DatePageDecedent or
AgeMaiden NameSpouse or DecedentLocaleLocation
Place of Death or
Last Known Residence/Notes
01/06/18598SWAGER, Christian*--OHOH: Trumbull Co.: Liberty (d Dec 9, 1858); church memb ca 2 yrs; husb remains; consumption; funeral by Rev. STERNS, a Meth. minister
01/06/18598WALKER, -----*59CWCW: village of Otterville, Oxford mission (d Jul 27, 1858 age 59y, 1m, 5d); aged companion, 2 chren remain. Funeral by Rev. Smith of Meth. Ep. Ch.
01/20/185916HINKLE, Christiana*85VAVA: Frederick Co. (d Dec 16, 1858 age 85y, 11m); prev memb Luth. Ch.; then joined Evan. Assn. 42 yrs ago; had 12 chren, "some of whom have gone before her to the spirit world"; a widow many yrs
01/20/185916LANDIS, Emma Margaret*21PAPA: Allentown (d Dec 24, 1858 age 21y, 1m); dau of Benjamin & Elizabeth; pars, bros, sisters remain; delicate health several mos, inflammation of lungs 4 wks
01/20/185916ARNOLD, Sarah*17OHOH: Seneca Co.: Thompson Tp. (d Dec 30, 1858 age 17y, 3m, 28d); dau of Samuel & Nancy; typhoid fever 10 days
01/20/185916DIEHL, Elizabeth*93----: Wild Cat Valley (d Dec 16, 1858 age 93y, 3m, 22d); converted ca 55 yrs ago; well acquainted w/ Jacob Albright. Minister: Philip GRAHAM [GOOGLE: there a sm valley by this name south of Mannsville, PA]
01/20/185916FEATHER, Sabra*51VAVA: Preston Co. (d [no date] age 51y, 10m, 22d); wife of Adam; leaves a bereaved family
01/20/185916RIEGEL, -----*83NYNY: Seneca Co.: Fayette (d Dec 27, 1858); converted ca 46 yrs ago, joined Evan. Assn.; wife, 8 chren, 51 grchren, 8 gt-grchren remain; consumption
02/03/185924BOAS, Daniel*67PAPA: Schuylkill Co.: Orwigsburg (d Jan 14, 1859 age 67y, 10m, 4d); converted ca 30 yrs ago in Reading, PA, was one of first membs of Evan. Assn.; 8 chren remain, one being Rev. Jacob of West PA Conf.; bur in Reading beside his wife who d 8 yrs before
02/03/185924DEIBERT, Hilery*27OHOH: Marion Co.: Richland Tp. (d Nov 11, 1858); memb Evan. Assn. ca 14 yrs; widow, 2 chren remain; consumption ca 1 yr
02/03/185924CLAUSER, Esra [sic]*24PAPA: Philadelphia (d Jan 2, 1859 age 24y, 4m, 11d); widow remains; consumption. Minister: Fr. KRECKER
02/17/185932SCHULER, Susan C.*19PAPA: Lebanon (d Jan 23, 1859 age 19y, 6d); converted 4 yrs ago; consumption
02/17/185932BAKER, Lydia*ca 31BAKER, DavidMDMD: Hagerstown area (d Jan 29, 1859); husb, 7 chren remain; pneumonia + hemorrhage
02/17/185932BAKER, David-----, Lydia*
02/17/185932KOPP, Christian*36ILIL: Henry Co. (d Jan 5, 1859 age 36y, 9m, 12d); widow, 4 sm chren remain; consumption 8 yrs + cramps & epilepsy later
02/17/185932MEYERS, John A.*60OHOH: Sandusky Co. (d Jan 22, 1859 age 60y, 10m, 12d); formerly of Westmoreland Co., PA; widow, 6 chren remain; typhoid fever [MYERS in body of obit]
03/03/185937WEAVER, Andrew (Rev.)*49PAPA: home of Rev. Daniel ENTERLINE (d Jan 17th age 49y, 5m, 7d); became ill while "engaged in the duties of his calling"; widow, 13 chren remain; bur Venango Co. where he lived; typhoid fever [lengthy obit]
03/03/185940HIPPLE, Anna*28HIPPLE, JacobCWCW: Lincoln Co.: Clinton (no date stated); husb, 2 chren remain; typhoid fever 2 wks
03/03/185940HIPPLE, Jacob-----, Anna*
03/03/185940JONES, David*42----: Minister: HORNBERGER, Z.; d Feb 13, 1859 age 42y, 10m, 8d; memb M. E. Ch. many yrs; widow, 2 sons remain; consumption [Western Christian Advocate please copy]
03/03/185940LANDES, Sarah*--ILIL: Lawrence Co.: Sumner area (d 7th of Dec last); husb, 11 chren remain; typhoid fever
03/17/185948WORKHEISER, Henry T.*19PAPA: Monroe Co.: Hamilton Tp. (d Feb 28, 1859 age 19y, 5m, 3d); pars remain; typhus fever ca 2 wks. Submitted by "An Evangelist."
