14/186654FENSLER, John*66OHOH: Morrow Co. (d Jan 13, 1866 age 66y, 9m, 29d); memb ch of North Emanuel; wife, 1 dau remain of a family of 6, the rest having died; ate breakfast, chopped wood, came in to rest & warm self, arose to make fire, fell to floor & d in 2 min; palsy
02/14/186654BUTTON, James*20PAPA: Bucks Co.: Bridgetown (d [no date] age 20y, 8m); converted a few wks before death; leaves many friends; typhus fever
02/14/186654SHELLER, Levi*18----: Minister: KING, Wm.; d Dec 9, 1865 age 18y, 5m, 27d; converted 1864; much beloved / highly esteemed; pars, sisters, bros remain; typhoid fever 9 days
02/14/186654WEINBERG, John*72MIPA: Northampton Co. (b)MI: St. Jo. Co.: Flowerfield Tp. (d Nov 20, 1865 age 72y, 11m less one day); first man to entertained our preachers in Park Tp., St. Jo. Co.; wife #2 & 9 chren remain; dropsy ca 15 mos [md twice, wives not named here]
02/14/186654BAKER, Suran [sic]*37MIMI: St. Joseph Co. (d Jan 21, 1866 age 37y, 9m, 10d); husb, 7 chren remain, one child being but a few days old
02/21/186662AHOLTZ, Henry*28ILPA: York Co. (b Nov 2, 1839)IL: Springfield (d Jan 18, 1866 age 28y, 2m, 16d); w/ pars to Lafayette, IN, & where bur; in 2nd IL Cav; hon discharged Jan 8, 1866; was caring for sick friend; assassinated [one man arrested]; pars, 1 sis, 4 bros remain; 1 bro d in country's service
02/21/186662KEHLER, Hannah*46KEHLER, IsaacPAPA: Liberty area (d Feb 1, 1866 age 46y, 2m, 12d); memb Evan Assn. 4 yrs; husb, chren remain; stomach cancer
02/21/186662KEHLER, Isaac-----, Hannah*
02/21/186662McNELLY, Susan*------: Hasenburg (d Jan 14, 1866 [no age stated]); converted ca 25 yrs ago; cancer. Minister: J. N. METZGER
02/21/186662GORN, Susan*50GORN, AbrahamININ: Marshall Co. (d Jan 9, 1866 age 50y, 4m, 9d); converted ca 26 yrs ago; husb, 11 chren remain; 4 chren dead; weakness + fever; lost speech a few days before she died
02/21/186662GORN, Abraham-----, Susan*
02/21/186662MILLER, Elias*ca30ILIL: Fayette Co.: Vandalia (d Nov 30, 1865); memb Evan. Assn. ca 10 yrs; widow, 5 chren remain; diarrhea 3+ mos
02/21/186662WEISE, Lucinda*29WIRTHWEISE, John----: Sugar Valley (d Feb 2, 1866); dau of Henry; memb Luth. Ch.; husb memb of Evan. Assn.; funeral by Rev. MOYER of U. B. Ch.; obit submitted by P. WAGNER
02/21/186662WIRTH, Lucinda*29WEISE, John----: Sugar Valley (d Feb 2, 1866); dau of Henry; memb Luth. Ch.; husb memb of Evan. Assn.; funeral by Rev. MOYER of U. B. Ch.; obit submitted by P. WAGNER
02/21/186662WEISE, JohnWIRTH, Lucinda*
02/21/186662LUDWICK, Conrad*ca82OHOH: Mahoning Co.: Austintown (d Oct 25, 1865); one of 1st membs of Evan. Assn. at Austintown; converted ca 35 yrs ago; widow, 3 chren remain; rheumatism
02/28/186670NEWLAND, Emily*35OHOH: Cuyahoga Co.: Independence area (d Feb 12, 1866 age 35y, 7m; bur Independence; consumption a number of yrs
02/28/186670MORR, Margaret*33MORR, J. P.OHOH: Wayne Co.: West Salem area (d Feb 12, 1866 age 33y, 2m, 18d); memb Evan. Assn. ca 14 yrs; husb, 1 child remain; complication of diseases. Minister: H. LONGBRAKE
