DatePageDecedent or
AgeMaiden NameSpouse or DecedentLocaleLocation
Place of Death or
Last Known Residence/Notes
01/01/18636BAHR, John Wesley*11PAPA: Sullivan Co.: Dushore area (d Dec 2, 1862 age 11y, 7m, 21d); son of Daniel & Mary Ann
01/01/18636REESER, Emmanuel*15PAPA: Sullivan Co.: Colly [sic] Tp. (d Dec 5, 1862 age 15y, 4m, 25d); son of Rev. Wm. & Sarah; diptheria [sic] 9 days
01/01/18636REESER, Sarah Jane*5PAPA: Sullivan Co. Colly [sic] Tp. (d Dec 17, 1864 age 5y, 9m, 5d); dau of Rev. Wm. & Sarah; diptheria [sic]
01/01/18636BAHR, Edward Smith*3PAPA: Sullivan Co.: Dushore area (d Dec 8, 1862 age 3y, 9m, 28d); son of Solomon & Hannah; diptheria [sic]
01/01/18636FEHR, -----* [female]83ILPA: Northampton Co.: Lower Saucony [sic] Tp. (b)IL: Stephenson Co.: Dekotah area (d Dec 11, 1862 age 83y, 11m); a widow for 51 yrs; 24 yrs a Christian; 3 chren remain, had moved w/ son to IL; in good health the evening of the 10th, d shortly after midnight
01/01/18636WOLF, John Jacob*22----: Minister: CURTISS, C. S.; d Nov 6, 1862; only son of Elizabeth, the widow of John WOLF, long since departed; consumption
01/01/18636ROETHER, Ephraim Oliver*1OHOH: Findlay (d Nov 29, 1862 age 1y, 2m, 3d); son of Abraham & Mary; inflamation [sic] of the head
01/01/18636LESH, David*21KYKY: Lexington Hosp. (d Nov 21, 1862 age 21y, 10m, 21d); son of Wm. & Catharine A. of Stark Co., OH; memb Co. E, 104th Regt. OV; contracted inflammation of brain Nov 15; corpse brought to house of father, bur Dec 3d. Minister: A. STAHLEY
01/01/18636KNIESLY, Mary*--KNIESLY, JohnPAPA: York Co. (d Sep 26, 1862); converted many yrs ago; consumption
01/01/18636KNIESLY, John-----, Mary*
01/01/18636GILGER, Samuel P.*40----: Davis Island 20 mi from York City (d Oct 1, 1862 age 40y, 9m, 21d); [was, or had been, in the army]; wife, 3 daus remain; funeral in church at Father WEAVER'S, Venango Co., PA. Minister: Geo. W. CUPP
01/01/18636SHAFFER, James*40ININ: Hosp. at New Albany (d Nov 15, 1862); formerly of Richland Co., OH; surgeon of hosp. wrote his wife: " he was the 'pet of the hospital, a gentleman, and, I believe, a Christian.'" Bur 4 mi west of Bellville nr his former res
01/08/186314BOWER, Michael*81PAPA: Columbiana Co.: Briar Creek Tp. (d Dec 8, 1862 age 81y, 1m, 14d); converted 13 yrs ago, joined Evan. Assn.; mentions his chren. Minister: D. W. MILLER
01/08/186314SNYDER, Elizabeth*53KLEPFERSNYDER, SimonININ: Marshall Co. (d Nov 18, 1862 age 53y, 5m, 26d); md 31 yrs; 7 chren remain; 3 chren d infancy; she a half-sis to Rev. G. KLEPFER of IN Conf.; hypertrophy of heart
01/08/186314KLEPFER, Elizabeth*53SNYDER, SimonININ: Marshall Co. (d Nov 18, 1862 age 53y, 5m, 26d); md 31 yrs; 7 chren remain; 3 chren d infancy; she a half-sis to Rev. G. KLEPFER of IN Conf.; hypertrophy of heart
01/08/186314SNYDER, SimonKLEPFER, Elizabeth*
01/08/186314DETWEILER, Henry L.*19PAPA: York Co. (no date of death stated); eldest son of Jacob & Cath.; bilious fever
01/08/186314LONG, George*68OHOH: Williams Co. (d Dec 16, 1862); memb Presbyterian Ch. ca 50 yrs; a bro of Bishop Joseph LONG of Evan. Assn.; erysipelas for 3 wks
01/08/186314ROSS, Hester Olive*5----: Minister: SHANNON, M. H.; d Dec 19, 1862 age 5y, 2m, 24d; child of rare qualities and a great favorite of the writer [SHANNON of Indiana Co., PA, at this time]
01/08/186314DUTT, Matilda*15PAPA: Venango Co. (d Dec 24, 1862 age 15y, 10m, 2d); mother, several bros, sisters remain; father, sis dead; typhoid fever / inflammation
01/08/186314STEVENS, Anna Catharine*71PAPA: Ind. Co.: Brush Valley (d Nov 15, 1862 age 71y, 4m, 25d); res the last 13 yrs w/ Jac. SENSE family; retired as usual, d early next morning without a sigh or struggle
01/08/186314COOK, Jacob*33KYKY: Bowling Green (d Nov 21, 1862 age 33y, 4m, 22d); res Baughman Tp., Wayne Co., OH; memb 102d OH Regt, contracted typhoid fever in KY; body brought home for burial; wife remains. Minister: H. LONGBRAKE
01/08/186314MORE, Wm. Wesley*24MNMN: Williamsport (shot through head by a companion & d Nov 13, 1862 age 24y, 1m, 13d); eldest son of Jas. & Cath. of Green Spring Furnace, Wash. Co., IN; memb 6th MD Regt.
