DatePageDecedent or
AgeMaiden NameSpouse or DecedentLocaleLocation
Place of Death or
Last Known Residence/Notes
01/04/18656PORTER, Mary Ann19ILIL: Lee Co. (d Dec 11, 1864 age 19y, 4m, 17d); pars, bros, sisters remain; consumption
01/04/18656LAPE, Sarah* [and child]32EMERT----: Minister: RISINGER, G. W.; d Dec 5, 1864 age 32y, 14d; dau of John & Susan; husb, 2 chren remain; on Dec 19th her youngest died, aged 39 days
01/04/18656EMERT, Sarah*32LAPE, ---------: Minister: RISINGER, G. W.; d Dec 5, 1864 age 32y, 14d; dau of John & Susan; husb, 2 chren remain; on Dec 19th her youngest died, aged 39 days
01/04/18656HEMSTED, Thomas*28IAIA: Delaware Co. (d 19th ult.); wife remains; nervous fever
01/04/18656MORRIS, John Thomas*15OHOH: Pickaway Co. (d Dec 12, 1864, age 15y, 8m, 16d); son of John & Delilah; pars, bros, sisters remain; erysipelas 1 wk
01/04/18656SPITLER, Christian*--OHOH: Summit Co.: Greensburg (d Nov 22, 1864); wife, 6 chren remain; typhoid fever
01/04/18656TAYLOR, Joseph F.*11 moIAIA: Jasper Co. (d Oct 4, 1864 age 11m, 9d); whooping cough
01/04/18656TAYLOR, George N.*11 moIAIA: Jasper Co. (d Oct 6, 1864 age 11m, 11d); whooping cough
01/04/18656RUMBAUGH, Mary E.*6IAIA: Jasper Co.: Green Castle (d Sep 4, 1864 age 6y, 2m, 5d); dau of George & Lucretia; pneumonia
01/04/18656WALTZ, Rebecca*82+INPA: Dauphin Co. (b)IN: Randolph Co. (d Dec 14, 1864); 4 chren remain; 7 chren dead; old age
01/04/18656FLYTE, John George*83PAPA: Monroe Co.: Ross Tp. (d Dec 2, 1864 age 83y, 6m, 3d); 10 chren remain
01/04/18656Mc ABEE, George*34PAPA: York Co.: Shrewsbury area (d Dec 20, 1864 age 34y, 2m, 10d); S. S. supt.; wife, chren remain
01/04/18656LIGHTHEISER, Mary Ann*18OHOH: Henry Co.: Harrison (d Nov 6, 1864 age 18y, 1m, 17d); dau of John & Mary; pars, bros, sisters remain; typhoid fever
01/04/18656ROADS, Peter (Cpl.)*29PAPA: Crawford Co.: Monsheerstown area (d Dec 16, 1864 age 29y, 3m, 15d); enlisted Aug 1862 in army, in 13 engagements; wife, 2 chren remain; was furloughed by chronic diarrhea
01/04/18656MUDY, George W.*40ILIL: Mound City Hosp. (d Oct 19, 1864 age 40y, 7m, 25d); memb Co. D, 46th Regt, IL Vol. Inf.; enlisted Jan 5, 1864; wife, 2 chren remain; chronic diarrhea
01/04/18656RICHARD, Byron*38NCNC: Newberne (d Oct 22, 1864); volunteered Dec 16, 1863 in Batt. D, 3rd NY Light Artillery; one orphan child remains; yellow fever
01/04/18656FRIDLEY, David*41NCNC: Newberne (d Oct 23, 1864 age 41y, 11m, 8d); volunteered 148th Regt., NY Vol.
01/04/18656SPAID, Frederick H.*25----: Minister: MOOSE, D.; d Nov 18, 1864 age 25y, 5m, 6d; son of John & Anna; 2 yrs ago joined 148th NY Vol. as banner bearer; in hosp. ca 6 mos; home on furlough; chronic debility
01/04/18656DRAKE, John M.*21----: Minister: MOOSE, D.; d Oct 22, 1864 age 21y, 9m, 12d; son of Elisha & Mary; entered army Dec 16, 1863, Batt D, 3rd NY Light Artillery; quarter-master sgt; served in Newberne & vicinity; yellow fever
01/04/18656MATTOON, Perry*29GAGA: Atlanta area U.S. Hosp. (d Aug 24, 1864 age 29y, 11m, 20d); enlisted last Feb in 7th PA Cav.; went to GA to serve under SHERMAN; widow, 2 chren remain. Minister: A. REARICK
01/04/18656KING, John* [bro of Alexander]24VAVA: Battle of the Wilderness (d May 12, 1864 age 24y, 9d); enlisted Aug 1862 in 107th Regt., NY Vols. Minister: A. REARICK
01/04/18656KING, Alexander* [bro of John]------: Petersburg [possibly VA]; killed Jul 30, 1864 at blowing up of the mine; w/ bro John in 107th Regt., NY Vols; mother, 3 bros remain, 2 of whom are likewise in the service. Minister: A. REARICK
01/04/18656ALTEMUS, Franklin (Sgt.)*21VAVA: Middletown area (d in battle Oct 19, 1864 age 21y, 5m, 1d); son of Michael & Elisabeth; enlisted for 3 yrs Jan 6, 1862 in 67th Regt., PA Vols; had re-enlisted; mentions a sister
01/04/18656ALLISON, Noah*21VAVA: Hanover Co.: Coal [sic] Harbor area (d in skirmish Jun 5, 1864 age 21y, 5m, 22d); son of John & Elisabeth; fell on field of battle "without a mother or sister's care"
