DatePageDecedent or
AgeMaiden NameSpouse or DecedentLocaleLocation
Place of Death or
Last Known Residence/Notes
01/06/18647MATTINGLY, John*29ILIL: Will Co.: Plainfield area (d [no date] at res of father); son of Rev. G.; wife, 2 chren remain; bur Plainfield Cem. Dec 6, 1863; consumption
01/06/18647KLINEFELTER, Mary*32PAPA: York Co.: Shrewsburg [sic] Tp. (d Nov 20, 1863); delicate health 4+ yrs
01/06/18647BRILLHART, Elizabeth*26PAPA: York Co.: Shrewsburg [sic] Tp. (d [no date] age 26y, 8m, 8d); mentions a late sickness of her brother
01/06/18647SHIPP, Mahola [sic] Jane*33IAIA: Greencastle (d Dec 10, 1863); converted 13 yrs ago in IN by Prot. Meth. ministers; husb, 6 chren remain; erysipelas, sick a few days
01/06/18647MATTHEWS, Deborah*54MATTHEWS, HenryPAPA: Ligonier Valley (d Oct 16, 1863 age 54y, 5m, 29d); converted ca 9 yrs ago, joined Germ. Ref. Ch., later the Evan. Assn.; husb, 4 or 5 chren remain
01/06/18647MATTHEWS, Henry-----, Deborah*
01/06/18647LASURE, Leah*40PAPA: Ligonier Valley (d [no date] age 40y, 1m, 14d); converted ca 12 yrs ago; unable to attend ch 3 yrs; husb, 7 chren remain; 3 chren dead
01/06/18647HARTER, Elizabeth*63----: Minister: CAROTHERS, M. J.; d Dec 9, 1863; converted ca 23 yrs ago; paralysis of right side last few yrs
01/06/18647STABLY, Wesley A.*10PAPA: Clinton Co.: Wayne Tp. (d [no date] age 10y, 5m, 21d); son of Henry & Mary; scarlet fever
01/06/18647BENAGE, Laura Jane*6PAPA: Union Co.: White Deer (d Dec 12, 1863 age 6y, 10m); dau of John & Mary
01/06/18647BENAGE, James Sylvester*4PAPA: Union Co.: White Deer (d Dec 14, 1863 age 4y, 5m, 5d); son of John & Mary; diptheria [sic]
01/06/18647WHITE, Elizabeth*96----: Minister: SEIBERT, J. L. W.; d Dec 14, 1863 age 96y, 3m, 3d); mother-in-law to Joseph BRUBAKER
01/06/18647BRUBAKER, Joseph(not an obit, but only one mentioned in obit of mother-in-law, Elizabeth WHITE age 96, Jan 6, 1864 p 7
01/06/18647STEWARD, Catharine*ca33STEWARD, EdwardPAPA: Centerville (d Dec 6, 1863); husb, 2 chren remain; 4 chren dead
01/06/18647STEWARD, Edward-----, Catharine*
01/06/18647CUSTER, Christina*63CUSTER, Jac.PAPA: Cambria Co. (d Dec 10, 1863); 8 chren remain; bur new grave-yard at Mt. Hebron; consumption
01/06/18647CUSTER, Jac.-----, Christina*
01/06/18647SHETLER, Mary Elizabeth*71OHOH: Stark Co.: Navarre area (d Dec 20, 1863 age 71y, 1m, 3d); husb, 7 chren remain; 2 chren dead; consumption
01/06/18647BLASSER, Wm. Aster*3PAPA: York Co.: Shreusburg [sic] (d Dec 4, 1863 age 3y, 11m, 21d); son of J. Alex. & Sarah
01/06/18647BEAL, Laura*3PAPA: Somerset Co.: Southhampton (d Jul 26, 1863 age 3y, 4m, 24d); dau of Conrad & Drusilla; dysentery
01/06/18647TOTHEROH, Henry Augustus*9----: Minister: WIST, Peter; d Dec 18, 1863 age 9y, 5m, 8d); son of Rev. F. R. & Louisa; typhoid fever
01/06/18647TOTHEROH, -----* [female]1----: Minister: WIST, Peter; age 1y, 2m, 5d; d few wks before her bro, Henry Augustus; dau of Rev. F. R. & Louisa
01/06/18647DUNLAP, Jeremiah*3daysPAPA: York Co.: Mt. Wolf (d Dec 17, 1863); only child of Rev. J. A. & Ann Maria; inward fits
01/13/186415SPAR, Barbara*36FUNKPAPA: Jefferson Co. (d Dec 8, 1863 age 36y, 7m, 11d); dau of widow FUNK; 5 chren remain; 4 chren dead
01/13/186415FUNK, Barbara*36SPAR, -----PAPA: Jefferson Co. (d Dec 8, 1863 age 36y, 7m, 11d); dau of widow FUNK; 5 chren remain; 4 chren dead
01/13/186415HUMMEL, Polly*92PAPA: Somerset Co.: Shanksville (d Nov 29, 1863 age 92y, 7m, 7d); memb Evan. Assn. many yrs
01/13/186415LEONARD, Christina*81PAPA: Perry Co.: Liverpool (d Dec 24, 1863 age 81y, 9m, 14d); memb Evan. Assn. 30+ yrs; husb, several chren remain
01/13/186416NAUMAN, Anna M.*90NAUMAN, MichaelPAPA: Monroe Co.: Paradisevalley (d Dec 18, 1863 age 90y, 10m, 22d at res of dau); memb Evan. Assn. 18 yrs; 7 chren remain; husb dead
01/13/186416NAUMAN, Michael-----, Anna M.*
01/13/186416MILLER, Mary*34PAPA: Cumberland Co.: Leesburg (d Nov 21, 1863 age 34y, 1m, 19d); sickness was short but painful
01/13/186416MATTHEWS, George*77PAPA: Cumberland Co.: Leesburg (d [no date] age 77y, 9m, 8d); cancer / old age
01/20/186423LANDGREBE, Mary* [+ child]21PAPA: Venango Co.: Tionesta (d Jan 1, 1864); diptheria [sic]; only child died 3 wks prev; husb drafted last summer, now his loved ones gone
01/20/186423EVANS, Jacob*24GAPA: Cumberland Co.: North Middleton Tp. (b)GA: Battle of Chickamauga killed Sep 20, 1863 age 24y, 11m, 22d; son of Henry & Mary
01/20/186423KRING, Daniel*20TNTN: Battle of Missionary Ridge killed Nov 25, 1863; son of Rev. Conrad & Catherine; memb Co. F, 1st Bn., 18th Regt, US Inf; pars, 3 sis, 7 bros remain, one of whom is Levi; funeral at prev res Franklin Co., OH [lengthy]
01/27/186430BISEL, Sarah*18ILIL: Plainfield area (d Dec 31, 1863 age 18y, 11m, 19d); dau of Benjamin & Susanna; pars, bros, sisters remain; diptheria [sic]
01/27/186430COON, David*38ILIL: Plainfield area (d Jan 7 or 8, 1863 age 38y, 2m, 28d); helped to bury the above, Sarah BISEL on Jan. 3d; a little orphan boy, a neice [sic], & a bro-in-law remain
01/27/186430SHOW, Hannah*84OHOH: Wayne Co.: Chester Tp. (d Jan 14, 1864 age 84y, 11m, 28d); converted ca 35 yrs ago; 10 chren, 67 grchren, 40 gt-grchren remain; quick consumption ca 3 wks
01/27/186430ALEXANDER, Rachel*74PAPA: Tioga Co.: Liberty (d Jan 2, 1864 age 74y, 9m, 20d); ch memb ca 30 yrs; husb, 7 chren remain; 1 child dead; inflammation of lungs
01/27/186430SHANK, Christian*63MDMD: Washington Co.: Clearspring area (d Jan 13, 1864 age 63y, 7m, 27d); embraced religion 9-10 yrs ago; wife, 5 chren remain
01/27/186430LANDIS, Anna*75PAPA: Tioga Co.: Liberty Tp. (d Jan 11, 1864 age 75y, 8m, 25d); 7 chren remain; husb, 5 chren dead; stroke of 4 days duration. Minister: A. REARICK
01/27/186430LANDIS, John Celestine*3----: Minister: REARICK, A.; d [no date] age 3y, 8m, 22d); son of Joseph & Elizabeth; croup
01/27/186430LOWRY, Corah Ellen*5mos----: Minister: BOLTE, David; d Sep 13, 1863 age 5m, 9d; dau of Samuel & Elizabeth
01/27/186430HIXSON, Charles Wesley*8ILIL: Cedarville (d Jan 11, 1864 age 8y, 11m, 3d); son of Solomon & Margaret; diptheria [sic]
01/27/186430RABER, Sevilla*1ININ: Huntington Co.: Roanoke area (d Jan 6, 1864 age 1y, 4m, 16d); dau of E. & H.; croup
01/27/186430STETZEL, Mary*2ININ: Huntington area (d Jan 10, 1864 age 2y, 5m, 6d); dau of H. & M.