01/08/186314GIFFIN, David*20OHOH: Ashland Co. (d Dec 6, 1862 age 20y, 11m, 28d); son of Wilson & Amelia; memb 120th OH Regt; at Camp Mansfield, contracted typhoid fever, brought home where died
01/08/186314OVERDORFF, Henry*41MDMD: US Hosp at Annapolis (d Oct 24, 1862 age 41y, 5m, 5d); memb 61st P. V.; wife, large family of chren remain. Minister: J.Q.A. WELLER conducted funeral
01/08/186314OVERDORFF, D. C.*21VAVA: died Sep 18, 1862 age 21y, 4m, 23d the week of battles before Richmond; son of Daniel & Louisa. Minister: J.Q.A. WELLER conducted funeral
01/15/186322KOLB, Jacob*46PAPA: Montgomery Co.: Limrick [sic] (d Jan 1, 1863 age 46y, 11m, 14d); converted 1849; wife, dau remain; stroke of palsy
01/15/186322KELLER, John*30PAPA: Jefferson Co.: Oliver Tp. (d Dec 13, 1862 age 30y, 8m, 22d); widow, 3 little chren remin; 3 chren dead; scrofulous consumption
01/15/186322POWELL, Samuel *21OHOH: Hancock Co. (d Nov 29, 1862 age 21y, 1m, 21d at res of father); pars remain; affliction was spasmodic--severe & protracted
01/15/186322PARSONS, David*46----: Minister: TEATS, A. R.; d Dec 1, 1862 age 46y, 3m, 3d; widow remains; bilious fever 13 days
01/15/186323THOMAS, Margaret Ann*23PAPA: Schuylkill Co.: Cressona (d Dec 19, 1862 age 23y, 6m, 2d); dau of Herbert & Charlotte; church memb 2 yrs; father, 4 bros remain; inflammation of lungs. Minister: E. B. MILLER
01/15/186323WISE, Magdalena*65SPANGLERWISE, JacobOHOH: Sandusky Co. (d Dec 7, 1862 age 65y, 17d); dau of John C. & Margaret; husb, 4 chren remain; typhoid fever
01/15/186323SPANGLER, Magdalena*65WISE, JacobOHOH: Sandusky Co. (d Dec 7, 1862 age 65y, 17d); dau of John C. & Margaret; husb, 4 chren remain; typhoid fever
01/15/186323WISE, JacobSPANGLER, Magdalena*
01/15/186323SCOTT, Susan*59SCOTT, MahlonPAPA: Sullivan Co.: Dushore area (d Dec 20, 1862 age 59y, 5m, 14d); husb, large family of chren remain; typhoid fever
01/15/186323SCOTT, Mahlon-----, Susan*
01/15/186323BAHR, Alfred Bennet*10PAPA: Sullivan Co.: Dushore area (d Dec 23, 1862 age 10y, 2m, 21d); eldest son of Solomon & Hannah; diptheria [sic]
01/15/186323BAHR, Jacob Clinton*6PAPA: Sullivan Co.: Dushore area (d Dec 23, 1862 age 6y, 27d); son of Sol. & Hannah; diptheria [sic]
01/15/186323BOWLES, Ann Rebecca*9VAVA: Morgan Co.: Sleepy Creek (d Dec 27, 1862 age 9y, 3m, 27d); dau of John T., who lost 2 chren in 7 wks; Ann had diptheria [sic]
01/15/186323MILLER, John Oliver*5----: Minister: SHANNON, M. H.; d Dec 25, 1862 age 5y, 25d [SHANNON of Indiana Co., PA, at this time]
01/15/186323HESS, Susanna C.*ca 8----: Minister: WELLER, J.Q.A.; d Sep 4, 1862; dau of Daniel & S.; diptheria [sic]. WELLER poss of Clearfield Co., PA, at this time per obit of Geo. LANGDON
01/15/186323PATRICK, Florence Annie*3----: Minister: WELLER, J.Q.A.; d Sep 4, 1862 age 3y, 7m, 5d; dau of Geo. B. & Susanna. WELLER poss of Clearfield Co., PA, at this time per obit of Geo. LANGDON
01/15/186323RICKER, Ramon [sic] E.*4PAPA: Dauphin Co.: Paxton Tp. (d [no date] age 4y, 6m, 21d); son of Uriah & Barbara; scarlet fever
01/15/186323LANGDON, George*--TNTN: Nashville (d Oct 12, 1862); memb 78th PA Regt.; musket fired accidentally, his arm amputated. Body put in iron coffin, sent to pars in Clearfield Co.; bur Dec 21 in Zion Ch. Cem.; wife, 2 sm chren remain. Minister: J.Q.A. WELLER
01/15/186323EXAMPLE, iron coffinsee Geo. LANGDON, Jan 15, 1863 p 23
01/15/186323MIESSE, Abraham B.*21KYKY: Hosp. at Scottsville (d Nov 27, 1862 age 21y, 1m, 8d); son of Rev. S. K. & Phebe; a soldier in the Civil War; pars, bros, sisters remain; typhoid fever; bur Scottsville Cem. Minister: E. KIPLINGER
01/15/186323SNYDER, Emanuel*26VAVA: Fredericksburg area battlefield (d Dec 14, 1862 age 26y, 2m, 20d); son of John; memb 131st PA Regt. Burnside's army; bro in same regt; shot by sharpshooter; bur on the battlefield; father, bros, sisters remain. Minister: H. A. DIETTERICH
01/21/186330ZELLES, Margaret*22OHOH: Fairfield Co. (d Nov 24, 1862 age 22y, 9m, 12d); dau of William & Margaret ZELLES; aged pars, 3 bros, 3 sis remain; typhoid fever
01/21/186331MIESSE, Jonas Edson*16OHOH: Fairfield Co. (d Nov 28, 1862 age 16y, 9m, 5d); son of Joseph & Esther; typhoid fever
01/21/186331KRING, Jonathan*28----: Prince St. Hosp. (d Oct 10, 1862 age 28y, 9m, 28d); son of Daniel & Elizabeth of Bedford Co., PA
01/21/186331ROSS, Jane*19PAPA: Somerset Co. (d Dec 14, 1862 age 19y, 2m, 21d); dau of James & Mary; diptheria [sic]
01/21/186331KOONCE, Joseph*19PAPA: Somerset Co. (d Dec 2, 1862 age 19y, 15d); son of George & Elizabeth
01/21/186331BOWARD, Julia Ann*8----: Minister: HARRIS, M. W.; d Jan 3, 1863 age 8y, 3m, 24d; dau of Francis & Jane
01/21/186331BERSCHINGER, Benjamin*25DCDC: Emory Hosp. (d Dec 7, 1862 age 25y, 12d); memb Co. F, 130th PA Regt.; brought home by bro H., & bur Jan 4th in Bethlehem grave yard; cut down by fever
01/21/186331ZANIES, John*21TNPA: Adams Co. (b)TN: Hosp. at Nashville (d Dec 6, 1862 age 21y, 9m, 6d); son of Nicholas & Susan; enlisted last Aug; pars, 4 bros remain, one bro of whom is in army; bur Nashville