01/11/186514WEINBACH, F.*35ILIL: Mt. Carmel (d Nov 5, 1864 age 35y, 9d); wife, 6 small chren remain; inflammation of bowels
01/11/186514SHIDLER, William Erastus*1ININ: Wayne Co.: Jackson Tp. (d Dec 20, 1864 age 1y, 3m, 29d); son of Aaron & Rachel; scarlet fever
01/11/186514ECKERT, Catharine*53ECKERT, Daniel (Rev.)OHOH: Richland Co. (d Dec 21, 1864 age 53y, 9m, 28d); husb, 8 chren remain; 4 chren dead; heart affection ca 2 wks
01/11/186514ECKERT, Daniel (Rev.)-----, Catharine*
01/11/186514HENSEL, John (Rev.)*51OHOH: Stark Co. (d Dec 22, 1864 age 51y, 10m, 2d); served as preacher on probation last 7 yrs; went to his bro to work, died before 12:00 same day; widow, 4 chren remain; heart disease
01/18/186522RUMBERGER, Catharine*25RUMBERGER, Jacob, Jr.PAPA: Dauphin Co.: William's Valley (d Jan 2, 1865 age 25y, 5m, 9d); consumption
01/18/186522RUMBERGER, Jacob, Jr.-----, Catharine*
01/18/186522FRANKENFIELD, Edward*37PAPA: Dauphin Co.: Wiconisco (d Jan 3, 1865 age 37y, 7d); widow, 3 chren remain; typhus fever 4+ days
01/18/186522LAWRENCE, Caroline*42LAWRENCE, JohnPAPA: Lancaster Co. (d Dec 26, 1864 age 42y, 11m, 13d); enlargement of heart a few days. Her husb was at mourner's bench in Mt. Airy Ch. revival the evening of her burial day
01/18/186522LAWRENCE, John-----, Caroline*
01/18/186522WEAVER, Mahala*19PAPA: Clarion Co. (d Dec 10, 1864 age 19y, 5m, 24d); dau of Samuel & Eliza; pars, sisters, bros remain; typhoid fever
01/18/186522KEEFER, Mary Margaret*15PAPA: Leb. Co.: Lebanon (d Jan 5, 1865 age 15y, 27d); pars remain; consumption
01/18/186522REINOEHL, Geo. W.*26PAPA: Leb. Co.: Lebanon (d Dec 20, 1864 age 26y, 9m, 27d); pars, sisters, bros remain, one of whom is Rev. S. P.; his youngest sister d 6 mos ago; congestion of brain, which began at Tamaqua
01/18/186522MARTIN, Amma [sic] Malinda*5ININ: Wayne Co.: East Germantown (d Dec 1, 1864 age 5y, 11m, 8d); dau of Wm.; inflammatory rhumatism [sic]
01/18/186522FESSLER, N.*36VAVA: Point of Rocks U.S. Hosp. (d Dec 18, 1864 age 36y, 10m, 7d); was from Liberty, Tioga Co., PA; enlisted Sep 1, 1864 Co. B, 207th Regt PA Vols; was sent to the front; widow, 5 helpless chren remain; typhoid fever & hasty consumption
01/25/186530BROWN, Catharine*32PAPA: Luzerne Co. (d Jan 3, 1865 age 32y, 1m, 14d); husb, 2 little girls remain; husb in service of the country; she joined Evan. Assn. 1857; had attended church a few evenings before her death; delicate health
01/25/186530REED, Thomas G.*18PAPA: Lewisburg (d Jan 3, 1865); son of Martin D. & A. E.
01/25/186530KANAGY, Joshua*84PAPA: Cumberland Co.: Shippensburg area (d [no date] age 84y, 7m, 1d); memb M. E. Ch. ca 50 yrs; widow, number of chren remain
01/25/186530STRAYER, Magdalena*70STULLPAPA: Cambria Co.: Richland Tp. (d Jan 7, 1865); 6 chren remain; husb, 3 chren dead; sis of Rev. John STULL
01/25/186530STULL, Magdalena*70STRAYER, -----PAPA: Cambria Co.: Richland Tp. (d Jan 7, 1865); 6 chren remain; husb, 3 chren dead; sis of Rev. John STULL
02/08/186546BAKER, Samuel*60-70OHOH: Seneca Co.: Flat Rock area (d [no date]); joined Evan. Assn. ca 40 yrs ago
02/08/186546RAUCH, Rachel*28OHOH: Fairfield Co.: Liberty Tp. (d Jan 4, 1865 age 28y, 7m, 20d); dau of Henry & Mary RAUCH; mother, 3 bros, 2 sis remain; father, 2 sis dead; she had consumption ca 5 yrs, bedfast only 4 days
02/08/186546KERR, Leah*16PAPA: Centre Co.: Potter Tp. (d [no date] age 16y, 8m, 19d); dau of Rev. Daniel & Rebecca; pars, 3 bros, 3 sis remain; inflammation of bowels
02/08/186546RADER, Casper*24PAPA: Indiana Co. (d Jan 19, 1865 age 24y, 8m, 11d); son of John & Catharine; pars, 1 bro & sis remain; fell on fork handle, d from wound received
02/08/186546BRENNAMAN, Jacob*56IAIA: Lisbon (d Dec 31, 1864 age 56y, 8m, 21d); he memb U. B. Ch.; wife memb Evan. Assn.; widow, 8 chren remain, 3 sons being in army, a 4th son has been discharged; 2 sons dead; typhoid fever ca 12 days
02/08/186546KAFER, Catharine*18IAIA: Linn Co. (d Jan 5, 1865 age 18y, 8m, 2d); mother, number of bros, sisters remain; happy before dying ,"could sing as she never had sung before."