01/27/186430ALBRIGHT, Richard*--VAVA: Brandy Station hosp. (d Jan 4, 1864); son of Mary, a widow, grson of Jacob ALBRIGHT, founder of Evan. Assn.; in 12th Regt. PA Cav; funeral in Hill Ch., Lancaster Co., PA
01/27/186430DUNCAN, William*21TNCW: Waterloo Tp. (b Jul 17, 1842)TN: Battle of Missionary Ridge killed Nov 25, 1863 age 21y, 4m, 8d); son of Michael & Magdalena DUNCAN "(now Green)"; in 41st Regt. OVI; mentions friend Benj. NEEDHAM also a soldier [very lengthy, descriptive obit]
02/03/186439CAMPBELL, Louisa*21OHPA: York Co. (b Feb 22, 1842)OH: Miami Co. (d Jan 7, 1164 [sic] age 21y, 10m, 16d); to OH 2 yrs ago; pars remain; typhoid fever 6 wks
02/03/186439EASARD, Anna*34CWENGLAND: Yorkshire (b)CW: York Tp. (d Jan 10, 1864); in ENGLAND was a memb of the Wesleyans; w/ husb & fam to AMER Jan 1857 to CANADA; husb, 5 chren remain
02/03/186439EPPLEY, Matilda*29PAPA: York Co.: Warington Tp. (d Jan 21, 1864 age 29y, 9m, 16d); converted ca 7 yrs ago; ill for one wk
02/03/186439BOON, Margaret Loretta*2PAPA: Columbia Co.: Centerville (d Jan 9, 1864 age 2y, 2m, 3d); dau of Hezakiah [sic] J. & Hannah; mother at neighbor's house ca 10 min.; ret to find only little dau on floor burned almost to a crisp; d in ca 6 hrs
02/03/186439COVER, Albert*1OHOH: Summit Co.: Bath (d Dec 19, 1863 age 1y, 11m, 18d); son of Emanuel & Ann; diptheria [sic]
02/03/186439FELIX, Anna*3PAPA: Somerset Co. (d Aug 30, 1863 age 3y, 2m, 16d); dau of George & Anna
02/03/186439FELIX, Ellen*5PAPA: Somerset Co. (d Sep 9, 1863 age 5y, 2m, 18d); dau of George & Anna
02/03/186439LEININGER, Elias Eddie*3ILIL: Will Co.: Plainfield (d Jan 19, 1864 age 3y, 10m, 23d at house of A. H. SCHREFFLER); son of Elias F. & Mary L.
02/03/186439KOCH, George*61OHPA: Schuylkill Co. (b)OH: Ross Co.: Adelphia (d Jan 16, 1864 age 61y, 4m); to OH 1832; not a memb of our church; widow, 2 sons, 4 daus remain; consumption
02/03/186439HUGHES, Mary Louisa*16OHOH: Ashland Co. (d Jan 9, 1864 age 16y, 5m, 13d); pars, bros, sisters remain; scarlet fever
02/03/186439SHAMBER, Jane*56SHAMBLER, LawrencePAPA: Dauphin Co.: Wiconisco area (d Jan 19, 1864 age 56y, 5m, 28d); embraced religion ca 7 yrs ago at a camp-meeting, then joined the Ev. Ch.; the mother of 16 chren [SHAMBLER in body of obit]
02/03/186439SHAMBLER, Lawrence-----, Jane*
02/03/186439MILLER, Adam Monroe*6PAPA: Columbia Co.: Centreville (d Jan 15, 1864 age 6y, 9m); son of Jacob & Elizabeth
02/03/186439RICHARD, Williams [sic]*66PAPA: Berks Co.: Caernarron [sic] Tp. (d [no date] age 66y, 3m, 17d); wife, chren remain. Minister: G. B. FISHER
02/03/186439BADDORF, Sarah*36BADDORF, ChristianPAPA: Schuylkill Co.: Williams Valley (d Dec 9, 1863 age 36y, 1m, 18d)
02/03/186439BADDORF, Christian-----, Sarah*
02/03/186439FOREMAN, John M.*22DCDC: Washington Hosp. (d Oct 18, 1863 age 22y, 3m, 28d); son of Wm. & Eliza; enlisted Dec 23, 1860, Battery M, 5th US Artillery under Capt. James McKNIGHT; wife remains. Funeral Jan 17, 1864 by G. B. FISHER [who was of Berks Co., PA, at this time]
02/03/186439NOLL, David N.*25VAVA: Auburn area (killed Oct 13, 1863 age 25y, 1m, 5d, while falling back from Culpepper to Centreville); memb Co. C, 105th Regt., PA Vol Inf; church class-leader when enlisted Aug 1860; home was in Clarion Co., PA; widow remains
02/17/186454WALHEY, Elizabeth*87PAPA: Adams Co.: Menalon [sic] Tp. (d Jan 26, 1864 age 87y, 6m, 10d); converted ca 45 yrs ago, joined Evan. Assn.