02/28/186670MORR, J. P.-----, Margaret*
02/28/186670WAGNER, Solomon*57IAPA: Dauphin Co. (converted 1842)IA: Louisa Co.: Grandview (d Feb 11, 1866 age 57y, 1m, 17d); widow, 7 chren remain; lung fever
02/28/186670SEIBERT, Henry D.*--PAPA: Col. Co.: Evansville (d Feb 7 [7th inst], 1866); prominent memb of Columbia circuit; suicide by hanging w/ halter strap in his own stable; afflicted family remains
02/28/186670SHAFER, Mary Ann*39SHAFER, JacobOHOH: Richland Co. (d Jan 11, 1866 age 39y, 4m, 11d); converted 20 yrs ago; funeral at Zion church. Minister: E. B. CROUSE
02/28/186670SHAFER, Jacob-----, Mary Ann*
02/28/186670SWARTZ, George*58OHOH: Hancock Co. (d Feb 15, 1866 age 58y, 7m, 16d); formerly of Fairfield Co., OH; converted ca 40 yrs ago; widow, 4 sons, 1 dau remain; 2 sons dead; congestion of lungs a few days. Minister: D. H. WONDER
02/28/186670SHAFER, Charlotte*5----: d Jan 24, 1866 age 5y, 25d; dau of Samuel & Catharine; spotted fever 14 hrs
02/28/186670KEENER, Jacob*20PAPA: Harrisburg (d Feb 7, 1866 age 20y, 4m, 6d); served 4 yrs in US military service; consumption
02/28/186670RANCK, Catharine*ca67RANCK, Jno. M.----: Minister: HARRIS, M. W.; d Feb 12, 1866); husb, 1 son remain
02/28/186670RANCK, Jno. M.-----, Catharine*
02/28/186670WEIKEL, Daniel Oscar*6----: Minister: HARRIS, M. W.; d Feb 1, 1866 age 6y, 3m, 6d); son of Elisha & Sarah
03/07/186678ROLAND, John*67PAPA: Union Co.: Lewisburg (d Jan 31, 1866 age 67y, 30d); joined Evan. Assn. ca 32 yrs ago; widow, 3 chren remain; bur Lewisburg Cem.; consumption
03/07/186678CHARPIE, Mary Ellis*16ININ: Elkhart Co.: New Paris (d Feb 21, 1866 age 16y, 1d); dau of Emanuel & Catharine; pars, 2 bros, 3 little sisters remain; typhoid pneumonia ca 18 days
03/07/186678BENDER, Weidler*20PAPA: Lawrence Co. (d Feb 19, 1866 age 20y, 6m, 7d); son of Kinzer D.; typhoid fever
03/07/186678BARR, Catharine*72OHOH: Richland Co. (d Feb 20, 1866); memb Evan. Assn. ca 50 yrs; spoke only in a whisper until dying, then cried out, "Glory to God" three times; palsy / typhoid fever. Minister: C. IDLEMAN
03/07/186678ECKERT, John A.*17OHOH: Richland Co. (d Feb 22, 1866); son of Rev. Daniel; joined Evan. Assn. 2 yrs ago; sick a few days, most of that time more or less bereft of his reason; sinking chills. Minister: C. IDLEMAN
03/14/186686UMBENHOWER, Lewis H.*29INOH: Wayne Co.: Bristol (converted 9 yrs ago)IN: Elkhart Co.: Harrison Tp. (d Feb 25, 1866 age 29y, 5m, 7d); son of John & Elizabeth; wife, 1 child, pars, grpars remain; typhus fever 8 days
03/14/186686KRISSINGER, Anna*36PAPA: Perry Co.: Liverpool (d Feb 4, 1866 age 36y, 8m, 19d); bur the 6th ult. Minister: P. GRAHAM
03/14/186686BOYER, Emma Alice*2----: d Feb 16, 1866 age 2y, 3m, 22d); dau of Mike and Elizabeth; malignant scarlet fever. Minister: D. H. WONDER, of Hancock Co., OH, at this time
03/14/186686MILLER, George P.*1----: d Feb 13, 1866 age 1y, 11m, 25d); son of Philip & Elvina); malignant scarlet fever. Minister: D. H. WONDER, of Hancock Co., OH, at this time