01/21/186331MOCK, William*20VAVA: Manassas Junction (d Sep 2, 1862 age 20y, 4m); son of William & Mary; converted at Brushvalley [PA]; fell at Bull Run Aug 30th; as prisoner carried to Manassas Jct, where died
01/28/186338YAMBERT, J. H. (Rev.)*57IAIA: Linn Co.: Otter Creek Tp. (d Dec 2, 1862); converted in youth in PA; widow, 4 chren remain, one son of whom is in army; consumption
01/28/186338REAM, Geo.*69DILLMAN, Cath.OHPA: Center Co. (res prev)OH: Summit Co.: Greensburg (d Jan 6, 1862 age 69y, 11m, 15d); memb prev M. E. Ch.; to OH 1816 & md same yr; wife, 9 chren remain; 2 chren dead; kept family altar up to his last evening; old disease of the heart
01/28/186338DILLMAN, Cath.REAM, Geo.*
01/28/186338REAM, Cath.REAM, Geo.*
01/28/186338STULL, Esther*17OHOH: Richland Co. (d Jan 6, 1863 age 17y, 9m, 18d); dau of Jacob & Julia; sis of the presiding elder; converted 2 yrs ago; feeble a number of yrs
01/28/186338BENTY, Soloma*59BENTY, Jacob [corr to BENTZ Feb 18, 1863 p 63]OHOH: Wayne Co.: Wooster area (d Jan 3, 1863 age 59y, 8m, 24d); converted at Orwigsburg, PA; 11 chren remain; 3 chren dead; various diseases [corr to BENTZ Feb 18, 1863 p 63]
01/28/186338BENTY, Jacob-----, Soloma*[corr to BENTZ Feb 18, 1863 p 63]
01/28/186338BENTZ, Soloma*BENTZ, Jacob [corr from BENTY Feb 18, 1863 p 63][corr from BENTY Feb 18, 1863 p 63]
01/28/186339SHANK, Absalom S.*3PAPA: Cambria Co.: Richland Tp. (d Jan 10, 1863 age 3y, 8m, 3d); son of Lewis W. & Leah; diptheria [sic]
01/28/186339KRING, Mary Ann*12PAPA: Cambria Co.: Richland Tp. (d Jan 12, 1863 age 12y, 3m, 13d); dau of Jacob S. & Lydia; diptheria [sic]
02/04/186346BAHR, Mary Ann*32GRAVELYBAHR, D.PAPA: Sullivan Co.: Dushore area (d Jan 19, 1863 age 32y, 11m, 18d); dau of Wm. & Rebecca; husb, 6 chren, pars remain; diptheria [sic] / quick consumption
02/04/186346GRAVELY, Mary Ann*32BAHR, D.PAPA: Sullivan Co.: Dushore area (d Jan 19, 1863 age 32y, 11m, 18d); dau of Wm. & Rebecca; husb, 6 chren, pars remain; diptheria [sic] / quick consumption
02/04/186346BAHR, D.GRAVELY, Mary Ann*
02/04/186346RIEGEL, Solomon*ca73OHOH: Trumbull Co.: Warren area (d Jan 27, 1863 at res of son-in-law, Godfrey KLEINKNECHT); 7 chren remain, one of whom is Reuben, a minister; kidneys / bladder ailments
02/04/186346STAHL, Catharine*80STAHL, JohnPAPA: Union Co.: Buffalo Tp. (d [no date] age 80y, 5m); converted 1814-15, joined Evan. Assn.; went to bed in usual health, dead in the morning
02/04/186346STAHL, John-----, Catharine*
02/04/186346THOMAS, Mary*73MARTINTHOMAS, Jno.OHOH: Seneca Co. (d Nov 12, 1862 age 73y, 10m, 28d); dau of Jacob & Elizabeth; converted 35 yrs ago, joined Evan. Assn.; a widow 13 yrs; 7 chren remain; 3 chren dead; dropsy
02/04/186346MARTIN, Mary*73THOMAS, Jno.OHOH: Seneca Co. (d Nov 12, 1862 age 73y, 10m, 28d); dau of Jacob & Elizabeth; converted 35 yrs ago, joined Evan. Assn.; a widow 13 yrs; 7 chren remain; 3 chren dead; dropsy
02/04/186346THOMAS, Jno.MARTIN, Mary*
02/04/186346BEAR, Isaac*68PAPA: York Co. (d Dec 26, 1862 age 68y, 3m, 14d)
02/04/186346DEAL, Mary Elizabeth*5OHOH: Holmes Co.: German Tp. (d Jan 5, 1863 age 5y, 4m, 21d); dau of Rev. Noah & Rachael; scarlet fever
02/04/186346MEECE, Robert A.*4PAPA: Somerset Co.: Calisbury [sic] (d Jan 17, 1863 age 4y, 5m, 28d); son of Samuel & Nancy; scarlet fever
02/04/186346ROSS, Manda*2PAPA: Somerset Co. (d Dec 26, 1862 age 2y, 7m, 23d); dau of Levi & Margaret; diptheria [sic]
02/04/186346YOUNG, Peter Erwin*6PAPA: Somerset Co. (d Jan 5, 1863 age 6y, 5m, 19d); diptheria [sic]
02/04/186346FELIX, Mary*8PAPA: Somerset Co. (d Jan 9, 1863 age 8y, 3m, 6d); diptheria [sic]
02/04/186346GORHAM, Ralph H.*6mosOHOH: Ashland Co.: Perryville [sic] (d Jan 21, 1863 age 6m, 8d); son of J. & S.; lung fever
02/04/186346GEISS, David*19TNTN: killed instantly in Battle of Murfreesboro (d Dec 31, 1862 age 19y, 1m, 26d); only son of Abraham & Ann; memb Co. H, 64th Regt. OVI
02/04/186347HERRING, John A.*31DCDC: Douglas Hosp. (d Jan 3, 1863 age 31y, 1m, 9d); memb Co. B, 133d Regt. P.V.; wounded Dec 13, 1862 at Fredericksburg, VA; widow, 3 helpless chren remain; funeral at Friedensburg Lutheran Ch. Submitted by John REAMS, Somerset, PA
02/18/186363KRECKER, Allen Rudolph*2PAPA: Montgomery Co.: Hatfield (d Feb 1, 1863 age 2y, 11m, 21d); youngest son of Rev. Frederick; liver disease 4 wks
02/18/186363BAHL, Joseph Elmer*2OHOH: Ashland Co.: Jackson Tp. (d Feb 2, 1863 age 2y, 30d); son of Jacob & Elizabeth; diptheria [sic]. Minister: F. R. TOTHEROH [bur Red Haw Cem. w/ pars & siblings--ABudd]
02/18/186363HESS, Eliza* + sister12PAPA: Ind. Co.: Brush Valley (d [no date] age 12y, 6m, 28d); dau of Salome, a widow; diptheria [sic]; her younger sister d ca 2 mos ago of same disease
02/18/186363HERTZOG, Elizabeth*33PAPA: Schuylkill Co.: Port Carbon (d Jan 9, 1863 age 33y, 7m, 24d); husb, 1 child remain; heart disease
02/18/186363GEIS, Henry*50PAPA: Pottsville (d Jan 28, 1863 age 50y, 5m, 11d); 3 chren remain; skull fractured when drawn by a rope against a joist at a coal breaker in Mahanoy Valley
02/18/186363MYERS, Joseph (M.D.)*50WONDER, Sarah (dau of Rev. Daniel)OHOH: Columbiana Co.: Beaver Tp. (b Aug 4, 1812)OH: Carey (d Jan 13, 1863); to Flat Rock, Seneca Co., OH, 1839, where read medicine under bro, Noah; md Mar 19, 1844; practiced in Flat Rock 8 yrs, then Carey; widow, 8 chren remain; typhoid-type illness; bur Evan. Cem. 1 mi north of town