02/08/186546MONGS, J.*39ININ: Randolph Co. (d Jan 9, 1865 age 39y, 8m, 24d); converted in U. B. Ch.; wife, 1 child remain; lung fever
02/08/186546BICKEL, Clara Ellen*1IAIA: Jasper Co.: Green Castle (d Dec 10, 1864 age 1y, 15d); dau of Wm. & Sarah; typhoid fever
02/08/186546RUMBERGER, Jacob Odus*4PAPA: Dauphin Co.: Wiconisco (d the 14th ult. age 4y, 2m, 10d); son of Peter & Mary Ann; typhoid fever
02/08/186546SABOLD, Lillian Harper*4PAPA: Dauphin Co.: Gratztown (d the 18th ult. age 4y, 9d); dau of Washington & Charlotte SABOLD; croup
02/08/186546SOLON, John L.*21TNTN: Columbia area (d in a skirmish Nov 28, 1864 age 21y, 6m, 25d); son of John & Barbarah [sic]; enlisted in 104th Regt., OH Vol Inf in Aug 1862
02/08/186546HARTMAN, Adam*23VAPA: Union Co.: New Berlin (b)VA: Petersburg Hosp. (d [no date] age 23y, 9m, 16d); son of John & Mary; was exhorter a number of yrs in PA; w/ pars to Flat Rock, OH, 1862; enlisted Feb 1864; typhoid fever; Religious Telescope please copy
02/15/186554DAILY, Anthony*69ROW, ElizabethOHOH: Summit Co.: Franklin Tp.: Manchester (d Dec 17, 1864 age 69y, 11m); md Jun 10, 1818; widow, 8 chren remain. Had 4 sons, 9 daus, of whom 5 are dead. [Unclear if 5 chren or 5 daus are dead.]
02/15/186554ROW, ElizabethDAILY, Anthony*
02/15/186554DAILY, ElizabethDAILY, Anthony*
02/15/186554TOORNEY, George*54PAPA: York Co.: Warrington (d Jan 29, 1865 age 54y, 11m, 15d); widow, chren remain; apoplexy
02/15/186554McDOWELL, Emily E.*13PAPA: Westmoreland Co.: Ligonier Tp. (d Nov 11, 1864 age 13y, 5m, 3d); dau of John A.; diptheria [sic]
02/15/186554McDOWELL, Annie S.*3PAPA: Westmoreland Co.: Ligonier Tp. (d Dec 14, 1864 age 3y, 10m, 8d); dau of John A.; diptheria [sic]
02/15/186554McDOWELL, John A.*38PAPA: Westmoreland Co.: Ligonier Tp. (d Dec 24, 1864 age 38y, 3m, 19d); father of Emily E. & Annie S.; wife, 4 chren remain diptheria [sic]
02/15/186554SHADE, Jno.*55PAPA: Perry Co.: Carroll Tp. (d Jan 2, 1865 age 55y, 1m); exemplary church memb
02/22/186562SHULER, Julia*26SHULER, W. W.ILIL: Ogle Co.: Foreston (d Feb 4, 1865 age 26y, 9m, 26d); husb in army, but returned before she died; husb, a little child remain
02/22/186562SHULER, W. W.-----, Julia*
02/22/186562SCHERF, Elias Absalom*6PAPA: Schuylkill Co.: Gordon (d Feb 6, 1865 age 6y, 1m, 9d); son of Elias & Lucy Ann; croup
02/22/186562KRAUSE, Charles*55WIPRUSSIA (res prev)WI: Dane Co.: Springdale (d Jan 29, 1865 age 55y, 1m, 14d); to AMER 1856 to WI; embraced religion 1861; widow, 7 chren remain; pneumonia
03/01/186570CLEVER, John*71OHOH: Richland Co. (d Dec 13, 1864 age 71y, 1m, 11d); widow, 7 sons, 3 daus remain; inflammation of bowels caused by taking cold
03/01/186570CATE, Catharine*57CATE, JohnOHOH: Richland Co. (d Nov 20, 1864 age 57y, 1m); memb Evan. Assn. 26 yrs; husb, 4 sons, 3 daus remain; diarrhea 9 wks
03/01/186570CATE, John-----, Catharine*
03/01/186570LENKER, Catharine*17PAPA: Dauphin Co.: Wiconisco (d Jan 26, 1865 age 17y, 9[?]m, 22d); dau of Isaac & Susan; spotted fever
03/01/186570RUMBERGER, James Oliver*8PAPA: Dauphin Co.: Wiconisco (d Jan 27, 1865 age 8y, 4m, 14d); son of Peter & Mary Ann; spotted fever
03/01/186570BADDUF, Charles Landis*6PAPA: Dauphin Co.: Wiconisco (d Jan 29, 1865 age 6y, 3m, 19d); son of Henry & Lucinda; spotted fever
03/01/186570STAINS, Julia*32BEISELMOMO (d [no date] age 32y, 25d); dau of Jacob & Elizabeth; res prev Bedford Co., PA & 6 yrs ago moved to MO; mentioned a letter she wrote to her mother saying her time was short in this world. Minister: William HAMMER
03/01/186570BEISEL, Julia*32STAINS, -----MOMO (d [no date] age 32y, 25d); dau of Jacob & Elizabeth; res prev Bedford Co., PA & 6 yrs ago moved to MO; mentioned a letter she wrote to her mother saying her time was short in this world. Minister: William HAMMER