03/21/186694KECK, Michael*66OHOH: Mahoning Co.: North Lima area (d Feb 28, 1866 age 66y, 8m, 29d); converted ca 25 yrs ago; class-leader / exhorter many yrs "almost without interruption"; widow, 6 chren remain; consumption ca 1 yr
03/21/186694COLUM, Emily*21COLUM, JacobPAPA: Luzerne Co.: Newton Tp. (d Feb 24, 1866); joined Evan. Assn. ca 4 yrs ago; husb remains
03/21/186694COLUM, Jacob-----, Emily*
04/04/1866110AHOLTZ, John*19INPA: York Co. (b)IN: Lafayette area (d Mar 2, 1866 age 19y, 8m, 13d); son of Geo. S. & Sarah; Sunday 24th he & bro in church, next Sunday bur together; older bro d few wks before; congestion of brain
04/04/1866110AHOLTZ, Edmund*18INPA: York Co. (b)IN: Lafayette area (d Mar 3, 1866 age 18y, 12d); son of Geo. S. & Sarah; Sunday 24th he & bro in church, next Sunday bur together; older bro d few wks before; congestion of brain
04/04/1866110ALBERT, Levi*31ININ: Wayne Co.: East Germantown (d Feb 18, 1866 age 31y, 2m, 8d); converted 6 wks earlier; widow, 2 chren, pars, 6 bros remain; bronchitis / dropsy of chest
04/04/1866110GEHR, Laura E.*11PAPA: Crawford Co.: Summit Tp. (d Mar 22, 1866 age 11y, 9m, 25d); called together everyone in the house & bade them farewell; mother, bro Hiram dead; diabetes terminated w/ gangrene
04/04/1866110HARPER, Thomas*72PAPA: Dauphin Co.: Wiconisco (d Feb 24, 1866 age 72y, 11m, 1d); embraced religion ca 24 yrs ago; widow, 7 chren remain; palpitation of heart
04/04/1866110ZAHNER, Wm.*69PAPA: Bradford Co. (d Mar 12, 1866 age 69y, 1m, 8d); converted 48 yrs ago; wife, 7 chren remain; 5 chren dead; stroke of palsy
04/04/1866110CONVER, John A.*45PAPA: Clarion Co.: Richland Tp. (d Feb 15, 1866 age 45y, 7m,8d); memb Evan. Assn. 10 yrs; wife, 7 chren remain; typhoid fever, bed-ridden 5 wks
04/04/1866110STARR, Catharine A.*15PAPA: Clarion Co.: Ashland Tp. (d Jan 29, 1866 age 15y, 26d); dau of D. & T.; complication of diseases
04/04/1866110WEAVER, S. A.* [female]42WEAVER, Joseph (Rev.)PAPA: Venango Co.: Rockland Tp. (d Jan 25, 1866 age 42y, 3m, 24d); memb Evan. Assn. 27 yrs; husb, 8 chren remain; Jan 26 "buried, near Father Weaver's"; breast cancer, to NY for tumor removal, ret home, better for a time, then spread through system
04/04/1866110WEAVER, Joseph (Rev.)-----, S. A.*
04/11/1866118WIANT, Josiah*36OHOH: Pickaway Co. (d Mar 21, 1866 age 36y, 10m, 9d); converted ca 15 yrs ago; widow, 1 child remain; lung fever ca 8 days
04/11/1866118HAUGHEY, George Washington*20ININ: Dekalb Co.: Waterloo city (d Feb 3, 1866 age 20y, 4m, 5d); son of Robert & Hannah; memb of 60th Regt OVI; converted 3 yrs ago; pars, 4 bros, 5 sis remain; heart disease
04/11/1866118WENDELL, Jacob (Mrs.)*26PAULININ: Elkhart Co.: New Paris area (d Mar 23, 1866 age 26y, 3d); dau of Abram & Sarah; husb, 3 little chren, pars, 2 bros, 3 sis remain; yellow jaundice / confinement