02/17/186454KING, Elizabeth*44PAPA: Venango Co. (d Jan 15, 1864 age 44y, 5m); embraced religion ca 13 yrs ago, joined Evan. Assn.; husb, 3 chren remain; typhoid fever 6 wks
02/17/186454DONMEYER, William J.*22PAPA: Cambria Co.: Richland Tp. (d Jan 9, 1864 age 22y, 9m); converted in Bethel Ch.; aged mother, 2 sis, 5 bros remain; father dead; typhoid fever
02/17/186454BARR, Harriet*32ILIL: Naperville (d Jan 25, 1864 age 32y, 4m, 22d); dau of Samuel & Sarah BARR; pars, 1 bro (who is in the army), 2 sis remain; liver complaint ca 3 yrs
02/17/186454WAGONER, Sarah Mary*48SCHREFFLERILIL: Will Co.: Plainfield area (d Jan 31, 1864 age 48y, 8m, 14d); dau of Daniel & Catharine; husb remains; typhoid pneumonia 3 days [Corr. TO Leah Mary, wife of John B. WAGGONER, Mar 23, 1865, p 94]]
02/17/186454WAGGONER, Leah Mary*48WAGGONER, John B.ILIL: Will Co.: Plainfield area (d Jan 31, 1864 age 48y, 8m, 14d); dau of Daniel & Catharine; husb remains; typhoid pneumonia 3 days [Corr. FROM Sarah Mary WAGONER, Mar 23, 1865, p 94]
02/17/186454SCHREFFLER, Leah Mary*48WAGGONER, John B.ILIL: Will Co.: Plainfield area (d Jan 31, 1864 age 48y, 8m, 14d); dau of Daniel & Catharine; husb remains; typhoid pneumonia 3 days
02/17/186454WAGGONER, John B.SCHREFFLER, Leah Mary*
02/17/186455URIAS, Catharine*69URIAS, JohnPAPA: Indiana Co. (d Jan 23, 1864 age 69y, 22d). "Her life was one of toil and sorrow…." Helpless husb, 4 chren, 2 step-chren remain; 5 chren dead, inc one who d in the army; sore throat
02/17/186455URIAS, John-----, Catharine*
02/17/186455GODSHOLL, David M.*4PAPA: Swenksville area (d Jan 31, 1864 age 4y, 1m, 11d); son of William & Susan; killed in house fire while pars at church meeting; bro Mathias A. also died; one bur Trapp Ch., other's body consumed; 12-yr-old son survived
02/17/186455GODSHOLL, Mathias A.*1PAPA: Swenksville area (d Jan 31, 1864 age 1y, 1m, 2d); son of William & Susan; killed in house fire while pars at church meeting; bro Mathias A. also died; one bur Trapp Ch., other's body consumed; 12-yr-old son survived
02/17/186455FOWLER, Horace2PAPA: Columbia Co.: Foundryville (d Jan 24, 1864 age 2y, 7m, 21d); son of Archibald & Kate
02/17/186455EVANS, Joshua*2PAPA: Columbia Co.: Foundryville (d Jan 29, 1864, age 2y, 2m, 9d); son of Thomas & Susannah
02/17/186455KRAPE, Minnie*4PAPA: Clinton Co. (d 27th inst. age 4y, 7m, 27d); dau of Michael & Hannah
02/17/186455MEHLER, Eveline Elizabeth*7WIWI: Vernon Co.: Stark Tp. (d Jan 31, 1864 age 7y, 3m, 19d); the darling of her parents; lung disease
02/17/186455HOWARD, David*--TNPA: Sumerset [sic] Co. (res prev)TN: Nashville Hosp. #17 (d Feb 1, 1863); to Lee Co., IL, 1856; joined Evan. Assn. Jun 1861; memb Co. A, 75th IL Vol Regt; wife, 5 chren remain
02/17/186455JONES, Samuel T.*22IAIA: Wayne Co.: Dublin (d Dec 26, 1863 age 22y, 11m, 27d); converted 6 yrs ago in Green Castle, joined Evan. Assn.; wounded Battle of Pittsburg Landing, d 10 wks later; wife remains
02/24/186462SHREFFLER, Henrietta M.*12ILIL: Plainfield (d Feb 5, 1864 age 12y, 11m, 7d); dau of A. H. & E.; pars, 1 sibling remain; she & another sibling now dead; congestion of brain / spine
02/24/186462COCHENOUR, Henry*39?OHOH: Wyandot Co. (d Jan 29, 1864 "upwards of forty years of age"); widow, 5 chren remain
02/24/186462EHRLY, Valentine*36IAGERMANY (b)IA: Linn Co.: Lisbon (d Jan 16, 1864 age 36y, 1m, 18d); to AMER 1853 to Port Clinton area, PA; last fall to Lisbon area, IA; widow, 4 little chren remain; typhoid fever
02/24/186462BECK, Peter*36INBAVARIA (b)IN: Huntington (d [no date] age 36y, 6m, 29d); to AMER 1849; joined Evan. Assn. ca 7 yrs ago; widow, 3 chren remain; spotted fever
02/24/186462MYERS, Wm. H.*2ININ: Huntington Co.: Roanoke area (d Nov 5, 1863 age 2y, 10m); son of J. P. & Henrietta; croup
02/24/186462BAKER, Samuel L.*9mosININ: Huntington Co.: Clearcreek Tp. (d Dec 23, 1863 age 9m, 26d); son of J. P. & Harriet; lung fever
02/24/186462WAGNER, Joel*22--PA: Northumberland Co. (b Oct 13, 1841)--: Minister: MILLER, J., Jr.; place of death not stated; d Nov 30, 1863 age 22y, 1m, 17d from wounds recd at Missionary Ridge; memb Co. G, 93d IL Vol.; he the son of Samuel & Anna funeral at Ger. Ref. Ch. by Rev. John HOYMAN
02/24/186462ARNET, Solome [sic]*57ARNET, LewisPAPA: Warren (d Feb 12, 1864 age 57y, 1m); ch memb 29 yrs; husb, 8 chren remain; nearly 1,000 att funeral; had headache several wks, visited bro 4 mi away, then her son, a short distance from home; seized w/ violent head / stomach pain, d in 6 hrs
02/24/186462ARNET, Lewis-----, Solome [sic]*
02/24/186462BUNN, Oscar Leroy*3OHOH: Seneca Co.: Adams Tp. (d Feb 3, 1864 age 3y, 4m, 16d); son of Oliver & Matilda
02/24/186462GIFT, Roswell*28PAPA: Snyder Co. (d Jan 24, 1864 age 28y, 3m, 23d); class leader / supt of Sabbath School at Centerville Ch.; wife, 1 child remain; bur Hassengen Ch.; typhoid fever
03/02/186471STEWART, William H.*19ININ: Evansville Oak Hill Hosp. (d Dec 30, 1863 age 19y, 2m, 11d); memb Co. A, 75th IL Regt; took place of bro who was killed; father, 2 bros remain, one of whom (the 3d) is in the army; bur Oak Hill Cem. nr place of death
03/02/186471REINHART, Catharine Elizabeth*30ININ: East Germantown (d Feb 13, 1864 age 30y, 5m, 3d); husb, 5 chren remain; consumption. Minister: E. EVANS
03/09/186478RETTINGER, Sarah*63 orRETTINGER, IsaacPAPA: Armstrong Co. (d [no date or exact age]); husb, 9 chren remain; hysteria / dispepsia [sic]
03/09/186478RETTINGER, Isaac-----, Sarah*
03/09/186478DREISBACH, John E.*33OHOH: Circleville area (d Feb 27, 1864 age 33y, 9m, 27d); youngest son of Rev. John & Fanny; widow, 2 chren, pars, 4 bros, 8 sis remain; 1 child dead. Submitted by "A Friend."