02/18/186363WONDER, SarahMYERS, Joseph (M. D.)*
02/18/186363MYERS, SarahMYERS, Joseph (M. D.)*
02/18/186363OVERMYER, Jac.*65OHOH: Sandusky Co. (d Feb 3, 1863 age 65y, 7m); converted ca 20 yrs ago when Rev. John BERNHARD traveled this circuit; widow, 11 chren remain; 2 chren dead; carbuncle on back of neck
02/18/186363BEST, Robert*23KYKY: Hosp. of Danville (d Jan 23, 1863 age 23y, 10m, 14d); memb Co. E, 92d Regt. IL Vol.; wife, pars remain; corpse sent home, bur Feb 3d in cem 6 mi west of Freeport, IL
02/18/186363RAILING, Martin*22ARPA: Cumberland Co. (b)AR: Helena area (d Dec 22, 1862 age 22y, 8m, 25d); youngest son of Jacob & Elizabeth; w/ mother to OH, 5 yrs later to IN; memb 47th Regt.; wife, child, mother, 1 sis, 5 bros remain, one of whom is in same regt; fell from wagon, wheel passed over his head
02/18/186363MORE, Camp*20MDMD: Hammond Hosp. Point Lookout (d Sep 11, 1862 age 20y, 7m, 3d); son of Jane; memb of 105th Regt called "Wild Cat Regt"; Chaplain John Alden SPOONER says courageous, mild disposition, loved by comrades, unusual degree of piety
02/25/186371SHOWERS, -----* [female]59PAPA: Clarion Co.: Ashland Tp. (d Jan 5, 1863 age 59y, 11m, 12d); converted ca 42 yrs ago; husb remains; d after doing a large baking that day; consumption many years
02/25/186371DITZLER, Elizabeth*42DITZLER, JohnOHOH: Summit Co. (d Feb 10, 1863 age 42y, 11m, 14d); husb, 4 chren remain; 3 chren are small; one is "help-mate" of Rev. H. J. BOWMAN of IA
02/25/186371DITZLER, John-----, Elizabeth*
02/25/186371HEIM, Caroline*20OHOH: Pickaway Co.: East Ringgold area (d Jan 14, 1863 age 20y, 7m, 10d); had att New Year's night meeting, typhoid fever diagnosed next day; pars, sis, bro remain
02/25/186371DOLL, John H.*25VAVA: Preston Co.: Cranesville area (d Jan 18, 1863 age 25y, 4m, 9d); memb Co. A, 7th VA Vol.; discharged Oct 1862 w/ lung disease; widowed mother, several sisters & bros remain, one of whom is Rev. A. T. Minister: E. PEER
02/25/186371LEITZEL, Jacob*24PAPA: Center Co.: Woodward (d Feb 5, 1863 age 24y, 5m, 22d); he & 2 bros in Union army; one bro died, this bro brought him home; before ret to army, he conracted consumption / fever & died
03/04/186378BABEL, Sarah*27TAGGYBABEL, AdamIAIA: Linn Co.: Ottercreek (d Feb 3, 1863 age 27y, 8m, 11d); husb, 2 little chren, pars remain; erysipelas
03/04/186378TAGGY, Sarah*27BABEL, AdamIAIA: Linn Co.: Ottercreek (d Feb 3, 1863 age 27y, 8m, 11d); husb, 2 little chren, pars remain; erysipelas
03/04/186378BABEL, AdamTAGGY, Sarah*
03/04/186378SPIDLE, Eliza*40SPIDLE, JohnOHOH: Summit Co.: Greensburgh [sic] (d Feb 18, 1863 age 40y, 3m, 6d); husb, 8 chren remain; did housework all day, went to see neighbor, returned & d while preparing baking for the next day
03/04/186378SPIDLE, John-----, Eliza*
03/04/186378BAHR, Hannah*32BAHR, SolomonPAPA: Sullivan Co.: Dushore area (d Feb 19, 1863 age 32y, 1m, 23d); godly memb Evan. Assn. last 12 yrs; bereaved husb, one sm babe, pars remain; 3 chren died lately; afflicted 8 days, at one time unable to swallow; diptheria [sic]
03/04/186378BAHR, Solomon-----, Hannah*
03/04/186378KUTZ, Parker Basehose*1PAPA: Carlisle (d Jan 21, 1863 age 1y, 6m, 10d); son of Andrew J. & Sarah
03/04/186378BAKER, Lloyd Wm.*4PAPA: Sullivan Co.: Cherry Tp. (d Feb 1, 1863 age 4y, 9m, 21d); son of Lyman & Elizabeth; diptheria [sic]
03/04/186378BAHL, Lewis A.*8OHOH: Ashland Co.: Jackson Tp. (d Feb 18, 1863 age 8y, 8m, 12d); son of Jacob & Eliza; diptheria [sic]
03/04/186378BAHL, Joseph Elmer*--OHOH: Ashland Co.: Jackson Tp. (d a few wks before his bro, Lewis A.); son of Jacob & Eliza; diptheria [sic]. [NOTE: d Feb 2, 1863 age 2y, 1m--gravestone]
03/04/186378RICE, Anna Eliza*3PAPA: Adams Co.: Bendersville (d Feb 13, 1863 age 3y, 3m, 24d); dau of Amos; diptheria [sic]
03/04/186378NORTH, Joseph C.*3ININ: Allen Co.: d Jan 26, 1863 age 3y, 1m, 12d); grandson of J. W. & Rachel; worms
03/04/186378MOCK, Mal. B.*24SCSC: Beaufort (d Nov 7, 1862 age 24y, 6m, 16d); grson of Jacob BEISEL; memb Co. K, 55th PA Regt.; at Fortress Monroe, VA, then Hilton Head, SC, then expedition to North Edisto; body brought home & bur Marietta, Bedford Co., PA
03/04/186379STAHL, Zachariah T.*28MSOH: Wayne Co.: Chippewa Tp. (res)MS: Vicksburg (d Dec 29, 1862 age 28y, 9m, 6d); memb 16th OH Regt, fought in KY, TN, VA; in army that retreated from Cumberland Gap; widow, 2 chren remain. Minister: H. LONGBRAKE who preached funeral Feb 3d, 1863
03/04/186379BECHTEL, Abraham*19TNTN: Gallatin (d Jan 19, 1863 age 19y, 11m, 7d); son of Jacob & Anna of Elkhart Co., IN; memb Co. C, 74th IN Regt; father went to TN Jan 11th; father brought remains home, where bur; pars, bros, sisters remain
03/04/186379SWARTZ, Daniel S.*21TNTN: killed in Battle of Murfreesboro Oct 31, 1862 age 21y, 2m; son of George & Mary; memb Co. A, 21st Regt. OVI; "discountenanced camp-vices of every description"; bur in a soldier's grave nr spot where he died; funeral Feb. 5 by And. SWARTZ