04/11/1866118PAUL, -----*26WENDELL, JacobININ: Elkhart Co.: New Paris area (d Mar 23, 1866 age 26y, 3d); dau of Abram & Sarah; husb, 3 little chren, pars, 2 bros, 3 sis remain; yellow jaundice / confinement
04/11/1866118BORDNER, Lawson*11----: Minister: STRASBURGER, Wm.; d Mar 8, 1866 age 11y, 3m, 20d; an only son of George & Lovina; att protracted meeting 2 evenings before he died; lung disease
04/11/1866118GREENLEE, John S.*23OHOH: Wayne Co. (b Mar 2, 1843)OH: Wayne Co. (d Mar 26, 1866 age 23y, 24d); son of John & Susan; 2 sis converted at Hope Ch. on Big Prairie circuit 6 wks earlier; he sent for Rev. SICHLEY so he could join church; wife, 1 child remain; consumption
04/18/1866126WOLF, Hannah*61WOLF, Simon (Rev.)PAPA: Union Co.: Lewisburg (d Apr 6, 1866); converted 30+ yrs ago; joined Evan. Assn.; husb remains; bur cem at Lewisburg
04/18/1866126WOLF, Simon (Rev.)-----, Hannah*
04/18/1866126WHITSON, George*32IAIA: Jackson Co.: Mt. Algor area (d Mar 8, 1866 age 32y, 3m, 4d); pars, 1 bro, 2 sisters remain; consumption several mos
04/18/1866126SHADLE, David*26PAPA: Union Co.: New Columbia (d Apr 6, 1866 age 26y, 1m, 2d)
04/18/1866126DIEFFENBACHER, Sarah*68DIEFFENBACHER, Wm.PAPA: Lycoming Co. (d Mar 10, 1866 age 68y, 6m, 26d); memb Evan. Assn. ca 31 yrs; husb, 10 chren remain
04/18/1866126DIEFFENBACHER, Wm.-----, Sarah*
04/18/1866126KOONEY, Rebecca*66KOONEY, DanielILPA: Perry Co. (res prev)IL: Oswego area (d Mar 23, 1866 age 66y, 6m, 7d); md 43 yrs; husb, 8 chren remain; dropsy
04/18/1866126KOONEY, Daniel-----, Rebecca*
04/18/1866126WALBORN, Christian*14PAPA: Dauphin Co.: Millersburg area (d Apr 3, 1866 age 14y, 11m, 21d); embraced religion last winter; told his mother he was "going home"; shouted "Glory!" when leaving this world
04/18/1866126MERGENTHALER, Elizabeth M.*74MERGENTHALER, JacobPAWITTENBERG (res prev)PA: York Co. (d Mar 8, 1866 age 74y, 9m, 28d); to AMER 1819; converted ca 35 yrs ago, joined Evan. Assn.; blind last 4 yrs, had others read the Botschafter to her; husb, 5 chren remain; old age + bronchitis
04/18/1866126MERGENTHALER, Jacob-----, Elizabeth M.*
04/25/1866134TATE, Sarah*46REBERTATE, J.ILIL: Ogle Co.: Brookville (d Mar 27, 1866 age 46y, 10m, 45[sic]d); husb, 4 chren remain [page is dated Apr 28, should be Apr 25]
04/25/1866134REBER, Sarah*46TATE, J.ILIL: Ogle Co.: Brookville (d Mar 27, 1866 age 46y, 10m, 45[sic]d); husb, 4 chren remain [page is dated Apr 28, should be Apr 25]
04/25/1866134TATE, J.REBER, Sarah*
04/25/1866134OESTRICHER, John (Mrs.)*63PAPA: Clearfield Co.: Harmony Church area (d Apr 7, 1866 age 63y, 4m, 19d); to AMER some yrs ago; husb, 1 dau remain [page is dated Apr 28, should be Apr 25]
04/25/1866134RUDOLPH, Elmira A.*27PAPA: Adams Co. (d Apr 10, 1866 age 27y, 10m, 27d); husb, 2 chren, mother remain [page is dated Apr 28, should be Apr 25]
04/25/1866134HENNEY, Jacob*44IAOH: Summit Co. (res prev)IA: Jasper Co.: Newton area (d Mar 14, 1866 age 44y, 4m, 15d); wife, 7 chren remain; killed by irate tenant, Justus KELLOGG, who was found guilty of murder in 1st degree; hit over head w/ an old gun, expired in 4 hrs [corr pg no. is 25]