03/09/186478DUNKEL, John*67PAPA: Union Co: Buffalo Valley (d Feb 18, 1864 age 67y, 10m, 12d at res of son-in-law, Jacob FREDERICK); converted 1836, joined Evan. Assn.; bur Dreisbach Grave Yard; widow, 8 chren remain; consumption w/ a typhoid character [very detailed obit]
03/09/186479SHUTT, Sarah*34SHUTT, George (Rev.)OHOH: Holmes Co.: Winesburg area (d Feb 18, 1864 age 34y, 10d); husb, 5 sm chren remain; 2 chren dead
03/09/186479SHUTT, George (Rev.)-----, Sarah*
03/09/186479WALKER, Nancy*61PAPA: York (d Feb 21, 1864 age 61y, 5d); inflammation of lungs
03/09/186479DICE, George*77PAPA: York Co.: York Tp. (d Feb 22, 1864 age 77y, 11m, 13d); converted ca 30 yrs ago; memb Unied Brethren in Christ
03/09/186479COLBURN, Effie*ca40----: Oxford Co.: Norwich Tp. (d Feb 20, 1864 age ca 40
03/09/186479MILLER, Chas. M.*21PAPA: Columbia Co.: Foundryhville (d Feb 11, 1864 age 21y, 3m, 18d); bur Feb 14; wife remains
03/09/186479BERLIN, Harrison*2PAPA: Luzerne Co.: Salem Tp. (d Feb 11, 1864 age 2y, 11m, 2d); son of Reuben & Mary
03/09/186479VARNER, Tobias*6mosPAPA: Luzerne Co. (d Feb 21, 1864 age 6m, 5d); son of Alex. & Sevilla
03/09/186479ESCH, Eliza*2mos----: Minister: SHANNON, M. H.; d Feb 8, 1864 age 2m, 2d; infant of Edward & Angeline
03/09/186479RISHEL, John*4----: Minister: SEIBERT, S. W.; d Feb 21, 1864 age 4y, 2m, 23d); son of Jackson & Nancy
03/09/186479HAROFF, Perryca 4OHOH: Mahoning Co.: Austentown [sic] (d Dec 31, 1863); only son of Lewis & Rebecca; croup. Minister: G. S. DOMER
03/09/186479RUSSEL, Ella*2----: Minister: DOMER, G. S.; d Jan 27, 1864 age 2y, 2m; dau of Samuel & Sarah; scarlet fever [from another obit same issue: G. S. DOMER of Mahoning Co., OH, at this time
03/16/186487FISHER, Conrad*65PAGERMANY: Hesse (res prev)PA: Pittsburg area (settled here when came to AMER 1848; exact place of death not stated); d Feb 15, 1864 age 65y, 22d; widow & 3 chren remain, one of whom is Rev. Wm.; complaint assumed a pulmonary character
03/16/186487WONDER, Rachel*17OHOH: Carey area (d Feb 20, 1864 age 17y, 9m, 2d); dau of George & Nancy; converted as a child; 5 siblings have died
03/16/186487BOPE, Eliza Ellen*5OHOH: Wyandot Co. (d Feb 22, 1864 age 5y, 3m, 21d); dau of Daniel & Barbara; diptheria [sic]. When minister went to house for funeral, found another ill child, who d shortly after; funeral held the next day [called "Ella" in body of obit]
03/16/186487BOPE, John Fremont*1OHOH: Wyandot Co. (d Feb 23, 1864 age 1y, 7m, 10d); son of Daniel & Barbara; diptheria [sic]. Bur Feb 24 along w/ sister Eliza Ellen.
03/16/186487PATRICK, Geo. W.*28PAPA: Ind. Co.: Cherry Tree area (d Dec 22, 1863 age 28y, 6m, 26d); exhorter in Salem Class; struck by tree when timbering [very detailed account], d that night; wife, 4 sm chren remain
03/16/186487SHERICK, Susan*37SHERICK, David [He d Sep 30, 1914 age 90y, 11m, 11d; bur Ashland Cem. His 2d wife, Amy B., d Dec 30, 1882 age 50y, 1m, 4d]OHOH: Ashland Co. (d Feb 24, 1864); she & husb to visit a friend planning to stay all night; hearing one of her chren was ill, she went home by herself; in dismounting, she fell on the fence, rupturing a bloodvessel & d in 2 hrs; husb, 8 chren remain
03/16/186487SHERICK, David-----, Susan*
03/16/186487BENAGE, Nancy*56BENAGE, DavidPAPA: Union Co. (d Feb 24, 1864 age 56y, 4m, 23d); husb, several chren remain, along w/ her 82-yr-old mother, who cared for her; consumption
03/16/186487BENAGE, David-----, Nancy*
03/16/186487STAHL, Edward*15NYNY: Seneca Co. (d Feb 5, 1864 age 15y, 9m); son of Abraham & Susan; typhoid fever 1 wk
03/16/186487BREARLEY, Cora*1PAPA: Columbia Co.: Foundryville (d Jan 19, 1864 age 1y, 4m, 16d); dau of James E. & Elmire
03/23/186494REX, Hannah*35REX, Geo.OHOH: Medina Co.: Harrisville Tp. (d Feb 8, 1864 age 35y, 13d). Minister: F. R. TOTHEROH
03/23/186494REX, Geo.-----, Hannah*
03/23/186494SHAFFER, Nicholas*67OHOH: Ashland Co.: Jackson Tp. (d Feb 18, 1864 age 67y, 3m, 12d); wife, 2 daus remain; lung fever. Minister: F. R. TOTHEROH
03/23/186494OTTENBACH, George*22PAPA: Alleghany [sic] City (d Mar 6, 1864 age 22y, 3m); in army 9 mos; pars remain; galloping consumption
03/23/186494OVERDORFF, Caharine*75PAPA: Ind. Co.: Brush Valley (d Feb 28, 1864 age 75y, 11m); memb Evan. Assn., then withdrew membership "on account of some dissatisfaction on the part of her husband'; her seat seldom vacant, however
03/23/186494COOK, Elizabeth*42OHOH: Fairfield Co.: Liberty Tp. (d Mar 1, 1864 age 42y, 7d); memb prev United Brethren Ch., 3 yrs ago joined Evan. Assn.; husb, 8 chren remain
03/23/186494GEIST, Elisabeth*17PAPA: Jefferson Co.: Ringgold Tp. (d Jan 16, 1864 age 17y, 6m, 14d); dau of Conrad & Susannah; church memb 2 yrs
03/23/186494SIPE, Wm.*24OHOH: Wyandot Co.: Carey (d Feb 27, 1864); church memb 4 yrs; mother, several bros, sisters remain; "accidentally killed while gunning"
03/23/186494GRAVES, Mary Jane*15ILIL: Lee Co.: Franklin Grove (d Feb 26, 1864 age 15y, 10m, 26d); dau of M.; ch memb since Aug 1861; the only remaining dau; mother, 2 bros remain
03/23/186495GEHR, Celinda*7PAPA: Crawford Co.: Summit (d [no date] age 7y, 11m); dau of Hiram & Jane; diptheria [sic]
03/23/186495BERG, Charles*3NYNY: Seneca Co. (d Mar 2, 1864 age 3y, 1m, 12d); son of Conrad & Catharine; congestion of lungs
03/23/186495MIESSE, William*1OHOH: Fairfield Co.: Amanda Tp. (d Mar 2, 1864 age 1y, 5m, 2d); son of Wm. & Rebecca; lung fever
03/23/186495RICKEL, William*22MSMS: Wounded in Battle of Jackson, MS [fought May 14, 1863]; d Sep 5, 1863 age 22y, 9m, 19d); exact place of death not stated; son of Peter & Nancy; memb 120th OVI; body ret to res of father in West Salem, OH; bur there; pars remain
03/23/186495FISHER, William*20MSMS: Vicksburg (d Oct 21, 1863 age 20y, 5m, 17d); son of Benjamin & Elizabeth; served in war 2 yrs; lung fever
03/23/186495ALLISON, Joseph*40VAVA: US Hosp. nr Brandy Station (d Jan 25, 1864 age 40y, 10m, 3d); converted 15 yrs ago; enlisted 1862 in 138th PA Regt.; wife, 7 chren remain; chronic diarrhea
03/30/1864103RIEMAN, Julia*60INGERMANY (b)IN: Greencastle (d Mar 11, 1864 age 60y, 5m, 28d); to East Germantown, Wayne Co., IN; joined Evan. Assn. w/ husb ca 16 yrs ago; 3 chren remain; strangulated hierna [sic] from lifting a box of coal