03/04/186379WAGNER, John B.*19TNTN: Nashville (d Jan 21, 1863 age 19y, 1m, 16d); father res Findlay, OH; remains brought home, bur Feb 11 nr father's res; chronic diarrhea
03/04/186379SMITH, Jeremiah*------: d Dec 20, 1862; son of William & Fianna; volunteered as a soldier; remains sent to Lafayette [Red Haw, Ashland Co., OH] & bur in grave-yard of Ev. Assn. Feb 10, 1863 [NOTE: d Bowling Green, KY age 19y, 7m, 16d--tombstone]
03/04/186379EXAMPLE, addl info from tombstonesee SMITH, Jeremiah (Ashland Co. OH) Mar 4, 1863 p 79
03/04/186379NEUHART, John D. (Sgt.)*22MDMD: Annapolis Hosp. (d Dec 24, 1862 age 22y, 1m, 16d); son of Jacob & Mary; memb Co. G, 67th Regt. P.V.; bur St. Peter's graveyard, Monroe Co., PA, Dec 30th.; typhoid fever
03/11/186387HECK, Sarah S.*25BLASSER----: Minister: CAROTHERS, M. J.; d Feb 13, 1863 age 25y, 10m, 3d; dau of George & Elizabeth; embraced religion age 12; husb, little chren remain
03/11/186387BLASSER, Sarah S.*25HECK, ---------: Minister: CAROTHERS, M. J.; d Feb 13, 1863 age 25y, 10m, 3d; dau of George & Elizabeth; embraced religion age 12; husb, little chren remain
03/11/186387SMITH, Albert*4PAPA: Pleasant Valley (d Feb 23, 1863); son of John M. & Reb.; diptheria [sic]
03/11/186387CATON, Elias (Rev.)*41VAVA: died on battlefield nr Fredericksburg Dec 13, 1862 age 41y, 5m, 4d; local preacher 14 yrs; memb Co. F, 142d Regt. PA Reserves; carried comrades' gear when they too sick; bur on battlefield; 2 little sons remain; wife d ca one yr ago
03/11/186387CABLE, Jacob R.*21ILPA: Somerset Co. (b)IL: Camp Peoria (d Feb 14, 1863 age 21y, 10m, 8d); son of Tobias & Sarah; w/ pars to IL ca 7 yrs ago; memb Co. C, 14th IL Cavalry; father brought body home, bur El Paso, IL; lung fever
03/11/186387HAMM, Valentine*19KYKY: Hosp. at Danville (d Jan 10, 1863 age 19y, 10m, 6d); memb 92d IL Regt.. "Feb. 10th we held a funeral meeting at the parental home, 5 miles from Freeport."
03/18/186394PAUL, John William*1PAPA: Cambria Co.: Richland Tp. (d [no date] age 1y, 3m, 21d); son of John D.
03/18/186394MARK, Reuben Alvey*2PA]PA: Venango Co. (d Feb 18, 1863 age 2y, 7m); only remaining child of B. F. & Maria J.; diptheria [sic]
03/25/1863103RUDISILL, Eve*50PAPA: Reading (d Jan 14, 1863 age 50y, 4m); memb Evan. Assn. 30 yrs; small-pox [NOTE: obit already published in The Botschafter.]
03/25/1863103REESER, Sophia*51ILIL: Henry Co. (d Feb 24, 1863 age 51y, 13d); husb, 4 chren remain; consumption 5+ yrs
03/25/1863103SECHRIST, James G.*29----: Submitted by Wm. SECHRIST; d Feb 19, 1863 age 29y, 10m, 4d;; embraced religion 10-12 yrs ago [unclear if he is a blood brother of Wm. or a brother in the church]
03/25/1863103STERKUNG, Ellen*19HARPSTERININ: Fulton Co.: Rochester area (d Feb 27, 1863 age 19y, 2m, 13d); dau of Wm. & Catharine; husb, 1 child remain
03/25/1863103HARPSTER, Ellen*19STERKUNG, -----ININ: Fulton Co.: Rochester area (d Feb 27, 1863 age 19y, 2m, 13d); dau of Wm. & Catharine; husb, 1 child remain
03/25/1863103BAIR, Luella*1ILIL: Dixon (d [no date] age 1y, 1d); dau of Rev. H. H. & Sarah; bilious itermittent fever
03/25/1863103FISHPAW, John*5OHOH: Fairfield Co. (d Nov 27, 1862 age 5y, 1m, 7d); son of Wm. & Alice; diptheria [sic]
03/25/1863103RUTT, George*26TNTN: Galatin [sic] (d Jan 8, 1863 age 26y, 24d); son of Joseph & Catharine; enlisted in service as a citizen of IN; wife, 3 chren remain; "disease cut him off before he could render any efficient service to the cause."
03/25/1863103CARMACK, Daniel*26TNTN: killed in Battle of Murfreesboro Dec 31, 1862 age 26y, 11m, 5d); son of Widow CARMACK; from Perrysville, Ashland Co., OH; memb Co. D, 65th Regt, OVI
03/25/1863103MITCHELL, Harrison W.*19TNPA: Union Co. (b)TN: military hosp. at Memphis d Jan 10, 1863 age 19y, 6m, 5d; raised in Sandusky Co., OH; converted ca 2 yrs ago; served in army ca 3 mos; pars, 3 bros, 3 sis remain; ill 10 days
03/25/1863103KILLINGER, John S.*23MDPA: Franklin Co. (b Jan 15, 1840)MD: US Hosp., Annapolis (d Feb 10, 1863 age 23y, 25d); son of Jeremiah & Elizabeth; been a prisoner; quotes from his lengthy autobiography; age 12 w/ pars to Summit Co., OH; taught school Green Tp.; bur Manchester, Summit Co.; yellow jaundice
03/25/1863103KILLINGER, Jeremiah*17OHOH: Summit Co.: Franklin (d Feb 29, 1863 age 17y, 11m, 11d); son of Jeremiah & Elizabeth; bur Mar 1st beside his bro, John S.; typhoid fever
04/01/1863111HARTUNG, Elisha*81HARTUNG, PhilipOHOH: Summit Co.: Greensburg area (d Mar 13, 1863 age 81y, 2m, 81 [sic] d); md 1805; was md for 28 yrs; one of pioneers of Eastern OH; 4 chren remain; husb, 8 chren dead; bur beside husb Mar 15th
04/01/1863111HARTUNG, Philip-----, Elisha*
04/01/1863111MOATS, Simon*91----: Minister: CROUSE, E. B.; d Mar 12, 1863 age 91y, 7d; md ca 70 yrs; wife remains; had 14 chren, 84 grchren, 87 gt-grchren + at least one in the 4th generation; memb Evan. Assn. a number of yrs
04/01/1863111WEIAND, John*35OHNEWPREISEN ELSOPH (b)OH: Darke Co.: Greenville (d Mar 16, 1863 age 35y, 4m, 13d); widow, 4 chren remain; inflammation of brain & nerves
04/01/1863111RHODHAR, Geo.*59PAPA: Monroe Co.: Kellersville (d Mar 11, 1863 age 59y, 5m, 7d); to AMER ca 15 yrs ago; widow, 1 child remain