04/25/1866134DEWEES, Anna Catharine*75DEWEES, William (Rev.)PAPA: Lancaster Co.: Mount Airy (d Mar 13, 1866 age 75y, 4m, 16d); converted 1843; had 14 chren & 5 grchren, of which only one: a grdau, remains; husb, 2 daus-in-law also remain [page is dated Apr 28, should be Apr 25]
04/25/1866134DEWEES, William (Rev.)-----, Anna Catharine*
05/02/1866142MARSH, Tilley Henrietta*1OHOH: Wood Co.: Lake Tp. (d Apr 14, 1866 age 1y, 6m, 3wks, 1day); dau of Luke & Sarah; fell into a well
05/02/1866142KING, Margaret*62PAPA: Tioga Co. (d Apr 14, 1866 age 62y, 7m, 29d); chren remain; dropsy
05/02/1866143SILL, John C.*47----: Minister: HUNTER, Geo.; d Apr 12, 1866 age 47y, 4m, 29d; wife, 1 child remain
05/02/1866143GILBERT, Barbara*52GILBERT, Geo.ININ: Noble Co.: Washington Tp. (d Jan 11, 1866 age 52y, 8m, 9d); embraced religion ca 32 yrs ago; husb, 6 chren remain; typhoid fever ca 3 mos
05/02/1866143GILBERT, Geo.-----, Barbara*
05/02/1866143PINES, Susan M.*23MENCHPINES, I. M. (Rev.)PAPA: Union Co.: Dry Valley (b Jun 7, 1862 [sic])PA: Sullivan Co.: Dushore (d Mar 30, 1866 age 23y, 9m, 23d); youngest dau of Jos. & Nancy; husb, a dear little boy, pars, bro, sister remain [obit heading is MENCH]
05/02/1866143MENCH, Susan M.*23PINES, I. M. (Rev.)PAPA: Union Co.: Dry Valley (b Jun 7, 1862 [sic])PA: Sullivan Co.: Dushore (d Mar 30, 1866 age 23y, 9m, 23d); youngest dau of Jos. & Nancy; husb, a dear little boy, pars, bro, sister remain
05/02/1866143PINES, I. M. (Rev.)MENCH, Susan M.*[obit heading is MENCH]
05/02/1866143GOOD, J. C. M.*21ILPA: Lehigh Co. (b)IL: Chicago (d Apr 17, 1866); son of Carl & Mary; went from his home in Naperville to Chicago, where he got worse & d in a few days; pars, bros, sisters remain; pulmonary consumption
05/09/1866150SCHOBER, Margaret*37OBERHOLTZERSCHOBER, ReubenPAPA: Lancaster Co.: Brecknock Tp. (d Apr 14, 1866 age 37y, 8m, 30d); dau of John; converted 15 yrs ago; husb, 2 little sons remain; consumption / hemorrhage of lungs
05/09/1866150OBERHOLTZER, Margaret*37SCHOBER, ReubenPAPA: Lancaster Co.: Brecknock Tp. (d Apr 14, 1866 age 37y, 8m, 30d); dau of John; converted 15 yrs ago; husb, 2 little sons remain; consumption / hemorrhage of lungs
05/09/1866150SCHOBER, ReubenOBERHOLTZER, Margaret*
05/09/1866150STAUFFER, Mary*80PAPA: Venango Co.: Irwin Tp. (d Mar 27, 1866 age 80y, 2m, 4d); embraced religion ca 30 yrs ago. "Many are left to mourn her departure…." Husb dead; catarrh in the head which prostrated her many yrs
05/09/1866150WOODS, Emery*1PAPA: Clearfield Co.: Patchensville area (d Apr 13, 1866 age 1y, 6m, 2d); son of James & Mary Amanda; croup
05/09/1866150LINDER, John T.*2PAPA: Schuylkill Co.: Orwigsburg (d Apr 2, 1866 age 2y, 8m, 26d); son of John T. & Elizabeth; dropsy of the head
05/23/1866166COVER, Benjamin F.*35OHOH: Mahoning Co.: North Lima area (d Apr 30, 1866 age 35y, 10m, 16d); converted 15 yrs ago, joined M. E. Ch.; last yr joined Evan. Assn.; widow, 3 chren, 5 bros, 2 sis remain [page is dated May 16, should be May 23]