03/30/1864103NEFF, Jacob*27ININ: East Germantown (d Mar 8, 1864 age 27y, 6m, 28d); wife, 2 chren remain; inflammatory rheumatism
03/30/1864103MARTIN, Wm.*37ININ: East Germantown (d Mar 11, 1864 age 37y, 3m, 7d); wife, 2 chren remain; 2 chren dead; consumption
03/30/1864103REINHART, Henry Wilson*4mos----: Minister: EVANS, E.; d [no date] age 4m, 3d; son of Urias & Catharine E.; mother died 1 mo before
03/30/1864103ROWRAY, John*67ILPA: Lancaster Co. (b 1796)IL: Stephenson Co. (d Jan 1, 1864 age 67y, 5m); res Rock Run
03/30/1864103MYERS, Susanna*20MYERS, Lewis B.ININ: Huntington Co.: Roanoke area (d Mar 17, 1864 age 20y, 2m, 10d); husb, infant child remain; puerperal fever w/ symptoms of spotted fever
03/30/1864103MYERS, Lewis B.-----, Susanna B.*
03/30/1864103VOSLER, Jacob*22TNTN: U. S. Hosp., Knoxville area (d Mar 4, 1864); enlisted Aug 11, 1863 in Co. A, 124th OH Vol Inf.; res Independence, Cuyahoga Co., OH; bleeding of lungs
03/30/1864103NEWHART, Joseph Theodore*20VAPA: Monroe Co. (b)VA: Warrenton (d Oct 19, 1863 age 20y, 9m, 29d); son of Jacob & Maryann; enlisted Nov 1861; memb Co. G, 67th Regt. PA Vols.; injured Battle of Bristol Station, taken prison, brought to Warrenton Hosp. by rebels; "secesh" lady wrote letter to his mother
03/30/1864103EXAMPLE, Civil War lettersCivil War Letter written by "secesh lady" to Union soldier's mother, see NEWHART, Joseph Theodore, Mar 30, 1864 p 103
03/30/1864103LANKER, Samuel*24TNTN: U. S. Hosp., Chattanooga, WN, d Jan 29, 1864 age 24y, 10m, 21d); enlisted Nov 1861; memb Co. C, 78th Regt. P. V.; pars, bros, sisters remain
03/30/1864103HARTER, Hiram H.*22GAGA: Battlefield of Chickamauga (d Sep 19, 1863 age 22y, 11m, 17d) son of John; enlisted Aug 1862 in Co. B, 100th IL Regt.; wounded twice; pars remain
04/06/1864111DREIN, Henry London*17PAPA: Orwigsburg (d Mar 17, 1864 age 17y, 2m, 8d); son of Owen & Mary; pars, several sisters remain; body taken to Pinegrove, the res of his pars, where interred; brain & typhoid fever
04/06/1864111UNDERWOOD, Levi P.*24IAIA: Delaware Co.: Edes Grove (d Mar 9, 1864 age 24y, 6m, 13d); md for 5 mos, wife remains; lung fever; funeral by Rev. LOWREN of Congregational Church
04/06/1864111HARTER, -----* ["Mother"]94OHOH: Summit Co.: Franklin Tp. (d Feb 13, 1864 age 94y, 4m, 8d); memb Evan. Assn. 20+ yrs; leaves many relations
04/06/1864111KEISER, Mathias*57OHOH: Ashland Co. (d Mar 26, 1864); memb Evan. Assn. 5+ yrs; wife, 9 chren remain; three sons volunteered in Civil War, one of whom is already dead. [He & wife Mary bur Bethesda Cem., Green Tp., Ashland Co.--ABudd]
04/06/1864111SENNEFF, Daniel*43ILIL: Lee Co.: China (d Mar 25, 1864); class leader in Locust St. class, Dixon Miss [Mission?]; widow, 4 chren remain. Minister: H. H. BAIR
04/06/1864111TROWBRIDGE, Elijah*49PAPA: Columbiana Co.: Centreville (d Mar 8, 1864 age 49y, 1m, 14d)
04/06/1864111FLOOKEY, Benjamin Wesley*16PAPA: Centreville (d Mar 12, 1864 age 16y, 8m, 6d at res of father); son of Albert & Mary A.
04/06/1864111BOON, Flora Jane*5mosPAPA: Centreville (d Mar 17, 1864 age 5m, 12d); dau of H. J. & Hannah
04/06/1864111GARISON, Francis Wilber*3mosPAPA: Luzerne Co.: Salem Tp. (d Mar 24, 1864 age 3m, 7d); son of Emanuel & Celinda
04/06/1864111GILLESPE, William Gilbert*6mosILIL: Lee Co.: China Tp. (d Feb 29, 1864 age 6m, 17d)
04/06/1864111STULL, Elmer*2NYNY: Seneca Co. (d Mar 13, 1864 age 2y, 7m, 8d); son of Michael & Amanda; scarlet fever
04/06/1864111REED, Tilman*3----: Minister: MOOSE, D.; d Mar 25, 1864 age 3y, 23d; son of Geo. W. & Barbara Ann; scarlet fever
04/06/1864112HAMPE, Frederick*24DCDC: Washington Kalasoma Hosp. (d Jan 16, 1864 age 24y, 9m, 13d); son of John C. F. & Hannah M. C.; memb Co. D, 83d Regt. PA V. I.; fought @ Chancellorsville; small-pox; funeral in Edinborough; pars, 2 sis, 2 bros remain [lengthy]
04/13/1864118VIEL, Caroline*20HICKMANVIEL, PeterWIPA: Philadelphia (b Feb 25, 1843)WI: Milwaukee (d Feb 5, 1864); late of Philadelphia; dau of George & Caroline; to Milwaukee several yrs ago; md Jun 7, 1861; only ch d 18 mos ago; father & 2 bros are serving in war; maternal grfa still living; typhoid fever
04/13/1864118HICKMAN, Caroline*20VIEL, PeterWIPA: Philadelphia (b Feb 25, 1843)WI: Milwaukee (d Feb 5, 1864); late of Philadelphia; dau of George & Caroline; to Milwaukee several yrs ago; md Jun 7, 1861; only ch d 18 mos ago; father & 2 bros are serving in war; maternal grfa still living; typhoid fever
04/13/1864118VIEL, PeterHICKMAN, Caroline*
04/13/1864118HOOVER, Henry*29CWCW: York Co.: Uxbridge, Markham ct. (d Mar 14, 1864 age 29y, 4m, 2d); went to a "wood bee," ate hearty dinner, sat down by stove, died; wife, 1 child remains [lengthy]. Minister: Wm. WHITTINGTON
04/13/1864118DINGER, John Lafayette*21BUSH, LittyPAPA: Jefferson Co.: Ringgold Tp. (d Jan 22, 1864 age 21y, 2m, 4d); son of Jacob & Polly; md Jul 1862; wounded Battle of Gettysburg, discharged Feb 1863; widow, pars remain
04/13/1864118BUSH, LittyDINGER, John Lafayette*
04/13/1864118DINGER, LittyDINGER, John Lafayette*
04/13/1864119WALTER, Susanna*ca28WALTER, P. K.PAPA: Adams Co.: Bendersville (d Mar 30, 1864); husb, 2 chren, bros, sisters remain
04/13/1864119WALTER, P. K.-----, Susanna*
04/13/1864119WAGNER, Anna Mary*13PAPA: Center Co.: Potter Tp. (d Mar 11, 1864 age 13y, 4m, 20d); dau of John C. & Sarah; inflammation of brain / typhus fever
04/13/1864119SCHRECK, Mary*7PAPA: Center Co.: Harris Tp. (d [no date] age 7y, 5m, 7d); dau of Peter & Sarah; spotted fever
04/20/1864127MOHR, John*19ILPA: Lycoming Co.: Nippenose Valley (b Aug 29, 1844)IL: Stephenson Co. (d Apr 1, 1864 age 19y, 5m, 2d); son of Geo. A. & Christina; bros Isaac, David, & Wesley went out to cut brush, put loaded gun on a brush heap; John shot when he tried to free gun from pile; d in a few minutes
04/20/1864127ERNEST, Frederick*67ILPA: Bedford Co. (res prev)IL: Bureau Co.: Princeton (d Mar 30, 1864 age 67y, 5m); to IL 1855; widow, 5 chren remain; typhoid fever / paralysis; funeral by Rev. ALTMAN of Lutheran Ch.