03/17/185948TARR, Maria*24HOSSLERTARR, HenryOHOH: Wayne Co.: West Salem (d Feb 5, 1859); dau of Rev. Jacob. Submitted by "A Friend."
03/17/185948HOSSLER, Maria*24TARR, HenryOHOH: Wayne Co.: West Salem (d Feb 5, 1859); dau of Rev. Jacob. Submitted by "A Friend."
03/17/185948TARR, HenryHOSSLER, Maria
03/31/185956GEBHART, Sarah*59PAGERMANY (b 1799)PA: Bedford Co.: Shellsburg (d Feb 4, 1859); to AMER 1834; w/ husb & 2 chren to Shellsburg, 1837; converted 22 yrs ago; mentions husb, 2 eldest sons & her 2 youngest chren
03/31/185956BERINGER, M. D.*31WIWI: Waukeska Co.: Monomonee Falls (d Feb 16, 1859); widow, 2 sm chren remain; driving to Milwaukee, not far from home wagon upset, fell on him, causing death
03/31/185956DICK, Abr.*35ININ: Hamilton Co. (d Dec 28, 1858); widow, 2 chren remain; carbuncle
04/14/185964REESE, Catharine*68REESE, Adam., Sr.PAPA: Cumberland Co.: Leesburg (d Mar 7, 1859 age 68y, 1m, 10d); embraced religion when young; aged partner remains
04/14/185964REESE, Adam, Sr.-----, Catharine*
04/14/185964WALTER, Anna Maria*56WALTER, Michael (Rev.)OHOH: Sandusky Co. (d Mar 4 last); converted ca 4 yrs ago; 4 chren remain; husb dead; erysipelas, pleurisy, inflammation of lungs
04/14/185964WALTER, Michael (Rev.)-----, Anna Maria*
04/14/185964BECKER, Philo (Mrs.)*--NYNY: Steuben Co. (d Mar 19, 1859); converted ca 22 yrs ago; husb, 6 chren remain; heart disease
04/14/185964FELLERS, Salley*37FELLERS, AndrewOHOH: Hancock Co.: Benton Ridge (res of minister, so likely her res also); d Mar 24 last age 37y, 3m, 2d; converted 1838, joined Evan. Assn.; husb, 7 chren remain; 1 child dead; she d 6 hrs after giving birth to her youngest child
04/14/185964FELLERS, Andrew-----, Salley*
04/14/185964OVERMEYER, Henry*37OHOH: Sandusky Co. (d Mar 8 last, age 37y, 4m, 20d); widow, 6 chren remain; crossing porch, fell, causing accidental discharge of rifle, striking him in abdomen; survived 5 hrs
04/14/185964MIESSE, Joseph*71OHPA: Berks Co.: Bern Tp. (b)OH: Fairfield Co.: Dumontsville area (d Mar 22, 1859 age 71y, 3m, 15d); when young to OH; memb Evan. Assn. ca 42 yrs, one of 1st converts on Lancaster Circuit; wife, 6 chren, 35 grchren remain; palsy
04/28/185972WELTY, Sarah*48OHOH: Summit Co.: Clinton (d Apr 5, 1859 age 48y, 10m, 25d); husb, 3 chren remain; consumption
04/28/185972HOUSHOLDER [sic], Daniel*41VAVA: Morgan Co. (d Mar 15, 1859 age 41y, 9m, 15d); converted 9 yrs ago; wife, 2 chren remain; pneumonia [lengthy obit for this time period]
05/12/185980POWELL, Hannah*43POWELL, WilliamOHOH: Hancock Co.: Benton Ridge area (d Apr 15, 1859 age 43y, 3m, 23d); converted 22 yrs ago, joined the Evan. Assn.; husb, 8 chren remain; 2 chren dead; consumption 1 yr