05/23/1866166MUSSELMAN, Lorenz*25ILIL: Naperville (d [no date] age 25y, 6m); son of Rev. Elias & Cath.; bless those who mourn the loss of a son & brother; small pox [page is dated May 16, should be May 23]
05/23/1866166LUTZ, Sarah*79LUTZ, J.OHOH: Summit Co.: Bath (d [no date]); held meeting at her house the previous Sabbath; husb, 6 chren remain, one of whom is a preacher; 2 chren dead. U.B. minister preached in English; H. COVER, in German; old age [pg dated May 16, shd be May 23]
05/23/1866166LUTZ, J.-----, Sarah*
05/23/1866166MILLER, Barbara*68PAWUERTEMBERG (b)PA: Montgomery Co.: Hatfield (d Apr 23, 1866 age 68y, 3m, 16d); to AMER 1831; embraced religion 28 yrs ago, joined Evan. Assn.; 8 chren remain; husb, 3 chren dead; chronic diarrhoea [page is dated May 16, should be May 23]
05/23/1866166ERFURT, Henry*26NYNY: New York City (d Apr 14, 1866 age 26y, 6m, 5d); converted 6 yrs ago; a son, mother, 2 bros, 1 sis remain [page is dated May 16, should be May 23]
05/23/1866166TROUP, Benjamin*69OHOH: Trumbull Co. (d Apr 23, 1866 age 69y, 3m, 24d); converted ca 26 yrs ago; wife remains; carried 2 feeble lambs to the fold, dropt down, and in a few moments was a corpse; wife remains. Minister: E. BEATY [page is dated May 16, should be May 23]
05/23/1866166MARSH, Tilly Henrietta*1OHOH: Wood Co.: Lake Tp. (d Apr 19, 1866 age 1y, 6m, 22d); dau of Luke & Sarah; fell into a well [page is dated May 16, should be May 23]
05/30/1866174SHAFER, Nickolas*ca74ININ: Fulton Co.: Rochester Tp. (d May 12, 1866); converted in U. B. Ch., joined Evan. Assn. ca 21 yrs ago; had preaching in his house a great many yrs; widow, 4 chren remain; chill fever & old age
05/30/1866174RHOADS, Allen Newton*3PAPA: Philadelphia (d May 17, 1866 age 3y, 3m, 4d); son of Rev. S. G. & Mary Anna; d from wound inflicted by a minnie rifle ball, discharged in the streets of Philadelphia by an unknown person
05/30/1866174HESPENHIDE, Mary Jane*2PAPA: Venango Co.: Hickory Tp. (d May 11, 1866 age 2y, 10m, 6d)
06/06/1866182SHUMAKER, Nathaniel*--PAPA: York Co.: York Tp. (d May 15, 1866); lung disease ca 3 yrs
06/06/1866182STOCHER, Mary C.*1PAPA: Northampton Co.: Lower Mound [sic] Bether [sic] (d May 22, 1866 age 1y, 11m; breast fever
06/06/1866182SWARTZ, Lorinda*1----: Minister: GOOD, J.; d May 7, 1866 age 1y, 8m, 17d); dau of Lewis & Priscilla
06/06/1866182SNYDER, Angeline*27SNYDER, PeterPAPA: Lycoming Co. (d May 19, 1866 age 27y, 6m, 9d); husb, 5 chren remain;
06/06/1866182SNYDER, Peter-----, Angeline*
06/06/1866182FOWLER, Mary*66FOWLER, AsahelPAPA: Columbia Co. (d May 15, 1866 age 66y, 28d); mother-in-law of Rev. D. W. MILLER; heart disease
06/06/1866182FOWLER, Asahel-----, Mary*
06/06/1866182BROTZMAN, Simon*38PAPA: Northampton Co.: Williams Tp. (d May 19, 1866 age 38y, 2m, 15d); converted 1853, joined Evan. Assn.; his house a pleasant home for preachers; widow, 5 chren, mother remain; liver complaint