03/01/186570BEISEL, George M.*29MDMD: Point Lookout (d Oct 27, 1864 age 29y, 8m, 11d); son of Jacob & Elisabeth; enlisted Feb 19, 1864; memb Co. K, 55th Regt. P. V.; wounded Foster's farm, VA, May 20, 1864; home on furlough, ret to hosp; wife, 2 chren remain. Minister: Wm. HAMMER
03/08/186578HEIR, Mary C.*19ININ: Huntington (d Feb 7, 1865 age 19y, 4m, 8d); pars, 2 sis, 1 bro remain; typhoid fever
03/08/186578WOODRING, Cain (Mrs.)*------: Minister: Mc QUILLING, John; d Feb 23, 1865; husb, 6 chren remain. "Her house was always a home for the weary itinerant."
03/08/186578RANK, Sarah A.*ca64WIWI: Green Co.: Jefferson (d Feb 20, 1865 at res of son-in-law, Wm. GUINTER; erysipelas. Obit submitted by Wm. GUINTER
03/08/186578ELLIS, David*69OHOH: Wyandott [sic] Co. (d Jan 16, 1865 age 69y, 4m, 22d); wife, sons, daus remain; consumption
03/15/186586MOLNIX, Lorenzo D.*34ILIL: Stephenson Co.: Harlem Tp. (d Feb 25, 1865 age 34y, 10m, 15d); converted 16 yrs ago; wife, 1 child remain; typhoid fever / heart disease
03/15/186586FEASTER, Dulceny*26FEASTER, JohnOHOH: Wood Co.: Montgomery Tp. (d Dec 25, 1865 age 26y, 6m); husb, 4 helpless chren remain; confinement / typhoid fever
03/15/186586FEASTER, John-----, Dulceny*
03/15/186586BLASER, -----*52OHOH: Seneca Co.: Jackson Tp. (d Feb 14, 1865 age 52y, 3m, 28d); wife, 8 chren remain; flux
03/15/186586COLVERT, Rebecca*41PAPA: Nazareth (d Feb 11, 1865 age 41y, 5m, 21d); 4 sisters remain
03/15/186586SWARTZ, Isabella*21SWARTZ, George, Jr.OHOH: Hancock Co. (d Feb 14, 1865 age 21y, 9m, 20d); husb, 2 small chren remain
03/15/186586SWARTZ, George-----, Isabella*
03/15/186586KAFER, Moriah*32IAIA: Mt. Vernon area (d Feb 16, 1865 age 32y, ca 5m); afflicted w/ lameness / running sores; att church when possible
03/15/186586HERR, Mandilla*11OHOH: Medina Co.: Homer Tp. (d Feb 24, 1865 age 11y, 5m, 22d); dau of David & Susanna; quick consumption
03/15/186586COPLY, John B.*29BAUMGARDNER, Mary Ann of Wyandott [sic] Co., OH; md 1+ yr agoMOMO: Jefferson Barracks U.S. Hosp. (d Feb 10, 1865 age 29y, 7m, 17d); son of Jacob & Elizabeth; converted West Salem, OH, 1861; drafted last Oct, attached to 78th OH Regt; wife, pars, siblings remain; measles/ typhoid pneumonia. Minister: H. LONGBRAKE
03/15/186586BAUMGARDNER, Mary AnnCOPLY, John B.*
03/15/186586COPLY, Mary AnnCOPLY, John B.*
03/22/186594SPANGLER, Samuel*66PAPA: Center Co.: Potter Tp. (d Mar 5, 1865 age 66y, 8d); converted 34 yrs ago; class leader / exhorter; widow, 6 chren remain
03/22/186594MILLER, Wm.*73OHPA (b)OH (d Jan 19, 1865 age 73y, 11m, 13d); memb U. B. in Christ 22 yrs; Evan. Assn. last 20 yrs; to OH 1829; wife #2, 6 chren remain; wife #1, 4 chren dead; inflammation of stomach. Minister: Jos. FISHER; [md twice, wives not named here]
03/22/186594TATE, Perry Taylor*18ILIL: Ogle Co.: Brookville (d Mar 1, 1865 age 18y, 4m, 4d); consumption
03/22/186594SNYDER, Maria*11ILIL: Marshall (d Feb 22, 1865); dau of Edward & Catharine; spotted fever
03/22/186594LOEHNER, Ellen C.*25OHOH: Circleville (d Mar 4, 1865 age 25y, 17d on trip to visit friends); dau of Rev. Abraham & Mary LOEHNER of Greensburg, OH; pars, 4 bros, 2 sis remain; 2 bros, 2 sis dead; contracted consumption 3 yrs ago when teaching in IN
03/22/186594KNIESLY, Benjamin*19NYNY: Fort Schuyler Hosp. (d Feb 21, 1865 age 19y, 6m, 26d); wounded at Fort Fisher [NC]; son of Rev. B. KNIESLEY [sic]; memb Co. K, 203 P. V.; bur Evan. Assn. churchyard, Center, Lancaster Co., PA; pars, bros, sisters remain
03/22/186594WEAVER, Josiah*21VAVA: Point of Rocks Hosp. (d Aug 4, 1864 age 21y, 11d); son of John & Mary; enlisted Feb 1864 in 11th PA Regt.; typhoid fever; bur in southern soil. Funeral preached in grove nr church at old Father Weaver's. Minister: Geo. W. CUPP [of Clarion Co., PA]
03/29/1865102METWIG, Margaret*58PAPA: Shrewsbury (d Mar 12, 1865 age 58y, 2m, 23d)
03/29/1865102GAMBEE, Mary Catharine*74----: Minister: MOOSE, D.; d Mar 9, 1865 age 74y, 1m, 11d; old age. [MOOSE of Seneca Co., NY, at this time per next obit (SHANE)]