04/01/1863111WALKEY, Florence*1moOHOH: Ashland Co.: Perry Tp. (d Mar 15, 1863 age 1m, 10d); dau of Geo. & Cath.; cold settled on lungs. Minister: Elias SICHLEY
04/01/1863111PUNTIUS [sic], Webster Leroy*1----: Minister: CURTISS, C. G.; d Feb 23, 1863 age 1y, 3m, 13d; youngest son of Aaron & Mary; croup
04/01/1863111BAKER, Frank Wade*2PAPA: Sullivan Co.: Dushore area (d Mar 4, 1863 age 2y, 2m, 21d); only remaining child of L. & Elizabeth; diptheria [sic]
04/01/1863111ROE, Marian*--PAPA: Sullivan Co.: Dushore area (d Mar 6, 1863); only ch of Hiram & Susanna
04/01/1863111McLARGIN, -----*32TNOH: Wayne Co. (b)TN: Nashville (d Jan 11, 1863 age 32y, 4m, 3d); son of James & Barbara; memb Co. C, 21st OH Regt.; d from wound recd at Battle of Stone River or Murfreesboro
04/01/1863111NONNEMACHER, Jacob*--LALA (d Jan 20, 1863); son of John & Mary; bur LA; pars, bros, sisters remain; pneumonia in KY, then overtook regt in Memphis. [Submitted by "A. Friend"]
04/01/1863111MARKER, Jeremiah*23NCNC: Hosp. at Newbern (d Feb 13, 1863 age 23y, 1m, 18d); son of Adam & Susan; memb Co. I, 168th PA Regt; drafted from Ligonier Tp., Westmoreland Co., PA; widowed mother, 3 sis, 2 bros remain, 1 of whom is in army; putrid sore throat
04/01/1863111DIENIUS, Geo.*30KYKY: Frankfort USA Hosp. (d Mar 9, 1863 age 30y, 9m, 12d); memb Co. A, 104th Regt. O.V.; of Greensburg, Summit Co., OH, where bur; wife, 3 sm chren remain; typhoid fever / erysipelas
04/08/1863118SCHNEIDER, Rachel D.*11PAPA: Lancaster (d Mar 11, 1863); mother, sis Lizzie only ones mentioned; nervous disease 2 yrs
04/08/1863118HUBLY, Mary*33HUBLY, Louis M.PAPA: Lancaster Co.: Mount Joy (d Mar 25, 1863 age 33y, 7m, 1d); converted age 14; husb, 2 chren remain; ill 7 ds
04/08/1863118HUBLY, Louis M.-----, Mary*
04/08/1863118LUSHER, Samuel*21MSMS: US Hosp. at Corinth (d Jan 17, 1863 age 21y, 10m, 1d); memb 72d Regt. OVI; typhoid fever. Minister: Jos. FELGER
04/08/1863118SHAFER, Adam*ca39TNTN: Hosp. nr Nashville (d Jan 9, 1863); memb Co. B, 78th Regt. P.V.I.; wife, 4 chren remain; contracted chronic diarrhea 2d day of Battle of Murfreesboro. Minister: J. D. HOLLINGER
04/08/1863118FLICK, John (Pvt.)*26VAVA: Gen. Hosp. at Windmill Point (d Jan 30, 1863); Co. K, 148th P.V.I.; wife, many friends remain. Minister: J. D. HOLLINGER
04/15/1863127WILDERMTH, Emma E.*10OHOH: Fairfield Co. (d [no date] age 10y, 4m, 6d); dau of Rev. S.; consumption
04/15/1863127SMITH, John E.*1PAPA: Perry Co.: Greenpark (d Mar 28, 1863 age 1y, 7m, 21d); only child of A. & Catharine; diptheria [sic]
04/15/1863127JACOBS, John G.*19DCDC: Washington City (d Mar 25, 1863 age 19y, 3m, 23d); ambulance drive for Govt.; remains brought to res of father in Baltimore Co., MD; typhoid fever
04/15/1863127RIDER, Mary Jane*15PAPA: Cambria Co.: Richland Tp. (d Apr 2, 1863 age 15y, 11m, 13d); dau of John & Eve; pars, 1 sis remain; inflammation of the head
04/15/1863127DREHER, Alice*6ININ: Indianapolis (d Mar 28, 1863 age 6y, 6m, 16d); dau of Math. & A. M.; scarlet fever
04/15/1863127DREHER, Caroline*7mosININ: Indianapolis (d Apr 1, 1863 age 7m, 6d); dau of Math. & A. M.; scarlet fever
04/22/1863134McELHANEY, Sarah Clarrissa [sic]*1PAPA: Indiana Co.: Mechanicsburg area (d Jan 31, 1863 age 1y, 11m, 5d); dau of Samuel & Catharine; diphtheria [sic]
04/22/1863134McELHANEY, Pinella Jane*24dsPAPA: Indiana Co.: Mechanicsburg area (d Feb 10, 1863 age 24d); dau of Samuel & Catharine; diphtheria [sic]
04/22/1863134HORN, Daniel*36PAPA: Sullivan Co.: Laporte Tp. (d Apr 4, 1863 age 36y, 20d); converted ca 5 yrs ago; exemplary memb of church; young widow, 5 sm chren remain; complication of diseases
04/22/1863134SHOWERS, John*82----: Minister: RISINGER, G. W.; d Mar 6, 1863 age 82y, 7m, 6d); 10 chren remain; dropsy in chest
04/22/1863134HECK, Ephraim*29DCDC: US Hosp at Washington (d Jan 17, 1863 age 29y, 4m, 26d); memb 145 Regt., PA V.; father, 2 bros, 3 sis remain. Minister: G. W. RISINGER
04/22/1863134SMITH, Simon*21DCDC: US Hosp at Washington (d Dec 15, 1862 age 21y, 5m, 16d) son of Samuel of Mercer Co., PA; memb Capt. W.W. Wood's Co., 145th Regt. PA Vol; to Camp Brown, VA; marched to Washington when ill; father remains
04/22/1863134GEPHART, Thomas*27VAVA: US Hosp nr Fredericksburg (bur Mar 18, 1863 nr home in Centre Co., PA) age at death 27y, 9m, 11d; son of Henry & Elizabeth; memb Co. H, 148th Regt. PA V.; aged pars, bros, sisters remain
04/29/1863142YATES, William (Pvt.)*--TNTN: Jackson (d Mar 6, 1863); memb Co. A, 47th IL Vol. [poem: "Acrostic"]
05/06/1863151LEHMAN, Martin*75ILPA: Lancaster Co.: Manheim (b)IL: Dupage Co.: Naperville area (d Apr 4, 1863 age 75y, 6m, 27d); 7 chren remain; kidney disease
05/06/1863151STEINER, Mary*54HAWKMIPA: Northampton Co.: Easton (b Apr 6, 1808)MI: Berrien Co.: Bertrand Tp. (d Apr 3, 1863 age 54y, 11m, 28d); converted ca 20 yrs ago; memb Evan. Assn. ca 15 yrs; a sis of P. HAWK, living in Easton, Northampton Co., PA; consumption [unclear if she and/or bro res Easton]
05/06/1863151HAWK, Mary*54STEINER, -----
05/06/1863151LINEINGER, Rebecca A.*21HUGHESLINEINGER, GeorgeININ: Huntington Co. (d Apr 23, 1863 age 21y, 4m, 19d); dau of William & Helena; husb, infant babe, pars, bros, sisters remain; ill 10 days