04/20/1864127MURBERGER, John*46OHOH: Trumbull Co.: Warren Tp. [death date not stated]; wife, 9 chren remain; ill 2 wks
04/20/1864127MILLER, Catharine*20MILLER, AbrahamILIL: Sterling City (d Mar 30, 1864 age 20y, 8m, 10d); husb now in army; she had spotted fever
04/20/1864127MILLER, Abraham-----, Catharine*
04/20/1864127MUNSON, Martha*24MUNSON, EdgarILIL: Sterling [8 mi south] (d Mar 6, 1864 age 24y, 10m, 16d); spotted fever
04/20/1864127MUNSON, Edgar-----, Martha*
04/20/1864127SENEFF, Ellen E.*7ILIL: Lee Co. (d Apr 3, 1864 age 7y, 8m, 20d); dau of Daniel & Sarah; spotted fever; father Daniel is lately deceased
04/20/1864127ROCK, Edwin*5ILIL: Sterling City (d Mar 25, 1864 age 5y, 6m, 11d); son of J. H. & Ann; spotted fever
04/20/1864127MILLER, Sarah L.*13ILIL: Sterling City (d Mar 24, 1864 age 13y, 8m, 2d); dau of Jacob & Sarah; spotted fever
04/27/1864134KREIDLER, Daniel*63PAPA: Northampton Co.: Bath (d Apr 6, 1864 age 63y, 7m, 20d); converted ca 11 yrs ago, joined Evan. Assn.; wife, 8 chren remain; became "palsified" ca 5 mos ago
04/27/1864134JACOBS, Margaret*94PAPA: York Co.: Warrington (d [no date] age 94y, several mos); converted 1806 at campmeeting of M. E. Ch.; she memb there 4 yrs then joined Evan. Assn. where German was used in the church, rather than English in M. E. Ch.
04/27/1864134HESS, Sarah Nancy*24BLIEMHESS, GeorgeCWCW: Huron Co. (d Mar 25, 1864 age 24y, 1m, 25d); dau of Christian & Mary; husb, 2 chren remain
04/27/1864134BLIEM, Sarah Nancy*24HESS, GeorgeCWCW: Huron Co. (d Mar 25, 1864 age 24y, 1m, 25d); dau of Christian & Mary; husb, 2 chren remain
04/27/1864134HESS, GeorgeBLIEM, Sarah Nancy*
04/27/1864134BOYER, Mary M.*2----: Minister: PINES, I. M.; d Apr 5, 1864 age 2y, 3m, 6d); dau of Jacob
05/04/1864143KEEFER, Samuel*29PAPA: York (d Apr 22, 1864 age 29y, 4m, 2d); d at res of father-in-law, his wife having died several yrs ago; served in war; 2 chren remain; bur w/ religious services & military honors; consumption
05/04/1864143RHOADES, John M.*22KYKY: U. S. Hosp., Louisville (d Sep 27, 1863 age 22y, 1m, 18d); son of Jacob & Catharine; joined war in 1861, memb 11th Regt., MI Vol Inf.; pars remain. "His nurse in a letter states that he died like a Christian--calm and happy." Min.: D.C. ROWLAND
05/04/1864143STAGE, Mary Louisa*2----: Minister: FRANKHOUSER, Jac.; d Apr 7, 1864 age 2y, 5m, 20d); dau of John & Arseneth [sic]
05/11/1864152SMITH, Henrietta*27----: Cedar Rapids area (d Apr 26, 1864 age 27y, 6m, 4d); husb, a number of little chren remain; consumption. Minister: H. J. BOWMAN
05/11/1864152RICHARDS, Jacob*64PAPA: Richland Tp. (d Feb 25, 1864 age 64y, 8m, 8d); wife, 6 chren remain; consumption [no co. name was stated]
05/11/1864152LITWEILER, Mary M.*86PAPA: Crawford Co.: Summit Tp. (d Apr 21, 1864 age 86y, 8m, 6d)
05/11/1864152SMITH, Mary*61SMITH, H.PAPA: Union Co.: East Buffalo (d Mar 18, 1864 age 61y, 6m, 28d); lived Christian life 40 yrs; husb, 5 chren remain; cancer
05/11/1864152SMITH, H.-----, Mary*
05/11/1864152SUITER, Hettie R.*9mosPAPA: Clinton Co.: Woodward Tp. (d Mar 23, 1864 age 9m, 4d); dau of Catharine & Samuel
05/11/1864152PAULIN, Emma Catharine*1----: d Apr 21, 1864 age 1y, 5m, 17d; dau of Rev. J.; convulsions; she being the third child they followed to the grave. Submitted by "A Friend."
05/11/1864152CARR, Thomas R.*5MDMD: Harford Co.: Line Bridge area (d Apr 5, 1864 age 5y, 2m); son of J. & Amanda; lung fever
05/11/1864152SHAUCK, Elmira C.*7OHOH: Richland Co.: Troy Tp. (d Feb 29, 1864 age 7y, 7m, 17d); only ch of Aaron & Elizabeth SHAUCH; diptheria [sic]. Minister: H. F. S. SICHLEY [SHAUCH in body of obit]
05/11/1864152SHAUCH, Elmira C.7OHOH: Richland Co.: Troy Tp. (d Feb 29, 1864 age 7y, 7m, 17d); only ch of Aaron & Elizabeth SHAUCH; diptheria [sic]. Minister: H. F. S. SICHLEY [SHAUCK in obit heading]
05/11/1864152GARRISON, Maggie A.*3mosPAPA: Luzerne Co.: Salem Tp. (d Apr 18, 1864 age 3m, 11d); dau of Norman & Hannah
05/11/1864152SHANNON, Robert J.*1PAPA: Columbiana Co.: Center Tp. (d Apr 24, 1864 age 1y, 4m); son of David R. & Rachel, from Iowa [unclear if he or his pars are "from Iowa"]
05/11/1864152KLINEFELTER, John Elmer*2PAPA: York Co.: Winterstown (d Mar 12, 1864 age 2y, 4m, 6d); son of Emanuel & Susan; lung fever
05/11/1864152SHOWERS, Geo.*28VAVA: U. S. Gen. Hosp. nr Alexandria (d Mar 9, 1864 age 28y, 8m, 22d); memb Co. G, 148th PA Regt.; wife, 2 chren, pars, bros, sisters remain; typhoid fever; bur soldiers cem w/ military honors
05/11/1864152LANDGREBE, A.*31TNTN: Hosp. at Murfreesboro (d Mar 7, 1864); drafted 1863 "and shortly after his departure his whole family died…." Minister: R. MOTT
05/11/1864152BARNHART, Harvey*--VAVA: Culpapper area (d Apr 28, 1864); memb of Evan. Assn.; never yielded to evil temptations surrounding him; congestion of brain [obit listed under "Patriotic Dead."