03/29/1865102SHANE, Aaron*42NYNY: Seneca Co. (d Feb 26, 1865); dropsy
03/29/1865102BRENISEN, Henry*77OHOH: Tuscarawas Co. (d Mar 12, 1865 age 77y, 10m, 3d at res of son-in-law, Geo. PERCHING); had stroke of palsy last Nov
03/29/1865102MAYER, Elizabeth*21PAPA: Lancaster Co.: Manor Tp.: Turkey Hill (d Feb 27, 1865 age 21y, 11m, 8d); dau of Christian & Elizabeth MAYER; typhoid fever
03/29/1865102LONGBRAKE, John*3ININ: Allen Co. (d Feb 16, 1865 age 3y, 8m, 2d); son of Jerome & Caroline; congestion of lungs
03/29/1865102STAHL, Wm.*54NYNY: Seneca Co. (d Mar 1, 1865 age 54y, 6m, 1d); vol Aug 28, 1862 in 148th NY Regt.; lightly wounded in head @ Drury's Bluff; rejoined regt; severely wounded in shoulder Oct 28, 1864 @ Seven Pines, imprisoned at Richmond; paroled Feb 5th, ret home to die
04/05/1865109SCHNUERER, HenryCont. Apr 12, 1865, p 116; Apr 19, 1865, p 124; Apr 26, 1865, p 133; May 24, 1865 p 164; Sep 27, 1865, p 309 [concluded] (Pvt., 124th OVI); not an obit, but acct of 18 months in rebel hands
04/05/1865110WRIGHT, Wm. J.*17PAPA: Schuylkill Co.: Cressona (d Mar 15, 1865 age 17y, 11m, 20d); only son of Robert & Mary; at work in machine shop Mar 7, locomotive exploded, wrecked the bldg, he covered w/ debris & was burned dreadfully
04/05/1865110LENKERT, Joseph*64PAPA: Armstrong Co. (d Mar 4, 1865 age 64y, 4m, 5d); converted 18 yrs ago; widow, 8 chren remain
04/05/1865110RISINGER, Wm. E.*13PAPA: Indiana Co.: Brush Valley (d Mar 17, 1865 age 13y, 6m, 9d); eldest son of Rev. G. W. & Nancy; contracted severe malignant diptheria [sic] Mar 10; father @ conf., arrived home before son died; pars, 3 little bros remain; 3 of the family are dead
04/05/1865110BLACK, Abr.*42----: Minister: HUNTER, G.; d Mar 12, 1865 age 42y, 2m, 28d; class leader at church; wife, 5 chren remain; d 10 min after heart attack
04/05/1865110SHOEMAKER, Isabella Mariah*3mosILIL: Lee Co. (d Mar 12, 1865 age 3m, 3d); only dau of Sylvester & Mattie
04/05/1865110BAER, George*67PAPA: Schuylkill Co.: Drehersville area (d Mar 12, 1865 age 67y, 10m, 11d); a kind friend & good example; indicates he was md & had chren; small-pox
04/05/1865110JACOBY, Joseph Milton*11PAPA: Clinton Co.: Porter Tp. (d Mar 7, 1865 age 11y, 5m, 27d); son of Henry & Jane; congestion of brain
04/05/1865110TANOR, Susan*29TANOR, WilliamPAPA: Clinton Co.: Porter Tp. (d Mar 8, 1865 age 29y, 5m, 3d); husb remains; consumption
04/05/1865110TANOR, William-----, Susan*
04/05/1865110BRUMGARD, Anna*26BRUMGARD, SimonPAPA: Clinton Co.: Lamar Tp. (d Mar 14, 1865 age 26y, 6m, 13d); husb, an only child remain; consumption
04/05/1865110BRUMGARD, Simon-----, Anna*
04/05/1865110HARTER, Jacob William*23MDMD: Baltimore Hosp. (d Feb 9, 1865 age 23y, 8m, 26d); son of Andrew P. & Margaret; enlisted Sep 1864; funeral at the Fremont Ch; chronic diarrhea. Minister: C. G. CURTISS
04/05/1865110GREEN, John Warren*18NCNC: Salisbury Prison (d Dec 13, 1864 age 18y, 3m, 27d); son of Elijah & Mary Ann; enl Mar 22, 1864; memb 10th Co., 60th Regt OVI; taken prisoner Sep 31st [sic]; pars, 2 bros, 1 sis remain; funeral Mar 26, 1865 at Independence, Cuyahoga Co., OH; starvation
04/12/1865119GLASSER, Mary*63SMITHGLASSER, EberhartPAWUERTEMBERG (res prev)PA: Lycoming Co.: Williamsport area (d Mar 27, 1865 age 63y, 10m); as child w/ father to AMER 1805; md 1819; husb, 10 chren remain; dropsy of chest [lengthy obit for the times]
04/12/1865119SMITH, Mary*63GLASSER, EberhartPAWUERTEMBERG (res prev)PA: Lycoming Co.: Williamsport area (d Mar 27, 1865 age 63y, 10m); as child w/ father to AMER 1805; md 1819; husb, 10 chren remain; dropsy of chest [lengthy obit for the times]
04/12/1865119GLASSER, EberhartSMITH, Mary*
04/12/1865119RIEGEL, Sarah*------: d Feb 11, 1865; memb Evan. Assn. ca 43 yrs; she a sister of the wife of Bishop LONG; husb, 2 sons, 3 daus remain. Submitted by "A Friend."