05/06/1863151HUGHES, Rebecca A.*21LINEINGER, GeorgeININ: Huntington Co. (d Apr 23, 1863 age 21y, 4m, 19d); dau of William & Helena; husb, infant babe, pars, bros, sisters remain; ill 10 days
05/06/1863151LINEINGER, GeorgeHUGHES, Rebecca A.*
05/06/1863151GILFORT, Elizabeth*38GILFORT, Nic.PAPA: Clarion Co.: Washington Tp. (d Apr 18, 1863 age 38y, 7m, 24d); husb, 6 chren remain
05/06/1863151GILFORT, Nic.-----, Elizabeth*
05/06/1863151KLEIN, Jacob*60PAPA: Montgomery Co.: Limerick Tp. (d Apr 8, 1863 age 60y, 3m, 1d); converted campmeeting nr Zieglersville; widow, 4 sons, 4 daus remain; much bodily affliction last 5 yrs
05/06/1863151SHAMBAUGH, John Milton*3PAPA: Montgomery Co.: West Perkiomen Tp. (d Apr 2, 1863 age 3y, 6m, 5d); son of Jackson & Mary
05/06/1863151OVERHOLT, Anson I.*1PAPA: Montgomery Co.: Swenksville (d Apr 4, 1863 age 1y, 10m, 1d); son of Aaron H. & Mary Jane
05/06/1863151SWARTZ, Mary*44HOODSWARTZ, JeremiahOHOH: Richland Co.: Shelby (d Apr 13, 1863 age 44y, 8m); converted 20 yrs ago; husb, 7 chren remain; consumption 3 yrs
05/06/1863151HOOD, Mary*44SWARTZ, JeremiahOHOH: Richland Co.: Shelby (d Apr 13, 1863 age 44y, 8m); converted 20 yrs ago; husb, 7 chren remain; consumption 3 yrs
05/06/1863151SWARTZ, JeremiahHOOD, Mary*
05/06/1863151WANTZ, Amos*26PAPA: Perry Co.: Tuscarora Tp. (d Mar 28, 1863 age 26y, 8m, 10d). "He longed to meet his mother, sisters, and brother who have gone before."
05/06/1863151LATIMER, James*23MSMS: Hosp. nr Vicksburg (d [no date] age 23y, 2m, 12d); son of W. & S. of Ashland Co., OH; converted in 1860; memb Co. C, 120th Regt. OVI. Minister: C. IDLEMAN. Christian Advocate (Cincinnati) please copy. [Why Cincinnati?-ABudd]
05/06/1863151BUCK, Thomas*19VAVA: Hosp. nr Falmouth (d Feb 24, 1863 age 19y, 2m, 14d); son of John & Mary; grson of Rev. Thomas BUCK, deceased; memb Co. L, 6th Regt. US Cavalry; bur Houser's Ch burying-ground, Harris Tp., Centre Co., PA; typhoid fever
05/06/1863151DODGE, Amos*71MD--: Block Isle (b)MD: Camp Parole, Annapolis (d Feb 14, 1863 age 71y, 8m, 6d); body brot home, bur on his farm Preston Co., VA; md in NY, then to Portage Co., OH, then Preston Co.; memb Co. D, 3d Potomac Home Brig.; wife, 6 sons, 2 daus remain
05/13/1863159SENSENICH, Barbara*74SENSENICH, JohnPAPA: Lancaster Co.: Beartown area (d Apr 17, 1863 age 74y, 2m); husb dead; dropsy / billious fever
05/13/1863151SENSENICH, John-----, Barbara*
05/13/1863160FORMEN, Benjamin Franklin*10PAPA: (died Apr 19, 1863 age 10y 5m, 24d "in the so called forest of Berkes [sic] Co.," PA; son of William & Eliza; scarlet fever
05/13/1863160HATCH, Mary*52OHOH: Mahoning Co. (d Apr 28, 1863 age 52y, 21d); a consistant [sic] Christian
05/13/1863160BEST, Elizabeth*15----: Minister: KREAMER, D.; d Apr 28, 1863 age 15y, 3m, 10d); dau of Jacob; diptheria [sic] / typhoid fever
05/13/1863160BEST, -----* [male]infan----: Minister: KREAMER, D.; d during 2 wks preceding death of sister, Elizabeth, who d Apr 28, 1863
05/13/1863160BEST, -----* [female]------: Minister: KREAMER, D.; d during 2 wks preceding death of sister, Elizabeth, who d Apr 28, 1863
05/20/1863166RHOADS, -----* [female]--MUSSELMANPAPA: New Kingston Zion Ch.: resolution re death written Apr 19, 1863; dau of John & Annie; husb in army; mentions her bro & sisters. Supt.: J. B. LEIDIG
05/20/1863166MUSSELMAN, -----*--RHOADS, -----PAPA: New Kingston Zion Ch.: resolution re death written Apr 19, 1863; dau of John & Annie; husb in army; mentions her bro & sisters. Supt.: J. B. LEIDIG
05/20/1863166RHOADS, resolution re deaths of 4 children; mentioned in tribute to Mrs. RHOADS written Apr 19, 1863 from Zion Ch., New Kingston, PA
05/20/1863166REINHART, -----*77IAIA: Jasper Co.: Monroe (d Apr 16, 1863 age 77y, 8m, 12d); converted ca 35 yrs ago under G. SNYDER, an Evan. missionary in OH; sudden & unexpected death
05/20/1863166CRAMER, Elizabeth*40BUCHMANININ: Adams Co.: Decatur area (d Apr 19, 1863 age 40y, 4m, 2d); dau of Abr.; converted age 18 in Cumberland Co., PA; husb, 4 chren remain; typhoid fever 7 wks
05/20/1863166BUCHMAN, Elizabeth*40CRAMER, -----ININ: Adams Co.: Decatur area (d Apr 19, 1863 age 40y, 4m, 2d); dau of Abr.; converted age 18 in Cumberland Co., PA; husb, 4 chren remain; typhoid fever 7 wks
05/20/1863166ZIMMERMAN, Margaret*28ZIMMERMAN, JosephPAPA: Union Co.: Hartleton (d Apr 12, 1863); husb, 5 sm chren remain
05/20/1863166ZIMMERMAN, Joseph-----, Margaret*
05/20/1863166MIESSE, Anna Maria*40MIESSE, JonathanININ: Noblesville area (d Apr 18, 1863 age 40y, 8m, 26d); husb, 6 chren remain; 5 chren dead; typhoid fever / dropsy of heart
05/20/1863166MIESSE, Jonathan-----, Anna Maria*
05/20/1863166BECK, Daniel*63OHPA: Berks Co. (b May 3, 1799)OH: Seneca Co.: Flat Rock (d Apr 23, 1863 age 63y, 11m, 20d); converted ca 30 yrs ago; aged widow, number of chren remain; lung-fever, bed-ridden ca 8 ds
05/20/1863166MOSER, George Washington *14PAPA: Somerset Co.: Southampton Mills (d Mar 22, 1863 age 14y, 7m, 29d); son of Reuben & Mary A.; pars remain
05/20/1863166MYERS, Margaret O.*1----: Minister: CUPP, G. W.; d Feb 25, 1863 age 1y, 10m, 13d; dau of S. & C.