05/18/1864159FULLER, Richard Francis Marion*1----: Minister: SHANNON, M. H.; d Apr 30, 1864 age 1y, 10m, 10d; son of David & Harriet
05/18/1864159WOLF, Stephen*1----: d Mar 27, 1864 age 1y, 11m, 9d; son of Jacob & Mary; scarlet fever. [Minister may have been S. T. BUCK]
05/18/1864159SOUDER, Margaretta Ellen*1----: d Apr 11, 1864 age 1y, 9m, 10d; dau of George & Leah; measels [sic]. [Minister may have been S. T. BUCK]
05/18/1864159ACKER, Anna Larenia*1----: Minister: BUCK, S. T.; d Apr 20, 1864 age 1y, 4m, 20d; dau of John & Mary E.; scarlet rash
05/18/1864159SHIPP, Mary Elizabeth*1PAPA: Franklin Co.: Zion Ch area (d Apr 28, 1864 age 1y, 7m, 28d); dau of James & Ann
05/25/1864166KNOSTMAN, John Frederick*22ARAR: Hosp. at Little Rock (d Mar 16, 1864 age 22y, 5m, 11d); son of J. R. & Helen; enlisted Aug 1862; memb 40th Regt., IA V. I.; consumption. Minister: J. H. HOLDRIDGE
05/25/1864166STOMBAUGH, Maylon*6----: Greencastle (d Apr 20, 1864 age 6y, 7d); son of George & Eliza; congestion of brain. Minister is perhaps J. H. HOLDRIDGE
05/25/1864166HESS, Elizabeth*67HESS, HenryPAPA: Union Co.: Lewisburg (d May 8, 1864). "May her children be lured heavenward by the light she has set in the window of her heavenly mansion for them." Husb dead. Lung inflammation / erysipelas
05/25/1864166HESS, Henry-----, Elizabeth*
05/25/1864166BRILLHART, Sarah*28PAPA: York Co.: Loganville (d May 2, 1864 age 28y, 2m, 7d); converted at campmeeting 6+ yrs ago; consumption
05/25/1864166ELRICH, Jacob*6----: Minister: SHANNON, S. H.; d Feb 19, 1864 age 6y, 1m, 19d; son of Isaac & Elizabeth; catarrh fever
05/25/1864166FATZINGER, Theodore*17PAPA: Northampton Co.: Bath (d Apr 23, 1864 age 17y, 10m); converted 3 yrs ago; parent [singular], brothers, and sister remain; palsy
05/25/1864166BRENEMAN, Jacob*16IAIA: Linn Co.: Lisbon (d Apr 28, 1864 age 16y, 8m, 13d); dropsy of heart
05/25/1864166RUTT, Susannah*48RUTT, J. D.IAIA: Louisa Co.: Spring Run (d 24th ult., age 48y, 7m, 15d); palsy
05/25/1864166RUTT, J. D.-----, Susannah*
05/25/1864166DANIELS, Rachel*25----: Minister: HAUGER, J. S.; d Apr 23, 1864 age 25y, 4d; husb, 3 sm chren, 5 step-chren remain; typhoid fever in early winter, was nearly well, when it changed to hasty consumption
06/01/1864175RANCK, Martin*35PAPA: Union Co.: White Deer Tp. (d May 4, 1864 age 35y, 6m, 7d)
06/01/1864175WEYRICK, Henry Byron*2OHOH: Wayne Co.: Clinton area (d Apr 13, 1864 age 2y, 9m, 1d); son of Solomon & Catharine. Minister: A. LOEHNER
06/01/1864175FLICKINGER, Ellen*25HOWENSTINEFLICKINGER, NoahOHOH: Wayne Co.: Bristol area (d May 18, 1864 age 25y, 8m, 24d); dau of David & Magdalena; typhoid fever
06/01/1864175HOWENSTINE, Ellen*25FLICKINGER, NoahOHOH: Wayne Co.: Bristol area (d May 18, 1864 age 25y, 8m, 24d); dau of David & Magdalena; typhoid fever
06/01/1864175FLICKINGER, NoahHOWENSTINE, Ellen*
06/01/1864175BAHL, Catharine*28BAHL, PeterOHOH: Wayne Co.: West Salem (d May 22, 1864 age 28y, 8m, 3d); converted ca 8 yrs ago, joined Evan. Assn.; husb, 2 chren remain, the youngest child being 5 wks old
06/01/1864175BAHL, Peter-----, Catharine*
06/01/1864175HOUSER, John Peter*7OHOH: Wayne Co.: Plain Tp. (d May 5, 1864 age 7y, 10m, 21d); son of John & Mary; brain fever
06/01/1864175ROLAND, Lovina*10 moPAPA: Clearfield Co. (d May 2, 1864 age 10m, 20d); dau of Levi & Sarah; croup
06/01/1864175SMITH, Rebeca [sic] Ellen*9PAPA: Bedford Co.: Union Tp. (d Mar 9, 1864 age 9y, 5m, 22d); dau of Samuel
06/01/1864175STAIRES, Elmer Elsworth*1ILIL: Sterling City (d May 27, 1864 age 1y, 7m, 15d); son of Lovina & Charles
06/01/1864175TOBIAS, William*28ILIL: Naperville (d May 12, 1864 age 28y, 6m, 12d); son of Rev. S.; enlisted 1861; memb 8th IL Cav. noted for bravery in Potomac Army; had re-enlisted; widow, pars, bro, sisters remain; quick consumption ca 4 mos
06/08/1864182COPLY, Thomas*79OHOH: Ashland Co. (d May 25, 1864 age 79y, 5m, 27d); converted ca 37 yrs ago, joined Evan. Assn.; his house a regular preaching place; md 55 yrs; widow, 5 sons, 1 dau remain; d while driving sheep to the washing. Minister: H. LONGBRAKE
06/08/1864182LUDWIG, Susannah*48PAPA: York Co.: Loganville area (d May 17, 1864 age 48y, 1m, 17d); converted ca 4 yrs ago; suffered much in body, her mind was composed
06/08/1864182BITNER, Fanny*67PAPA: Lancaster Co.: Manna [sic] Tp. (d May 6, 1864)
06/08/1864182SMITH, A.*--PAPA: York Co.: Washington Tp. (d May 17, 1864 at res of son-in-law); embraced religion ca 20 yrs ago; a number of chren & relatives remain. Minister: I. Y. REED
06/08/1864182SWARTZ, Rebecca*79MIMI: Berrien Co.: Portage Prairie (d May 17, 1864 age 79y, 1m, 29d); a goodly number of chren remain; consumption
06/08/1864182CARL, Uriah*3PAPA: Cumberland Co.: Leesburg (d [no date] age 3y, 4m, 13d); son of Urish & Mary
06/08/1864182LOHR, Mary*83PAPA: Fayette Co. (d Mar 10, 1864 age 83y, 7m, 23d); converted 12 yrs ago, joined Evan. Assn.; large cirlce of friends / relatives remain
06/08/1864182SHULTZ, John*55PAPA: Fayette Co. (d Apr 8, 1864 age 55y, 11m, 12d)
06/08/1864182GOOD, Samuel Elmer*1----: Minister: HAUGER, J. S.; d May 4, 1864 age 1y, 9m, 4d; diptheria [sic]
06/08/1864182KACHBIEN, Benjamin Winfield*2PAPA: Mercer Co. (d May 2, 1864 age 2y, 4m, 20d); son of Stephen & Adaline; measels [sic]
06/08/1864182MEESE, Sarah Catherine*2----: Minister: ZULAUF, M.; d Apr 12, 1864 age 2y, 8m, 26d); dau of Jacob & Nancy; brain fever
06/08/1864182MEESE, John*7----: Minister: ZULAUF, M.; d [no date] age 7y, 6m, 16d, weighing only 25 lbs at death; suffered 7 wks; son of Jacob 7 Nancy
06/08/1864182WEIBER, Mary*19PAPA: Clarion Co.: Ashland (d May 16, 1864 age 19y, 14d); consumption
06/08/1864182JEMISON, Elizabeth*38PAPA: York Co.; Loganville (d 26th ult. age 38y, 9m, 16d)
06/15/1864190HETZEL, Hetty*12----: Minister: SUMMERS, H. B.; d May 25, 1864 age 12y, 2m, 11d; dau of Charles; consumption
06/15/1864190DOVENSPIKE, Jacob Ambrose*1PAPA: Armstrong Co. (d May 11, 1864 age 1y, 6m); son of Philip & S.