06/13/1866190SNYDER, Jacob*66OHOH: Seneca Co.: Adrian (d May 3, 1866 age 66y, 6m, 7d); converted ca 26 yrs ago, soon after joined Evan. Assn.; one of 1st to join society in Tiffin; class-leader / exhorter; wife, 10 chren remain
06/13/1866190HOLLISTER, Fanton [sic]*63ILNY (b)IL: Lee Co. (d May 28, 1866 age 63y, 7m, 13d); embraced religion 5 yrs ago; wife, 9 chren remain; 3 chren dead; w/ span of horses went to get roller from neighbor, horses ran away, pitched him under roller, d 2.5 hrs later
06/13/1866190HESS, Susanna*82HESS, JeremiahPAPA: York Co. (d May 20, 1866 age 82y, 9m, 24d); converted ca 40 yrs ago, memb Evan. Assn. 20 yrs; att church on Whit suntide, d that evening; in York her house was 1st in which Evan. Assn. met; md 54 yrs; husb, 3 chren remain; 4 chren dead
06/13/1866190HESS, Jeremiah-----, Susanna*
06/13/1866190STRAYER, Emaline*12PAPA: York area (d May 10, 1866 age 12y, 2m, 14d); dau of widow Elizabeth STRAYER
06/20/1866198SPANGLER, Margaretta*23PAPA: Centre Co. (d [no date] age 23y, 6m, 19d); youngest dau of Samuel & Margaretta; had bros & sisters promise to meet her in heaven; bur the 21st [no month stated] in Zion grave yard; scrofulous consumption 1 yr
06/20/1866198COCKLIN, Peter*59OHOH: Wayne Co.: Plain Tp.: Jefferson (d May 30, 1866 age 59y, 10m, 15d); embraced religion ca 20 yrs ago; wife, 4 chren remain; lung fever. Funeral by Rev. J. DICK; obit submitted by F. R. TOTHEROH
06/20/1866198BATES, John*34PAPA: Monroe Co.: Ross Tp. (d May 7, 1866 age 34y, 4m, 7d); served the Lord faithfully 6 yrs; widow, 3 chren remain; consumption
06/20/1866198BECK, Mary Elisabeth*1C. W.C. W. [CANADA WEST?; possibly ONTARIO]: York Co. (d May 28, 1866 age 1y, 9m, 24d); dau of John
06/27/1866206HENNY, Catharine*71HENNY, George (husb #2; had 1 dau, who cared for her last 5 mos)IAPA (b)IA: Laporte City (d Jun 13, 1866 age 74y, 10m, 1d at home of dau); memb Evan. Assn. 33+ yrs; 6 chren remain; 6 died, some in infancy, others as adults; stomach cancer 5 mos
06/27/1866206-----, Catharine*71CLAY, David (husb #1; had 11 chren)IAPA (b)IA: Laporte City (d Jun 13, 1866 age 74y, 10m, 1d at home of dau); memb Evan. Assn. 33+ yrs; 6 chren remain; 6 died, some in infancy, others as adults; stomach cancer 5 mos
06/27/1866206CLAY, Catharine*71HENNY, George (husb #2; had 1 dau, who cared for her last 5 mos)IAPA (b)IA: Laporte City (d Jun 13, 1866 age 74y, 10m, 1d at home of dau); memb Evan. Assn. 33+ yrs; 6 chren remain; 6 died, some in infancy, others as adults; stomach cancer 5 mos
06/27/1866206HENNY, GeorgeCLAY, Catharine*
06/27/1866206CLAY, David-----, Catharine*
06/27/1866206STAMM, Julia Ann*30STAMM, JohnININ: Pulaski Co.: Winamac area (d May 5, 1866 age 30y, 4m, 5d); converted 1854; husb, 4 chren remain
06/27/1866206STAMM, John-----, Julia Ann*
06/27/1866206GLASSER, Mary*28GLASSER, Abr.PAPA: Williamsport (d Jun 13, 1866 age 28y, 3m, 2d); consumption
06/27/1866206GLASSER, Abr.-----, Mary*

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