05/12/185980POWELL, William-----, Hannah*
05/26/185988SENFF, Susannah*24PUTTSENFF, JacobOHOH: Ragerville (bur Lutheran graveyard); d Jan 19, 1859 age 24y, 5m; dau of Francis & Margaret; husb, 2 little ones remain. Minister: J. R. COFFMAN
05/26/185988PUTT, Susannah*24SENFF, JacobOHOH: Ragerville (bur Lutheran graveyard); d Jan 19, 1859 age 24y, 5m; dau of Francis & Margaret; husb, 2 little ones remain. Minister: J. R. COFFMAN
05/26/185988SENFF, JacobPUTT, Susannah*
05/26/185988RUDY, Cornelius W.*24PAPA: Union Co.: Hartleton area (d May 15, 1859). Minister: Jacob YOUNG
06/23/1859104KEMMERLING, Elizabeth*48KEMMERLING, PeterOHOH: Sandusky Co. (d the 12th inst. age 48y, 3m, 4d); converted ca 26 yrs ago, joined Evan. Assn.; md 26+ yrs; husb, 10 chren remain; 3 chren dead; typhoid fever ca 10 days
06/23/1859104KEMMERING, Peter-----, Elizabeth*
06/23/1859104WHALEY, Samuel Howard*2----: Bendersville (d May 27, 1859 age 2y, 2m, 23d); son of William; fell from top of bannister 6-8 ft to the ground, d 3 hrs later. Minister: I. C. WEIDLER
06/23/1859104KLAPP, Josiah H.*38PAPA: Lancaster Co.: Washington area (d May 22, 1859 age 38y, 10m, 13d); converted 20 yrs ago, joined Evan. Assn.; widow, 3 chren remain; consumption several yrs
06/23/1859104HUMMELBACH, Susan*21PAPA: Adams Co.: Whitestown area (d [no date] age 21y, 1m, 14d); converted ca 3 yrs ago, joined Evan. Assn.; husb remains; pneumonia
06/23/1859104WALCH, John*63PAPA: Philadelphia Co.: Germantown (d May 19, 1859); converted ca 10 yrs ago, joined Evan. Assn.; wife remains; inflammation of bowels ca 3 wks
06/23/1859104HARTER, Mary*30HARTER, SamuelILIL: Kane Co. (d May 4, 1859 age 30y, 9m, 10d); embraced religion 5 yrs ago; husb, child remain; consumption
06/23/1859104HARTER, Samuel-----, Mary*
06/23/1859104HELWIG, Rachel*--KSKS: Archison Co.: Monrovia (d May 24th last); res prev OH, where she left many friends; w/ husb to KS Terr., 1854; memb United Brethren Ch. Minister: M. J. MILLER
06/23/1859104HATTINGER, Caroline*28----: Minister: ROEHM, Chr.; d May 11, 1859 age 28y, 4m, 11d; d from attack of epilepsy, "(falling sickness) of which she suffered from her fourteenth year."
06/23/1859104BAKER, Elah* [male]24OHOH: Richland Co. (d Jun 4, 1859); memb Evan. Assn. number of yrs; convulsions a number of yrs. Minister: C. IDLEMAN
06/23/1859104HORTING, Nicolas*52PAPA: Lancaster Co.: Salsbury (d May 10, 1859 age 52y, 5m, 10d); typhoid fever nearly 3 wks

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