04/12/1865119DUNCLEBURG, Elias*19VAVA: Richmond (d Jun 15, 1864 age 19y, 5m, 21d); son of John & Mary of Lockport, NY; wounded Battle of Wilderness Jun 2; taken prisoner; pars, 6 bros, 1 sis remain. Includes copy of letter from the Chaplain written Nov 8, 1864.
04/19/1865126SHOBERT, Christopher*64PAPA: Luzerne Co. (d Mar 22, 1865 age 64y, 5m, 29d); possessed spirit for camp-meetings; numerous family remains
04/19/1865126BRUNNER, Rebecca Catharine*4OHOH: Fairfield Co. (d Apr 2, 1865 age 4y, 10m, 2d); dau of Jacob & E.; brain fever
04/19/1865126HARBAUGH, W.*19----: d Mar 28, 1865 age 19y, 2m, 4d); son of Geo. & Nancy; enlisted Feb 28, 1865; remarkable for filial obedience, morality, general propriety of demeanor; body rests in southern soil. Funeral by H. B. SUMMERS; submitted by Wm. HAMMER
04/19/1865128LINCOLN, AbrahamNOTE: more in subsequent issues
04/26/1865135LEINBERGER, Marg.*32SCHOEPLERILIL: Princeton area (d Apr 9, 1865 age 32y, 7m, 5d); husb, 5 sm chren remain; died during confinement
04/26/1865135SCHOEPLER, Marg.*32LEINBERGER, -----ILIL: Princeton area (d Apr 9, 1865 age 32y, 7m, 5d); husb, 5 sm chren remain; died during confinement
04/26/1865135FALK, Eliza Jane*7OHOH: Hancock Co. (d Apr 17, 1865 age 7y, 5m, 16d); dau of Gideon & Hannah; pneumonia. Pars have laid "three of their dear children beneath the turf with [sic] a short time."
04/26/1865135LANDIS, W. O.*2PAPA: Tioga Co.: Liberty area (d Apr 2, 1865 age 2y, 5m, 9d); son of Joseph & Elizabeth; fell into a pail of heated water
04/26/1865135DAILY, Elizabeth*63DAILY, AnthonyOHOH: Summit Co.: Manchester area (d Mar 27, 1865 age 63y, 2m, 16d); 8 chren remain; 5 chren dead; overtaxed when husb lay sick last Dec., had severe cold / typhoid; bur Manchester, funeral by Rev. SLATER of U. B. Church
04/26/1865135DAILY, Anthony-----, Elizabeth*
04/26/1865135LERCH, George*20NCNC: Salisbury prison pen (d Feb 1, 1865 of starvation age 20y, 11m, 19d); mustered in Sep 14, 1862, memb 148th Regt NY Vol., Army of the James; prev in Libby prison; pars, bro, sis in MI; bro Jesse in NY [lengthy description]
04/26/1865135EXAMPLE, Civil War prison conditionssee LERCH, George, Apr 26, 1865 p 135
05/03/1865142FREEZENER, Elizabeth*32OHOH: Fairfield Co. (d Apr 7, 1865 age 32y, 8m, 17d); 1 son, 3 daus remain; husb, 1 son dead; consumption
05/03/1865142RISINGER, Lorenzo*11PAPA: Indiana Co.: Brush Valley (d Mar 25, 1865 age 11y, 6m, 28d); son of Rev. G. W. & Nancy; diptheria [sic], which also recently killed his bro
05/03/1865142KERNS, Solomon*45IAOH: North Lima (res prev)IA: Blairstown (d Apr 11, 1865 age 45y, 8m, 15d); died before he had fairly settled after moving from OH; 5 chren remain; wife at point of death at time of husb funeral; typhoid fever / inflammation of brain
05/03/1865142KNISELY, Jno.*57PAPA: York Co.: Lower Windsor Tp. (d Apr 11, 1865 age 57y, 1m, 26d); wife, chren remain; had attended some business, ret home, dropped on porch & died
05/03/1865142NAGLE, Elizabeth*63PAPA: Perry Co.: Liverpool (d Mar 26, 1865 age 63y, 2m, 25d); converted ca 30 yrs ago, joined Evan. Assn.; bur Evan. Cem.