06/15/1864190EMERT, Hilary*1----: Minister: HAUGER, J. S.; d May 15, 1864 age 1y, 11m, 18d; son of Josiah & Mary; croup
06/15/1864190REBER, Josiah*24PAPA: Reading (d May 14, 1864 age 24y, 11m, 14d at res of father, Rev. W. L.); enlisted early in war, memb 1st PA Regt; recd spinal injury, gradually paralyzed lower body; lingered 2 yrs
06/15/1864190WHITSON, Eliza*--IAIA: Jackson Co.: Mt. Algor area; her age / death date not stated; dau of Joseph & Henrietta; converted age 13; pars, bros, sisters remain
06/15/1864190FRANK, Mary*15OHOH: Stark Co.: Massillon area (d May 14, 1864 age 15y, 1m, 9d); dau of the "widow Frank"; spinal affection 1 wk. Minister: E. B. CROUSE
06/15/1864190READER, Josephine*11NYNY: Seneca Co. (d May 14, 1864 age 11y, 11m, 14d); dau of David & Elizabeth; consumption
06/15/1864190SPAIDE, Lucinda*24SPAIDE, John S.NYNY: Seneca Co.: town of Tyre (d Jun 2, 1864 age 24y, 4m, 15d); d 6 hrs after quilted skirt caught fire as she was boiling soap; "literally burned to a crisp"; husb, child remain [detailed obit]
06/15/1864190SPAIDE, John S.-----, Lucinda*
06/15/1864190MORTIMER, William*25PAPA: Clarion Co. (d Apr 28, 1864 age 25y, 9m, 14d); unhurt in Battle at Gettysburg last July, but became afflicted w/ diarrhea, was in hosp, furloughed, & d at home; wife, 1 child remain. Minister: Geo. W. CUPP
06/22/1864198HANE, John (Rev.)*54OHOH: Canton (d Jun 9, 1864 age 54y, 9m, 13d); d 4 days after ret from caring for wounded son in hosp. at Chattanooga; widow, 3 sons, 2 daus remain [lengthy obit]
06/22/1864198HUDDLE, Barbara*49OHOH: Fairfield Co.: Rush Creek Tp. (d May 9, 1864 age 49y, 9m, 26d); husb, 11 chren remain
06/22/1864198COOK, Rebecca Jane*18----: Minister: SUMMERS, H. B.; d Mar 5, 1864 age 18y, 19d; dau of Thomas; typhoid fever
06/22/1864198COOK, Mary*25----: Minister: SUMMERS, H. B.; d [no date] age 25y, 4m, 14d; dau of Thomas; typhoid fever
06/22/1864198KURTZ, William*16PAPA: Columbia Co.: Berwick (d May 21, 1864 age 16y, 8m, 12d); eldest son of Levi & Elizabeth; affection of heart & kidney
06/22/1864198KROUSE, Barbara Anna*22KROUSE, JacobOHOH: Logan Co.: Logansville area (d Jun 10, 1864 age 22y, 5m, 13d); husb, one small babe, pars remain
06/22/1864198KROUSE, Joseph-----, Barbara Anna*
06/22/1864198WOLFGANG, Fanny*26WOLFGANG, EmanuelININ: Hamilton Co. (d May 11, 1864 age 26y, 8m, 11d); husb, 3 chren remain; inflammation of brain 3 days
06/22/1864198WOLFGANG, Emanuel-----, Fanny*
06/22/1864198HANE, Henry Augustus*17TNTN: Hosp. at Nashville (d Jun 3, 1864 age 17y, 1m, 14d); son of Rev. John & Matilda; in 29th Regt. O.V.I.; at storming of Buzzards Roost, GA, took 2 bullets to legs, 1 to back; father went + wounded bro in hosp. at St. Louis; bur at old homestead
06/22/1864198STRONG, Myron F.*27EISENTRAGER, -----VAVA: Richmond (d as a confined wounded prisoner May 13, 1864 age 27y, 6d); son-in-law of Henry F. EISENTRAGER, West Walworth, Wayne Co., NY; memb 8th Regt NY Cav.; wife, 1 child remain
06/22/1864198EISENTRAGER, ----- [dau of Henry F.]STRONG, Myron F.*
06/22/1864198GOIST, Hiram K.*26OHOH: Ottawa Co.: Johnson's Island (d Jun 3, 1864 age 26y, 9m); memb Co. D, 171 Regt, O.N.G. Friends thank the military on Johnson's Is. for their kindness. Submitted by P. F. G. [Johnson's Island was prison camp for captured Confederate soldiers.]
06/22/1864198EXAMPLE, Johnson's IslandJohnson's Island, prison in OH for captured Confederate soldiers, see Jun 22, 1864 p 198
06/29/1864206KAHL, Susan Mary*8ILIL: Stephenson Co.: Freeport area (d Jun 5, 1864 age 8y, 2m, 21d); dau of Michael & Susan; lung fever
06/29/1864206BURG, Eliza*38BURG, GeorgePAPA: York Co. (d Jun 5, 1864 age 38y, 8m, 19d); husb, many friends remain; ill 2 mos
06/29/1864206BURG, George-----, Eliza*
06/29/1864206HOUSER, Lucas*--IAIA: Cedar Rapids (d Jun 1, 1864 while, as sexton, was exhuming body being bur for ca 3 yrs; supposedly coffin was broken open accidentally, noxious fumes escaped); wife, 4 sm chren remain. Minister: H. J. BOWMAN
06/29/1864206SLATER, Albert*44GANY: Chemung Co. (b)GA: killed at Battle of Resaca May 14, 1864 age 44y, 8m 10d); memb 34th Regt. IL Vol. Inf.; in 14 battles, wounded 3 times; killed by exploding shell which tore away left leg; wife, only dau remain; funeral in Sterling, IL Jun 12, 1864
06/29/1864206SNYDER, Ephraim*22GAGA: killed at Battle of Resaca May 14, 1864 age 22y, 2m, 20d); memb Co. A, 125th Regt O.V.I.; musket ball passed through his neck; bur GA; funeral Jun 12, 1864 at North Lima [OH]; wife, 1 child, pars, bros, sisters remain. Minister: J. D. HOLLINGER
06/29/1864206WEISER, James Lawrence*5----: Minister: WEISER, J. S.; d Jun 11, 1864 age 5y, 8m, 24d; child of Joel S. & Louisa; diptheria
06/29/1864206WEISER, Mary Rebecca*7----: Minister: WEISER, J. S.; d Jun 17, 1864 age 7y, 5m, 27d; child of Joel S. & Louisa; diptheria [sic]

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