05/20/1863166MYERS, Samuel*1 mo----: Minister: CUPP, G. W.; d Feb 17, 1863 age 1m, 9d; son of S. & C.
05/20/1863166BACHMAN, James Franklin*3PAPA: Northampton Co.: Bath (d Apr 8, 1863 age 3y, 11m, 23d); son of Rev. Wm. H. & Lucinda; bronchitis
05/20/1863166BLACK, John*30TNTN: Gen. Hosp. Lagrange (d Mar 9, 1863 age 30y, 5m, 3d); son of John & Sarah of Elkhart Co., IN; enlisted "26th of last August"; wife, 4 chren, pars, bros, sisters remain; typhoid fever
05/27/1863175BEIGHTER, F.*47PAPA: Mifflin Co.: Little Valley (d Apr 27, 1863 age 47y, 5m, 26d)
05/27/1863175YORDAN, John William*3PAPA: Center Co.: Potter Tp.(d May 1, 1863 age 3y, 5m, 29d); son of David & Susanna; croup
06/03/1863182WININGS, Catharine*15PAPA: Chester Co.; Pine Swamp (d [no date] age 15y, 3m, 10d); pars remain. "Her illness was a change of life."
06/03/1863182BAKER, John*63OHOH: Morrow Co. (d May 16, 1863 age 63y, 11m, 4d); wife, chren remain. Minister: J. W. WALKEY
06/03/1863182FUHRMAN, Samuel*21----: Bur on White River Island No. 62; age 21y, 8m, 2d; son of Michael & Elizabeth, who res Jackson Tp., Ashland Co., OH; memb 120th OH Regt; father failed to procure the corpse of only son; funeral May 10, 1863 in Lafayette [Red Haw] Church
06/03/1863182RESLER, David*22VAVA: Martinsburg (d Mar 4, 1863 age 22y, 8m, 3d); son of John & Barbara; memb Co. H, 126th OVI; bur Sugar Creek Tp., Tuscarawas Co., OH; pars, 5 bros, 3 sis remain; typhoid fever
06/03/1863189HARTZLER, Franklin*25----: b Mar 15, 1838, d age 25y, 2m, 6d; written by H. B., May 23, 1863 at Hallam, PA; called a biography, though was an obituary; teacher, had great reasoning powers; cultivated his intellect
06/10/1863191YAMBERT, John H.*81OHPA: Berks Co. (b Aug 25, 1781)OH: Seneca Co.: McCutcheville [sic] area (d May 24, 1863); to OH 1834; aged widow, 9 chren remain; 2 of whom are pioneer preachers of Evan. Assn. in OH; 2 chren dead
06/10/1863191WAGNER, Mary Jane*22WIPA: Center Co. (b)WI: Green Co. (d May 22, 1863 age 22y, 5m, 13d); mother, bros, sisters remain; typhoid fever 2+ mos
06/17/1863198SHERMAN, M.*44MIMI: Berrien Co.: Royaltan [sic] Tp. (d [no date] age 44y, some months); wife, 2 chren remain; bleeding at lungs
06/17/1863199WEAVER, Susanna*48PAPA: Clarion Co. (d May 27, 1863); converted age 22; consumption ca 2 yrs
06/17/1863199LINGENFELTER, Catharine*47PAPA: Jefferson Co.: Perry Tp. (d May 18, 1863 age 47y, 2m, 25d); converted ca 10 yrs ago; 11 chren remain; 3 chren dead
06/17/1863199RITS, -----* [male]9----: Minister: WEIKAL, J.; d [no date] age 9y, 5m, 17d; son of Jacob & C.; typhoid fever [WEIKAL of Jefferson Co., PA, at this time per another obit he submitted]
06/17/1863199DINGER, -----* [male]9mos----: Minister: WEIKAL, J.; d [no date], son of Reuben & Rebecca; inflammation in head [WEIKAL of Jefferson Co., PA, at this time per another obit he submitted] [included under heading of RITS]
06/17/1863199SNYDER, James Edwin*6PAPA: Carbon Co.: Weissport (d the 3d inst. age 6y, 3m, 23d); son of Cornelius & Amelia; drowned while trying to retrieve his hat that blew into canal; body recovered the 7th, bur the 8th
06/24/1863207CEBRING, Mary*ca43----: Minister: SHANNON, M. H.; d Jun 2, 1863; husb, number of chren remain; suffered stroke of palsy at church meeting [SHANNON of Indiana Co., PA, at this time]
06/24/1863207HERBST, David*69PAPA: York Co.: Winsor [sic] Tp. (d bet May 28 & burial on Jun 11th, age 69y, 10m, 6d); converted ca 43 yrs ago under Bishop SEYBERT; house many yrs a place for divine worship [no mention of survivors but mentions "family" worship on May 28th]
06/24/1863207PAUL, Jacob*10PAPA: Cambria Co.: Croyl Tp. (d May 26, 1863 age 10y, 9m, 25d); "orphan child of Jacob and Susan Paul"; scarlet fever w/ typoid [sic] termination
06/24/1863207PAUL, Sarah Jane*10PAPA: Cambria Co.: Richland Tp. (d Jun 7, 1863 age 10y, 7m, 7d); dau of John R. & Barbara; pars, bros, sister remain; diptheria [sic]
06/24/1863207MILLER, David*26TNTN: Murfreesborough Hosp. No. 3 (d Feb 24, 1863); of Pleasantville, Hancock Co., OH; wounded by "rebel traitors" Battle of Stone River, Dec 31, 1862; wife, 2 chren remain

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