05/03/1865142HARRIS, Andrew*20GAGA: Andersonville prison (d Aug 27, 1865 of starvation / disease, age 20y, 27d); son of William & Malinda; enlisted Mar 1862, memb Co. K, 2nd PA Cav.; captured nr Bealton Station; mother remains
05/10/1865150SHELL, Sarah A.*13PAPA: Lehigh Co.: Catasauqua (d Mar 23, 1865 age 13y, 10m, 29d); dau of Rev. John & Amelia; lung fever
05/10/1865150SMITH, Missourie Elizabeth*18PAPA: Somerset Co.: Salisbury (d Apr 20, 1865 age 18y, 4m, 6d); dau of John & Catharine
05/10/1865150WARNER, Sarah*50PAPA: York Co.: Codorus (d Apr 21, 1865 age 50y, 2m, 23d); embraced religion ca 20 yrs ago; dyspepsia
05/10/1865150STINE, Henry P.*7mosPAPA: Center Co.: Center Hall (d Mar 29, 1865 age 7m, 22d); son of David & Eliza; catarrh
05/10/1865150BLIEM, Amy E.*26PAPA: Northampton Co.: Howertown (d Feb 14, 1865 age 26y, 7m, 18d); dau of David & Susannah; inflammation of stomach
05/10/1865150MUNSCH, Elizabeth*65MUNSCH, Geo.PAGERMANY (res prev)PA: Bradford Co. (d Apr 1, 1865 age 65y, 3m); husb, 8 chren remain; 3 chren dead; inflammation of lungs
05/10/1865150MUNSCH, Geo.-----, Elizabeth*
05/10/1865150RICHARDS, David*71----: Minister: MILLER, E. B.; d Apr 7, 1865 age 71y, 3m, 24d); church memb ca 20 yrs
05/10/1865150LONG, Orvill*11 moININ: Wayne Co.: East Germantown area (d Apr 28, 1865 age 11m, 4d); son of William & Sarah; lung disease
05/10/1865150KERN, Catharine*42KERN, SolomonIAIA: Benton Co.: Blairstown area (d Apr 13, 1865 age 42y, 17d); memb Evan. Assn. ca 20 yrs; 5 chren remain; she & her husb d within 4 days of each other; nervous shock at seeing husb dead, unconscious until death; bur strange land amongst strangers
05/10/1865150KERN, Solomon-----, Catharine*
05/10/1865150KRAMER, George*39IAIA: Johnson Co.: North Bend (d Apr 8, 1865); converted many yrs ago in Cumberland Co., PA; widow, 6 chren remain
05/10/1865150REPPERT, Lewis, Jr.*27TNPRUSSIA (b)TN: Field hosp. nr Russelville (d Mar 31, 1865 age 27y, 2m, 15d); as child w/ pars to AMER; drafted Oct 1864; wife, 2 chren, pars, bros, sisters remain; funeral Apr 30th; chronic diarrhoea. Minister: D. S. OAKES
05/17/1865158WILSON, Alvah*53IANY (b)IA: Delaware Co. (d 14th ult., age 53y, 9m, 12d); prev memb M. E. Ch., later of the Evan. Assn.
05/31/1865174SMITH, Catharine*34ININ: Elkhart Co.: Cleveland Tp. (d May 14, 1865 age 34y, 1m, 15d); dau of John & Anna SMITH; pars 3 bros, 2 sis remain; consumption ca 6 mos
05/31/1865174ENGEL, Margaret*22ILPA: Lancaster Co. (b Oct 21, 1842)IL: Cook Co.: Chicago (d May 15, 1865); dau of John & Isabella; to IL 1848; husb, 1 child, pars, bros, sisters remain; 1 child dead; consumption
05/31/1865174HARTER, John*58ILIL: Kankakee Co.: Rockville (d Mar 1, 1865 age 58y, 11m, 18d); converted ca 30 yrs ago in Stark Co., OH; widow, 5 chren remain; dyspepsia several yrs
05/31/1865174PIPER, Susan*28PIPER, JohnOHOH: Wayne Co.: New Pittsburg area (d May 16, 1865 age 28y, 11m, 2d); converted ca 18 mos earlier. Minister: H. LONGBRAKE
05/31/1865174PIPER, John-----, Susan*
05/31/1865174CRIST, Jonathan E.*18NCNC: Salisbury rebel prison (d Dec 3, 1864 of starvation age 18y, 4m, 19d); enlisted as Pvt in 6th Regt., O. C.; funeral in new church in Austintown on April 30th by J. D. HOLLINGER
06/07/1865182SENNEFF, Hannah*60PAPA: Fayette Co. (d Apr 25, 1865 age 60y, 1m, 21d); lived a holy life 38 yrs; husb, 1 dau remain; suffered stroke of palsy last Nov
06/07/1865183WISE, George*60PAPA: Venango Co. (d May 16, 1865 age 60y, 1m, 9d); father of 8 chren, 4 of whom are dead
06/07/1865183METZGER, Samuel*28VAVA: Toronto Creek (d Feb 5, 1865 age 28y, 29d); son of Jacob & Barbara; enlisted Aug 1862 in Co. G, 13th P. V. Cav.; wounded 3 times; as charged rebel works, was shot in head; pars, bros, sis remain; funeral Sun., Apr 30th by H. W. BUCK
06/07/1865183GUTSCHER, Jacob*37NCNC: Newbern US Hosp. (d Mar 13, 1865 age 37y, 24d); res Woodland, St. Joseph Co., IA; drafted last fall; wife, 5 chren remain; inflammation of lungs
06/07/1865183WISE, David Emanuel*24VAVA: Farmersville area (d Apr 6th or 7th, 1865 age 24y, 3d); son of George & Mary; a true gentleman and a noble soldier, esteemed by entire company; wounded Apr 6th, d ca 8 hrs later. Minister: L. M. BOYER
06/21/1865198DREHER, Catharine*25PAPA: Schuylkill Co.: Port Carbon (d May 30, 1865); dau of Philip & Mary DREHER; converted 1850; 4 preachers participated in services; consumption
06/21/1865198SOURS, Elizabeth*19OHOH: Seneca Co. (d May 23, 1865 age 19y, 6m, 12d); dau of Adam & Susanna; chronic disease. "She possessed a more than ordinary mind well stored with useful knowledgeÉ."
06/21/1865198SLUTTERBECK, Mary Ann*9PAPA: Clinton Co.: Porter Tp. (d May 31, 1865 age 9y, 8m, 23d); dau of George & Elizabeth; scurvy a few days
06/21/1865198MOYER, Philip Kearney*1PAPA: Lebanon Co.: Meyerstown (d May 30, 1865 age 1y, 12d); son of Isaac & Clara
06/21/1865198BREON, Robert*29PAPA: Union Co.: White Deer (d Jun 1, 1865 age 29y, 7m, 3d at res of father)
06/21/1865198MOSES, Elizabeth Clare*18ILIL: Stephenson Co.: Cedarville area (d Jun 1, 1865 age 18y, 6m, 14d); dau of Abraham & Julia, formerly of Somerset Co., PA; typhoid fever 2 wks
06/21/1865198DUM, David J.*21NCNC: Raleigh area (d Apr 13, 1865 age 21y, 10m, 14d); from Elliottsburg area, Perry Co., PA; memb 9th Regt. PA Cavalry; d from neck wound; mentions a letter to his sister. Minister: S. AURAND
06/21/1865198MARSH, David*22GAGA: Vienna Station (d Aug 7, 1864 age 22y, 9d); son of C. W. & Margaret; enlisted Jul 1863 in 46th Regt. P. V., in 12th army corps until merge w/ the 20th under Gen. HOOKER; in 13 battles; chronic diarrhea; Religious Telescope please copy
06/28/1865206EARNEST, Christian* [female]74EARNEST, JacobNYNY: Oneida Co. (d [no date] age 74y, 11m); memb Evan. Assn. 22 yrs
06/28/1865206EARNEST, Jacob-----, Christian*
06/28/1865206ROUPP, John*37PAPA: Tioga Co.: Liberty Tp. (d May 31, 1865 age 37y, 9m, 5d); wife, 5 chren remain; death caused by bruise on knee + consumption
06/28/1865206KROH, Mary Polly*40KROH, H.ILIL: Carroll Co.: Brookville area (d Jun 5, 1865 age 40y, 7m, 2d); husb, 8 step-chren remain; erysipelas
06/28/1865206KROH, H.-----, Mary Polly*
06/28/1865206BAUM, Jacob*70PAPA: Venango Co.: Oakland Tp. (d May 3, 1865); res prev Center Co., PA; memb Luth. Ch.; rheumatism 12 yrs, then consumption + dropsy
06/28/1865206DAVIS, Adam Wm.*3mosPAPA: Venango Co.: Richland Tp. (d May 18, 1865 age 3m, 23d); son of Rev. C. W. & Etta
06/28/1865206STIVISON, Solomon*15OHOH: Hocking Co. (d Jun 4, 1865 age 15y, 15d); drowned in Hocking River, contrary to orders from pars
06/28/1865206STIVISON, Simeon*10OHOH: Hocking Co. (d Jun 4, 1865 age 10y, 3m, 26d); drowned in Hocking River, contrary to orders from pars
06/28/1865206STIVISON, Frederick Goss*13OHOH: Hocking Co. (d Jun 4, 1865 age 13y, 2m, 16d); drowned in Hocking River, contrary to orders from pars [NOTE: GOSS could be his surname, though heading is STIVISON]
06/28/1865206GOSS, Frederick*13OHOH: Hocking Co. (d Jun 4, 1865, age 13y, 2m, 16d); drowned in Hocking River, contrary to orders from pars [NOTE: STIVISON could be his surname, GOSS his given middle name; obit heading is STIVISON]
06/28/1865206PENNINGTON, George W.*23GAGA: Andersonville Prison (d of starvation Sep 20, 1864 age 23y, 4m, 20d); enlisted Aug 16, 1862; captured at Battle of Wilderness; diary was sent to pars; pars, bros, sisters remain; funeral Feb 19 by A. H. IRVINE

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